1. amrtykl

    Thread Hi there XDA!

    Hi! I am Amatayakul and i like potatos. It is a pleasure to be here :)
  2. R

    Thread Hello everyone!!!

    Hi, i just joined this forum. want to say hello to everyone here. nice to see a tech community like this. before joining, i was just a reader, trying to find info to tech issue i had. now, as part of being Oppo ambassador, i might contribute an article about the phone soon :) i hope it could...
  3. D

    Thread Hi dear community.

    Hi everyone. Just joined here (y) and happy to be part of this community. Have a good day. :)
  4. V

    Thread I’m a Developer - vitali.pom

    Hi, My name is Vitali, my nickname across all the internet is vitalipom or vitali.pom. I’m a developer of a special app for Android, which I’ve been developing for more than 8 year. More on that on a different thread. I’m 31 years old, I’m holding a Bachelors degree from the Open University of...
  5. WireBot34

    Thread I use Arch BTW

    Love UnixPorn
  6. erkcandan24

    Thread Hi Everyone!

    Greetings, My name is Erk Candan, I live in Turkey and I have been very interested in technology for 7-8 years.
  7. coodie.

    Thread hewo o_o

    you seriously wanna read this? .-. anyway, i'm the traveler of the android. traveling this XDA Forum for a long time. and flash a plenty ROM to my phone from page 1 to the last page. but now instead of being an anonymous. i have an urge to join. also i have a problem recently so... i expect...
  8. sub2pew

    Thread [introduction] sub2pew

    hello everyone! I would like to say, I'm glad that I came across this website. My story is, I wanted to root my Galaxy A30s and I was aware of risks and therefore, I was concerned about bricking my phone. I've failed on first try, but succeeded on second. After that, I tried to replace TWRP...
  9. KeradSnake

    Thread I have arrived at the party

    Hello there Newcomer here, greetings from Indonesia. I'm here because I need help with my Z3 (I already posted it). And that phone is probably going to the first time I flashed something to my phone, if there's a solution for it, that is. Been knowing this forum (and sometimes pay a visit when I...
  10. the_ziddi_1

    Thread Introduction.

    Hello Guys. I'm Adeeb Raza. A Delhi Based Professional photographer & Content Creator. Right now I'm in Oppo Community as A Tech Studio Influencer. I Create Content for My Instagram and Oppo Community. {Mod edit}
  11. dkeiti

    Thread Hi there, look who's here.

    Lets see what else I can learn. Hello there ... General K ! Webdev and designer. I will start adding my devices... see u there.
  12. Boyisnusery

    Thread Myself

    Hi all ,im new to computer and phone/tablet software and hardware (when it comes to keeping updated and current especially) And I've always fancied the idea of a sort of Tank Girl post apocoliptic way of life where we use what ever teck we can get our hands on and make do with repairing ...
  13. N

    Thread New user here

    Hi everyone my name is Neeraj from India 🙂new member in the forum i am here because i am searching a Miui based custom rom for My realme XT 😅
  14. Shyning

    Thread Greetings !

    Hello, dear XDA community ! You've been a long-standing ally of my android inquiries for quite some time now. I'm pretty sure I had created an account years and years ago, but not a single address matches, so here I am again. I bought an S20 Ultra 5G a year or so ago through HK to get my hands...
  15. kamaraMike

    Thread New here

    Hello, I am Michael Kamara. I think it is suffice to say that problems with my phone drew me to xda (phone problems still going on by the way). I am also a student 3.1, Computer science. I look forward to keeping up with emerging technologies now that I am here. From Kenya, with love.
  16. N

    Thread about me

    hi! I'm Noel, a 12 year old boy. (soon 13) I like to customize ROMs that were already made (check my posts for example) - Installed Windows 7 on my PC first: (age 9) - Did install my first CyanogenMod on a phone (age 10) - Did put an SSD to a pc (age 12) - Did write a program code in Python...
  17. darkdeath-2

    Thread Introducing myself

    Hello my name is Eugéne I'm new here and I speak English and Afrikaans
  18. As_ri_end

    Thread Introduction

    Hy... I'm Asriend from Indonesia.. I'm a Sony Xperia X Compact user & I really like the design. I am also very happy to join this community. I'm planning to try a custom rom on the x compact & xperia z5 compact. But both devices are in bootloader unlocked state allowed: NO. Is it possible to...
  19. J

    Thread Broken??? 😏Yeah I did...😔 I can fix it! 🤔CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.😫

    Hello Nerd Nation! Thanks for letting me join this fabulous forum! 😀 Can I say, everyone here deserves a cookie. haha No but seriously ya'll do some serious tinkering. Me, I'm more on the physical hardware side. I'm currently working to root and flash custom ROM on my 'Moto E4 plus...
  20. VPCAmberWV

    Thread Hello All - New Forum Member Here

    Hello Everyone! I am Brand New to the XDA Forums. I found XDA Forums by mistake while searching Google for something about my Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A21) and when I visited the website, I just had to join. I am sure someone here can help me out with my issues with my Samsung Galaxy A21...
  21. B

    Thread Hello XDA

    Hi, This is Bhavabhuthi. A software employee with Software Freedom at heart. I have been a long time supporter of FOSS in every domain. I came across XDA when I decided to liberate my Redmi Note 4 device, and later also did Redmi Note 8. Likewise, I have been a liberated user for the last 3...
  22. validiscool

    Thread hi :)

    Sometimes I call myself an "Android enthusiast" and I'm really good at doing stuff with android, unlocked bootloader on a device I actually made myself (lol), installed TWRP on SM-T113. ugh insert key was on.
  23. IcariumLS

    Thread Hello XDA-World!

