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  1. Q

    Thread Question Issue with 4G all time activated

    Hello ! Since 2-3 weeks, i have an issue ! at home when I have wifi activated, I always have the 4G logo displayed and sometimes 4G is used instead of wifi! I have however disabled the options in the wifi such as automatic switching when wifi is poor but my 4G logo is still there! so indeed...
  2. IR46

    Thread Popcorn Time issue with Philips TV

    Hi all, I've recently bought a Philips Android TV 50PUS8545 and I am quite happy with. I have a random issue with Popcorn Time for Android : the download slowly starts as usual and then after a few seconds during which the download speed is increasing, download stops, speed slowly decreases...
  3. AshutoshTripathi

    Thread [Issue] ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed

  4. U

    Thread Question Problem with AR

    Hey everyone, I have recently bought the Mi 11i and it appears to have issues with anything AR related. At first I noticed it with Pokemon go and soon I realized that no AR app works. I have downloaded Google services AR, tried several versions of it with no luck. If anyone has a solution, I...
  5. İ

    Thread Question There is no unlocking animation

    I just bought my poco x3 pro 8gb and realized there is no unlocking animation when i open it with finger scanner or password screen just opens immediately without any effect or animation. There is no problem with closing animation. How can fix it ?
  6. Hunter59

    Thread Junsun v1 pro 9191 not activated device

    Hello everyone, I'm new on the forum. I need you guys to help me with Junsun android headunit V1 pro. I own this model and by mistake I type the 9191 code ( destroy_id_root_num ). Now I have the red label on top of screen "device not activated". I searched on different topics I and find out...
  7. Hunter59

    Thread Junsun 9191 "device not activated" help request

    Hello everyone, I'm new on the forum. I need you guys to help me with Junsun android headunit V1 pro. I own this model and by mistake I type the 9191 code ( destroy_id_root_num ). Now I have the red label on top of screen "device not activated". I searched on different topics I and find out...
  8. abbashp10

    Thread Question Issue with USB drive (otg not connected to xiaomi)

    Hi friends, I have a problem , I can not connect the memory and hard drive and USB to the phone. So far, I have tried different ways, but none of them work permanently, and by chance, sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. . So far I have searched in various forums, some said to put...
  9. Orange45

    Thread Help fix no sound on Mi 9T

    There is no sound of my Mi9T even with a Bluetooth speaker there is still no sound. When I plug in headphones it does not recognize that anything is plugged in as well. My MIUI is global 12.1.4 it was previously 12.0.9 but the phone kept crashing and rebooting itself when I tried to open any...
  10. Sir Mo7md

    Thread Question Poco X3 Pro auto redial option not found!!

    Hello Guys, I bought Poco X3 Pro month ago and it works fine and the phone is pretty good. But I needed to enable auto redial option in my phone and I was shocked when I didn't find it anywhere !! Can anyone Help ? I Have tried more than auto dial app on google play, but they didn't work...
  11. BraveGhost84

    Thread Question Lock Screen Issue

    Hi, I am new to forum. I recently rooted my A02s (A025F, Android 10) using this thread. now i can't set any password on my phone. also i tried to remove lockscreen settings using this thread but not solved. this is my logcat: 08-11 08:54:07.322 1440 2555 I LockSettingsLog: lock enroll...
  12. P

    Thread Screen issue

    Hi I have a kind of green tint issue. My phone works fine, but the screen distorts red,blue,yellow partially. THe range of distortion looks like a waterfall. Anyways when i reboot my device and login for the first time there is no distortion, but the second login it starts getting distorted...
  13. AkechiShiro

    Thread [MIUI 12.5][Update] Update report about OTA Global MIUI QFGMIXM

    Hi, I received not long ago the notification this update was possible. I'm looking for people who have noticed anything, an issue or a change in battery life performance (battery drain), or some features disappearing such as no more call recording. I'm aware that these update are made to...
  14. Usak64-MustafaMert

    Thread Question Touchscreen Issue (in PiP mode)

    Hi everybody, There is an issue with my OnePlus 9 Pro. When I open an app in picture in picture mode, I can not use the certain area of touchscreen. (50% - 100%) As you see I added screenshots. Did anybody else get the same issue! Do you know the solution? By the way I sent feedback on 1+...
  15. jericho246

    Thread General Camera issue - fat vertical line on the taken photo (S21U Exynos). Hardware or software problem?

