1. AroFear

    Thread Question Nothing phone 1 - the way to the perfect phone

    Good day, friends and lovers of a little programming.🖐 The other day, I faced a problem. My iPhone 11 Pro Max, unfortunately, broke down, and after sending it for repair, I thought about something. Should I buy me a new phone, but on Android? Looking through a bunch of new products, I came...
  2. S

    Thread Use Android to control media on iPhone

    Hi everyone, I just switched to an iPhone and I'm still using my Galaxy Watch4, I know that there is not a way to use it correctly but I was looking around for an app to control music playing on the iPhone from my watch I was not able to find such app, unfortunately. So does anyone know about a...
  3. T

    Thread Question Galaxy Watch 4 with Apple iPhone

    Hello everybody, Is there a way to use the Galaxy Watch 4 with an iPhone? Maybe to install another Rom on the Watch to make it to an Galaxy Watch 3 or something else to use it with an iPhone. Sorry if the question has already been asked. Haven't found anything about it. Thanks Technico25101995
  4. wissamyamout

    Thread Advice on App Concept and if it breaks any Policies

    Hi . Need your suggestions. Currently we are developing an app that requires Deposits and Withdrawals using Crypto and Paypal in order for users to support other users (content creators which is user generated content) on the app. I am getting mixed advice from developers telling me my app...
  5. M

    Thread Amazfit stratos 3 not syncing with Ios

    Hi, 6 months ago I received a second hand stratos 3 which was working well for my need. Unfortunately I had to change my 6 years old samsung for a brand new iPhone 13. --> it's not possible to sync it with Zepp app anymore with my (new) phone. I know that I have to factory reset the watch to...
  6. KlubuntuDev

    Thread IPad 2 A1396 - Problem unlock activation lock

    HI, I'm problem in delete Apple Activation Lock using external Software, flashing with remove data not work I have tried many methods but they don't work. Does anyone know how I can enable iPad flashing/jailbreak to remove the lock? The attempt to enter the DFU mode is unsuccessful, I tried to...
  7. J

    Thread Finding Fire TV's Friendly Name from the IP Address

    Hi After detecting my local IP Addresses, i'd love to detect which one of them is my FIRE TV Device and I'd to see the Device's Friendly Name. There is no ADB Command to do it. So how can i do it, any ideas?
  8. C

    Thread Educational pointers for developer (incl. AI/metaverse)?

    To the people who have been here all along: I grew up in the 80s immersed in technology; having intrinsic skill with computers (from building PCs to application and web development), I naturally had a successful career in IT. (My passion has always been live, data-driven apps, and I have broad...
  9. J

    Thread Third-party apps and install files for iPhone. Websites and stores.

    I am on a easter hunt. Don’t have too much to go on just clues and such from others. It’s an app, third party. Comes in in an install that downloads multiple files and use them to create an app. It could be found on on of the stores too but websites would be better. Don’t have the name, begins...
  10. Timi25062010

    Thread [CLOSED] Post your Homescreens//Themes

    Here you can post your Homescreens and Themes! Happy Posting ;)
  11. pokegee

    Thread Finding the url to open an app?

    ANDROID QUESTION (ios too in some cases) Hi does anyone know how to find the url of an app, for example of I want to open camera on an android phone I would probably use camera:// . If I wanted to open another app like github then how would I find that specific app url? do i have to export the...
  12. J

    Thread Switch from iPhone 12 (the normal one) to 11 Pro Max

    Hey, I've been offered to switch phones. I currently have an iPhone 12 64GB 99% and I've been offered an iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB 94%. At first I considered it a nice switch because of the gain in screen real estate, as I prefer big phones (had an S20+ before the iPhone). I've read that both...

