1. 0

    Thread After flash system to system/ with TWRP

    Hello, I trying to flash system to phone with TWRP I use Firmware Stock ROM. unpack it -> META-INF -> com -> google -> android: 1. update-binary 2. updater-script inside (updater-script): ui_print("start"); mount("yaffs2", "MTD", "system", "/system")...
  2. 0

    Thread unpack and repack / Android Kitchen 0.224

    Hello, I trying to unpack and repack the system.img and boot.img / i use stock ROM just unpack and right after repack (i use the stock ROM and nothing change inside that unpacking) I'm useing (Android-Kitchen-0.224) I'm useing: TWRP -> Install -> select file (zip) -> Swipe to confirm Flash...
  3. H

    Thread Install TWRP without USB

    I have a Mi 9T Global 6/128GB running stock MIUI 12.0.7 Global with bootloader already unlocked. However the USB port has gone bad and only works for charging. Is there a way for me to install TWRP without a USB connection? Everything I've done and observed: USB debugging enabled USB...
  4. H

    Thread Install TWRP without USB

    I have a Mi 9T Global 6/128GB running stock MIUI 12.0.7 Global with bootloader already unlocked. However the USB port has gone bad and only works for charging. Is there a way for me to install TWRP without a USB connection? Everything I've done and observed: USB debugging enabled USB...
  5. Kydaix

    Thread Post-Install Guide (Root/No root)

    ● I am in no way responsible for what may happen, bricked devices, etc... ● If you do this tutorial, it is your choice and your own responsibility. Hi, here is a post-installation guide for your Realme X2 Pro, some things can also be used for other smartphones. This guide will be divided...
  6. T

    Thread Is it possible to automate multiple Google Play app install?

    I think this is basically general(not device specific) question so I am posting my question here. I have Galaxy Note 10 Plus which got OS upgrade recently. I havn't upgraded my phone so currently my phone is at Android Q(10). I don't have much time to do OS upgrade. More specific, I don't have...
  7. O

    Thread Phone keeps rebooting on Volume Up + Power (trying to install ROM)

    I tried to install Android's ROM and got ERROR 7, then I wiped out cache, data, internal storage, where was twrp.apk installed. After that I cant get into boot menu (with Install, Wipe... buttons). Then I copied twrp to the phone: sudo fastboot flash recovery <twrp.img> Tried versions 3.2.1-0...
  8. J

    Thread Viper4Andoid on car headunit

    I have V4A on my phone and works great. I am new to car audio after a LONG hiatus ( 20 years+ ) Got a "new" car for me 2012 Camry SE basic radio. Want to install a new radio but want to know a few things before I drop $ on it Can V4A be installed/sideloaded onto an Android head unit do it...
  9. C

    Thread [Guide] [GSI] Install Lineage OS 17.x [Q] Redmi 7A

    WARNING: You need to backup your data before installing. I am not responsible for any damage or loss that might occur. Proceed at your own risk. Tested with MIUI version Global. Bootloader must be unlocked ( 1. Unpack Minimal ADB and Fastboot to C:\ drive...
  10. S

    Thread [Magisk][Module] Monitor Magisk Daemon

    Monitor Magisk Daemon About Module Never let magisk crash and lose root again Those of you who use Magisk, along with aggressive battery saving profiles in your android phone for longer battery backup, it seems that magisk sometimes loses root, which is very annoying. Some people face it...
  11. k23m

    Thread [IIIII] CROSS - Custom ROM Scripted Setup

    Nexus 7'13 CROSS - Custom ROM Scripted Setup (c)2020-2021 k23m CROSS works on PC with Windows, or WinPE if you do not have Windows installed. Currently supported ROMs: - Android 10 LineageOS 17.1 - Android 10 LineageOS 17.1-flox - Android 11 LineageOS 18.1-flox FEATURES - automatic scan of...
  12. kalinskym

    Thread Anyway to install Android 10 Beta on V500EM UK LG V50

    Is it possible to install Android 10 Beta on UK model V500EM LG V50. It doesn’t have Quick Help app to check for access.
  13. alex_ncfc

