1. X

    Thread USB-C 3.5mm jack adapter call with Sony WH1000XM3

    My USB-C 3.5mm jack adapter that was included with my Razer Phone won't work with my Sony WH1000XM3 in a call. All other sounds like ringtones, movies, music or Youtube work. But whenever I call or get a call I get the following results: The adapter works with a normal (in ear) headset on my...
  2. rambo6

    Thread Why I'm Disappointed with the Note 10 and Current Cell Phones in General

    I’ve been in love with electronic gadgets for years. I had the first Palm Pilot and the HTC Blue Angel, a great windows mobile phone with a keyboard. Many of you are probably too young to be familiar with these devices. Each year, and sometimes twice a year, I would get so excited to see...
  3. A

    Thread Problems with audio output

    My girlfriend's sony xperia xa ultra started malfunctioning today. When she connects an audio device using the headphone jack, it will not recognize that any device is connected and continue playing through the speakers. After rebooting the phone, it will use the external device normally. When...
  4. K

    Thread Reverse jack behavior

    Hi guys, I need your help or direction. My jack input behaves in opposite way it should work - when Im plugging headphones, my phone is not recognizing them, and when Im unplugging them my phone turns to headphones mode. I went to some service point, because I thought it could be a hardware, but...
  5. B

    Thread No voice, only music from headphone jack

    Hi All, I was in stock ROM. I suddenly started facing weird issue. When i listen to the songs through headphones, i can only listen to the music, i'm unable to hear the voice. I moved to custom ROM CM13 and still hitting same problem. I'm unable to figure out if it's hardware issue or the...
  6. AdamiX

    Thread USB-C MALE to 3,5mm JACK and female USB-C

    Hello, is it possible to get audio out from USB? Also is there any cable which can charge and have audio output? Thanks! something like this. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks
  7. minealex2244

    Thread [DISCUSSION]How to fix Jack server failing to build with error "Try jack-diagnose"

    [DISCUSSION]How to fix Jack server failing to build with error "Try jack-diagnose" Did you got this error while building with Jack? [ X% Y/Z] Building with Jack: /home/minealex2244/los/out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/framework_intermediates/with-local/classes.dex FAILED: /bin/bash...
  8. blinoff82

    Thread [Completed] [SOLVED] Buiding with ninja.

    Colleagues, there is one question about compilation. Earlier, compilation with ninja on my home PC take approximately 4 hours (my PC fairly weak). Compiling with f*ckjack script (Link) take approximately 6 hours. I can't say exactly when it happened, but after some update a build environment my...
  9. M

    Thread Right audio channel is not working after change motherboard

    My old mobo decode yourself(freezing, rebooting bootlooping etc) so I bought another one and after home disassembly/assembly I discover that right earphone is not working. So I checked the trs and the trrs - two types of headphones and I receive this same problem. I'm wondering that it is a...
  10. Slem34

    Thread Petition to keep the jack on the futur S8/S8 Edge !

    Hello all i will publish a petition to keep the jack on the futur Galaxy S8, i will publish the petition in 1 hour, i just have to know if someone have already hear a petition like this thanks ! And sorry for my English, nobody are perfect haha ;) Let's try to change the world guy's haha ...
  11. T

    Thread [GAME][2.3+]Jack N' Jill 3D - 3d isometric one button platformer

    Hey everyone, I'm excited to share my new game with you all. It's called Jack N' Jill 3D and it is a one button platformer. You choose any one of the titular characters and help them cross the level to reach the other. All of the actions in the game, like jumping and turning, are controlled...
  12. benbugohit

    Thread ze551ml - which external mic?