    Thread [GAME] Fire Fly Coming Home

    Fire Fly The little firefly want home! Help the firefly get home. But remember: red light kills, blue saves. Use walls to bounce off them and ricochet to reach your target. ~~~~~~ Downloads ~~~~~~ Apple iPhone and iPad Google Play Store
  14. Wkronix

    Thread TS7 Color app

    Hey guys need help with the TS7 car radio android, i reset it to factory settings but the “Color” app got deleted and now the buttons are not lighting up, Can anyone please help me to get the app, also I have problems connecting my latest IOS hotspot, save the hotspot bit keeps resetting, that...
  15. J

    Thread CarPlay Chinese Android Head Unit

    Hi! My car came with an android head unit pre-installed. Apparently it comes with a CarPlay module as it pops up in my phone settings but whenever I try to connect it never manages to connect the phone just quits (it doesn’t even shows an error). I have tried to to install Zlink but the only...
  16. MinimumMridul

    Thread Question [CLOSED]Why isn't there a custom rom like iOS?

    Hi. I'm currently using redmi note 10, and I was wondering if there is a custom rom like iOS for my Android phone? If not then why?? I mean I have installed "Pixel Experience" on my phone but why there isn't an "iOS Experience". I know there are many folks who'd love something like that. I've...
  17. KnaveBraveheart

    Thread Youtube++ on Iphone 11 pro max

    Hello people, I am in need, i want to install the Youtube++ on my Iphone. I want to know if this is legit, and does not contain any viruses or fry my phone at all. I found a method to install it, it is called the Cydia Impactor, i want to know if this method is OK too, my iphone is running on...
  18. A

    Thread Looking to have a app built and need help knowing what to ask for...

    Looking for a 3-5 page application, splash screen, first page has one button, button generates a sequenced list based on a set of variables. So data set one is image 1-100 Data set two is numbers between 5-25 Data set 3 is numbers between 3-5 When you click the button it generates 8 image...
  19. thepipelinemag

    Thread pipeline: Your personal magazine

    Hey! Today we introduce you to our app pipeline. Pipeline is your personal magazine based on your interests. Similar to other news and magazine apps, pipeline searches hundreds of sources to find and prepare content for you. However, Pipeline takes a new approach to customizing content...
  20. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [Magsafe] Genuine or fake check

    Hi Here's how you can determine if you have gotten a fake magsafe charger or a real one. This can help you to be able to return it just in time. 1) Place phone on magsafe charger 2) Go into Settings - General - About . A new option called Apple MagSafe Charger should appear. If option is...
  21. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [JB] [Cydia] Amber - iPhone brighter flashlight

    Hello, Quick steps to get brighter flashlight using all iPhone's LEDs : 1) Add PoomSmart's repo to cydia cydia://url/ 2) Install Amber from cydia...
  22. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [unc0ver] Jailbreak iOS 14.2 - 14.3 for iPhone12 series

    Hello everyone Here is a quick tutorial to jailbreak: 1) Download and configure altstore 2) Install unc0ver using alstore 3) Open cydia and install custom mods Enjoy Fiy: Iphone 12 series may come with ios14.2+ preinstalled from factory.
  23. Mayism

    Thread How Can I Quickly Integrate App Linking of AppGallery Connect into My iOS App?

    My app has recently needed to use cross-platform sharing links and fortunately App Linking in AppGallery Connect exactly meets my requirements. Perform the following steps for service integration: i. Create an app and enable App Linking for the app. ii. Create a URL prefix. iii. Integrate the...
  24. E

    Thread Considering switching to jailbroken iPhone from a lifetime of rooted Android...will I regret it?

    Currently I'm rooted, use xposed, XprivacyLua (absolutely love the privacy/anonymity it offers), Afwall/net guard, parallel space (to run two apps with two different accounts simultaneously), fx (file explorer that I use offen to create, move, copy, paste files/folders just like I'm on a...
  25. E

    Thread I've Given Up On Android

    The very first Android phone I purchased was in 2010, and it was an HTC Desire. I have been a huge fan of Android ever since, owning literally hundreds of phones and tablets from various manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, LG, Sony....the list goes on and on. I've tried iOS...
  26. J

    Thread What was the first phone you ever used?

