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  1. N

    Thread [Android 10] Add external lib to iptables

    Hello everyone! I want to use extra flag in iptables (connlabel), but in default make this extension is not available. I found in iptables/extentions/Android.bp file this code: gensrcs { name: "libext_srcs", tool_files: ["filter_init"], cmd: "$(location filter_init) $(in) >...
  2. G

    Thread [MODULE] [PSA] - Firewall for MAGISK v1.0.2

    Firewall Rules for MAGISK About the Module: This module is actually a simple script that executes a series of IPtables commands on boot in order to block inbound connections not directly related to outbound. There is no app or commands to execute in order for it to achieve it's results, so...
  3. A

    Thread Is there a kernel with iptables netfilter support to set ttl?

    Currently unable to modify iptables but need to for tethering. Thanks
  4. A

    Thread Custom android ROM, delete iptables binary

    Hi I have installed CM 13.0 custom rom on my galaxy j5 j500h, and I am trying to do some modifications. I do not want any application or even the system to use 'iptables' to setup firewall rules , so I just removed the 'iptables' binary from /system/bin , thinking that this will end in network...
  5. P

    Thread IPtables or static routing?

    Hi everyone I used a router with dd wrt last year to get Netflix and Hulu on my chromecast for a few months, but gave up after a while, as, although the Internet worked, across my home network, videos stopped intermittently and my dd wrt router, no matter how many times I configured it, would...
  6. M

    Thread [Q] Is iptables working on 4.4.2 stock ?

    Hi, My Galaxy S4 i9505 is on Android 4.3 stock rooted. I would like to know if iptables is working before updating to android 4.4.2 stock. Can someone do this test on his Galaxy on 4.4.2 stock rooted ? Install Android Terminal Emulator and enable access point in network settings In terminal ...
  7. A

    Thread Tethering tips for those who rely on it

    This thread is pretty much an attempt to provide people with a good resource for tethering, and things to help them tether better in some way. It's aimed at people who have no other normal internet connections, but a 4G phone or something. I'll add things as I go, or if people have good...
  8. E

    Thread VPN + Hotspot = AWESOME!

    Ok so a while back I discovered that after you gain root access to the BIONIC (probably works with other too. idk...) you can make changes to iptables. For those who don't know what that is: It's a built in firewall that handles packets as they come in and leave your phone. This is pretty much...
  9. K

    Thread [Q] SSH Tunneling

    Hello Currently running stock rom .434 Locked Bootloader with root. I have been trying to ssh tunnel to my server at home using sshTunnel by Max lv I have checked if IPTables has been installed, I su'd and Iptables -F then Iptables -P OUTPUT DROP which confirmed ip tables is working with the...
  10. mvmacd

    Thread [Q] how can I reverse tether on Ubuntu?

    Here's the deal, I have Ubuntu and 2 wifi cards. wlan5 is long-range has with internet on wlan3 is internal, connected to my HTC Rezound with, and can ping, my phone. I set up a Tether network on my CM10 Rezound because my phone doesn't...
  11. ukanth

    Thread [5.0+][ROOT][3.5.2] AFWall+ IPTables Firewall [16 May 2021]

    Welcome to official support page for AFWall+ Introduction Features Changelog - See third Post AFWall+ BETA Program Source Code/Wiki/FAQ Translations Thanks To/Credits Cheers, ukanth XDA:DevDB Information AFWall+ [ IPTables Firewall ], App for the Android General...
  12. cmadeye

    Thread [APP] ProxyDroid - http(s), socks proxy for android [2.6.3 - Nov. 18 2012]

    ProxyDroid is an app that can help you to set the proxy (http / socks4 / socks5) on your android devices. PLEASE ROOT YOUR DEVICES FIRST AND MAKE SURE YOUR KERNEL SUPPORT IPTABLES (NAT) TIPS: Press MENU button to find a "Recover" option that would help you to recover / reset the proxy settings...
  13. jefffeely

    Thread Solution/possible solution for Tether police issues

    I don't have much time to look into it at the moment, but for those of you who tether either internet or bluetooth you should look into getting NAT going on your phone. This requires root as far as I know. You can use iptables (comes with our kernels), ipchains, netfilter, or what ever else...
  14. VerizonKoolaid

    Thread [Q] block ads by IP address? | iptables GUI for android?