    Hello, I would like to purchase an external mic in order to record sessions with my band in good conditions. There are different choices concerning the jack. Does anyone now about one that is compatible with our zenfone 2? Thanks in advance!
  13. V

    Thread Audio jack problems

    A few weeks ago I dropped my phone about 6 inches onto a hard metal lamp. When it contacted I heard a loud squeal in the earbuds I was wearing. Now when I use the earbuds the audio files are muted, tinny and filled with static. It sounds like the headphone jack is not inserted all the way –...
  14. Fragmentation

    Thread Solution: Get Rid of Google Voice Search Popping In At Random While Using Headphones

    With the latest software update of my Sony Z5P I faced a really annoying issue, which essentially prevents me from listening to the music with the device. Symptoms are as following: during headphones connect or disconnect, or even slight movement of the jack in the audio port, volume randomly...
  15. F

    Thread [HW] Serious problem, the speakers working, headphones not!

    So i checked dozens times if the jack socket is ok and it is, also the motherboard pads looks ok, but i can't make any headphones to work anyway. They don't get detected, ones or twice they worked for 1 second, and then it's only rugg noise. no idea anymore. No any garbage inside. Everything...
  16. Al-Dazzlez

    Thread Note 4 earphone jack question/problem. Help/advice wanted for troubleshooting/fixing.

    Hi All. Have not posted on here in a LONG WHILE, but here goes: Recently I got my hands on a Note 4 (SM-N910S) (its one of those Korean models that have LTE-A X3) and when I first got my hands on it it was fine and all, but after a while, whatever earphone I plugged in, it sounded weird, and the...
  17. M

    Thread Audio jack failure

    Has anyone experienced complete failure of the audio jack? I'm trying to gauge the odds my replacement(s) will have the same issue after extensive jack usage.
  18. S

    Thread Mic is muted when aux/headphone is connected

    I tried making calls and recording audio when my aux cable is connected but the mic seems to be muted and people won't hear me even when I disconnect the cable. Is it happening to anyone else? I really hope I didn't get a defective device.
  19. chaotix000

    Thread [Q] Disable Headphone Jack

    My phone got wet last night and thankfully it looks as though everything still works but the phone thinks the headphones are plugged in. I cleaned it as much as I currently could and restarted it multiple timesbut the icon is still at the top and the sound from the phone will not play through...
  20. B

    Thread [Q][help] Ear Phones used to work

    Hey every one, When I first got my OPO my ear buds ( SOL Republic AMP HD) worked perfectly fine. After a few updates (I cant say which one for sure) my ear buds just became unusable in the phone. Symptoms: -Plugging in the headphones causes the volume to drop to 0 as if the volume down button...
  21. X

    Thread [Q] Nexus 6 headphone jack issue!

    Hey, phone is rooted and unlocked on stock rom, headphones with mic work fine but for some reason when using standard TRS aux lead in car and with DJ mixer, it still sends audio through phone speaker. So annoying. Especially as I DJ and was using my phone as a third audio source at a gig...
  22. C

    Thread [Q] G3 all audio through headphone jack

    This is actually for a friend but the problem is the phone seems to be confused because it is displaying the "audio jack is plugged in" icon on the status bar when there's nothing plugged in. The phone is non-rooted, pure stock and the problem just came up all of a sudden. No audio will come out...
  23. E

    Thread No Voice from Moto Voice while using audio cable?

    While using my phone on the car i plug in an audio cable to listen to music. The phone goes into driving mode as moto assist detects the movement (i guess), then i can say my phrase to wake up the phone, but the voice that reads me the messages and results is ultra ultra low, it is there, but I...
  24. L

    Thread Audio Issues when plugged into car First shortcoming I have found

    So ive got to say this phone has been pretty much awsome for the past 24 hours but I have found its first major short coming wondering if anybody else is having this issue. SO here is what happens. I happily plugged my note 4 into the aux audio jack in my car and then I plugged it into the car...
  25. B

    Thread Third party headphones issues

    Hi, has any of you tried using different headphones than the one supplied by LG? I've recently bought a brand new AKG headphones and after a couple weeks it looked like the connection got lost. At first I thought it was a problem with the headphones wire (I always break them) and asked for a...
  26. banciii

    Thread [Q] How can I block Spotify's autostart when connecting a jack?