    I am experiencing the same problem as this person: It only happened once thus far. The dude from reddit says he's had this problem for 3 months. I was trying to take a pic at exactly 30x zoom. At first when the picture was processing, it looked rather normal, without the line. However when...
  16. K

    Thread GCam night sight s8 exynos issue

    Hi, I installed like most versions of gcams and i'm every night sight in night its green etc (check attached photo and btw i'm using recommended settings for s8) I have a question, how can I fix it?
  17. S

    Thread [Samsung] Blank download mode issue

    I booted into download mode and it only shows a blank screen. I have tried rebooting into download mode from the magisk app and I have tried doing it with the key combinations, but I always see a blank blue screen. Not long ago it was working perfectly, I'm not sure when this issue occured and...
  18. Y

    Thread New S20 FE possible faulty

    Hi All, I bought a new S20 FE 5G from Amazon Germany, the phone was a bit dusty directly from the box and it was on ONE UI 3.1 by default, also its screen protector with not the one which I saw in most of the unboxing, it was a screen protector without a circle in the middle for the fingerprint...
  19. S

    Thread Missing Internal storage after accidentally formatting the SD as internal storage.

    So, yeah, i think i made a BIG mistake 😅 for context: a week ago my 32gb SD card got corrupted, so i formatted it with my phone, while doing so i didn't pay much attention, so i just tapped without looking. (after looking it up on Google it seems that i tapped an option called "use SD card as...
  20. Plqnes

    Thread OnePlus screen recording glitch/issue

    Hey so I was trying to record a screen grab of my checkout basket on a website and it started to static and it kept increasing. (I don't know what to call this issue) I thought it was because of my audio settings but it happens on all 3 settings. No Audio, Internal and microphone. [Recorder...
  21. I

    Thread Question Some google apps resetting settings randomly (Google Keyboard, Gmail)

    So I've been using the ROG phone 5 for ~a month now. I've noticed that my Gboard settings keep resetting it's settings to default randomly after setting them to my personal ones. Same goes for gmail, for some odd reason auto-sync turns off randomly when I don't want it to. How to replicate: 1...
  22. Q

    Thread Question Issue with focus on camera 1.0x

    Hello ! This weekend , i find an issue on my S21 ultra.. With the 1.0x camera , the back of the photo is always blurry... With 3.0x or 0.6x no problem ! I try to touch my screen for the focus but same problem... my mother have the same phone and she don't have the issue :( someone have this...
  23. A

    Thread Why is Google Camera not launching in Evolution X?

    I have installed Evolution X on Redmi Note 9 pro just today and installed Google Camera from play store but it's not launching.
  24. Kalon05

    Thread Samsung galaxy A10 screen problem

    I have been using this phone for about a month now, after a week of buying it, i noticed that the screen had a problem. I can't play a single game or do any task that requires 2 fingers because if i put 2 fingers on the screen and then let go of one of them, the screen will think the other...
  25. P

    Thread Developer mode issue

    HI all, I have LG CX55 with latest version I've used developer mode for a while now. few days ago i've noticed my apps are gone, and when i entered to the developer mode i've noticed it was signed out (which is not unusual maybe i forgot to extend). However since then every time i login after...
  26. IMAGI0

    Thread broken sim card, after testing an android 12 gsi ..

