1. counselwolf

    Thread Question Warm Color Temperature Display Issue.

    Hello !! Just bought this tablet and I already noticed that the display is noticeably warmer in color than usual displays. (SM-T733, Wi-Fi Only model). I already got my unit replaced (official service center reported a factory defect), but the new replacement model still has a noticeably warm...
  2. J

    Thread Galaxy S4 VE i9195i AEX android 11 camera skewed and rotated

    The image is rotated 90 degrees and also stretched to fill the screen inside open camera (does the same in google camera go) The image it produces when I take a photo
  3. rob4444

    Thread Lockscreen: Try again in 1440 minutes.

    Hi guys, I have a big issue with my Samsung Galaxy A21s. I set up a password for the lock screen a couple of days ago. Everything was working fine, but yesterday my phone randomly decided to lock itself for 1440 minutes (24 hours) after typing in my correct password once. I waited those 24...
  4. Lukasz23

    Thread Fingerprint

    I have unlocked my lg velvet bootloader (g910hm) its the 4g model. And after doing that my fingerprint scanner stop working. So i tried to relock the bootloader but i cant even enter to bootloader mode in my device! Every time i tried it shows me a sing that i have to relock and restarts my...
  5. V

    Thread Android 11 issue: shrinking homescreen icons

    My smartphone (Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G) with Android 11 has an issue - while touching icons on homescreen they get shrinked and dark. Sometimes on next touch they return to normal, sometimes not – sometimes I have to long-touch them. Has anybody experienced that? I think it's OS-related, rather than...
  6. J

    Thread Audio clipping in normal video recording

    I recordered a lot of videos with my Note 10 and Note 8 when i go to a concert i i never had any problem, but with the last update, the audio is always clipping with the bass. The only way to record is using pro mode and put the volume to -12 but in pro mode i can't use zoom :( I have disabled...
  7. B

    Thread Question [POCOX3PRO | VAYU] Can't top up E- Wallet if AOSP ROM

    Hi friends can you help me? i want to use AOSP ROM but after successful installation i tried to use TOP UP to E Wallet but ended up failing with notification "failed card detached". and when I use all kinds of Rom Base on MIUI, I always get good results Top Up with NFC to E Wallet
  8. B

    Thread Pixel 3 XL - Sim Not Detected Issue

    Hello Everyone, I just purchase used pixel 3 xl, it was advertise as not working sim, Phone is in perfect condition with box and all accessories, But it doesn't recognise any sim, I already reinstalled android 12 and even downgraded it to 11 but still no sim detected, I can see that imei is...
  9. wendale1231

    Thread Question Poco f3 Mic Problem

    Hi i have this annoying issue where the output of the mic is like a radio that has no signal i dont know if this is a hardware issue or a software one. Tried PixelOS rom, Stock MIUI and Pixel Experience rom still having this issue. Please help i cant use the phone when i have calls i can only...
  10. kingracer

    Thread Question Sounds issues on Exynos S22 Ultra (Ukrainian variant)

    Hello all. I've got my Ultra on 22nd of February by pre-order in Kyiv, Ukraine (SEK variant, official reseller) and for a few weeks it was almost okay. But for the last 4-5 weeks I'm experiencing really weird sound issues with only specific games, but not all of them. Also all non-game apps are...
  11. S

    Thread Question Ui moving in slow motion

    Hi guys, the issue occurred out of nowhere, just out of a sudden all ui elements started moving really slowly, and I don't mean laggy or stuttery , it's as if every ui animation is taking 10x time of execution. I've tried restarting the phone a couple of times and the issue stays the same. I've...
  12. A

    Thread MP3 genre tags problem with Samsung Galaxy A10s

    Hi everyone! My Samsung Galaxy A10s has the following problem with mp3's genre tags: when I edit the genre tag in a song sorting my library by genre, that entire genre changes to the name I edited in that specific song; but when I go to the "new" category, the other songs I didn't edit, kept the...
  13. theomi_

