1. V

    Thread Alfawise Tab 7.9 inch, an iPad clone with great performances but....

    Hi all, I've noticed the Alfawise Tab tablet on Gearbest Mod Edit: Selling site link removed. As reviewed by some, this tablet seems great at a very low cost. It has the screen, the sounds, the battery, the form factor etc... Mod Edit: Video link removed for promoting selling site. Sadly...
  2. P

    Thread iCloud hardware bypass for iPad Wi-Fi Only, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod

    Hi Previosly I shared on this froun easy method for Cellular iPads. Now time for all other devices How to bypass iCloud on iPad WiFi, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod I will be appreciated if somebody share some info too. For, examples photo or schematics of new ipads logic boards. :fingers-crossed:
  3. gintariukeas

    Thread [Q] Should i sell my old iPad mini for this?

    I have 1st gen iPad mini. I'd like to sell it and buy note 8.0, but i have some doubts: 1) I would mainly use it for learning: reading, marking the books. Note's resolution is not the best, but i quess it won't hurt my eyes as much as iPad does, right? 2) What battery life can i expect if i am...
  4. P

    Thread How to unlock Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, mini iCloud Locked (ready solution)

    Hello Attention! All guides are still able to check! If you succeeded, write about it in the comments! This method works ONLY on iPads with 3G/4G/LTE and removes cellular from your iPad. Methods for iPad WiFi only and iPad Cellular (which doesn't remove 3G) are very difficult, expensive and...
  5. Kiraisuki

    Thread [Q] Control iPad From Windows 8 PC

    Hello! I have myself half an iPad 1, technically... The iPad works just fine, syncs to iTunes and everything, except one problem, it's screen (digitizer and LCD) are both smashed into oblivion and are therefore unusable. I am wondering if there is a way to control the iPad from my Windows 8.1...
  6. federikk90

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Shop33 - v 1.0.2 [ Last Update : 04/11/2013]

    IMPORANT: THIS IS A FIRST VERISON OF THE APP, SO IT'S SUPPORTED ITALIAN LANGUAGE ONLY. Introduction Images Features Download Link Changelog *** 2013/10/08 - v 1.0.2 *** First rock-solid version of the app, published *** 2013/09/22 - v 1.0.1 ***...
  7. B

    Thread [Q] How is the tablet after a lot of use?

    I really want to buy this tablet over the iPad. I really really don't like iOS, and I love all the features that the note has, but I can't justify my purchase if it's going to act up after a while. I've owned a few android devices that worked great at first, but then seemed to slow down and...
  8. hagizma

    Thread [Q] Nexus as Ipad

    I wanted to watch a live stream on a site and at first it didnt show the content, then i noticed the ios sign icon below the video, i clicked on it and it worked the video as if i use a device using ios. So i want to know what is the difference between ios and android OS showing video content...
  9. L

    Thread Android tablet car mounts

    i stumbled across this and thought i should share it with everyone this could be big http://t.co/D2Sc1EGUeV he seems to do iPad mostly but say he will do android and windows 8 tablets let me know what you think Please Share.
  10. S

    Thread [q] ìpad 4 android

    best developers, i am not very technical and can't make any software, i know it isn't done yet and i know it is very difficult to make, BUTTTTTTT IS IT POSSIBLE TO INSTALL OR DUAL BOOT OR WHATEVER TO GET ANDROID ON AN IPAD 4. Please don't get me wrong i love ANDROID and SAMSUNG!! And to be...
  11. S

    Thread [Q] Found an unregistered iPad 4 / 64GB / Wi-Fi in a skip!

    Yeah, as unbelievable as it sounds it's quite true. My friend saw a table in a skip outside a charity shop the other day that she thought she would take and restore. When she took it out she noticed something heavy wrapped in newspaper and several old Samsung (D400 type) mobile phones in the...
  12. S

    Thread [Q] iOS remote control for Android?

