1. Manav Harsana

    Thread [WIKI/FAQ/ADDONS][COS-9.x] The CeruleanOS 9.x Thread

    Wiki _________________________________________ Thread Log Update 1 [18/04/2023]: Added ROM and Thread Update 2 [29/04/2023]: Changed the Thread to FAQ/Wiki Thread for COS 9.x series as JCS has merged with COS. Update 3 [29/04/2023]: Added Info on Release 1.6 and changed release version from...
  2. gravitycodegravity

    Thread Jelly Poppy - Runner Games

    Run, Poppy, run! Have fun with Jelly Poppy - Runner: Running New Games 2020. Run your tiny feet off, complete challenging levels and unlock amazing sceneries. You may choose among three super cute characters - Jelly Poppy, Rabby the Rabbit, Polly the Chicken. Enjoy endless runs in the jelly...
  3. Z

    Thread How to unroot / flash stock rom - Jelly 2 smartphone

    Hello together, I've rooted my Jelly 2 smartphone and unlocked its bootloader (using MAGISK). It worked well and I gained root access. After that, I am not very happy with it and I want to undo it again (pls dont question that). As I am quiet a newbie in rooting, I don't really know how to...
  4. R

    Thread Jelly 2 firmware made available by Unihertz

    A post to let people interested in small Android phones know that the firmware of the Jelly 2 has been made available by Unihertz. Would be great if a LineageOS version of this could be made.
  5. Lukyno

    Thread Jelly scrolling display issue

    Did anyone notice jelly scrolling on your display -> similar to OP5 case? -> I did some research and came to this conclusion: It's actually not a problem. It's kind of FEATURE. Or flaw to be precise. AMOLED display are causing this issue...
  6. johnnynmonic

    Thread Jelly by Unihertz - the smallest 4g Phone Ever

    Is there a sub forum for the Jelly yet? Want to see the ROMs that come out.
  7. mayanxoni

    Thread [APK][LOS14.1]Jelly Browser[DISCONTINUED]

    Hi! After LineageOS has been merged with Android-7.1.2_R8, new builds feature several changes, including an all-new browser called Jelly. It mainly targets low-end Android devices and replaces the older AOSP browser. I came to know about it out after compiling the new source for building a ROM...
  8. N

    Thread [GAME][4.0.3+] Jelly Pop 2 - new version of best match 2 Android game!

    Jelly Pop free - One of best match 2 jelly game on Android now has version 2 which new game modes, deluxe graphics, new characters and lots of spectacular features. Play this sugar game, watch jelly dance, and enjoy unlimited levels through the candyland - dreamy kingdom that has tons of yummy...
  9. A

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Super Jelly Boy - Run and Jump on Walls! .... Have Feedback?

    Hello everyone! I want to share with you a new game for Android!, Super Jelly Boy is a fun platformer where you have to collect all the keys to open the door and complete the level, the player runs automatically and can jump on walls. The game is still improving so any feedback is welcomed...
  10. N

    Thread [Free Game][2.3+] Cookie Star - Sweetest match 3 game

    Play the sweetest match 3 game & enjoy the full-of-fun hours in cookie world! Cookie Star is a totally fresh new match-3 puzzle with cute characters, delicious cakes & well-designed gameplay. Switch and match 3 or more cookies to help Alice collect her yummy cakes and punch the Spy Mouse that...
  11. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread [MOD/PORT] [ICS] [Tipo] XGO XPERIAnce

    TRUE XPERIA GO ICS XPERIENCE This [MOD/PORT] Includes: Requirements: Instructions: Credits: I've been tested only on Xperia Tipo ICS 11.0.A.4.27 and Deodexed ROM (Gimlo) and works at 100% with no bugs, install and report. Download and Screenshots: XPERIAnce Libs XPERIAnce For a...
  12. Naney