    Thread [Junsun V1] Unable to use CarPlay over USB

    Hi all, First, thank you for all the job everyone does here. I'm new to this forum, so I hope I am posting in the right category and I respect the post format. I am posting here because I recently bought a Junsun V1 (non pro) for my Mazda 2 on Aliexpress, but after one week of back and fourth...
  14. M

    Thread Question Touchscreen overly sensitive while scrolling - issue when lifting finger

    I recently got my phone and I am frequently experiencing a really annoying issue: while I'm browsing reddit, facebook, etc. the touchscreen appears to be overly sensitive, so whenever I scroll holding my finger on the screen, when I lift my thumb at the end it registers a small scrolling...
  15. Shunnie

    Thread Amazfit GTR2 touchscreen issue

    Hello dear fellas, Two weeks ago I ordered a GTR2 from France. It worked just fine for like 2 days but then a random touchscreen freeze started to appear. Initially it would stop working for several hours and then come back by itself but now the touch won't respond until the watch is reset, it...
  16. B

    Thread Random issues with outgoing and incoming calls.

    Hello everyone, I'm a new user of the G7 ThinQ, I live in France and have a fully unlimited plan with the operator "Free". I bought a LG G7 ThinQ recently (model G710N) and it works good but I have an issue with calls. Outgoing calls sometimes work fine, sometimes make me wait for around a...
  17. hitd010000

    Thread Install Magisk fails since 24.2

    Last usable version is 24.1 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ( hlte ) using custom-rom [ROM][10.0.0_r46] SuperiorOS - Phoenix [FINAL][OFFICIAL][HLTE/CHN/KOR/TMO] Because ver 24.3 available, i tried to update from working 24.1 used flashing by twrp screen told me; unable to mount /system as...
  18. E

    Thread OPO No signal, service issue

    Dear all, I kindly ask your support for the following issue: I have got a OPO lineage os 18.1 which doesn't recognize any 3G\4G signal anymore. here below the description of the issue: as OPO is my backup phone I have a nano sim so I used an adapter to put the sim inside the OPO, unfortunately...
  19. D

    Thread Question Power menu "Compatible controls unavailable" issue

    I was trying to get Termux power menu device controls to work and encountered this issue seen on screenshot. The same issue occurs with Google Home. Does anyone have the same issue or have any idea how to fix it?
  20. applesucksLmao

    Thread General A WARNING TO ALL A32 4G/5G USERS (very important)

    As you have seen in the title, this is a warning. DON'T root your galaxy a32, as it can take some time but the phone will lose fingerprint unlock and sim card/internet functionality because of UNKNOWN BASEBAND and IMEI error. You can't get it to work even reflashing stock firmware, and you...
  21. nomad3412

    Thread Question Can you see whole call history on watch?

    Hi there. I'm having issue with call history on watch. When I go to phone app my call history is nearly empty compared to what I can see on my phone. Next to every log on call history on phone there is a "watch symbol". Does the watch filter call history? I cannot find any useful settings there.
  22. G

    Thread Bluetooth issues with an app (Carv) - Could it be fixed by using a custom ROM?

    Hi all! I recently purchased Carv, which is a product (a skiing tracker you use on your boots) that works through an app. I'm really enjoying it, in general it works fine, but the product has known issues with Snapdragon 865 based phones, including my S20 FE 5G. For reference, here's a better...
  23. X

    Thread Samsung S9 plus stuck on logo screen.

    Hello there, First of all the phone won't turn on until I plugged it in the charger after which It stuck on the logo screen, even if it stays all day long plugged in as soon as I unplug it the phone turns off again and won't turn back on. I can only access the download mode and not the other...
  24. M

    Thread Inconsistent charging on new battery

    I changed my battery on my Mi 8 SE 2 days ago and I have been seeing some weird issues when the phone is charging. The first time I charged it with the new battery it started charging really fast going from 3% to 7% in a few seconds and it charged up to around 40% and stopped, after I unplugged...
  25. I

