1. J

    Thread Beelink SEi12 mini PC review: a better investment than the Intel NUC 12

    Small form factor PCs are gradually taking over from conventional desktop computers, as their compact size and low power consumption are attractive to lots of consumers. The recently released Beelink SEi12, which rocks an Intel i5-1235U processor, plenty of RAM, a fast PCIe4.0x4 SSD and a...
  2. J

    Thread Beelink U59 Pro Review: the budget-friendly mini PC that checks all the boxes

    The good: Compact design and great build quality Licensed Windows 11 Pro. Dual Ethernet jacks. Decent performance. Amazing power efficiency. The bad: The M.2 interface is only compatible with SATA3 SSDs. WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 4.0. The latest Intel Jasper Lake Celeron and Pentium processors are...
  3. J

    Thread GEEKOM Mini IT8 review: perfectly affordable, perfectly capable

    The good: Compact design and great build quality. Plenty of ports and the ability to drive 4 screens. Decent CPU and GPU performance. Licensed Windows 11 Pro operating system. Easy access to the internals. The bad: Relatively old processor. No WiFi6. Thanks to continued improvements in mobile...
  4. O

    Thread (Kingston SSD) GTi11 Mini PC, Intel i5-1135G7, Support Win11

    GTi11 Mini PC, Intel i5-1135G7 Support the installation of the Windows 11 system! The GTi11 Mini PC with Intel i5-1135G7 (up to 4.20 GHz), 4 cores and 8 threads, stable and reliable performance, reduce latency and lag, powerful loading and processing power for a smoother experience. 16GB...
  5. J

    Thread Question Change timeout setting for Optimizing Apps screen before unit erases all app data

    Hi all, hoping someone can sort me out with this recent problem I've been having with my Intel Sofia unit. When the "Optimizing Apps" is triggered upon reboot because of what I suspect is an app update from the Play Store, if the process takes too long, the unit assumes there's an issue and...
  6. J

    Thread Beelink U59 review: an excellent budget mini PC

    The good: Beautiful, neat and compact design. Licensed Windows 11 Pro Dual-channel memory Decent performance. Full of connectivity options. The bad: No SD or MicroSD card slot. The top side easily attracts scratches and figerprints. Beelink’s mini PCs range from budget Atom-based models all...
  7. A

    Thread Any way to reset/reflash Intel manage engine firmware and BIOS on Lenovo x1 Yoga?

    Hello. After recent firmware and BIOS updates on my lenovo x1 yoga 2nd Gen, mainboard of this laptop do not turn off completely after OS shuts down. Resulting that it never come back from restart/sleep and never turn off completely upon OS shutdown. Can anyone of you suggest a possible way to...
  8. HelloG3_MotoNoMore

    Thread Building A Killer, State-Of-The-Art ATX-E Z590 Full Tower...

    I have all but the video card. I refuse to pay $900 for a $450 card! I'll use onboard video or my GTX-1070 from my X-99 system for the time being. As for storage, in addition to the (2) Seagate FireCuda PCIe 4.0 NvMe M.2's, I already have over 60 TB in SATA6 SSD's and Hard Drives. What do you...
  9. A

    Thread Android TV x86 (repurpose your own PCs)

    ==================== Android TV x86 ==================== Repurpose your own PCs as an Android TV instead of buying your own Android TV devices Links will be expired on December 1, 2020, except for Tech Info's link and will downgrade to Android TV 7.1.2 Nougat to make fully functional...
  10. M

    Thread Problems rooting Android on Chrome OS

    Hey Lately I've bought a Chrome box after I have a Chromebook at school for a few moths and I liked it. On my ARM Chromebook (MEDION S2015) I had no problems rooting the Android System and using AdAway and Titanbackup on it, but on my new Intel Acer Chromebox CXI3 I get errors I get error...
  11. J

    Thread Beelink Gemini J45 Mini PC review: small, but competent

    The good: Beautiful, neat and compact design. Great build quality. Licensed Windows 10 Pro OS. Decent performance. Fast SSD. Lots of connectivity options. The bad: MicroSD card slot doesn’t support cards larger than 64GB. HDMI is not 2.0a standard. Bottom Line: The Gemini J45 is a beautifully...
  12. M

    Thread Calling INTEL Atom Clover Trail + zxxxx device owners. Collaboration on Developement

    Hello all Intel atom owners, I am the owner of a device destine for the trash heap (e-waste sucks) but I'd like to save it from that fate. My device is a z2560 soc asus Trio TX201LA. Its tablet half is what has been deemed ewaste by asus & id like to save it from that fate. Windows 10 has also...
  13. M

    Thread Bliss ROM for X86 Atom Android tablet. I've got my Kernel source HALS, is tha enough?

