1. Matyas66055

    Thread Question Realme C21 (root and unlock bootloader)

    Hello, I already root Realme C21 types, I rooted the first one in about 2022, so they don't remember the procedure at all. Any more detailed instructions on what to do, etc.? I know I used livedvd : But they don't remember the procedure. I had my first root...
  2. Minionguyjpro

    Thread [GUIDE] Install LineageOS 20 on SM-T290 and SM-T295 with Google Apps (MindTheGapps)

    Install LineageOS 20 on SM-T290 and SM-T295 with Google Apps (MindTheGapps) WARNING! This won't work on a bootloader with version U4/S4 or higher! Flashing won't work and so you will not be able to use this guide. Unfortunately, you can also currently not downgrade the bootloader, making it...
  3. PhotonIce

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Install YouTube Vanced post shutdown (22/03/22)

    Edit: Vanced no longer seems to be functional, so the guide below most likely will not work anymore. ******************************************************************************************************************************** Note: If you are unable to install/use YT Vanced, you can also go...
  4. SerjSX

    Thread [Instructions] Minimal Arch Linux UEFI 64 bit

    Minimal Arch Linux installation instructions NOTICE: I am not responsible if something happens with your device, proceed at your own risk. It is always recommended to follow Arch's own installation guide, even though these instructions below are from it already just more simplified. Welcome...
  5. MahdiyarB

    Thread Nokia 8 (NB1) Full ROM Installation Guide

    In this guide, you will find: What you should do before installing a custom ROM on your Nokia What are the button combinations of Nokia 8 for reboot to download mode, recovery mode, and etc How to install T-Virus (project treble) on Nokia 8 How to clean Flash a custom ROM How to dirty flash...
  6. HippoMan

    Thread Detailed instructions for decrypting the OnePlus 7 Pro?

    I have a rooted OnePlus 7 Pro (GM1917) running OOS 9 with the NoLimits Magisk-based ROM: xXx_noLimits_9.2 on Oxygen OS 9.5.13.GM21AA I would like to decrypt my device. I have seen some discussions about using Dm-Verity, but the instructions I have been able to find so far have been a bit...
  7. V

    Thread Instructions for custom ROM installation, please

    I used to be a flashaholic on my last two phones, but now that I'm finally wanting to try a custom ROM on my PH-1, I'm realizing I've forgotten the procedure. Can someone please direct me to clear instructions for going from stock Pie to a custom ROM? My phone's bootloader is unlocked. I...
  8. IronTechmonkey

    Thread MiXplorer: Q&A and FAQ (User Manual)

  9. POQDavid

    Thread Instructions to fix the roaming in New ROMs

    After playing a lot with stuffs to fix the R in the status bar i finally managed to get it fixed. I have used many ways to fix it but this was the way worked for me i hope it also works for you. Install Xposed framework (You need Custom recovery or rooted device). Install Xposed Module...
  10. Flippy498

    Thread HTC One (M9) ReadMe Thread

    HTC One (M9) ReadMe Thread Edit from the 17.08.2018: I don't know what happened exactly but it looks like a lot of the files that were hosted on AFH by me and others aren't available, anymore. Since I don't have them backed up on my laptop, anymore, I won't be able to re-upload them if AFH isn't...
  11. T

    Thread [Q] which AOSP 5.0 ROM for building yourself?

    I am NOT a developer! I am a Systems Administrator, and I have built a 4.2 before using ubuntu 14.04, with a SGS2 i9100. I have attempted in the past to ask for a device tree so I could build my own pure AOSP, and no one was able to help me. SO, I now have my hands on a S4, and I want to put...
  12. A

    Thread [GUIDE] Connecting the LG G3 to Linux/ADB (Aka stop "waiting for device....")

    [GUIDE] Connecting the LG G3 to Linux/ADB (Aka stop "waiting for device....") A bunch of people seem to be having trouble using Linux and ADB with their new phones. This is a step-by-step guide. I hope it helps some people. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything you do to your...
  13. MaverickCoast

    Thread RUU - Step by step instructions for wiping phone, installing ROM or backup

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  14. adil1508

    Thread [Q] Updating Recovery

    Hi guys. I want to update my recovery and currently have the CWM Touch recovery installed. I wanted to flash the Official TWRP recovery and was wondering if I have to revert back to the stock recovery and then install TWRP or do I just download goomanager on my phone and install TWRP from there...
  15. josteink

    Thread [Q] HTC One newbie getting started batch-question thread

    I'm getting a 32GB GSM/LTE HTC One next week and I'm have a few questions. I'm pretty comfortable with Linux, adb, fastboot and all that, but I'm not 100% certain about all the technicalities and details of this phone. Also: This is my first HTC phone so I'm not used to S-ON/S-OFF and all that...
  16. Mr Davo

    Thread Installing a custom ROM on the Motorola Defy Using Windows 7

    Hello Everyone, I am proud to say that I am contributing something back to this fantastic community of technology enthusiasts. My guide to installing CyanogenMod (and other ROMs) onto the Motorola Defy is linked below. I have given particular attention to detail in this guide, and have...
  17. A

    Thread Battery Replacement Tutorial (with the One X+ Battery) WITH REVIEW!

    hi :) mAr4WWbn9Hc I made a video tutorial on how to change the battery, its my first tutorial so let me know what i could improve etc. I already followed some advice about going over some things too fast and so I left annotations via YouTube! :good: Anyways, it's been almost a week with the...
  18. J

    Thread [Q] Looking for beginner guide..

