1. Setsunao

    Thread SDcard as internal storage in Redmi note 8 AOSP

    How to use sdcard as internal storage on my redmi note 8, currently i'm using PixelOS rom. when I go to the setup settings for the sdcard there are two options, using the sdcard as portable storage and as extra phone storage. but when I choose as extra phone storage the formatting process stops...
  2. Andrei the Android Guy

    Thread How do I extract an archive backup on Windows directly to Android?

    I made a backup of my internal storage using this: adb exec-out 'tar --create --exclude=data/media/0/TWRP \ data/media/0 2>/backup-errors.txt | \ gzip' | \ dd of=sdcardbakup-$(date +%Y%m%d).tar.gz && \ adb shell cat /backup-errors.txt I did it this way because I want FOLDERS and FILES to...
  3. T

    Thread Internal memory always full

    Hi, my Z3's internal memory is always full... 16 GB are surely not enough. Problem is, there are some apps that store data in the internal memory and they have no setting to change this. I already deleted all apps which were dispensable and moved all possible apps to sd card, using system menu...
  4. I

    Thread Does anyone make a dual-sim adapter that fits INSIDE of a single-sim Note 9?

    Does anyone make a dual-sim adapter that fits INSIDE of a single-sim Note 9? I see the ribbons and all, but a lot of people think 128 or 512 is plenty of memory and don't use the SD card space, and want a second SIM that works like Simore, etc., etc. without the ribbon cable outside of the...
  5. G

    Thread Internal teardown wallpaper

    Hi, I searched on ifixit and other sites for an internal wallpaper looks the phone teardowned like this one (is of mi 5) but nothing about mi a2 lite. Do you know a good one?
  6. J

    Thread Recovery Data From Internal Memory

    Hello. After from some mistake, I formatted my internal storage via twrp. Now I want to recover the data which I had. The bad is that the device is connected to pc as MTP & NOT as Mass Storage so that to use some data recovery to get the lost data. I tried MTPdrive which is to convert the mtp to...
  7. J

    Thread Recovery Data From Internal Memory

    Hello. After from some mistake, I formatted my internal storage via twrp. Now I want to recover the data which I had. The bad is that the device is connected to pc as MTP & NOT as Mass Storage so that to use some data recovery to get the lost data. I tried MTPdrive which is to convert the mtp to...
  8. CedricAnne97

    Thread Add wifi over USB

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but here I am anyway :) I bought a secondhand ereader without wifi (boox c67ml). It runs android 4.2.2. I was wondering if there is a way to add wifi to this device. Maybe an unused usb connection on the inside or through the usb port on the...
  9. jeromeb4u

    Thread Screen recording with internal audio?

    Has anyone tried screen recording with internal audio? I am on Stock and I have heard rooting it will enable it. Anyone knowledgeable may shed some light on this. Thanks in advance!
  10. 4

    Thread Need a rom with a few apps

    Hello. I'm tired to have 180 apps by default. I need a d855 rom with just a few apps so my internal memory does not get full so easily. Can you help me please?
  11. G

    Thread Very unusual "system data" storage behaviour!

    I have a completely stock phone & I was using nova launcher from day one but I turned back to the default launcher today and noticed a strange data in the 'shelf'. It was showing that I have low %age of storage left. At first I thought it must be a bug but then after some time I checked the...
  12. Octanium91

    Thread [Tool][Utility][Win|Linux] Auto-formatting SDCard to Internal and SDCard storage

    Auto-formatting SDCard to Internal and SDCard storage - this is the easiest way format your memory card, to use it as a internal memory and removable media at the same time! What is required for this? - Device with Android Marshmallow (6.0) and higher. - USB Cable - Enabled USB debug on...
  13. B

    Thread Issues Updating A9 to 2.18.617.10 (from 1.57.617.60) + Internal Storage Question