    Thread ROM -- NEVISP (Corsifame2) -- S6810P -- JB 4.1.2

    WARNING: DO NOT QUOTE ALL THE OP PLEASE! DISCLAIMER I am not responsible for bricked devices, loss of data, dead SD cards. IT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO TRY THIS. NANE PACKAGE Designed for performance and duration Stock XXAMJ1 firmware based Debloated Deodexed Zipaligned Themed Tweaked...
  13. G

    Thread [ROM] Stock Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310N 4.1.2 Rooted Deodexed

    I just thought I would post this here. We need ROMS for the Galaxy Young GT-S6310N. Idk if there is any real difference between this and GT-S6310. This is the stock deodexed rooted ROM of the device. Lets make ROMS out of this! [NO longer dl link available, check GlassROM Young!]
  14. S

    Thread [Q]from a Mac, root galaxy s3 sph-l710 w/ 4.3 jelly

    I know there is way to root my galaxy s3 sph-l710 with 4.3 jelly bean (knox) using odin and CF-Auto-Root on windows. But I want to know if there is a way to do it from a mac (OSX). thanks.

    Thread JellyBeanize(4.2/4.3) Galaxy Y (SOLID ONE)

    Steps for doing it as I've done-- 1)Install - Cod ROM, Creed's ROM, Evo X3, or Hyperion 8/7 (GOOGLE IT) 2)Install jellybean theme(CWM Flashable) from - 3) Install Link2SD (Search on Playstore or use any system app uninstaller) 4) Install...
  16. H

    Thread [Q]Best JB Rom with working BT? (or alternative CM9)

    Hey guys, ive been running CM9 on my touchpad for ages but want to move to a JB rom. Im going to be using my Touchpad as a media device for outdoor speakers i have in my patio so i can walk around and change music as need be (instead of having to go inside where the receiver is to change music...
  17. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen Statusbar problem

    Hello guys, can someone tell me how to fix this
  18. G

    Thread [ROM][CM10.1][JB422][GIO] Galaxian R2

    This is a skinjob, nothing more and nothing less. This rom has the inner workings of CM10.1 but looks like the S3/S4 on the outside (see shots). I had made this for my daughters phone, and it turned out quite well, so I thought to share it here with my xda fellows ! The rom source used for...
  19. AGoogleUser

    Thread 4.0 vs 4.1 vs 4.2?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering something... I recently went back to full stock without root using Wugs toolkit because I accidentally formatted my sdcard :sad: Of course I went back to stock with the latest firmware for my Toro+ (4.2.1), and I must say it is the smoothest and most bug-free...
  20. FranciscoGool

    Thread [PORT][FINAL][U/Sola/P][ICS]Walkman Mechanism & Walkman Engine 4[07/12/13]

    Hi Friends!!! I present my final version about my mod Walkman JB for ICS. The new update solved all bugs respectWalkman Engine JB 3. ¡¡¡ This is the first stable Walkman JB Port !!! ¡¡¡ xLoud fully Working !!! ¡¡¡ ClearAudio+ fully Working !!! ¡¡¡ Great quality sound and clarity on handset...
  21. D

    Thread [GAPPS] [Unofficial] 4.2.2 - 20130810 - v6 - dabotsonline

    [GAPPS] [Unofficial] 4.2.2 - 20130810 - v6 - dabotsonline *** PLEASE NOTE *** IT WIPES DATA! I have tested v6 and it seems to work fine. Launcher2 and Exchange Services may Force Close a few times but after that it should be OK. HOWEVER Please don’t attack me if it bricks your phone...
  22. FranciscoGool

    Thread [MOD][XU] "Final Themes for ICS V.2.0" [NEW LED bar Colors][Xperia Jelly Bean Style]

    [MOD][XU] "Final Themes for ICS V.2.0" [NEW LED bar Colors][Xperia Jelly Bean Style] Hi Friends… This is my new work, now something about of this mod ;) Please, read all thread :D INFO: REQUERIMENTS: CHANGELOG: COLORS INFO: -All led bar notifications colors: -All accent...
  23. tiestobunio

    Thread [ROM][AOSP/CM][JB] |4.1.2|CM10|JellyBlur X |V3|Lupus/nAa/FXP -kernel [06/09/2013]

    Hi there! Today I present to you my first project with AOSP / CM Rom is the base on sources like AOSP and CM. You can count on it that will surprise you as stability and performance. Very well suited for players as well as for everyday users who send SMS or call. I guess you wonder why I did...
  24. noe4516

    Thread [Q] Will S3 mini get Android 4.2.2?