    Thread Xperia Overlay Lollipop 5.0.2 - install help

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me? I have my old Xperia S and will need to use it for a little while, but it's completely stock (6.2.B.1.96) and isn't even rooted. I wanted to put the (now free) Xperia Overlay Lollipop version onto it, because I've realised so so many apps are no longer...
  14. andythedev

    Thread Treble/GSI Megathread

    About I've found information about flashing GSI's on this phone to be fragmented so here's a collection of resources that have worked for me. If you have any suggestions or issues with popular GSI ROMs, drop them here and I'll do my best to update the thread. GSI Installation 1. Flash TWRP...
  15. G

    Thread Modified Xposed for MIUI10/ MIUI11 Oreo 8.1 / Pie 9.0 /Q 10 Working

    || Procedure to Install Update:Please check official links provided for updates. ***EVERYTHING AT YOUR OWN RISK*** THIS WORK IS TESTED ON MIUI11 11.0.5 MIUI10 GLOBAL 10.2.1 AND DEV 9.3.14 ROMs AND MAY OR MAY NOT WORK ON OTHERS. I'M JUST SHARING THIS WORK. I'M...
  16. um009

    Thread Direct/FAST Download XXU4CSB9 A730F Android Pie

    Galaxy A8 Plus Android 9 Pie Official ROM. I have uploaded the ROM to a mirror for fast download. Download: A730FXXU4CSB9_A730FOXM4CSB9_SER.ZIP Firmware Details: Version: Android 9 Changelist: 15486197 Build date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019 15:47:11 +0000 Security Patch Level: 2019-02-01 Product code...
  17. U

    Thread Can't boot in twrp

    Hello, I got a couple of problems from my Mate 8 but lets begin with the first one ^^ Bevore a few hours i decided to try to install a custom rom, wiped everything and installed the img.... but the installation failed :( (I did no backup because of missing storage) And because I am as...
  18. Vordx

    Thread How to get / install back uninstalled Apps (APKs) with ADB.

    A lot of people searched for a way to uninstall bloat or APKs using ADB because a lot of OEMs don't allow uninstalling many of preinstalled apps. Tested on Pie and Oreo. BUT most of the articles if not all of them ( couldn't find any article saying otherwise ) say that after using the command...
  19. S

    Thread [Guide] Step by Step Installation of Android Pie Custom Roms

    Step by Step Installation of/Upgrade to Android Pie Custom Roms Following this guide, you will lose all your data if haven't backed it up yet!! Also NO USING GSI PIE!!! Requirements: - Twrp is already installed. What you need: - LineageosTWRP (Attached to thread) - Custom Rom (can be found...
  20. M

    Thread Nethunter & Nexmon Installation

    Hey I have installed Oreo 8.0.0 stock and Nethunter Successfully and i want to install Nexmon to the device so I can use frame injections etc. and skip the external wifi dongle. I have a problem, when i try to compile the nexmon app I get some errors on my PC so I can't compile it... I found a...
  21. G

    Thread /System/app and /System/priv-app; what is what and can be deleted?

    I am using custom rom's for about a year now and am using a script to delete several things I am not using. But for some of the /system/app and /system/priv-app directories I do not know what functionality is behind and if it safe to delete. I have started this thread as a help also for others...
  22. D

    Thread Unable to install 3rd party apps

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to install 3rd party apps. I used to be able to, but I'm not sure what happened (was an update locking this out?) - I have unknown sources box checked. I try to install from my Dropbox folder, or even directly by copying to the SD card and installing from...
  23. R

    Thread Cant Install Amazon Shoppin App

    Hello, i just cant install the Amazon Shopping App, i cant from Play Store, I cant from APK, I cant from Xiaomi App Store, it gives me an error from 3 ways... I think it has to do with a week ago I saw two Amazon apps installed, I guess it was a fake one, and I uninstalled them both. After...
  24. Jt380p

    Thread How To Install OTA with TWRP Installed

    I've been looking around the internet how to do it, but can't find anything. I want to install the October security patch. Also, how do you remove TWRP from the phone? (If it's even possible) But my main question is how do I install the OTA?
  25. T