    Hey Guys - I'm having trouble and need some help, please... I obviously have an HTC One A9 (AT&T - USA) which I've previously converted to a Developer version, obtained s-off, and rooted. Currently, it's running 1.57.617.60 firmware. I downloaded 2.18.617.1 a few weeks ago and spent almost...
  14. R

    Thread Sync internal SD-card to USB-OTG Storage

    Hello fellow Taskers, i hope my thread title describes what i want, but if not here's what i'd like to happen. Whenever i connect a USB Stick via OTG to my N9005 i want it to sync (copy and only add new(er)) files from my Internal SD Card to the USB storage i connected. I have no idea how to...
  15. K

    Thread Internal-formatted SD card not recognized

    My friend got Moto X Play and after update to Marshmallow he formatted his SD card as internal storage. However, without any apparent reason, phone stopped to recognize the card as internal-formatted: after inserting it, in Storage and USB settings section "Checking..." is displayed and followed...
  16. JohnHorus

    Thread Lifespan of internal memory in Android devices

    I'm trying to figure out how damaging repeatedly formatting and flashing a phone can be. I've managed to figure out that solid state drives have a limited number of "write cycles" before failing, but I'm unsure if the internal SD in Android devices is generally considered an SSD, I know some...
  17. R

    Thread Turning off encription on SD formatted as internal storage, Marshmallow

    Are there mods/hacks/patches to permanently turn off encryption on SD formatted as internal storage in Marshmallow? So the SD card will be seen by OS as internal storage, yet non-encrypted?
  18. BigMatza

    Thread Why are some Android/data subdirs duplicated in BOTH internal and External storage?

    I have a rooted Moto X Pure (XT1575) running CM13. I did all of my migration/installation prior to installing an external SD card. Today, I popped in and formatted an external SD card. I haven't done much of anything with the phone since doing that. About 1-2 hours later, I was browsing the...
  19. S

    Thread Why All my donwloads and apks goin to internal memory ?

    Hii..! im new here..! and sorry for my bad english ( I'm trying the best I can) it's a pleasure to be part of this community so go the problem:p, let me know because everything is going to release the internal memory of the phone and not the sd? only photos and videos taken with the g3 q...
  20. G

    Thread Using Lexar 3.0 USB Stick (128GB) as internal storage issue with ES Explorer

    Just installed, formated and configured my new "Lexar JumpDrive S45 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive - LJDS45-128ABEU " with my Shield TV console as internal storage. As long as I don't start ES Explorer the expanded internal storage is viable from the Shield TV settings App. When I start ES explorer...
  21. P

    Thread Obb files to /data for better performance

    Hi all! I have an Honor 6, with 16 GB internal storage. After I've installed many apps, I have about 6 GB free space, so I decided to move my favourite game to the internal storage for better performance/loading times (~1,5 GB), but I can't. If I just copy the obb files to internal memory, when...
  22. N

    Thread /sdcard and /storage/sdcard0 symlinks being broken at boot.

    Hi I am a newbie here and I hope I posted on the correct forum. I am having a problem with my Spreadtrum SC7731 phone. It's internal storage symlink which is /sdcard /storage/sdcard0 is being broken at boot(I think). This started when I flashed supersu through twrp to root the phone. This...
  23. nalas

    Thread [CLOSED]Internal Memory on S6 - can I make two partitions?

  24. K

    Thread Adoptable storage question, storage always full

    Hi all! Yesterday I bought my Moto G 2015 (8GB) with a 32GB SD-card. I formatted the SD-card as 'adoptable storage', but after installing some (10+) apps, my internal memory was full. I thought that the adoptable storage was a solution for a full internal memory? Can anybody tell me how this...
  25. chibichuba

    Thread Do you prefer Adopted Storage (MM) or Portable Storage formats?