    Today I wanted to try a GSI of android 12 beta, and when I changed the rom I realized that there is no way for the sim cards to work anymore, I tried with several aosp rom, and even tried with the global rom and none solved the problem . Anyone who knows of any solution? Thank you so much.
  27. A

    Thread S20 ultra Bluetooth mic issue

    Hi, I use my s20 ultra to play pubg but the mic seems to not working in in game voice chat. Do you guys have any idea how to fix it? Looked around the Internet but couldn't find any help. Thanks a lot
  28. FreezerChu

    Thread Question Instagram stories camera issue

    Hola Hola, tengo un problema en mi redmi note 10 con la camara de instagram, cuando tomo una foto e intento guardarla en mi galeria este dice que se ha guardado, pero tarda mucho en aparecer en la galeria o es nunca salvo, ¿por qué sucede esto? ¿Te pasa alguien más? I have previously...
  29. mauecky

    Thread POCO X3 NFC (surya) ghost touches problem

    Hi all :) I'm on xiaomi.eu official MIU 12 Android 10 ROM Only rooted with magisk and using ADAWAY Original screen protector is taken out. I got no screen protector. My problem is ghost touches. Any idea of solving that problem by software or tweaks, modules etc. ? or RMA only. Thank U and...
  30. AkechiShiro

    Thread Question [MIUI 12][Update][Issues] Update reports on MIUI EU RKHEUXM OTA

    Hi, I just received a notification this update is possible. I'm looking for people who have noticed any new issues on this update. Any issues such as the MIUI optimization slider being hidden in the dev settings or issues with the battery drain, or with the screen. I'm aware these updates...
  31. lil waterdrop

    Thread Root detection

    My phone recently started getting root detection and I tried things like safety net bypass or no check device but everytime I test or go on a app that doesn't allow root it still detects it. I also tried changing magisk name and used the hide feature but it's still getting detected and I tried...
  32. N

    Thread bad phone never buying samsung again [EDIT] i need a sim card to oem unlocking

    TLDR: i did everything people say except adb and reflash like god damn man my phone is so damn slow i wanna install lineage os im trying to root my a10e but no oem im connected to a google account im connected to a samsung account i havent turned it off i have over 1 week uptime im connected...
  33. M

    Thread P20 PRO camera producing blurry pictures please help

    Hello I bought this phone for its camera at first it was ok , but recently the images from the camera are coming blurry where the sun reflects off white or reflective surfaces I guess . Which makes the screen look horrible when taking pictures also they save with the blurring . I've resest the...
  34. C

    Thread Bluetooth no longer working on A40, latest OneUI

    So I recently updated my A40 to OneUI 2.0 (Android 10)from Android 9 (after a factory reset which made me downgrade to 9 first in order to use my custom font with Hex installer (the Ubuntu Font). I paired my phone with my galaxy buds on Android 9 and used the latest Bluetooth Library Patcher...
  35. warnerbatol

    Thread Google Pixel 5

    if you look at the first Google Pixels promo (the ones that showed both pixels profile shots) the 5 has the slight gap. Seems like its just the way it was designed maybe?
  36. vewu101

    Thread Can't change back the accent color after updating

    I changed my accent color on android 10 to cinnamon and i updated to android 11, but now when i look for the accent colors option in developer settings i cant find it. and my phone isnt rooted (i dont plan to root it since it's my main phone), so uhh, how do i change the accent color? my phone...
  37. IuriP

    Thread Moto G6 freezing after being unplugged.