    Just curious. Will our Samsung Galaxy S3 mini get official Android 4.2.2 update from Samsung?
  25. elartista3390

    Thread [ROM] Jelly Bean 4.2[04/06/13]

    AOKP 4.2.2 this is a version 2.1 AOKP taken from the mixture of two AOKP with Evervolv and optimized in a way that constantly releases kernel memory, flash on your responsibility.the gapps are included. not working: .wifi tether .camcoder hboot recommended: 250/10. V 2.2 -update to last...
  26. manudo

    Thread Any bugs with the unofficial stock ROM for Xperia Sola?

    Just that question, is there a bug because is not originally for that phone. D:
  27. manudo

    Thread Upgrading to Jelly Bean unroot the phone?

    A short question, does that happen? If I upgrade I have to wait a way to root in Jelly Bean ROM later?
  28. darkguy2008

    Thread [Q] Brand new Iconia A500, want to get JB on it but wanna be on the safe road

    Hey guys :) I'm a happy owner of a new Iconia A500 bought from Amazon :P. It isn't brand-new but new-enough-for-me lol. It seems it was updated by OTA or something because it has Android ICS 4.0.3 on it. Tech info: Model: A500 Android version: 4.0.3 Kernel version: Image version...
  29. Bill720

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to prevent text message from being sent by pressing "enter" in JB?

    [Q] Is it possible to prevent text message from being sent by pressing "enter" in JB? I recently moved from a custom GB ROM to a Jellybean one, and one of the most annoying things about it is the fact that in the stock text messaging application, pressing "enter" now sends the message instead...
  30. Action123

    Thread Really screwed up this time...

    Well guys, I seem to have really done it this time. I was on 4.1.2 (9.16.6) on my HDMaxx and I was having problems gaining my root access. I used Voodoo to keep root and downgraded (while I was still on 4.1.1) back to 4.0.4 and gained root, then updated all the way back up. When I did the update...
  31. Z

    Thread [Q] Q I Cant update to JB?

    I unlocked my bootloader and i read that we shouldnt accept OTA updates once we unlock so does this basically mean i cant update to JB now? or do i have to do a workaround? custom ROM? any help is appreciated.
  32. DiRT_360

    Thread [ROOT] How to Root after Jelly Bean OTA

    HOW TO HAVE ROOT AFTER JELLY BEAN OTA "Only for those who did OTARootKeeper process and still have no root." For those who did OTARootKeeper process, and is not able to have root working properly. I did all this after breaking my head for a few hours. Many are in this same situation that I...
  33. S

    Thread [Q] Getting from an early ICS leak ROM to the JB OTA?

    Hi guys, my mom has the Droid 4. I initially put her on the ICS leak 6.16.208 when it first came out. When the official ICS release (I think it was .219 or something) came out in August, since the .208 leak was working fine for her, I just left her phone alone. Now I see that there's finally a...
  34. O

    Thread [Q] JB questaion

    Good day i was checking the JB rom for sensation but all rom are with out sens,, any one know why ??
  35. MaxFTW

    Thread [ROM] JB REMIX 3.0.0 | Fastest | Best Battery | OTA | Sense 5 Theme | << 13 February

    [ROM] JB REMIX 3.0.0 | Fastest | Best Battery | OTA | Sense 5 Theme | << 13 February OVER 1500 DOWNLOADS OF 3.0! THANKS, GUYS! [SIZE="6"]Click "THANKS" button and rate the thread 5-star!
  36. carepack

    Thread [26/02][INDEX] Stock FWs 9070 & P || JB [ITV] I9070ITVLQ5 || ROM Links || D-H.ST

    on sammobile new firmware - Netherlands gt-i9070 I9070P related Roms in second post CHANGELOG...
  37. R

    Thread [Q] Jelly Bean FLASH FAILURE!! AAAH!