    I'd like to use iPhone/iPad as a set of virtual mouse and keyboard for an Android Mini PC. Something similar to apps like Remote Mouse (remotemouse.net) or Mobile Mouse (mobilemouse.com). Any suggestions?
  13. Z

    Thread Ipad Mini Wallpaper app for Windows Phone

    Ipad Mini Wallpapers for all Windows Phones. You don't need the device to enjoy these images straight from the Ipad Mini! Who doesn't love wallpapers? These images are straight from the Ipad Mini and ready to be used on your Windows Phone device...
  14. S

    Thread Ipad Camera Connection Kit and the SGS2

    I have a 3rd gen ipad; when I connect my SGS2 to the ipad via the Apple camera connection kit (using the USB cable adapter), I get a message complaining about voltage. I just want to connect to see if the ipad can copy over the videos and photos. Is there a way to disable USB charging on the...
  15. valdesr11

    Thread Apple Ipad Folio Covers

    Hey everyone, Good afternoon. Do you guys know of any really good folio covers for the Ipad 2nd/3rd gen? Just wanted to see if you guys have something better before I choose the one :) I'm the type to shop around before officially picking something. Thank you beforehand, I hope you enjoy...
  16. kettir

    Thread Logitech bluetooth keyboard apple Ipad type

    I picked up the Logitech bluetooth keyboard and case, apple Ipad version, for cheap last week. I'm trying to get it to work with my Inspire. I've managed to get it to pair up, although not connect. I suspect in this case I don't "connect" but instead have to install a driver that will enable...
  17. A

    Thread Interesting Article about N7 vs Ipad damage tests

    I haven't watched the youtube video, but this is promising. I might consider getting an extended warranty for only 19 bucks for this thing! Computerworld Article Squaretrade Warranty I guess 19 is for the 200 version. I got the 16 gig version and the warranty is 27 bucks.
  18. R

    Thread The iPhone can't be on the top forever, can it?

    It seems that ever since January of 2007, when Apple revealed the rumored iPhone that they have been on top of the mobile game. Even before the phone was even for sale, it literally became the most hyped device in the world. Well its been over 5 years and Apple continues to control the mobile...
  19. SteelyEyed

    Thread [HOWTO] Bluetooth tether S3 and iPad

    Do you have a new iPad without a cellular connection as well as your S3? You already know you can make the S3 into a personal wi-fi hotspot but that can use lots of juice and you want the S3 to last the full day, did you know that you can connect the two using a BT PAN profile on the S3? No...
  20. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread Refurbished 16GB iPad2 WiFi $319

    Apple.com is offering the iPad2 WiFi model in Black or White for $319 shipped. It comes with a 1 year warranty. Apple is generally very thorough with their refurbished units. They are nearly always in like new condition and contain all original parts and accessories. Black linky White linky
  21. ridder215215

    Thread [Q]Can I charge my Prime with an Apple charger?

    Yea, so I mean, can I charge it with the cable that came with it, but with the "Apple thing that you plug in your outlet"? I bought mine in the US, and I live in Europe. Thanks in advance! Ridder
  22. G

    Thread [Q] Our Consumer Culture's Effect

    I have never really been one of those out-and-out environmentalists; I do my share and never really spread my dogma around. Nor have I ever been paranoid, or been in the habit of getting enraged about every piece of inflammatory news coming my way; but recently, something struck a cord with me...
  23. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread iPad smart cover for $8.39 with coupon

    You can buy the Meijer iPad Smart Covers for only $8.39 from Amazon when you apply the coupon code SOARBOUY at checkout for 50% off the normal price. Linky.
  24. richardmkovach

    Thread [Q] How does the ipad to it

    I was catching my self up on the latest iPad news, and noticed that neither the new iPad or the iPad 2 WiFi models have an RF window, yet seem to have no issues at all. Anyone care to explain how they accomplished this, and why it works so much better than our primes?
  25. StupidIdea

    Thread [APP][4/5/6/7+] GMD GestureControl ★ root

    Control device with mutitouch and multitask gestures similar to iPad or iPhone X. Works in all applications. Hide status bar, hide navigation bar and enjoy full screen in all apps and games. "For those who tend to get tired of Android's status bar, or just want more intuitive gesture-based...
  26. blackinjun