    Hello everyone, I'm just curious to know if anyone knows how to fix this issue: when I unplug my phone and shut the screen off right after, my phone simply freezes in the state that its in. I know its frozen because if I have my flashlight on it stays on and nothing responds (touches, buttons...
  38. M

    Thread charging problems - big issue

    Hi folks, I have a big Problem. my Poco X3 NFC global with .EU ROM suddenly only loads with ~ 200-350 mA I changed nothing latley, tryed and prooved different cables / charger, that not the Problem. Any Ideas? Back in the History there where different tricks to delete charging information on...
  39. M

    Thread Android 11 - One UI 3 update issue

    Hi, After the Android 11 (One UI 3) update on my Note 10 plus phone, it does not show the wifi network details properly. IP Address, Network Speed and Security parameters show empty under wifi settings. Also, some applications can not detect that the phone is connected to network. For example...
  40. TopGEO

    Thread Lenovo z5 damaged media executer

    hello there ! on my phone i installed many custom roms , its L78011 LEnovo Z5 . QFil always could fix any phone break , but now in factory stock rom there is bugs . before there was not , but now after twrp and all these qfil cant fix bugs . i mean auto rotation not works and media player is...
  41. F

    Thread Question Display issue in low brightness

    I noticed an issue with the display at night time when the brightness is set to < 20%. There is discoloration and it's very noticeable on dark gray backgrounds. It won't show on black backgrounds. This is what it looks like: This is a solid dark gray background. It was hard to take the...
  42. W

    Thread What's the deal with Android 10?

    Hopefully someone, possibly a dev, can clear this up. I've been wondering this ever since the first A10 custom rom came out for the X00TD: Why do all A10 roms suffer from the following problems? I remember testing more than a dozen different ROMs and all of them suffered the same issues. Issues...
  43. M

    Thread Mi 10 fingerprint and camera problem

    Hi, My Mi 10 (umi) got hard bricked. I have sent it to authorised repair shop and they repaired it however the first issue I came to was that I could not add my fingerprint scanner to work but later I have sorted it out by calibrating the sensor. Today I wanted to record some video and opened...
  44. Organics

    Thread Issues with emoji/stickers keyboard on WhatsApp [OneUI 2.1]

    Hello everyone, I hope y'all are staying healthy. I've been having issues with the emoji/stickers keyboard on whatsapp. I'm still on OneUI 2.1 unrooted, swiftkey keyboard and I'm using Hex for theming. The problem is that I cannot access said keyboard and don't know why. I'm currently using...
  45. 0

    Thread Android 11 random absent notification sounds / notification issues

    Hello, since the update to Android 11 on my S20 (SM-G980F/DS) the notification sounds are randomly silent. This means sometimes (i would say in three cases out of ten) the logo of the app (problem with multiple apps) just appears on the Always On Screen. No Animation, no sound, no vibration. I...
  46. G

    Thread Camera focus issue only on standard wide camera

    Hi all, I don't use the camera on my phone a lot but I just discovered that the standard wide camera can't focus anymore (it's all blurry, as shown in the first attached screenshot). If I switch to the wide angle or zoom camera (the other 2 screenshots), no problem. If I enable super macro mode...
  47. From0toHero

    Thread Display Issue on two Note 20 Ultra

    I bought myself a Note 20 Ultra Snapdragon Version (Hong Kong Version). After around 2 weeks right we’re the proximity sensor is, a dark discoloration started to appear. It’s not super good visible, but still it was there. I tried to overlook it but couldn’t. So i started a repair/exchange...
  48. K

    Thread Junsun V1 PRO 4GB + 64GB - Android 10 CANbus settings issue

    Hello from a new member. I'm pretty new to Android head units and i just bought this unit (Junsun V1 PRO 4GB (RAM) +64GB (ROM) Android 10) : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000114216216.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.202b4c4d9Ox4gO Everything works pretty much correctly for the usage that I have...
  49. H

    Thread 1 update only out of the box

    Hey guys, so I got the Huawei P40 Pro awhile ago. And out of the box, I updated it and this was the only update I got. It added celia... But I am not sure if the camera improvements and the other stuff have been added or not!! What do you think? And have you faced the same situation??
  50. W

    Thread Touch issue after December feature drop

    Hello there! I'm experiencing a weird issue after the latest update from December 2020. Since then, my back button (or technically the lower part of my screen) is very irresponsive and does not register touch input. I uploaded a video on Youtube to showcase the issue: What you can hopefully...