    MM brought the adopted internal storage option for SD cards, which combines your SD space with your device space. It still has a few bugs with certain apps but for the most part is pretty fluid. The traditional portable storage works as usually expected but also encounters some bugs in MM...
  26. Jeconias Santos

    Thread XT1040 - Problem in memory internal

    Hello everyone! I have a Moto g XT1040 and was wearing cm13, but after a while I had a problem in \system and could not clean the system. I tried to install Stock 4.4.4 and 5.1 and have not had success. I can enter TWRP recovery and it shows that my inner mamoria is 0 and my date, cache and...
  27. B

    Thread Best Method to Re-flash & Re-root Plus Have Internal Storage Working

    Hey Guys - I have had my A9 for about 2 months and love it. When I first purchased it, I rooted it using the method pinned to this forum which seemed to work well. Soon afterwards, I found out that when I inserted and tried to format an SD card as "internal", it wouldn't work and result in...
  28. Z

    Thread No internal

    Ive posted this in rom related forum but thought maybe here i could get more answers. I was running sammy 5.5.9 with barbossa without problems. Waking up this morning(too late by lacking of alarm) i found my phone rebooting time after time... when i entered recovery i mentioned there...
  29. B

    Thread SD Card - Write / Full Access & Internal Storage Issues on Rooted A9

    Hey Guys - Recently got my A9 and love it. Was about to go with the Note, but when I found it couldn't be rooted plus no sd card that was it. Anyways, this may be more of a Marshmallow question; but wanted to ask... Is there a current method to get full access to the sd card system wide or...
  30. D

    Thread [GUIDE][PDF] P769 Internal using only

    I move to LG G3 last year i found this on my disk so i wanna shared to you guy ;) DOWNLOAD
  31. M

    Thread Access Lumia 1020 internal storage for data recovery?

    Hello, all. Is it yet possible to access the internal storage of a Lumia 1020 (mass storage mode) under Windows Phone 8.1, in order to recover accidentally deleted data? Thanks.
  32. umo4u

    Thread Tutorial Link2SD/make more Space in Internal Memory with Link2SD for Moto G 3rd 2015

    Prerequisites: 1. obviously moto g 2015 3rd gen 2. bootloader unlocked followed by root (search for this in other threads) 3. make backup of your ext sd card as everything will be deleted (mine is 64 gb strontium memory card) 4.card reader (mine is Transcend USB 3.0 Super Speed Multi-Card...
  33. C

    Thread [GT-S5830] Samsung Galaxy Ace - Can't fix internal sdcard partition and mount it

    I have read all the links under the Troubleshooting section for the Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830). However, none of the answers were applicable to the issue I'm facing with trying to mount the sdcard partition in my Samsung Galaxy Ace. Things I have tried: 1. Install Samsung Universal USB...
  34. shailesh178

    Thread App memory partition by meteos app

    How to use meteos app for partition of app memory .. Here i mention it So read it carefully before trying it in our 504q Better to try any rom with full root permission and select 1st your defalt memory to phone memory Meteos is android app First step Take cwm backup of your current rooted...
  35. M

    Thread [Q] Internal Memory issue

    Hi im having trouble restoring my phone to factory, i tried everything, kdz, key combination, backup option, it seems that no matter what i change on the phone, it stays the same, i think it can be an internal memory issue, sort of locked, or write protected. Also i can't push files to device...
  36. M

    Thread [HTC EXPLORER]Best script for internal memory?

    Hi guys i want to increase my internal memory in htc explorer..i tryed works..but it makes my phone slow..what you think is the best script to increase the memory in htc explorer?
  37. Y

    Thread [MOD][SWAP internal SD with external SD][SM-G355HN]

    First why: When I got this phone I was disappointed with fact that primary storage isn't switchable and free user data space is approximately 2.2 GB. Which means that all application data goes to internal storage so it is impossible to use apps like Need for Speed, Navigation app, ShowBox and...
  38. inaqi69

    Thread Lost my storage capacity!!? Not formatting!