    Thread Android Vs Competition: a Discussion on performance, apps, pros, and cons

    Ok we know it's coming soon, in fact I am already seeing hints of it. We know inevitably once the I3 is out, there will be people that suggest that everything Apple has made going back to the IMAC is better than the Prime. So this thread is for people to start lowering their blood pressure...
  27. B

    Thread iphone/ipad problem replying to GS2 email

    I'm just sayin... A friend of mine with both an iPHone and iPAD (poor misguided soul) has had problems replying to emails sent from my Galaxy S2. We are pretty sure the problem has been solved by me turning off the signature from my emails. Is this weird or what? The problem was happening with...
  28. I

    Thread [Q] smart cover like functionality?

    hello, Is there anything out there for android tablets that does what the apple smart cover does for the iPad? Locking and unlocking the tablet when closing and opening the cover. thanks!
  29. kristovaher

    Thread Anyone disappointed with Transformer Prime battery life? Just 5 hours!?

    According to the review from The Verge, Transformer Prime loses out in battery life to iPad 2 and other competing tablets and is only marginally better than iPad 2 when the keyboard dock is attached. I find this very disappointing, I did not expect Asus to announce their battery life with the...
  30. L

    Thread [Q] Use Android phone as iPad touchpad/mouse?

    Hey guys! I don't know if that's the right section to post this question, but yeah. I got an iPad 2 because of someone's success, so it's kinda emotional - long story short, I can't sell it, so I want to use it in an efficient way. - the question: is there an app that turns my phone (a Galaxy S...
  31. J

    Thread [Q] G Tablet Browser detection

    I have web site which do the browser detection through PHP programming. I am getting the value as 'iPad and Mac OS and Apple kit' something with these words. I am wondering - this tablet has Android OS and not iPad, why it is showing this type of browser detection string(which is related to...
  32. U

    Thread [Q] Asus EEE Note

    I've been using my ipad lately to take notes during work, and while that's been working fine, the real reason for me to get an ipad was to use it to write scripts on in Final draft. Now that final draft is taking forever to show up on the ipad, and it won't even be an editor in it's first...
  33. S

    Thread [Q] Serious, are you going to buy an Android tablet or iPad

    Are you going to buy an Android tablet if iPad is same price as Android tablets? I am talking not RSRP, but something like $350 (I know it is not gonna happen, just assumption). I have an Archos 70, an Acer Iconia A500, two iPod touch, a plam pixi plus, a kindle and several laptops. I can do...
  34. kenneth.f

    Thread Issue list

    Not sure if this is the place to post, but here goes. Anyone experience the same problems? My tab: Stock P7510UEKME Issue list: 1. Wireless sometimes unable to reconnect after hibernation: Only solution - Reboot 2. Randomly unable to unlock after hibernation: Solution - Reboot 3. GUI lags...
  35. F

    Thread [Q] How can I get bluetooth PAN working?

    Hello I just got an Atrix today on ATT. Before I bought it, I checked online to make sure that it supports the PAN profile - which it said it did. The reason that I want this is so I can tether my IPad (non-jailbreak) to my Atrix using bluetooth. I know that wireless exists, but I want...
  36. J

    Thread [Q] Way to set up a simplified launcher experience?

    Hi: I'm going to give my 82-year-old Mom my Transformer because she spends all of her days taking care of Dad, who has Alzheimer's, at a hospital. She is quite with it and uses her PC every day for Web browsing, email, PowerPoint and Word (!), and has her own Web site that she updates. That...
  37. B

    Thread [Q] Please don't kill me for saying this

    First of all, forgive me for a less than cogent post. This is an issue that has been on my mind and I'd like to have some other power users weigh in on this. I am a user of both [jailbroken] iOS and Android. As you can see from my signature, I am fortunate enough to have a lot of different...
  38. F

    Thread [Q] How to get and view .folio data

    Hi out there! Does anybody know, if there ist a change to buy AND play *.folio data on eee pad transformer running 3.1? I got Adobe Air and Adobe Content Viewer running but cant google any folio file. Theres no APP on the market where magazines like "The Red Bulletin" or the "WIRED" can be...
  39. X

    Thread IPhone and IPad OS System Sounds

    I've searched the threads and found nothing that contained these files anywhere, so I decided to Jailbreak my IPad and pull these files off of it. I mostly did this for the Lock/Unlock sounds because I personally think they sound a lot more crisp and louder than Androids Lock/Unlock sounds...
  40. I

    Thread Honeycomb has 60,000+ Apps!

