1. D

    Thread How to change Private DNS in andoid 11 with a custom DNS

    Hello folks! I want to change my DNS on my andoid 11 to this adress:, but when I go to Settings > Connection & sharing > Private DNS > Designated private DNS > and set this adress I can not set this adress, because the check button is greyed out. How to change my...
  2. vitaly-zdanevich

    Thread Question Frequently lost mobile internet connection

    Bought in Belarus country (the timezone is UTC+3) - for a few months everything was OK. Moved to Georgia county (the timezone is UTC+4), bought a local sim and started to have problem with mobile internet. I live in a city with good connection, at the top right I see 4G, but I often need to...
  3. U

    Thread Message and Internet issues on Cellular after Factory Reset

    I have a Tecno Spark 7 and I'm missing messages and having internet issues on cellular. I am not receiving a lot of important messages, I don't receive like 60-70% of my messages. I have checked that the SMSC number is same as provided by the network. Also I am internet issues on cellular data...
  4. I

    Thread Bad internet connection after unbricking

    Hello everyone, I've flashed my phones for quite a few years, messed things up from time to time, but always found solutions. This time however, i don't really know where to start. I kept my Zenfone Max Pro M1 in its original state for the time of warranty and only unlocked and flashed it a few...
  5. h2olove

    Thread high speed 4G network - download app on google play Very slow

    high speed 4G network - why is download apps on google slow and browsing the web so slow
  6. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] [1.5+] Sony Ericsson Mediascape

    Hello!!! I have app "Mediascape" and all original plugins packages. The Mediascape It is an application that you can listen to music, watch videos and view your photos. You can do this if you have songs, videos or photos. Otherwise if you do not have it you can see it on the internet Android...
  7. Y

    Thread [Solved] Apps aren't loading content from the internet

    Out of nowhere my Galaxy S20+ (G985F) stopped loading anything from the internet in many apps. Both when connected to wi-fi and 4G. Firefox won't load any pages, reddit app won't load anything, Steam app won't load anything, wallpaper apps won't load anything... Whatsapp and Instagram are...
  8. gmnabeel

    Thread How to force lte+/4G+

    Hi, does anyone know how to force lte+ ? My mobile keeps shifting from lte lte+ back & forth . Lte + gives way better speed . If anyone knows how to achieve that do share
  9. LowTension

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Neurox - DNS Changer | Faster, Uncensored & Safe Browsing

    **** Neurox is a DNS changer that uses VPN technology to establish DNS servers in your device locally **** Neurox groups the most popular and recommended servers in the world. Giving you the speed and security they offer. What is DNS and how does it work? The Domain Name System (DNS) resolves...
  10. shakirbaloch

    Thread A50 Dual Sim Internet Working Very slow

    Hello I Got Samsung A50 Dual Sim If i Use 2 Sims In My A50 Than My Internet Work Very Slow And Pings are Too High and fluctuate in Every Online Game. To Get full Speed And Normal Ping I Have To Disable One Sim ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Is There Anyway To Fix This Problem Sorry For My Bad English(•‿•)...
  11. P

    Thread Slow cellular data

    My internet speeds are really slow alot.. I've wiped the cache partition, uninstalled apps, switched between 5g and LTE modes, reset network preferences. They work for a little while but then my cellular data speed is back to a crawl. Any ideas?
  12. D

    Thread WPS internet connecting

    How do you connect to the router using WPS button? Where on the device is option to connect with WPS?
  13. M

    Thread Is it possible?

    Hi everyone, question is a bit weird but i will try. I bought sim card before 2 weeks, and i got internet but only for some apps(insta, messenger,fb,viber). I was wondering is there maybe some "hack" or whatever that can allow me to use internet for other things.
  14. E

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] ⚡ Network Speed - Monitoring - Speed Meter *Free REAL Promo Codes*

    Network Speed Monitor your network speed in real time on your status bar or floating widget You may obtain your promo code below Xhf_4xls4s4 Download (Play Store) QR Code...
  15. A

    Thread Internet speeds stuck at 70kbs.