    blocking IP address where FQDN is not an option [hosts] DroidWall uses iptables to control internets access by application but iptables can be tasked to block ads from ip addresses http://nixcraft.com/getting-started-tutorials/1427-iptables-block-ip-address.html I am stunned to be unable...
  15. WhoDunnit

    Thread [HowTo] Archos gen8 firmware 2.3.81-2.4.83+rw iptables and 1GB ext4 data

    I just wanted my Archos Gen8 to have the latest stock firmware, root access, iptables support (for Droidwall) and a 1GB ext4 data partition. I will show you how to create this setup yourself. This howto describes all steps for a Linux PC with a working adb connection to the Archos Gen8. I am...
  16. T

    Thread [Q] iptables capable Legend sense rom

    Hi I used to use Orbot as proxy server on CM 6 but since I've upgraded to CM7 I can't seem to used it anymore. and on the Orbot page I read that it only works on iptables-capable roms. meanwhile I want to use a sense rom. what are my options? (I wanted to ask this under the Gingerbread sense...
  17. A

    Thread [ROOT] DroidWall v1.5.1 - Android Firewall (Useful for most of us)

    Hi everyone, I don't have an unlimited data plan. I always went to use WhatsApp Messenger :D. Howsoever, there are many application runs on the background spending traffic (also draining battery too fast). today I have found out there is an application free on the market call "DroidWall -...
  18. R

    Thread [Q] iptables on Nook Color

    I'm running CM7.0.3 on my Nook Color, and I'm at the point I need iptables support. I'm surprised CM doesn't support it, but it's apparently so. Does anyone know of a decent ROM (Preferably with Bluetooth) that supports iptables? Do I have to go back to my original ROM?
  19. M

    Thread [APP] Autoproxy for android Http(s), Socks, Proxy.pac Ntlm [24.Aug.13]

    Autoproxy creates a transparent/intercepting proxy running on your phone, and redirects web traffic through it, so other apps don't have to be aware there is a proxy. All outgoing traffic is captured, formatted and transmitted through your network's proxy. That means it works with other...
  20. C

    Thread iptables in samsung galaxy s i900?

    how to install iptables that would have earned droidwall? p.s. android 2.3.3 stock
  21. S

    Thread [Q] How do we forward ports ?

    How do we setup port forwarding on Android? I googled and can't find a solution.. For ex.. I want to forward all incoming connections on tcp port 1234 to localhost:1235 How can I do this? I know in linux we would just do it by iptables.. Any insight?
  22. B

    Thread [Q] How to add iptables to Nookie Froyo?

    Hello there! I'm using Nookie Froyo ROM and I should say that it is amazing! How to add to this firmware iptables modules? They are required for me to make Transproxy work because I need in global (system-wide) proxy. Should I compile iptables' netfilter sources manually? Where I can...
  23. C

    Thread [Q] netfilter and other issues

    Hello fellow A7 sufferers ;-) I've got my tablet last week and so far I'm loving it. I got it to do almost everything I need. But I still need 2 more things: - Networking proxy system - Bluetooth DUN (or USB Modem to phone / USB 3G Stick (Modem)) I've searched quite a bit and found some apps...
  24. J

    Thread [Q] where can i read the iptables log?

    HI, i'm new to android, i did use linux/iptables on pc before. i did setup iptables as my android phone's firewall, it works just fine. but i do not know where can i read the log. (iptables -A INPUT -j LOG) i know on some linux/pc default is /var/log/messages, but where is android default...
  25. F

    Thread [Q] IP Tables error "No chain/target/match by that name" Any way to fix?

    When I try to run atuostart.sh file I get the error "No chain/target/match by that name." with the IPTables part that forwards request to u2nl port. After some researching it seems that the feature for forwarding requests through IPTables is disabled through some config file in the firmware or...
  26. B

    Thread [Q] iptables commands

    I try to use iptables commands on my HTC hero. But the commands have some problems: # /system/bin/iptables -L Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT) target prot opt source destination Chain...
  27. K

    Thread [kernel] Do we need data security (aka a working firewall)?

    Dear kernel developer, do you have a firewall on your destop computer? I think, the answer is "yes, of course!" Why don't you wan't a firewall for your phone? Your answere: "It is linux, we don't need it!" Sure? In contrast to the "safe a.p.p.l.e market" we are free to get our application...