    I have a TX201LA tablet runs Android 4.2. Its a dual device 2 systems in 1. The tablet half is what i am focusing on. NOT the dock as I have windows 10 running fine on that half. The tablet is nearly useless as it is on android 4.2. I've been exploring a few options for getting an android...
  14. I

    Thread Petition for Intel to speak up on 10nm and change its philosophies Just something I thought I'd share so Intel may know how we feel about things like NVME Raid keys, rushed responses to AMD, and stagnating in 14nm for another year (will complete 3 years of 14nm).
  15. Anthony96922

    Thread Can more LTE bands be enabled on the SM-N910U?

    On Qualcomm based devices, certain nv items needed to be changed to enable more lte bands. Can the same thing be done on the Note 4 with the Intel modem?
  16. A

    Thread MTCD Intel Sofia ROM query

    Are there any custom ROMs for the Intel Sofia (sofia3gr) head units around? I saw the stock rom collection thread/repository but those are all just stock, nobody else building/cooking ROMs for these units? Thanks in advance!
  17. garwynn

    Thread [Portal Article] Computex 2017: Intel, AMD Bring Server Core Counts to Consumers

    Article Posted: June 6, 2017 At Computex both Intel and AMD announced some staggering high core and thread counts for consumers. So what in the heck is going on and how does that change the scene? Read more here...
  18. gtxaspec

    Thread Joying SoFIA Intel Head Unit Firmware Archive (05/08 Latest)

    Hello, All firmware releases(cause mega upload sucks) for Joying's Intel SoFIA based Head Units are available (all releases include extracted Allapp.pkg, and extracted 5009_20/60 zip's and some of the releases are apktool -d for easy smali and resource viewing) : pending Android 5.1.1...
  19. mrmazak

    Thread [Guide] RCA Voyager RCT6873W42 Unlock Boot loader and root

    Root has been achieved for rca tablet, With the intel atom chip Basic steps are Just like many android devices. 1. Unlock boot loader 2. Flash modified stock recovery 3. Test boot a permissive boot.img 4. Flash permissive boot.img (if test boot was ok) 5. Boot into Custom recovery and flash...
  20. dayanandgp

    Thread Initial Impressions, Pros and Cons - Joying VL 131N2 Intel 2GB

    Hi All, I received my new unit VL 131N2 (Intel 2GB 9 Inch VW unit) for VW Passat 2012 B7 Kombiwagen and few preliminary thoughts on it if it helps others : Ordering Process and unpacking : Placing the order was a breeze and got a 7% discount on the unit totalling to 303 Euro from...
  21. E

    Thread Protip: Access Android Bluetooth settings on joying intel

    So even though joying removed the Bluetooth settings from the main settings menu, you can still access the plain old Android Bluetooth settings by creating a "settings shortcut" widget and choosing Bluetooth as the shortcut. This allows you to use full Bluetooth functionality on the joying b...
  22. K

    Thread Android 5.1 to 6.0, 2gb ram INTEL cpu Rom updates & ROOT links.NEED HELP TO BUILD ROM

    Android 5.1 to 6.0, 2gb ram INTEL cpu Rom updates & ROOT links.NEED HELP TO BUILD ROM WE NOW HAVE ROOT This unit works and sound great..However there are a few thing i would like to be able to power off instead of hibernate and or set hibernation time...I would like to have back...
  23. M

    Thread Root... but not root?

    Hi everyone. I have a tablet from a famous argentinian whose devices quality is not the best (Noblex). This tablet has an Intel redhookbay SoC (x86). I tried to root it with Framaroot with no success. I also tried with apps like Kingo Root and Kingroot (disgusting, but I had to try them to see...
  24. Ninnix96

    Thread [APP][INTEL] CrossOver - windows app on android

    The CrossOver Preview will let you run Windows software on Intel-based Chromebooks and Android tablets. Seamlessly run full- featured Windows software that is not available in the Google Play store alongside mobile apps. Run Windows utility software like Quicken and Microsoft Office, or DirectX...
  25. nd4spdviper

    Thread Nexus Player

    Given the support already existing on other Nexus devices and Intel devices, will there be a version for the Nexus Player? The form factor is comparable to the device sold by Jide themselves and the architecture of the Nexus Player is comparable/compatible to some extent to what already Remix...
  26. W