    Hello all, I just received my new one plus 7 pro yesterday. My internet speeds seem to be stuck between 60 and 70 kbs. I am in roaming at work but have always been able to watch 720 and 1080p videos on YouTube with with my galaxy s8 while roaming at work. I was also able to download apps from...
  16. B

    Thread no hot spot

    Hello again, Im back with same issue, anyone have issues with hotspot not working. I just tried out pixel experience , and again this rom has no hotspot working on my mi mix. Its connected but it is not really working , no internet access. Any help Pls???
  17. D

    Thread USB tethering cause modem error

    Hi all. So I use my unlimited LTE Iternet in my Nokia 7 Plus and share it to PC via USB Tethering. Recently I had many modem errors. All connectivity was turned off for 10-15 seconds (similar to airplane mode) and I saw red message on top of the screen saying some info about modem error. I was...
  18. shantusingh

    Thread WiFi Issues Zenfone 5z

    I have asus zenfone 5z, wifi internet many times goes down to even less than 1 mbps on a 40 mbps airtel connection, when at the same time it runs fine on mi a1, like when i do a speed test and when I get the feel like internet is not running fine on my phone. Its so disappointing that on a...
  19. D

    Thread Internet only available through samsung browser?

    Hello everyone i had something strange happen to me yesterday. out of the blue, i came to my s8 (G950F) saying internet is not available on my home wifi. i suspected that it's my networks's problem but it was not. everyone in my house had internet on his/her phone w/o a problem. the strange...
  20. Shandroid_94

    Thread [Note 8] Internet sometimes "freeze"

    Hi! I'm having this problem for too long: while I'm using GMaps and, coming back to spotify, it doesn't "work", no results in search box.. so internet problems; when I send a Direct on Instagram or a msg on Whatsapp, the same: sometimes I have to close/reopen the apps to send the messages.. But...
  21. viv_ek

    Thread Delay in app content loading issue

    Whenever an app which needs internet access is opened takes a few seconds to load the content.. ..till then a refresh/reload icon is displayed I have tried changing the internet connection (4G & 10mbps wifi) but issue still persists. Anyone else facing the issue?...any solution? Thank You
  22. kustom.hackers

    Thread Truth behind Internet Speeds Explained!

    About this article In this article, we are going to talk about our internet speed we will try to discuss the truth behind what our service providers tell and what we actually receive. We will also discuss a few tips and tricks which can boost your internet speed. What your Internet Service...
  23. X

    Thread Portable Mobile Hotspot Error "Unable to find an activity to handle this action"

    Portable Mobile Hotspot Error "Unable to find an activity to handle this action" I was removing stock Verizon applications from my phone and I think I accidentally deleted some kind of service it uses. Is there any method to get it working back ? Even USB internet tethering also not seems to...
  24. S

    Thread Easy way to switch from 3G to Wi-Fi

    Hi guys, as the title suggests I'm after a solution that allows me to move from a 3G connection to a Wi-Fi connection easily, perhaps through a widget or even a separate app. Currently, I have a Telstra 3G modem connected to my Eonon GA2167 Head Unit (Allwinner T8 - rooted thanks to ****-jones)...
  25. Quinny899

    Thread [DEV/LIBRARY]Amazfit Communication: 2 way communication for Pace/Stratos inc internet

    Amazfit Communication Library The Amazfit Communication Library is a reverse engineered and modified version of the Huami "Transporter" class (and its subclass "TransporterClassic"), along with its dependencies. This allows both sending and receiving data on both the phone and the watch, using...
  26. Quinny899

    Thread [APP] Amazfit Internet Companion - Generic internet companion app for Pace/Stratos