    Thread sony ericsson x8 install cyanogenmod

    sony ericsson x8 cyanogenmod 10 I found this link I want to instal cyanogenmod 10 on the phone. I do not know how to. I downloaded release 5, kernel and Can...
  26. P

    Thread Stock Camera apk install without root

    Hi all Is it possible to install an older version of the stock camera app without root? Since the last update, when recording uhd 60fps video it is automatically saved to the internal storage, whereas before this update everything was working fine with my samsung evo plus sd. I downgraded to the...
  27. V

    Thread Magisk installation problem on stock firmware

    Hello, I have a problem installing Magisk. I have a tablet Oysters T74Mai 3G with MTK processor and stock android 5.1 with unlocked bootloader and without root. There is no any custom recovery for that model. I installed Magisk Manager 5.8.3 and let it patch the stock boot image. After that I...
  28. galadril

    Thread Mi 8 | MIUI 9.5 | Don't ask for permissions on Install via USB

    Im an app developer and finally got my Mi 8 yesterday! (awesome device!!) But while working on my apps, i got really enoyed that I need to give permissions, every time i try to debug my app (it removes the current version and installs a new verseion.) Also the 'Remember my decision' doesn't...

    Thread EasyAppxInstall - Easily sideload Win10 apps with certificates and depenendencies

    Open the program where your app package is located and it will do all the work for you. It's much better than the built in App Installer since it actually tries to install the dependencies and the certificate with the app. It's also better than using the powershell file because you only need to...

    Thread EasyCertInstall - a program that makes it easier to install certificates on PC

    Made this so people can no longer be confused about how to install certificates. The application can run from windows explorer and from a command line. Instructions on how to use the program are here: Here's the link to download it...

    Thread I made a program that makes installing certificates on PC easier

    Made this so people can no longer be confused about how to install certificates. How to use this program: Step 1: Put this program in the same directory as the certificate Step 2: Running this program. Here's the link to download it:
  32. zh_eco

    Thread CM 12/13 Installing Apps Major Bug [HOTFIX]

    FOR ALL CYANOGENMOD ROMS ! Note : I didn't made this fix ,it belongs to developers who worked so hard to fix a major ROM-killer bug . I'm sharing a fix that was made after long discussions between developers it's a very popular problem so that's why I want to help everybody WHY Hotfix ? this...
  33. T

    Thread Gapps install

    I have downloaded Gapps pico. When I try to install error: Not enough space in System partition. Any remedy other than deleting apps? John
  34. pissgoat

    Thread Two quick questions about kernel installations.

    What I'm trying to do is to uninstall the kernel (if that's even possible) and reinstall it or reinstall it and now I want to know if it's even possible Second question is if it's even healthy to install a kernel on another kernel? could that the reason why "Kernel (Android OS)" is taking up so...
  35. M

    Thread Firmware install on HTC devices

    Hello everyone. If anyone needs help for install firmware on their phones, I'll show you video (made by me) tutorial. you can see video here: Mod edit: YT link removed. Thread closed. XDA Forum Rules (excerpt):
  36. S

    Thread [GUIDE] How to install Google Play services to Huawei Honor 7X

    I just got the Honor 7x without Google services and found a way to install them in 5, thought i would share. Download the apk files from here: (updated link) XD I made a short, step-by-step video you can watch
  37. Falaysia

    Thread [Q] How to install Galaxy App Store on Galaxy [A3/A5/A7/A8] on ROM

    Hello guys, Id like to install the Galaxy App Store on my Phone which is currently running a ROM. Thats why I installed the G apps, and as we all know there is no Galaxy App Store within the G apps. Before I was on stock ROM there I had the Galaxy App Store. So I thought of asking in general how...
  38. L

    Thread Flash Google Dialer Support (Framework) without root. It's possible?