    Thread Cube Mix Plus / Cube i7 Book / Cube i9

    Details: Display: 10.6" PLS, 1920x1080 with Wacom Stylus support CPU: Intel Core 6Y30 / 7Y30 GPU: Intel HD Graphics 515 / 615 RAM: 4GB Dual Channel LPDDR3-1833 SSD: Foresee 64GB / 128GB Audio: Realtek ALC283 WiFi/Bluetooth: Intel AC 3165 Cameras: 5.0 MP, 2.0 MP Battery: 3.7V x 4300mAh x 2 cells...
  27. O

    Thread [New] PiPo X6S Intel

    This new item may Interest those looking to get into an Intel Box Intel Cherry trail Z8300 up to 1.84Ghz Fan Cooled Intel HD Graphics Gen8 DDR3 4GB Nand fast flash 64GB Wifi 802.11ac/b/g/n Ethernet 10/100M/1000M x 2 Dual RJ45 interface HDD SATA port, supports 2.5" SATA II HDD Found also over...
  28. HellIsCool

    Thread [Completed] Intel z3735g micro USB to usb

    Hello everyone I want ask if any body has able to connect PC by micro USB in a tablet running android 4.4.4 supporting intel z3735g processer. The in advance.
  29. A

    Thread ARM and Intel CPUs support Windows 10

    ARM categorized to 3 parts of Cortex Processors which are : Cortex-A family : using for high performance devices (Smartphones and Tablets) Cortex-R family : using for real time devices Cortex-M family : using for Embedded systems <<classification of ARM CPU >> But only the ARM Processors having...
  30. S

    Thread Custom rom for tablet with Intel Atom Z3745 CPU? (lenovo S8-50F)

    Are there any custom roms available for tablets with Intel Atom Z3745 CPU? (lenovo S8-50F) Since Lenovo made promises for 8+ months now about updating from kitkat to lollipop but 3 dates were promised, but all were rescheduled.... I've seen threads that you can root it. I've done that, but...
  31. M

    Thread (me176cx)(K013) How can we and a lot of others get cyanogen mod or so

    With lollipop update, this tablet gets UEFI. With UEFI, hou can install Intel generic android image. It has it's own bootloader, unlockable by fastboot oem unlock or something similar. If anyone is interested in making cyanogenmod 12.1 for this device, he can use Intel's rom as a base, instead...
  32. W

    Thread Cube i7 Stylus

    Details: Display: 10.6" PLS, 1920x1080 with Wacom Stylus support CPU: Intel Core M-5Y10c GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5300 RAM: 4GB Dual Channel LPDDR3-1833 SSD: Foresee 64GB Audio: Realtek ALC283 WiFi/Bluetooth: Realtek RTL8723BU Cameras: 5.0 MP, 2.0 MP Battery: 3.7V x 4300mAh x 2 cells = 31.8Wh...
  33. S

    Thread [Q] Building Roms For Intel Based

    Can anyone tell me on how to build roms for Intel based phones for ex, Zenphone 5.
  34. itsarjunsinh

    Thread [Tool] Installer for Xposed Installer (for ZenFones)

    Install Xposed, on ZenFones. Note: This tool is no longer being maintained/supported. Disclaimer This tool is specifically made for ZenFones. If you have an Intel x86 device you can try this but only at your own risk. If you mess up, the only one who will be responsible is going to be...
  35. J

    Thread The Cube iWork 7 hands-on review – the smallest Windows tablet to date

    2014 is the year of Windows tablets, as we have seen all sizes of Windows 8 tablets taking over the market that has been dominated by Android and iOS for years. While people are still debating whether 8-inch tablets are too small for running Windows 8, certain manufacturers try to push things...
  36. M

    Thread [Q] HELP! Razr i doesn't get past boot screen!

    Hello fellow users of the Razr i. A friend of mine got this phone a long time ago and complained his phone wasn't starting... Since it seemed he phone got stuck on the bootscreen, i thought it would be quite easy to fix it through re-flashing another firmware, but i encountered some...
  37. i_rnb

    Thread [Q] Updated Venue 7/8 with Intel Merrifield processors

    Hi, I want to buy Dell Venue 8. But I came across that Dell updated Venue 7 and 8 with Intel merrifield processor - Intel Atom Z3460 for Venue 7 and Intel Atom Z3480 for Venue 8. They announced, these updated units will be available from July 1st but I can not find any of them on internet...
  38. s7yler

    Thread Ramos i10 Tablet Intel Z2580 2GHz/2GB RAM 10.1 Inch Retina / Android

    Hi I just recieved my Ramos i10 Tablet (android version) and want to collect all possible info about the device here. Like ROMS, experiences, tips & tricks, tests etc. As I write this, my Tablet found a new OTA update, and currently downloading it. Short review: The tablet is made of high...
  39. H

    Thread [Q] Full Windows Smartphone?