    Hello! Does anybody know how can I block Spotify's autostart at jack connection? I am using a different music app for music listening and don't want to use Spotify all the time. I already blocked every permissions with the built-in app ops and also disabled every single Spotify service, but no...
  27. R

    Thread [Q] Z2 headphone jack tilted, anyone?

    I just found that when I plug in a head phone jack, the plug is not straight. It is tilted a bit to the right. Does anyone' Z2 has the same problem. There is no problem.in listening to the music but its a bit annoying when seeing it.
  28. L

    Thread Klick (Pressy clone)

    This is an additional hardware button for your android device that goes into your headphone jack. Not unlike the Pressy kick starter project. It's under $5 delivered from here http://www.dx.com/p/3-5mm-plug-shortcut-key-for-android-phone-silver-315648#.U2DYX3k_70x. I've ordered a couple to see...
  29. penta42

    Thread [Q] Using external microphone (2pin) without adaptator cable?

    Hello, I just bought Olympus M52W microphone. I have galaxy note 2 (rooted) and i would like to take videos using this microphone. At the moment, it works using a 3.5mm 4-Pin to 2x 3-Pin 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter but i was questionning if it is possible to record sound without it. As I...
  30. V

    Thread Not the normal headphone jack issues...

    I'm having trouble with my headphone jack. Audio only comes out if I start the sound on the speaker and then plug in. If I start with the headphones in I get nothing. Its odd. Running the new AOKP. Has been an issue since before that though. Not the usual static or tight jack problem.:confused:
  31. B

    Thread [Q]

    Hi All, I'm working on an app project which requires an android device that MUST have: A headset jack, 3.5mm with microphone line in (not just headphone out) A MicroSD or 32GB+ Storage I know most phones have this, my Xperia Z1 has it. But for some reason most tablets don't, like my 1st gen...
  32. darks1der

    Thread [Q] Head Phone Jack Stopped working

    I seen to be having an issue in regards to the Head Phone Jack on my HTC one. It was working fine untill a few days ago, when out of nowhere the Jack stopped working. I have tested the Headphones on multiple devices and can confirm its not the Headphones. I have also tried multiple roms to...
  33. G

    Thread [DIY] Sound from PC to android and PC headset to android

    DIY adapter to use your PC headset in your android :cyclops: You will need - 2 female TRS - 1 male TRRS - Wires! I strongly recommend USB wires Ok just weld everything... yes is simple. But how :silly:? Take a look in the pics. "The original TRRS configuration was created by Nokia and has a...
  34. RudyH246

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth Audio through Wireless Connection AND Headphone Jack

    Hey there. I've looked around and seen several threads about this topic, but haven't seen any with an actual answer for contemporary Android. I'm running CM10.1 on my HTC EVO 4G LTE. I have a computer (Win7) desk with speakers on one side of the room, and my HDTV with bookshelf speakers on the...
  35. I

    Thread [Q] Very low volume when earphone is plugged in on my S3

    Hi. I am having a trouble with my S3 right now. I am getting a very low volume when I plug my earphone on my S3. The volume setting is at max. I've tried 3 different earphone and my speaker's audio jack and still the same problem. I am not having this issue last month. Only got this issue this...
  36. sykomaniac

    Thread [ROM] [4.3] [31/10/13] BeanStalk Build 4.3.1015

    Like what you see? Click the thanks button or Donate to scott.hart.bti by clicking HERE Feature List.... Its a long one and growing every day! CM based Lockscreen background options (Colour fill, Custom image, Transparent) Customizable Lockscreen text colour Lockscreen rotation Option...
  37. Z

    Thread [Xperia S] Plugged headphones when unplugged

    Guys, did anyone had the same problem as below? I bought new Xperia S two days ago and I'm really annoyed because of this. Device recognizes headphones as plugged when they are unplugged. I tried to reset, restart and plug/unplug headphones many times. What can be the reason? And maybe solution...
  38. J

