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japanese phone

  1. X

    Thread Japanese Pixel 3 bootloader unlock

    So long story short, I've decided to get myself a used Pixel 3 and the shop where I'm going to get it from said that its a carrier Japanese model. From what I know, the Verizon model does not allow for OEM unlocking, so can anyone let me know if the Softbank/Docomo/AU variant of the phone allows...
  2. C

    Thread [Q] Buying cell phone in Japan

    Hi guys So, I got a friend that is going to Japan next month and I thought that she can buy me a new cell phone (galaxy s4 or xperia ZR) there. I've been reading on the net that it is really difficult to buy a cell phone or even a sim card if you are no resident. It depends on the store that...
  3. 13770147

    Thread First Android 4.0 mobile phone in Japan

    On 24th Of Feb, SoftBank Mobile, has released first Android 4.0 mobile phone called AQUOS PHONE 104SH made by Sharp. As you know, Japanese mobile phone can be used only Japan because of unnecessary or unused functions for other countries, sim lock and so on. But, the company , Sharp, is...