    Hello all, i've been reading on the forums so many pages and more I read, more options are available. Simple, I just want to have some fun with my A500. I never hack it, so it is at the current ics 4.0.3 So, where can someone point me to a current guide for unlocking it, installing a loader...
  19. gramme66

    Thread Instructions for the Nextus 7 tool kit..

    I have downloaded the Nextus 7 tool kits. Looks awesome. I read instructions somewhere the other day but unfortunately, I didn't subscribe to the thread or save the place and I have been searching for most of the afternoon for some instructions on how to use it. can anyone get me to a link to...
  20. KangKilla

    Thread [WARNING] - Before you root!

    Before you root your LG Revolution: Install the latest USB driver software =============== You MUST do this. =============== All Credit goes to das7982, I just found the answer. ___________________ use root explorer and go into system/etc/ and...
  21. Kingspp

    Thread [Instructions] Beta Testers

    Thread to guide beta testers Nowadays a lot of development is going on in the I9100g sub form... Just for the namesake its a sub-forum. Its a highly active sub-forum! [Note for the Moderators] Since the release of CM9 many roms are being produced using cm9 as a base. Even kernels are being...
  22. D

    Thread [Q] Don't know how to connect D3 using ADB

    When i open ADB all it does is it has a lot of white writing that scrolls along and then closes, does anyone know if i set it up wrong, or if they could post step by step instructions? it would be much appreciated, Thanks.
  23. Sherwet

    Thread [Q] Please Help! How to Replace Screen?

    My screen has malfunctioned and Samsung won't help because I bought the phone from Germany. I'm at the other side of the world. I'm planning to buy a new screen but I have no idea how to replace it. Any instructions, please?
  24. otnos

    Thread How To Update To Honeycomb 3.2 For Beginners

    For those of you who are noobs/beginner, I have found a blog that contains step by step instructions with pictures to show you how to update to Honeycomb 3.2.
  25. S

    Thread [Q] Rooting the Samsung Infuse (Noobie)

    Hey everyone! Just got my Samsung Infuse last week, and already enjoying what it can do so far. I recently left Palm, was using there Web OS....I know..I know..Should of left from the beginning. So all of this is new to me but I'm reading as much as I can about rooting, but the real issue is...
  26. S

    Thread [Q] Themes for ChompSMS??

    Hey guys, I really want my ChompSMS to look EXACTLY like the iPhone message app. Any files or instructions would REALLY help.... I love chompSMS but they need a lot more themes. Or maybe someone needs to tell me where to find them! Thanks!!
  27. Lenn

    Thread Porting Touchscreen Drivers for ROM's - Instructions

    Hey, First of all some basic stuff: We've got a United Usb Win7 Touchscreen Until now( :D ) the biggest problem about porting new Roms to our Devices was the fact that nobody know how to port the Drivers for severall android/linux kernels But i've found this site...
  28. R

    Thread [Q] Cooking instructions - Where are they?

    Everyone, First of all pardon my ignorance. I am a newbie. Q: I have a HTC Tilt2, and recently unlocked it with a T-Mobile SIM. Today I downloaded "Energy.RHODIUM.21916.Sense2.5.Cookie.Dec.27.7z", and "Energy.RHODIUM.29007.Sense2.5.Cookie.Dec.27.7z" roms. What tool do I use to cook the...
  29. P

    Thread Rooting & Unlocking my Rogers Captivate SGH-I896

    Thanks to the wonderful information here on this site, I was able to root and unlock my Canadian Samsung Captivate S a.k.a. Rogers Captivate SGH-I896. Us Canadian phone owners know that our phones are slightly different than what you guys in the states got. Those differences were significant...
  30. bmvik

    Thread GPS fixed on Captivate. Combination of 2 methods + detailed steps

    This is how I fixed my GPS issue on Captivate. It would not lock on, not even after 5 minutes of me standing still. Found this thread - Was trying to follow the steps and realized I wished it was spelled out more. So this is what I am...
  31. kylelerner

    Thread [Q] How to I flash a ROM? Yes, I've done a search..

    Yes, I noticed my spelling mistake, How DO* I flash a ROM. UPDATE: I just now learned that you cannot flash a ROM without root. As we all know, root is currently unachievable with the OTA Froyo update, but I did not know you needed root in order to flash a ROM. I flashed the Stock .3 Froyo ROM...
  32. B

    Thread Total Commander - is there a manual?

    Is there a manual for Total Commander? I have searched and come up empty. I did find two helpful things: To edit the registry - Hit the "\" key on the top right and then you will see a folder list. The first folder is "\\Plugins" - double click Another folder list will appear with 3 folders...
  33. S

    Thread plz describe 'How to flash' instructions...

