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    Thread [IUNI U3][KERNEL] In development

    IUNI U3 KERNEL DEVELOPMENT Disclaimer: It's still under development. I waive all liability... Thermonuclear war will happen whatever you use this kernel or not. Feel free to contribute, share, participate, post or help it would make me great pleasure! :) Introduction...
  2. A

    Thread [RECOVERY][IUNI U3] TWRP 3.0.2-0 touch recovery

    Hello The IUNI U3 is now officially supported by the TWRP Team, thanks to them: Credits: TWRP Team, @Dees_Troy Download: https://twrp.me/devices/iuniu3.html Device Tree: https://github.com/TeamWin/android_device_iuni_u3
  3. M

    Thread How do i root iuni u3?

    HOW DO I ROOT IUNI U3? I also need google services to work on it
  4. A

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4] MIUI 7 Multilang - 6.1.7 - IUNI U3

    MIUI (which stands for Mi User Interface and pronounced "Me You I", a play on the common abbreviation of the words user interface as UI), developed by Xiaomi Tech, is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablet computers based on the free software Android operating system. MIUI...
  5. M

    Thread IUNI U3

    Just got a iuni u3 and the second i signed into google play, I keep getting error saying "Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped" and keeps coming up every second. Can anyone help?
  6. F

    Thread IUNI U3 Original ROM

    Hi guys I have IUNI U3 and MIUI ROM (some custom ROM someone put here on forum) Since I have the Xiaomi ROM, my battery drains like hell and I want to get back to the original ROM I saw link to Baidu's site here on one of the threads, but I couldn't download (Don't have an account, and don't...
  7. t-ryder

    Thread IUNI U3 stock ROMs / updating / scripts / sources

    I bought a IUNI U3 recently and found two recoveries for the device. There is only these two builds. I bought the device to try something new and I wanted to translate the IUNI OS ROM. Problem is: The CWM recovery is non touch and has a bug which causes backups not to work. The TWRP is version...
  8. H

    Thread [Q][IUNI][U3]How to resize/extend system partition capacity for IUNI U3?

    Hello Everyone, A lot of you may not be familiar with IUNI U3, a not famous Chinese android phone brand? My question is How to enlarge system partition of my IUNI U3? Information that i have collected about and endeavor on my device is as follows: Following...
  9. F

    Thread [Q] Not booting after build.prop change

    Hi I have IUNI U3 I wanted it to support google services, so i've followed some guide from this forum According to the guide, I had to change the ro.product.model Since then, the phone is not starting..even not fastboot : / I have a backup of the file inside the phone, but there are 2 main...
  10. O

    Thread Qualcomm Snapdragon imei repair Final

    Hi dear, İn Turkey genius men TESTANDROİDX, He solution Imei repair problem, You can find on google " TESTANDROİDX " very intersting, Now I follow him and try to Iuni U3 phone İmei repair problem I will write here what happens
  11. T

    Thread [Q] Iuni u3 and Iuni os

    I was just wondering if Iuni os offered any customisation whatsoever as I would find it pointless to get an android if it turnt out it was very similar to Apple. & if it doesn't are Ther any cool Rome for the Iuni u3 ???