io scheduler

  1. Saber

    Thread [REF][GUIDE]Saber's guide on CPU governors, I/O schedulers and more!

    Collective guide of CPU governors, I/O schedulers and other kernel variables I present to you a wonderful collection of descriptions, comparisons and graphs of common kernel variables. Before continuing on the wonderful journey of Linux kernel tuning, please note that I am not responsible for...
  2. asdfasdfvful

    Thread [Discussion]Governors and IO Schedulers

    As you guys know, android is gifted with many options for governors and schedulers especially with the addition of bubba kernels. Threads for governors and schedulers are available, but I'd like to have some user input on their efficiency, performance, and batter life. So which governor and...
  3. h0rn3t

    Thread [APP][ROOT][4.0+] Performance Control - Open Source

    Performance Control is A CPU Control application bundled with AOKP (created by xoomdev). I started modding and adding features to this application, with educk, few months ago and now we decided to create a dedicated thread. Functions: Change CPU Governor, I/O Scheduler and Clock...