    Thread PX6(Android 10 RK3399 MTCE) Bluetooth Issue

    Hello I am having an issue with my PX6(Android 10 RK3399 MTCE). I have a standalone ECU for my vehicle it has a Bluetooth module(Syvecs). I can use a PC or iPhone Or Android unit and connect to the device just fine. The PX6 won't connect to it. I see it in the Bluetooth list click on it click...
  26. LokDAbdo

    Thread S6 HOME BUTTON Virtual Click

    So My Samsung Galaxy S6 Home Button clicks virtualy, most when i turn on mobile DATA and open Facebook Lite for example and many other apps like chrome, it calms down sometime but thats problem i can't stay with Any solution ???
  27. S

    Thread Question Poco F3 mi account issue, bootloader unlocked and all

    Hi, guys i need some help if anyone can help me out ! so i bought my poco F3 a while ago brand new, i was the 1st person to open the box and i used the phone normally like anyone would, i logged in with my Mi account and all, till one day i decided to unlock my bootloader ( it went smoothly...
  28. R

    Thread Pixel 3a intermittent Bluetooth issue

    Hi everyone, I'm a new Pixel 3a user and I was quite excited to finally get my hands on a Pixel, but I immediately found out an issue which is too annoying for me to ignore: the device keeps losing Bluetooth connection with other paired devices, even if only connected with one. This is so bad...
  29. matze19999

    Thread Question Does your pixel charger 2 work as intended?

    My pixel charger 2 arrived yesterday and isn't working at all with my pixel 6 pro. I pairs with bluetooth and gives me all the controls and features, but the phone won't charge as it should. It charges for 3 seconds and then disconnects. It charges for 3 seconds and then disconnects. It charges...
  30. B


    Hey guys, bought a Mi 11 Ultra (Global ROM) off Giztop and plugged my T-Mobile sim into it and have almost no data at all times. Occasionally it will get data and I will get a message through or load a Youtube video but it seems very rare. While driving for long periods of time I will be on call...
  31. P

    Thread Screen not responding to touches anymore - plz help

    TLDR: Screen not responding to touches anymore for no apparent reason. It's displaying everything properly, but it won't react to any touch. Something weird happened to me today. I own a Mi 9T Pro. I received a second Mi 9T Pro with minor water damage at the bottom part (charging port area)...
  32. grippado

    Thread Question POCO F3 Missing 5G Option

    Hi everyone, recently I bought a POCO F3, and put my sim card, and using normally to navigate and gaming, every fine, but, I'm travel to city with 5G, and for my disgusting surprise, my POCO F3 5G, don't have an option to select and use 5G network! I made a lot of tests with my SIM Card, and in...
  33. adarkuser

    Thread Question Video Quality needs improvement...

    Any tips of improving video quality for outside recording. Doesn't look that great to me to be honest. Much Vibration, jittery, no focus or brightness lock. Tried it also with OpenCam but well, just a little improvement.
  34. S

    Thread AncientOS Android 12 Launcher Search Bar Issue

    Android 12 : The search bar in the launcher has a dark color, although I did not turn on dark theme. Is there a solution to this problem because it annoys me ? I use AncientOS ROM 6.0 . My device is (lavender) Redmi Note 7 .
  35. D

    Thread Question Light sensor issue (high values)

    Hi, there 8/256 GB Display type: Tianma I have some problem with light sensor in X3 Pro. Sensor shows very high values (x5-7 compare to other devices). Due to the overestimated values of the sensor, the brightness of the display is always at the maximum, and the colors are distorted (miui...
  36. D

    Thread Huawei p30 camera make grey- greenish pictures

    Hi guys,im new here om XDA A big wish to the community ☺️ maybe someone can help me I bought a p30 pro, is this really normal that the p30 pro make grey- greenish pictures when i zoom in,the preview picture looks good and when i take the shot for one Second are the picture grey,and the finally...
  37. G

    Thread A5 2017 - Issue when SIM and SD card removed - Your device was reset

    Hello, As the title says, I have an issue with A5 2017 that has Android 8? and current software is A520FXXUGCTKA. Girlfriend used it before the new phone she got, transferred most of the data, SIM and SD card but A5 suddenly went into some kind of lock. "Your device was reset recently and it...
  38. K