    Well, I'm new to these terms but have been using vox for a few months. I hate the original ROM and have downloaded Dr. Martin's new Rom. So please describe the instructions step by step using simple language on how to flash a new one to replace the original P.S.-I tried to search for this, but...
  34. A

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Cook [IN PROGRESS]

    [GUIDE] How to Cook [WING] How to Cook a ROM Table of Contents Intro (in this post) How to Cook your First ROM (T-Mobile Wing) How to customize your cooked ROM How to Cook a .CAB file into your ROM How to Cook a .CAB file into your ExtROM (So that it can be uninstalled by user later) How...
  35. 1

    Thread MDA Vario II Will Not Charge

    here is my problem, my phone will not charge when using AC charger or USB, the red or amber light does not come on. works fine on battery power, but it is drained now. I took the phone apart and checked the fuse but it was fine.. are there any other suggestions?
  36. W

    Thread Broken screen- how to replace?

    So someone crashed into my son at a football game and broke the screen on his 2 week old Tilt... Anyone know if it's worth trying to fix myself or should I just go for a warranty/insurance repair? How hard is it to replace the screen? Are there any drawbacks (warranty/insurance voids, etc)...
  37. N

    Thread My External Speaker isn't Working!!!

    I dropped my Hermes today and realized the external speaker stopped working, so my alarms no longer work, and neither does my speakerphone or anything that involves the external speaker. The normal speaker works fine as I can talk with people on the phone. Any suggestions on what to do? I have...
  38. M

    Thread Dismantling HTC Touch Pro Instructions??

    Hi, Anyone got instructions on how to dismantle/take apart the HTC Touch Pro??? Service Guides/replacing out LCD etc will do! Cheers! Mod Edit: You will find a guide now written by Makuk and others at
  39. R

    Thread Adapt stylus broke my silo!!! Don't buy them!!!

    Hi everyone, Today I bought a set of new styli from Adapt for my Hermes. I used it for a few times today. But one time when I reinserted the stylus after entering some text, I heard a "knack" sound in the silo. Now my stylus will fall out when picking up the device. I am very disapointed with...
  40. L

    Thread green lines when camera on??

    All phone functions work properly but sometimes when i slide the keyboard and switch to camera the screen goes green with some strange shakin lines (camera tape problem?). Does some one had same problem? Help :S
  41. H

    Thread Replace broken screen

    A friend of mine has broken his screen, and now bought a replacement. are there any documents where i can see how to replace the defect one? thanks
  42. Zero|Cool

    Thread Are the leds crazy?

    Well i dont wether this is normal or not on this model but, my leds are always blinking blue (BT) and green (GSM). Although, if i receive a message or the battery is low, the led's still blink in the same color. Only if i receive a call and dont pick it up, then the led changes to yellow(?)...
  43. RaudelJr

    Thread How to Remove Camera piece from ATT Tilt

    Hi all, Does anyone have instructions on how to remove the camera piece from the ATT Tilt? I work for a Job that doesn't allow cameras in the factory but they are ok with phones and PDAs without Cameras. Any help is very appreciated. Raudel
  44. D

    Thread Kaiser Research (need internal kaiser shots)

    I recently purchased a kaiser (it isn't here yet). I've been searching all over the internet for information on the Kaiser that should help with the video driver issues. Here is what I found: The die shots of the MSM6260 and the MSM7500 look identical, which implies that the MSM7500 does not...
  45. J

    Thread Advice from someone who has disassembled their Kaiser?

    This question is directed to those who have taken apart their Kaiser, and specifically screen the screen assembly. I've got water issues and the screen is broke now. Here's the story. I might get some outrageous warranty charges. I installed the InvisiShield ( on my phone...
  46. P

    Thread 8525 camera is dying

    My 8-month old (Cingular) 8525's camera is acting weirdo. [See below]. The viewscreen likewise has this kind of view. Moreover, I've noticed that since this happened, my battery life became CONSIDERABLY shorter, from 100% to shutdown in a matter of 8 hours standby. I could get 2-3 days out of my...
  47. A

    Thread Hermes Service Manual (How To Fix You Hermes)

    Hi Download This PDF File : regards, Mod edit: alternative for those that have problems with rapidshare:
  48. psxp

    Thread HTC S621 Released in Canada on Rogers

    See then head to the store... Rogers have released the Excalibur as the S621 here. I hope to get a unit later in the week. All reports indicate its identical to the HTC model & runs WM5.
  49. W

    Thread XDA IIs screen replacement instructions

    Hi guys, ok heres a problem i am left with , i have an XDA IIs with what i think is a cracked lcd ( bleeding badly ) i m sure the touch screen is ok as there is no crack as such - question i have is is it easy enough to replace the screen ?, and or where can i get instructions from - i have...
  50. Z

    Thread 02 Black Housing Casing, can you buy them?

    Hello, I have droped my phone and have a nice little scratch on her, so I want to buy another Housing Casing for it, I might have a look at the black ones, do you know where you can buy these from? Many thanks