    I was just browsing the tech section of news360 on my xoom and I found a REALLY interesting article from the the Examiner. It basically says that the app count is so low because over 40% of standard android apps SCALE PERFECTLY on honeycomb so app makers don't have to make their apps tablet...
  41. D

    Thread [Q] Transformer vs ipad

    Hi, I am a writer and I need a tablet for writing. I am looking for a moderately light weighted device on which I can use word/word like app to read, write, edit, open ms office docs ( with the slightest of changes possible) I am not sure whether I should go for ipad or Transformer- In pages (...
  42. E

    Thread [Q] How smooth is Honeycomb on the Motorola Xoom?

    I'm really really close to convincing myself to get a Xoom over an iPad 2, but what I'm really concerned with at the moment is how smooth Honeycomb is on the Xoom. Does it lag or stutter, maybe with a lot of widgets open? Does it slow down significantly with a lot of apps open and so forth...
  43. E

    Thread [Q] Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2, and Honeycomb Apps

    I'm on fence on whether to buy a Motorola Xoom (32GB WiFi EU) or an iPad 2. In terms of price, here in Malta the Xoom seems more worth it as I can get it for 498 euro whilst the iPad 2 Wifi 32GB is at 609. My main concerns are regarding software, and more importantly, apps availability. Now...
  44. M

    Thread [Q] Interesting article centering on the Nook in the WSJ:

    http://online.wsj.com/article/AP0992f81c6c6249288b279248979d7b3c.html thoughts?
  45. ccooluke

    Thread [Q] android connectivity with iPad? (use android as remote?)

    I have the HTC G2 (Desire Z) on t-mobile. I just purchased a 32GB iPad 2 last week and am waiting for it to arrive soon. I want to use it's video out features a lot with my TV and I also have an apple bluetooth keyboard for typing and stuff. My main question is are there any apps that allow an...
  46. F

    Thread Is the Galaxy 8.9 right for me?

    I very much like the specs of the Galaxy 8.9 and have been planning to wait for one. The more I thinking about Android vs. iOS I am starting to second guess my choice of the 8.9 vs. the iPad2. I'm moderately technical - not a programmer and I doubt I'd ever Flash a ROM on an Android tab. I...
  47. olyloh6696

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab: £299 Bargain SIM-Free Asda - Join the Forum!

    Hi guys! Guess what? The TAB is going like hot cakes at ASDA UK, only £299 SIM-Free right now to get! A bloody bargain! Limited offer only! Get your TAB and expand our forum! I'm considering getting ANOTHER Tab, so i can show of i have 2 :P From £437 - £299...
  48. Y

    Thread [Q] MyTouch 4G as a Wi-Fi for my iPad 3G?

    Hello. I am planing on getting a MyTouch 4G (T-Mobile) and a iPad 3G for GPS use. As of now I am using a MyTouch 3G and I already have a data plan on it, so it will be transfered to the MyTouch 4G when I get it. I do not want to be paying another $25/2GB for the ATnT data plan. I think there is...
  49. H

    Thread [HC] Trick to get a tablet browsing experience with stock browser

    A lot of the people with Honeycomb on their Nook love the browser (and it's Lab-feature 'Quick Controls'). However, the user agent string displays it capabilities as a phone. Therefore, most websites load as a mobile website or as desktop site when a mobile version is not available. I found a...
  50. demandarin

    Thread [Q] Anyone here wrking on Android on Ipad?

    If so, plz update me or direct me to where in this maze of threads, its at. People on ipad forums very interested in it. No new updates since the ibootloader vid showing android being loaded. Thnkx in advance!