1. M

    Thread [Q] Jbed

    Hey, I was just wondering if any of you had problems installing Jbed on your Minis. Mine doesn't seem to work, and I could really use some help. :( I already tried google-ing and it turned up a tutorial(place libjbedvm.so in /system/lib and Jbed.apk in /system/app), but when I run Java it just...
  2. mohammadN

    Thread [APP][JBED][UPDATE][run j2me app on android device]for gingerbread

    In the name of Allah hi there, Jbed an app to running java mid-let on Android device. installation: download Jbed.apk from attachment and install it. if last section not working for you, download Jbed.zip and flash it with CWM! I created a signed flash-able package for easy install it...
  3. Quinny899

    Thread [Q] JBed Arrow Control

    I have downloaded JBed (Java emulator) for Android 2.3 SwiftDroid and when I install a .jar file for an old button control phone I cannot control it because it does not have arrow control. It worked on 2.2 and had grey arrows on top of it for control. Can anybody work out how to get them on? I...
  4. C

    Thread [Q] I don't know the right "word" for this problem

    Hi Everyone, First of all I apologies for my bad English. I got my Gen8 5 days ago and I use it mainly for my work. I can access some files in my company's internal website by clicking some "icon". It works fine on my PC/netbook, when I click on the "icon", it pop up a window and ask me to...
  5. A

    Thread [Q] anybody got jbed working in nand rom?

    wifes desire (telstra rom) came with jbed installed, so i copied the three files needed for it, jbed.apk, odex and libjbedvm.so and pushed them via adb to my nand stock desire rom on the hd2. I can't get it to work, I can't even find the icon in the apps list. any other version found on the net...
  6. whiteguypl

    Thread [Q] jbed.apk running on 2.2?

    Search lead me to a Chinese site not sure I trust the apk. Gzl-jbed-2.2.apk, any ideas or opinions? I have years worth of java apps id love to be able to use on this phone. I'm running cog2.3b6 if your wondering.
  7. svprm

    Thread Jbed for Mini Pro

    Jbed working on x10 Mini Pro. Hope this will work on Mini also Download the files here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7104312&postcount=3 First install the jbed.apk Then copy the libjbedvm.so to /system/lib using root explore or adb. Working only on Landscape. Don't kniw why...
  8. J

    Thread Java J2ME for WM

    Who can tel me if the Java Midlets platform JBED (by Esmertec) implements the JSR 179 for Location applications ? Thanks
  9. L

    Thread Jbed Throwing NoClassDefFoundError

    Hello All, I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this problem. First a little background. I am currently trying to develop a Java application to run on an HTC 6800 with Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. It is basically and app which allows you to control WinAmp remotely using...
  10. F

    Thread where to get jbed aka. java box by esmertec

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering where to get that java box for the hero phone ( like in the modaco Rom) Thanks in advance!
  11. R

    Thread JBed 2009 on S740: is it possible?

    Hi Anybody tried to install that JBed version [visit this thread for normal and SD version (page 11)] on this smartphone? Has it got some key issues ("2,4,6,8 hold" bug) ? I would like buy it, but i need to know if this program works :p thanks in advance :D
  12. M

    Thread Major Java MIDlet manager update: now, parallel execution possible under Jbed etc.

    Esmertec, developers of the Jbed MIDlet manager, are constantly releasing newer versions of their environment in various Windows Mobile models. These new managers are, then, quickly get mirrored as self-standing, standalone, downloadable and installable installers over the Internet (and, most...
  13. Donny Bahama

    Thread Opera Mini - help please

    Just reinstalled my ROM (faria R32 clean) and need to reinstall Jbed and Opera Mini. I'm trying to install OM 4.2 and having a really tough time of it... First OM I downloaded was apparently for a Smartphone because only Dpad and soft buttons worked. (Screen taps did nothing.) Going to OM site...
  14. T

    Thread [REF] Foxtel Mobile TV GUIDE (Australia) on HTC Touch HD & Jbed

    I have succeeded in: - downloading the Foxtel Mobile TV Guide - making it work on my HTC Touch HD - stopping it from prompting me for "permissions" every time it runs. - creating a direct shortcut to the application This allows me to send remote-record instructions to my Foxtel iQ2 set top...
  15. defcomg

    Thread JavA Manger From HP IPaq 900

    mayb someone can rip suns Java Manager which sound more powerful than jbed since the creator of java made duh read more here http://msmobiles.com/news.php/7476.html
  16. mainstang

    Thread opera mini in full screen? sorry did some searching

    I was trying to figure out how to make opera mini open in full screen. I have the att wm6 rom and midlet manager for java. I want a way to make opera take up the entire screen like ie when you select full screen. I have search and I think it has something to do with my java midlet. I tried...