    Thread [Q] Headphone jack problem

    My headphone jack keeps going out!! And then i have to twist the head phone's jack to get it to work! Then it goes out again!!! Its not the headphones, because i tried my friends and it did the same thing! I also tried my headphones on his iPad and they work perfectly! Its something wrong with...
  39. Leon

    Thread Headphones Jack issue

    From yesterday i have this problem...The jack not aways working and im not shure that is from the software or the hardware ? Anyone else meet this problem ?
  40. P

    Thread Really thin 3.5mm Audio Jack

    Ok so here's my predicament. The way I can plug my phone's audio into my car is through a 3.5mm plug into the headphone jack. This wire is coming out from behind the stereo unit and I have to completely remove the unit if I wanted to put a different wire in back there which would be a major...
  41. FightingChance

    Thread [Q] Headphone/aux jack sad trombone

    Looks like this is just not such a prominent issue (but may be related to the 'headphone jack buzz') but here it is - even when positively connected, movement of the headphone connector causes the signal to either crackle or the headphones icon to disappear completely, as if I had removed the...
  42. zortheck

    Thread Headphone jack damage headphones plug

    Hey guys... first sorry for bad english, Well, the fact is that... the headphone jack of my phone always damages the plug of my headphones, all headphones I've had, (It is heard well but in and out very easy)... don't know if my OB is the only one who does this... Let me know if you have...
  43. 4

    Thread XMP: Strange hardware problem with JACK

    Hi there, I've got really strange problem with my XPERIA MINI PRO - when I plug in the headphones, the phone wouldn't recognize them. Only if I've had them plugged before BOOT of my phone. So, when Iam turning on / rebooting my phone with plugged phones, they're working and recognized, but when...
  44. J

    Thread [Solved]Mic Input in Headphone Jack For Use with Square Card Reader?

    I was wondering if the Nexus 7 supports Microphone Input via the Headphone Jack? Mainly I'd want this for the possibility of using a Square Mobile Payment Card Reader. Anybody tried using it for such a purpose yet? EDIT: joelee100 gave me my needed clue. I'll post back with a confirmation once...
  45. SnakeManJayd

    Thread Replacing the headphone jack port

    So, On the bus ride home today, I was in a rush getting off the bus and my headphone cable got caught and pulled quite hard on the phone. The jack popped out, so when I was on solid ground I put the jack back in and pressed play on my podcast but nothing happened. I pushed the headphone jack to...
  46. K

    Thread [Q] Work around the omtp and trrs handsfree issue??

    I was wondering the other day when i was using my Jabra Rythm in-ear headset (the ones with a mic), that when we are having a hardware solution (pretty expensive IMHO) for converting from TRRS to OMTP standard, (for those who are confused its the workaround when you use a apple/any headset with...
  47. X

    Thread [Q] Head phone jack not working?

    Hi all, For a long time, my headphone jack was giving me issues. Before I would just have to wiggle around the headphone plug and it would work. But gradually, the problem got worse and worse, and now even wiggling won't fix it. Now the headphone jack basically won't work at all. Of course...
  48. E

    Thread [Q] Please Help Ubuntu Chroot-JACK for Audio Production (Pulseaudio working)

    Hello, I've installed Ubuntu Chroot and re-doctored my Touchpad numerous times and now, thanks to some of the fine members here, I have Pulseaudio working in Ubuntu. However most of the pro audio software (Rosegarden, Ardour, Hydrogen) require Jack. The regular JACK/QJACKCTL version of JACK...
  49. H

    Thread [Q] Acer Iconia A500 headphone jack issue

    Hey guys I was wondering if anybody else has had this issue occur with their device, recently my A500 has been playing audio from the speakers and headphones at the same time. This only happens on 2 out of 5 times, and when it does all I have to do is unplug the headphones and plug them back in...
  50. S

    Thread [Q] Headphone Jack Issues?

    recently, when i plud in my headphones there is only one volume, i cant make it go any louder or any softer. but once its on silent it shuts off completely, anyone have this problem as well?