1. optimumpro

    Thread [ROM][11.0_r67]JAGUAR ONEPLUS 8T OFFICIAL V32 Updated May 7, 2023

    TELEGRAM CHANNEL ADDED: HERE TELEGRAM CHAT GROUP: HERE See important discussion about Kernel Updates and Security: here Jaguar is available on locked bootloader with working root (Magisk) VERSION 19 FIXES SAFETYNET ISSUES WHEN USING MAGISK 24.3 See complete instructions Here You can actually...
  2. optimumpro

    Thread [Rom] JAGUAR PIE OnePlus 5 OFFICIAL - Updated December 15

    Official Telegram link: This is Jaguar Pie, a continuation of Jaguar Oreo. The project aims at hardening of Android and Linux kernel + performance. In addition to all familiar Pie features, Jaguar has: 1. Hardened bionic (which is responsible for C+/C++...
  3. J

    Thread Which camera app do you prefer on Jaguar ROM?

    Hi! I've just unlocked my bootloader and flashed the Jaguar Rom. I like it very much, but opening the camera app came with it was quite a disappointment. There are very few settings and autofocus is.. well.. not the best. So i'm wondering if you guys know about any well tested, good performing...