    i have a nexus 4 today i rooted and flashed twrp using nexus root toolkit. I was flashing the stock backup but before that i did formatted my system, data, cache, dalvik partitions and then mounted as usb and moved the stock backup then restored the backup. It was successful but now there is a...
  39. W

    Thread [Q] External to Internal

    Hello all, I picked up a NT with the sdcard method pre set up on it. I have since converted it to CM Internal and CWM internal as I do not care for the B&N firmware at all and i wanted better performance. My gripe is that CyanoBoot boots to the SDcard by defailt and not only that but to a cm7...
  40. Rushing

    Thread M9 only

    Not considering anything but the M9 or a nexus device.
  41. mironkraft

    Thread [Q] ROM and Internal Memory

    Well, quite depressed, and ofc, overreaded almost whole forum and done many of theyr stuff, I CANT, and I REPEAT, CANT, manage to make internal memory of the ACE 5830i to get bigger, tried to follow many of posts, such as cronmod and some script post, but nothing.... Also, Ive triend with many...
  42. deBricker

    Thread [Q] HELP! Internal Storage Write Protected, Unable to modify and change

    Hey guys. I'm very familiar with android and it's processes but I have stumbled onto something that I cannot solve... My Internal SD Card has somehow made it self write-protected.... even to my PC! I can't save anything to my internal SD card at all. All camera apps, with the exception of the...
  43. K

    Thread [Guide] Swap internal sd with external sd [MT6572] [Samsung Galaxy S IV(I950X)]

    Hello , this guide is needed when you have small internal sd card , and your phone don't support switching internal sd with external sd, which mean some apps or big games won't find enough space in your internal sd card to download files (DATA or OBB files for example), so applying this will...
  44. jemshi101

    Thread [Guide][Android-x86] Mount Internal Windows Partition (NTFS) in Android-x86

    Mount Internal Windows Partition (NTFS) in Android-x86. Android-x86 project is one of the new and exciting offshoot of Android platform solely developed by the community. Our Android community has contributed very heavily for the development of Android as one of the most loved platform for both...
  45. enkelad

    Thread [Q] problem with phone memory

    The phone suddenly no longer reads SD card, nor the internal memory. Settings> Storage displays all of the memory as Unavailable. It all started yesterday when I took out the SD card. When I returned the card and switched the phone on, the problem started. Computer and tablet normally read...
  46. Mango Polo

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire 310 Swap internal and external memory

    The vold.fstab for this model is but seems, that any modification done on it, does not affect anyhow the memory of the phone. What kind of version is this ? And what special does it have that ordinary changes don't affect it?
  47. WastedJoker

    Thread [Q] Folder sync between internal SD and external? [Solved]

    Hi, I'm looking for a program which will allow me to sync folders from internal SD to external SD. I was previously using FolderMount but because it can only mount after boot, I was losing data in that gap between phone booting and the mount process taking place. I tried FolderSync by tacit...

    Thread [Closed][Q] Suggestions about rom,it will be much appreciated,thanks.

    I have been using my S5360 for quite a long while,and as we all know,the main problem is with internal memory of 190.You can't even have ten market apps at once in your phone.I have tried quite a lot of things,like changing custom roms,using link2sd,busybox method,but after all,whenever we move...
  49. B

    Thread [Q] internal storage problems

    My phone isnt reading the storage correctly, I will let the screenshots explain my problem because i cant explain it myself I mean the graph of the internal storage is interrupted. Also Used space section is disappeared. So any suggestions about this problem?
  50. KreAch3R

    Thread [HOWTO] Combined emulated storage for the Nexus S (LVM) [NEW CM11: 20150726-NIGHTLY]

    Combined emulated storage for the Nexus S (LVM) UPDATE! NEW CM11 ROM, version: 20150726-NIGHTLY This is a guide to make your Nexus S use an internal emulated SDcard, and mount it using MTP (just like the Nexus 4 and newer smartphones)! In order to do that, we have to enable the Logical volume...