    Hi guys! What was the first ever phone or device you ever used? Was it an Android, iOS or something else? Did it make you change your perception of the OS as more trustworthy? Are you still sticking to using that OS? What are your ideas?
  27. N

    Thread iOS 14.2 emojis for any [rooted] android

    Hey guys! I've created a module for the new iOS 14.2 emojis. Your android MUST be rooted, in order for this to work! It works in any android with the newest version of Magisk Manager. Installation guide: 1. Open Magisk Manager 2. Click on 'install from storage' 3. Choose the...
  28. L

    Thread To every smart developer out there.

    devs are all busy making their own roms/Kernels or whatever, for example my poco f1 Has tons of roms while most of the users prefer to stay on the stock miui, others use Pixel Experience or LOS. The other 90% Of roms didn't change that much, so the idea is to be on the top of this game with a...
  29. T

    Thread Best security app for Note 9

    Hello I am looking for a security app, which works on windows pc, macbook, android phone/tablet and iOS phone/tablet. Can you recommend, please? While searching on google, I found about Avira. Any ideas on this? thanks
  30. K

    Thread GTS & iOS 13.5 Zepp notifications

    Yo everyone o/ Just got my hands on a GTS and while it's a very nice piece of hardware I'm curious about something. As it stands right now, when I go to the notification toggles on the Zepp app to select which ones I want to redirect to my watch I get a short pre-populated list and an extra one...
  31. R

    Thread How does WearOS iOS app circumvent background app suspension?

    Hi everyone, IIRC WearOS can display currently played song name on iDevices using their official app. Interestingly enough, iOS has no implicit way to receive NSNotifications sent by MPMusicPlayerController.system in background. My suspicion is that WearOS watch sends a periodic BLE...
  32. N

    Thread Ios 13.3 emojis font

    Hi Ios 13.3 font feel free to use it Root!e8skCYRa!3Rz0p9p4jEvmnuFQfbQp8JMbmybUakhCrr3XoUsAmS0 Nonroot!fs9ExI4L!mmiF-A9aF5GGXu06YKhewihmrAiU3J-vcMmGNodz-bs Don't forget to check my other work WhatsApp...
  33. L

    Thread Bye, Apple... Welcome back, beloved Android! -- Doubts inside!

    Good afternoon, guys! After almost two years enjoying an Iphone X and also liking the experience with an XR for work reasons, I decided to move back to Android. Following the guidance in this forum, I bought a 512gb Samsung S10 Plus... And so far I have ejoyed the speed, camera and screen. I...
  34. E

    Thread [APP][4.4+] OS 13 Wallpapers Apk OS 13 Wallpapers app is free for all android phone, high resolution images for multiple screen sizes, best fit according to your mobile. Easy to handle application, best fit on modern screen types 18.5:9, 19:9 full view...
  35. K4CZP3R

    Thread [NO ROOT][28.04.2020] FaceNotify - Show notifications only when you look

    FaceNotify by K4CZP3R Hi, I'm really happy to show you my app. This app will hide content of your notifications and show it only when it recognizes your face! I really wanted this IOS-feature on my OnePlus, but could not find an app for this. So I wrote this app! Installation guide on...
  36. O

    Thread [FREE][GAME] Apex Online - Android & IOS

    Android: IOS: Apex Online is an Brand New 2019 3D Multiplayer Team Based Action Shooter PvP Game for Mobile. Experience action, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL...
  37. L

    Thread [MOD][OREO] IOS 11 Emoji for Galaxy S9 (ROOT NOT NECESSARY)

    Message: The emoji only works in apps where it uses system's font such as: Instagram, Youtube, notes, keyboard, messages, etc. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Snapchat use their own font, so will doesn't work. (Whatsapp emoji can be changed with Substratum, andromeda (paid app, but...
  38. V