    Amazfit Internet Companion Amazfit Internet Companion is a generic and open source internet companion app for the Amazfit Pace and Stratos. It allows apps developed with the Amazfit Communication library to access the internet over Bluetooth via your phone's internet connection. It DOES NOT...
  27. P

    Thread Internet usage, block it except local LAN

    Hi I'm wondering if it possible to block the NSTV from using the internet if I not want it to. It looks like it uses much data I background that I can't find. Is it a way to block it, but still have access to my LAN? And a simple way to turn it on or off? I use cable, no WiFi to my router...
  28. G

    Thread Websites are not loading at all

    I have a strange problem that I cannot load webpages. It happens randomly while connected to 4G or WiFi. I have stable connection because when I open Facebook or some other app requiring Internet everything loads pretty fast, this is only happening when I am trying to open a link from my Google...
  29. M

    Thread How the "zero rating" works?

    In my country (Argentina), Many mobile carriers they started offering the zero rate service for WhatsApp. I would like to know how this system works, how the carriers detect the data sent from WhatsApp to not spend anything of our plan Thanks for reading, sorry for my bad english :D
  30. D

    Thread Mate 10 pro: apps not getting data from the internet / refresh not working

    Hi all, I’m having some issues with my Huawei Mate 10 Pro Dual Sim BLA-L29 Some apps just stop refreshing and/or don’t seem to be able to get data from the internet. I end up staring at a white screen and nothing happens: not even a timeout. Weirder even: this doesn’t happen...
  31. J

    Thread Internet issues intermittently. Unable to conclude any reason

    So from past month or so i am facing the issue with my internet connectivity. For few apps my internet works totally fine but for others it just doesn't seem to work. I have tried flashing new roms, changing the radio as well but it never works properly. I have also tried inserting my sim card...
  32. B

    Thread No data, just it.

    Hi, i use ENTEL PCS (Chile), and i have 5GB Data, the data is over, but the company give free social like facebook, whatsapp unlimited, but automatic, the xz doesnt give more data, until i bought internet, i think that the data is off because of some app, someone are on similar case or know how...
  33. R

    Thread ZTE MF370M 3G dongle from Three (USB Ethernet type)

    Dear friends, I have a Witson (MX) PX5 MTCD head-unit. I have an old dongle from 3: ZTE MF627 ( which works but it connects slowly, and if it looses signal usually it will not re-connect to 3G until you re-plug it. It's not very reliable...
  34. C

    Thread Disable wifi and data on phone?

    I have a couple of friends that want to still be able to text but say they spend way too much time on their phones and want to NOT BE ABLE to get on the internet on their phones, not on cellular data or wifi, but still want to be able to SMS and MMS and of course make calls. Is there a way to...
  35. A

    Thread Is there some kind of new internet protocol on Android Oreo?

    Good day! Maybe this could be some crazy words to be said, but my Nexus 6P (with internet via wifi) has internet in some apps and in others, not. Yesterday the stock images went live in AOSP and I'm a hell of a viking to just wait for the OTAs. I flashed everything flawlessly for the zillionth...
  36. infinite4evr

    Thread [APP] FilePursuit ( Search for Any file all over the Internet )

    FilePursuit is intended to provide a very powerful file indexing and search service allowing you to find a file among millions of files located on web servers. Our database is daily replenished by our robots that crawl through free access internet resources. The search engine is powered by a...
  37. A

    Thread LTE Connectivity issues

    I have a note 4 from att running 6.0.1. Recently the Internet (mobile not WiFi) would start cutting out and completely losing service for no reason every 5 minutes or so. Very agitating if I'm trying to watch a video or do anything on the internet, really. Anyways, I am using Cricket Wireless...
  38. L

    Thread Internet (WiFi&GSM) randomly stops working until reboot

    My Samsung S7 Edge (running Android 7.0) has, for a while, been having the following problem: every so many days, without any obvious triggering cause, the internet ceases to work - in any app, and both on WiFi and on mobile connectivity. Things are only back to normal (i.e. the phone receives...
  39. Kir3

    Thread Best German operaotor for internet

    I'm going to Germany for summer job. What is the best mobile operator to go for Internet? I want mostly internet with pre-paid option since I'll be there for 3 mounths. I looked and vodafone for 10euro/mouth is best IMO.
  40. N

    Thread [NOMone VR Browser] Enables you to surf the normal web while wearing your VR glasses!