    Thread POCO X3 MIUI 12.5.1 HEAT UP

    Hey guys! I just updated my Poco X3 NFC, with which I have been almost 5 months, to MIUI 12.5.1 2 days ago. And I'm noticing a heat up, just like when I'm gaming, but doing normal tasks. the UI isn't optimized or what? I'm asking here for opinions or information before just downgrading.
  39. joseriazor

    Thread FINALLY! A way to permanently fix proximity sensor. [Without root/changing Rom]

    Its been a while since some users of this phone ran to this problem. But in the end there's a way to fix it... How: Unlocking factory mode and correcting proximity sensor. Go throught this: Dial *#06# to open up the IMEI information screen on your OnePlus device. Then, long press on the IMEI 1...
  40. lapist

    Thread Fingerprint not working

    I just bought Realme 7 Pro 8/128 from warehouse (EU version) and when I started it, I found that the fingerprint sensor doesn't work - it doesn't allow to scan any fingerprints, only message "Add a fingerprint" is blinking, without even showing the place to put the finger. Video of the...
  41. Q

    Thread Question Issue with 4G all time activated

    Hello ! Since 2-3 weeks, i have an issue ! at home when I have wifi activated, I always have the 4G logo displayed and sometimes 4G is used instead of wifi! I have however disabled the options in the wifi such as automatic switching when wifi is poor but my 4G logo is still there! so indeed...
  42. IR46

    Thread Popcorn Time issue with Philips TV

    Hi all, I've recently bought a Philips Android TV 50PUS8545 and I am quite happy with. I have a random issue with Popcorn Time for Android : the download slowly starts as usual and then after a few seconds during which the download speed is increasing, download stops, speed slowly decreases...
  43. AshutoshTripathi

    Thread [Issue] ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed

  44. U

    Thread Question Problem with AR

    Hey everyone, I have recently bought the Mi 11i and it appears to have issues with anything AR related. At first I noticed it with Pokemon go and soon I realized that no AR app works. I have downloaded Google services AR, tried several versions of it with no luck. If anyone has a solution, I...
  45. İ

    Thread Question There is no unlocking animation

    I just bought my poco x3 pro 8gb and realized there is no unlocking animation when i open it with finger scanner or password screen just opens immediately without any effect or animation. There is no problem with closing animation. How can fix it ?
  46. Hunter59

    Thread Junsun v1 pro 9191 not activated device

    Hello everyone, I'm new on the forum. I need you guys to help me with Junsun android headunit V1 pro. I own this model and by mistake I type the 9191 code ( destroy_id_root_num ). Now I have the red label on top of screen "device not activated". I searched on different topics I and find out...
  47. Hunter59

    Thread Junsun 9191 "device not activated" help request

    Hello everyone, I'm new on the forum. I need you guys to help me with Junsun android headunit V1 pro. I own this model and by mistake I type the 9191 code ( destroy_id_root_num ). Now I have the red label on top of screen "device not activated". I searched on different topics I and find out...
  48. abbashp10

    Thread Question Issue with USB drive (otg not connected to xiaomi)

    Hi friends, I have a problem , I can not connect the memory and hard drive and USB to the phone. So far, I have tried different ways, but none of them work permanently, and by chance, sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. . So far I have searched in various forums, some said to put...
  49. Orange45

    Thread Help fix no sound on Mi 9T

    There is no sound of my Mi9T even with a Bluetooth speaker there is still no sound. When I plug in headphones it does not recognize that anything is plugged in as well. My MIUI is global 12.1.4 it was previously 12.0.9 but the phone kept crashing and rebooting itself when I tried to open any...
  50. Sir Mo7md

    Thread Question Poco X3 Pro auto redial option not found!!

    Hello Guys, I bought Poco X3 Pro month ago and it works fine and the phone is pretty good. But I needed to enable auto redial option in my phone and I was shocked when I didn't find it anywhere !! Can anyone Help ? I Have tried more than auto dial app on google play, but they didn't work...