    Thread VMi Theme [V4] for All Galaxy Devices: Inspired by the iPhone XS! [Updated 18/9/18]

    Hello Everyone! This is VMiTheme! Inspired by the iPhone XS Features- iOS Alike Icon Pack iOS inspired User Interface iPhone Xs Inspired Nav Bar iOS Alike QS tiles more to come V4 is up, Report any bugs you find! See 2nd Post for Downloads and Screenshots! NOTE The v4 is specific to s9...
  39. G

    Thread Android HU Recommendations with CarPlay

    Good morning! I have a 2006 Toyota Yaris Hatchback, i know it is an old car (i'm in USA). it still have it factory stock Radio system. i'm looking to upgrade the radio with one that i can use CarPlay and i have the ability to download apps like on android hu... i was looking at the Joying HU...
  40. Hkt

    Thread iPhone and Smartwatch 3 with Wear OS app

    Recently I moved from Android to iOS but my SW3 is simply not as Smart as with an Android phone.. :( I had to install the Wear OS 3 app (Android Wear renamed app) and I noticed several changes.. But I managed to install the older version of Android Wear for iPhone (2.14.7) without the need of...
  41. Sophia.xda

    Thread [iOS] [Note 8] {Rom}

    Hello Guys, is there any port rom of [iOS] and [Note 8] Rom with rounded edges and fully all native blur and native blur as well on edge screen is available? By Zonik Please if have share ;) Thanks you !!!
  42. deep2111

    Thread [ROM][UPDATED]ios 11 themed miui pro MM and N

    Disclaimer Real developer is AryanPatidar. I am using his modifications in miui N by junglist21 to make it look like ios 11. Do at your own risk, I will not be responsible. Installation Extract zip to internal/twrp/BACKUP/ Reboot to recovery Restore Twrp backup of all partitions Do not wipe...
  43. BenSow

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] Not an Apple

    Hey guys, it's been awhile but here's another original boot animation by me. It's not a typical "Anti Apple" animation but more of "Hey this isn't an iPhone" animation. Made with the modern Android logo and also material design animations in 1080x600px. There are two color variants in both 30...
  44. T

    Thread IOS Emojis [NO ROOT] ?

    It is possible to get ios emojis on samsung j5 - 2015 without root??:confused::confused:
  45. M

    Thread Need Email App that Handles Multiple Contacts

    Hi I have a friend that has converted from an iPhone to a S8 they are liking the new experience that Android is giving, but one thing they are missing the functionality of the iOS mail APP, where you can have multiple email accounts (Exchange,Gapps,Gmail) and you could send an email from any...
  46. E

    Thread iOS 11 Emojis Port ?

    Hello! Is there anyone who have ported the new iOS 11 emojis to (.ttf) ? And what about support? Will you be able to view the new emojis with 7.1.2 or do they come in 8 ? Thank you :)
  47. F

    Thread Tethering internet from iphone to android car automatically

    Hi, I have internet connection on my iPhone, but I aways need turn on hotspot on iphone everytime I enter in car because hotspot only is powered on for some time.. So I would like find way to do it automatically. I think best way is use some app to automate it.. Iphone accept tether via...
  48. F

    Thread Tethering internet from iphone to android car automatically

    Hi, I have internet connection on my iPhone, but I aways need turn on hotspot on iphone everytime I enter in car because hotspot only is powered on for some time.. So I would like find way to do it automatically. I think best way is use some app to automate it.. Iphone accept tether via...
  49. L

    Thread Amazfit dev/beta app 1.6.1

    Hello guys, The dev/beta Amazfit app for phone has been released, here are files and installation instruction: For Android (1.7.0) - Apk file: For iOS (1.6.1) - First you mush install Testflight app from Appstore - Then sign up for beta tester here...
  50. G

    Thread iOS Style Recent Apps??

    Is there any way that we can change recent apps switcher style? instead of scrolling vertical can we scroll it horizontal just like MIUI or IOS???