    Hi, I wanted to install the zip Flash Google Dialer Support (Framework) to later install Google Phone APK I do not want to root the phone, and I wanted to know if by means of adb, by means of commands I could install the zip thanks
  39. ErickNoz

    Thread Advanced Android Box for do anything with it- Root Frp Flash Android keybd manymore

    Advanced Box Mostly this tool contains AABox Specialification No need root for all adb options. Need Root Only for Send Files to system and build.prop editor Pattern unlock Update File New 20/11/2017 17.09v Direct from server official no Serial No Passwords # Features # Frp Unlock tool Adb...
  40. um009

    Thread Galaxy C9 Pro - C900FDDU1BQK1 - Direct/Fast Download - How To Install Guide

    Posting the Android 7.1.1 Nougat Stock ROM for the INS region for Galaxy C9 C900F here. I have downloaded the firmware and uploaded it to a fast mirror. You can download the firmware from here: How to install guide can be found here: Hope this helps...
  41. ClubWDW

    Thread Install Button "Disabled" On Random APKs During Install

    I looked through as many threads as I could before post posting. I suddenly have an issue that is vexing me to no end. Certain apps, with no rhyme nor reason that I can discern, have suddenly become greyed out when attempting to install them via traditional means. . .and by that I mean, via...
  42. F

    Thread Rooting original 7.1.1 on Moto Z Play

    Hi at all, I own this device for two months now and I have read a lot about rooting and flashing. It seems to be quite difficult compared to my former Samsung and Xiaomi devices... To avoid any kind of bricking my phone I wanted to ask if there's a way to root it. I (still) have a locked...

    Thread appx/appxbundle installer for phones (but works everywhere anyway)

    I finally did it! UPDATE: The App is now fully released with the abiltiy to install packages with their dependencies and progress bar notifications on PC and Mobile! This app can now fully replace the built in App Installer and Windows Device Portal for sideloading apps :) Source Code...
  44. M

    Thread Please Help, cant Install, always Invalid partition

    Hi, I have a big problem. After I tried flashing TWRP recovery it says (bootloader) Invalid partition name recovery Then I tried to flash the stock rom, on nearly every partition it says (bootloader) Invalid partition name recovery or (bootloader) Permission denied Can please someone help me?
  45. hamsteyr

    Thread [Guide] Installing RemixOS on a Netbook (or any legacy PC) as the main OS

    I know that there may be many other guides out there that talk about this subject, but what I found is that they don't really work that well with the latest versions of RemixOS, and I had to do a lot of research and tinkering to get mine working. With that, I felt that it was helpful for me to...
  46. JohnHorus

    Thread What directory does Magisk install to?

    I'm planning to install the latest Magisk Manager on a fresh install, now that Google has removed it from the play store. I have a zip file that I flash after installing my ROM, which adds and modifies some personal files. I wanted to add the latest Magisk Manager APK into this zip, so I can...
  47. E

    Thread How can I install twrp without root?

    Hello, i need instructions how to install twrp on LG g3 d855 marshmallow software version V30n from the start ( it's like I bought a new phone but I didn't just stock ROM no root and King root doesn't work anymore) would be great if get a fast answer! :fingers-crossed: :good:
  48. Octanium91

    Thread [TOOL][WIN] Easy Recovery Installer

    Easy Recovery Installer it will help you quickly and easily, install custom Android Recovery. Windows Based tool. Q6gI0zcCUkk xgUs78varY8 To install custom Android Recovery you need: - Internet connection - Android device - USB cable - Unlocked bootloader (most likely) - Enable USB...
  49. core720

    Thread [AutoScript] Install Firmware / Downgrade Firmware (MM-NT)

    AutoScript for Install MM and Downgrade NT 100% Safe (no bricks, no efs lost) Unlock Bootloader Donwload your firmware Unzip AutoScript and Firmware in the same folder Power Off device Conect in Fastboot Mode ( Power Vol - ) Run Script for Flash Firmware or Downgrade Firmware Enjoy ...
  50. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [GUIDE]Utilizing free system space to Install Apps

    Introduction: This is a long but detailed guide to move user apps to system and to make them survive OTA so they will get restored on flashing every OTA(any rom?). This is lengthy but has to be done only once. Things needed: Unlocked and rooted device with TWRP installed and on any custom rom...