    Hi everyone I am interested in: Electronics PC building Almost all topics in computer science Currently I want to make an old S5360L (Do not know if the "L" is important ) usable again by upgrading it to a more recent version of Android or another reliable custom ROM, that works well given...
  24. G

    Thread About me

    Hi folks! I'm Technocat (or Techno for short) and I've been hanging around the XDA forums since 2016. I honestly find it pretty crazy that I've been here for over 4 years and this is only my 4th post (I think I used to have more, but I assume the original threads have since been deleted). I'm...
  25. 5

    Thread Hi guys

    I'm and will ever be 54V174R on any place, that's why someone would recognize that nickname. But well, i already have been here as a ghost for 9 years, but I just had the amazing idea of creating my own account 😂. First a of all, I'm Mexican, and i have a pretty fair English, cuz my studies...
  26. Myo Bearusu

    Thread Hai there!

    Thanks for drop by! Although there isn't any work worth to mention here yet, it's pretty nice to make part of this community that helped me a lot in past times.
  27. M

    Thread Mahesh Intro

    Hello XDA developers This is Mahesh kannan I really excited about your work. Thanks keep it up
  28. A

    Thread Hi y'all, glad to be part of this community!

    I'm just another enthusiast of Phone customization, such as custom ROMS, Kernels, Tweaks and so on. I also make some mods and apps as tools i use. Should i post them? idk, i don't really have a lot of different devices to ensure their correct functionality. Currently working on? Not a tool...
  29. sir_vp

    Thread Excited!!

    I am a long term reader of XDA Articles and recently started dabbling in writing a few myself. i guess creating an account is the first step to becoming a writer fo XDA
  30. firestoner

    Thread thanks for accepting me here

    Hello @All, thanks for accepting me here.... Im a Technical Product Designer, try to understand the software world. The forum looks really pleasant Have a nice day, Léon
  31. P

    Thread Hello Everyone

    Hello Team, Hope you're all doing good amidst the Pandemic. I'm Pooja., Software Analyst in India. Joined here in this forum, where I would like to share some of my knowledge I gathered about Technology. Hope, Members here in this forum would also support me & Guide me with topics that I...
  32. It_ler

    Thread The Information Technology guy

    Hi, first of all I have to explain my xda username: The "it" stands for information technology. And the "ler" is a German postfix to personalize things ... similar to "er" in the English language. So I'm a kind of computer and smart device (mainly Samsung) fan :cool: My real name is Markus, am...
  33. Rawr0w0

    Thread New to Note II

    Well, coming over from the Captivate Glide forums, I'd like to say that I'm enjoying most of the changes done over the years but there's a few negatives I've noticed. I bought my Note II on swappa and it was on 4.1.1. I tried updating over Kies, and recovery gave me a red warning saying...
  34. toastedjelly

    Thread recently picked up the G3 to replace my Nexus 5. small fish in a small pond again

    Hi guys Wanted to quickly introduce myself and tell you all that I love you..... ha. Sorry this community reminds me of the old(er) LG OG on Sprint. Smaller, devoted devs keeping things running smooth. Thanks! I picked up the LG G3 to replace my Nexus 5 that replaced my LG OG, all on...
  35. jtsv

    Thread [Q] New to GS4 and introduction

    OK I admit I'm leary I dropped my phone Tuesday and totally shattered (still in tact) my screen and immediately put a protector on to keep the glass splintering from happening. Bummed but oh well Sams Club is having a .96c cent GS4 pre black sale on Sunday night so it seems I'll be leaving GS3...
  36. Athemoe

    Thread [Introduction] Hi silly xda members!

    Hi I'm Athemoe and I'm kind of new to the smartphone scene. I flashed my Galaxy 3 with Kyrillos 6.0 :) My hobbies are listening to music, watching movies, hanging out with friends and gaming :) My favourite food is spaghetti and I LOVE POLARBEARS. So anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself...
  37. Mordred69

    Thread Newb reporting - "Hello World"

    Hello all. After a while looking from behind the scenes and reading up on all your interesting posts, I decided to join the forums. I'm Mordred (Mord for short) and am savvy on forum rules and regulations. Ran a gaming clan called ~{MFD}~ starting from Unreal Tournament to UT #, to COD 4 and...
  38. DaveShaw

    Thread The "Welcome to XDA" Thread

    Welcome!!! On the behalf of everyone here at, we would like to welcome you to our forum. We are the world’s leading mobile development forum and now that you have joined, you will be among the population with the world’s most talented mobile developers. Our mantra is a simple...
  39. G

    Thread Become a G2 / Android Ninja with these Tips/Tricks

    I thought I'd share everything I've learned regarding Android & the T-Mobile G2 over the past 2+ weeks (thanks XDA!). I'm amazed at how many people don't read these forums - they simply blurt out their questions. Well follks, here's what I've picked up by reading reading reading & exploring...
  40. deed-elvis

    Thread New Member here, From edinburgh :D

    Hello there guys, I searched the forum and can't find any section/topic/stickie for new members to introduce themselves so I thought I'd start a topic here saying hello. Deed-elvis here, (AKA Laurence in Real life :) ), I currently possess an HTC kaiser, Which I've owned for 2 Years after...
  41. basusubhabrata

    Thread XDA India

    Hello friends, With the increasing popularity of XDA Developers forum and with an increasing number of Indian users, it's time that we, i.e all the Indian members of this forum come together and share our thoughts, views and advice. First lets introduce ourselves...I will start with myself...