    Hello, is it possible to install a full Windows 8 OS on a smartphone with Intel Atom Z2420 or other Intel CPUs? (No Windows Phone or RT) huaba91
  40. D

    Thread [GUIDE] Dell Venue 7/8 Unlocked Bootloader

    Hey guys, I was playing with my parents' new Dell Venue 7 tablet and I found out that you can easily go into fastboot into the device. I want to attempt to root it, but since this isn't my tablet, I wasn't going to experiment on it but here are some stuff I found out using this tablet and...
  41. physcodelic

    Thread [Stock ROM][JB] Acer Liquid C1

    Hello friends :) Here I want to share Jellybean OTA update dump from Acer Liquid C1. There you go >> JB OTA 400mb note : Dropbox free user bandwitdh limit is 20GB per day. If you cant download it now, try another day :p Its not for sale in Global market, only Asia market, as I know. And...
  42. S

    Thread [Q][Intel Z2580] ZTE Geek V975 - Rooting, Google Apps or Ports wanted

    Hello, I was hoping to get some help with installing Google Apps and rooting ZTE Geek V975. It's an Intel Medfield device powered by Intel Atom Z2580. The device works great, but it's all in Chinese and I couldn't find any information about rooting and installing Google Play services. I tried...
  43. arvo.bowen

    Thread [Q] Forcing Android-x86 To Work With Lower Graphics Card

    When I have my laptop plugged in by default I think the system tries to use my ATI graphics card (ewww). When I boot the laptop up with no power cord inserted it boot android-x86 just fine! But boot it up with the power cord and ... NO GRAPHICS! So is there a way to force Android-x86 to use...
  44. tha_subchief

    Thread ROOT - SAFARICOM INTEL BT210 a.k.a YOLO

    This forum is for us to share details on how to root the Safaricom Intel BT210 a.k.a YOLO phone. Please post all your ideas here and help us get root for this phone.
  45. C

    Thread Intel bought Vibrant GPS manufactor...

    With being less than two week's at the helm, Intel's CEO just bought a certain part maker. It's none other than ST-Ericsson, a part manufacturer that makes faulty GPS chips (as we Vibrant users already know). I like how the first commentor on Engadget talks about how the ST-Ericsson GPS in his...
  46. Omar-Avelar

    Thread [KERNEL] Gamma Custom Kernel XT890 (Version 6.0.2, Linux 3.0.101+)

    DESCRIPTION So this is a cooked RazR i boot.img that contains a custom compiled Kernel for our device, it was patched to be kept up to date and has some changes to help on battery savings, plus some cpu-freq drivers which which help our device a lot. InteractiveX2 CPU Governor -- Like...
  47. XTCrefugee

    Thread [Q] Android pre-installed on Atom x86 tablets?

    I've searched high and low for this but can't find any information. Does anyone know what is the source of the Android that comes pre-installed on various Chinese/Taiwanese tablets with Intel Atom (x86) processors? Is an image available somewhere? I'm pretty sure it can't just be Android-x86 as...
  48. XTCrefugee

    Thread Android pre-installed on Atom x86 tablets

    I've searched high and low for this but can't find any information. Does anyone know what is the source of the Android that comes pre-installed on various Chinese/Taiwanese tablets with Intel Atom (x86) processors? Is an image available somewhere? I'm pretty sure it can't just be Android-x86 as...
  49. S

    Thread [Q] Intel XOLO x900 - Game crash

    Hi, I hope this is the right section to post abt Intel XOLO X900. I need help regarding my phone. I bought this phone 3 days back. It was Android 2.3. But I updated it to Android 4.0.4 (ICS) on the same day from internet from official website. I bought this game TOTAL WAR BATTLES on...
  50. C

    Thread [Q] Sim Unlocking the new Intel x900 / Orange San Diego

    Anyone got close to being able to SIM unlock the new Intel X900 or Orange San Diego as it's called in the UK. I hate Orange UK it's £30 for 1Gb of data but like the look of the phone so am not going to buy it until someone can work out how to network unlock the device. I have looked everywhere...