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    Thread [Q] Surface RT - I may have found a way to run exe - only one question

    I may have found a way to run exe - only one question Long story short, does Surface RT run Executable Jar File (.jar)...???? If yes, I will post the download link in xda. Note the download link will be able to be downloaded through mega.co.nz.... For Security Reasons. Update 27/01/2013...
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    Thread [Q] run .jar application on p500

    hi there.i want to run a .jar application on my p-500 phone. is there any way?i thried the get apk from netmite site you suggested to another user but the app isnt working correctly. my p500 is unrooted. with the 2.3 android official.
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    Thread [Q] Installing .apk.jar files on SGS.

    Hey guys, Im really sorry to bother you with this and I bet there has been plenty of threads about this, but Im still clueless. I got a few files with the ending .apk.jar and for the life of me I can't get them installed. I found this site where you can get an apk from a jar or jad file, but I...
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    Thread System Volume

    After trying to do this, I messed up my phone. It no longer alerts me when I recieve text messages. Also, it won't let me go into my Sound settings from the Setting option. Someone please help! What is the default value to those two parameters? Thank you in advance!