    Hello everyone :), I wanted to share with you our new android VR browser : NOMone VR Browser It is a side-by-side android browser that enables you to surf the normal internet pages/content while wearing vr glasses. You can use it also for online streaming, reading manga, watching your favorite...
  41. O

    Thread Hiding Data Usage Using Cyberghost?

    Hey, I was wondering if it's possible to get 'unlimited' internet by using Cyberghost? I know it's possible with other programs My phone's internet speed (4G) is actually better than the speeds I get at home. I would like to use the 4g instead of my home network, the only problem is my phone...
  42. U

    Thread Partial internet - depending on app, and owner/guest - rooted BLU, android 6.0

    I have a BLU Studio Selfie 2 that came with Android 6.0 Marshmallow stock. I used a custom TWRP recovery (TWRP v3.0.2 for BLU Studio Selfie 2 - S230Q by Antonio Lopes "lopestom") to back up the phone, and then tried two more custom TWRP recovery versions (3.0.3 and 3.1, also by lopestom. I was...
  43. Bill720

    Thread [Q] Device occasionally loses Internet connection for both WiFi and cellular

    Now that I've got the Moto X Pure Edition activated, I've been able to work out some of the kinks inherent using it as a daily driver. One noteworthy issue that remains is an odd bug where the device will completely lose connection to the Internet on both a WiFi and cellular data connection...
  44. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [App] [7.+] FOSS Browser [Open Source]

    "FOSS Browser" is a fully free (as in freedom) open source Android software. The intention is to provide a simple and lightweight, but powerful and privacy-friendly browser with a modern user interface. - Your privacy - your data. Wiki | Releases | Changelog | Privacy | License | Code of...
  45. D

    Thread Lock Internet access after installing VPN or firewire

    Hello, I have a problem running programs such as VPN or firewall on the cell. These programs completely block my access to the Internet even though the connection to the wifi is very good and yet I can not connect to the Internet. Everything is back to normal after switching off the work of...
  46. InsertDumbNick

    Thread Internet Unavailable, The Internet is unavailable with a Wifi Connection

    Hey Guys, Got my V20 yesterday. When I connect to my office Wifi, (Both 2GHz and 5GHz bands), it connects successfully but I then get a popup saying "Internet Unavailable - The internet is unavailable with a Wifi Connection <Connection_Name>" Office ISP - Starhub Singapore Home ISP - Singtel...
  47. D

    Thread [Completed] How To Get Internet Connection in Remix OS

    I have installed Remix OS in VMware but I cannot get internet connection. How should I do to get internet connection in Remix OS. Thanks.
  48. A

    Thread can i use internet through data and wifi instead

    hey is there anyway to use wifi and data at the same time while browsing internet (not just for downloading) to get faster internet i turned on (keep mobile data turned on) from developer options but that doesnot work because it uses just one network
  49. C

    Thread ZTE V5 Rom without ANY browsing capability - is it possible?

    Hi. I have an old ZTE V5 (I think the official name is "Red Bull", can't remember now) lying around. I want to give it to my relative, but she wants a phone with only WhatsApp and Waze pre-installed, and no browsing capability at all. Which means - no chrome on the phone, nor stock browser (and...
  50. brookemels

    Thread CM13 Internet Woes

    I recently purchased a D800 G2 off eBay, so I haven't the foggiest of this phone's history. When I got it, the stock firmware was pretty broken (Play Store not working, UID errors, ETC), so naturally I didn't hesitate to root and load TWRP via AutoRec (and subsequently updated to the latest...