1. D

    Thread How to compile one Java library only from /external directory in AOSP

    I am doing some modifications to okhttp library in AOSP. The library exists in this location in in AOSP: /external/okhttp I know that the library will become a jar file okhttp.jar after I compile the AOSP. but compiling the whole AOSP take a long time. So I am wondering if there is an easy way...
  2. R

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Kudesnik Archiver [ZIP, RAR, JAR, 7Z]

    Light archive manager "Kudesnik". Formats: ZIP, JAR, RAR, 7-ZIP. Create and decompress archives. Download
  3. M

    Thread [Q] What are the 'small' files linked with the Video app?

    Hi there, Can someone name the files that are linked with the Video app? (SecVideo.apk in /system/priv-app). With 'small' files, I mean the lib files, the jar files, etc. Would be glad if someone could list these files to me. Thanks, RoyaLKurTx3
  4. mbc07

    Thread [Script] [Unmaintained] Quick Deodex Tool (v1.0.2)

    Due ART changes, Quick Deodex doesn't work with Android Lollipop/Marshmallow/Nougat ROMs. I might update this script some day, but due other priorities and lack of time, this tool is currently unmaintained. Well, if you ever tried to deodex a single APK file you should know how tricky this...
  5. gade12

    Thread [Library] ViewPager

    Hi guys. I am going to try to explain the scene of this library. HC/ICS and above are android versions that are in more than 75% of all android smartphones... This can cause one scene, you want to develop an application to HC/ICS or above... Your application need to use ViewPager, this is...
  6. P

    Thread [Q] Manually Deodex and Odex back -help needed

    Love the write up here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1208320 Trying to follow it and I keep getting the device to boot, however, the Settings icon (Settings.apk and Settings.odex) are what I modified on an Asus Transformer Prime. I do believe it has to do with signature...
  7. D

    Thread [Q] Decompile JAR files on odexed ROMs

    Can someone please help me? It's driving me up the wall. I have the stock XILA2 ROM. I'm trying to decompile framework.jar but smali doesn't work for this. I tried using 7zip but to no avail. How do I get the smali files for this?
  8. C

    Thread [Q] Installing .apk.jar files on SGS.

    Hey guys, Im really sorry to bother you with this and I bet there has been plenty of threads about this, but Im still clueless. I got a few files with the ending .apk.jar and for the life of me I can't get them installed. I found this site where you can get an apk from a jar or jad file, but I...
  9. untermensch

    Thread [TOOL] Auto-Deodexer/ROM builder - UPDATED 02/04/2011

    this script is based on the work to Danesham90 and others see link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=598026 =============================================================================== Tested on the Samsung Vibrant, Script may need modification for other phones...
  10. A

    Thread Java Emulator for running Java Apps

    The stock HTC ROM on Legend has a Java emulator which lets us run .jar apps. When I rooted the phone and moved to CyanogenMod, I missed the ability to run java applications (some popular e-commerce apps in India only have Java apps). I tried NetMite's GetApk service and J2ME Runner, which are...
  11. E

    Thread [Q] Java (.jar) execution

    Hi folk, wanna run a .jar file on my device. Is there any chance i can end up running such kind of files? Up to now my GT opens .jar as an archive; no execution at all! Thanks
  12. freelancer81

    Thread Convert Java Appz & Gamez for Touchscreen!!!

    I came upon this useful app which I think might brighten your mobile life: A tool to convert any jar file to respond to the touchscreen. It is very simple:) - Run the program and using the button "Open JAR" open the jar file games. - Then make the choice on the phone model from which this...
  13. D

    Thread downloading jar files into handset

    I can add a jar file into the apk package, however if multiple apps are using the same jar, ideally it should placed under /system. The jar file is not really activities (so using intents/providers is not applicable here) but may contain some commonly utils by my apps. This is somewhat similar...
  14. D

    Thread adding new jar files to system.img

    For the developer device, what is the recommended way to add new jar files to /system/frameworks and .so files to /system/lib So far .. tried building the new system img from the source. did fastboot flash system system.img fastboot reboot The device hangs .. shows the static android robo...