    Well, I feel like there's no way out of this one.... I updated to JB on my XT912 about a few months ago and now I got a flash failure. I can't use RSD Lite or RazrUtility because they don't work with JB. What do I do???!!!! AHhhhhhhh!!:mad:
  38. alen1901

    Thread [THEME] 6.7.2013. FINAL!! Black theme for CRESPO JellyShot ROM v5

    Black theme for CRESPO JellyShot v5 Final is up! So, some of you guys allready know that there is my black theme for JellyShot rom made by Articudos. Now i got some time and decided to open a new thread for it. Ofcourse, link to this thread will be in my signature and posted in roms thread...
  39. bluechelsea

    Thread [Q] Is jelly bean less hungry than ics?

    Is jelly bean lighter and does it need less resources than ics? if yes, then why wouldn't some phone (xperia arc,arc s etc) get jelly bean update even though they got ics?
  40. KonfusedGeek

    Thread [Q] Lagging after Jelly Bean OTA Update

    I updated my galaxy note n8000 to Jelly Bean N8000DDBLL2 through the OTA update. The tab has been quite laggy since then, specially when it wakes up from deep sleep and in a different rotation than when it went to sleep (example - when put to sleep, the ui was in landscape orientation and when...
  41. Dr01nE

    Thread [02/14/13 v1.3A UPDATE][THEME][GB] Holo Bean Theme for Galaxy Ace 2

    Holo Bean Theme for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT-I8160 Mod edit: Links removed at OP's request WARNING!:For Deodexed ROMs only! [/SIZE] v1.3a SCREENSHOTS v1.1 - v1.2 Default Battery Stock Jelly Bean Battery Lucid Dream v2 Battery B Version A Version Settings Other Screens...
  42. carl1961

    Thread [ROM ][11 MAY][UrDroid][HTC One X AT&T][Stock][JB][OTA][Odexed] BASE 3.17.841.9

    Stock HTC One X EVITA UrDroid Stock, Odexed OTA_EVITA Telstra WWE 3.17.841.9 RUNNING ON AT&T HTC One X QUICK LINK-------------------------------------------------------->>>>>> UrDroid HTC One X evita 2.0 Update *Updated back to Telstra (Good...
  43. Adam77Root

    Thread [DEV][BETA-2.4] CyanogenMod 10.1 - A77R builds

    Hi everybody! You might already know me. I develop CM for the SGR. Here I give you my builds of CyanogenMod 10.1 (based on Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean) for the Samsung Captivate Glide (SGH-I927). As I do not own the device, I need some testers first to confirm! Do have a backup! For general...
  44. rugglez

    Thread [ROM][JB][17 FEB] MIUIv4 3.2.8 for Unlocked ICS bootloader (unofficial)

    Presenting MIUIv4 Jellybean (4.1.2) 3.2.8 for the new bootloader :D (unofficial) Read this post entirely before using the ROM or asking any questions! Firstly, I want to thank Ricardo for all his work on CM for our phone. Since this ROM uses CM10 as base, it would not be possible without...
  45. Adam77Root

    Thread [Nightlies] Official CyanogenMod 10.1

    Hi everybody! This is the development thread of CyanogenMod 10.1 (based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean) for the Samsung Galaxy R (GT-I9103). For general discussion and Q&A: head to this thread. What works: Mobile network (2G/3G switch and network selection as well) Data connection Data usage...
  46. S

    Thread Jelly bean & Mac usb mounting solution

    Since updating to Jelly bean many mac users are finding they cannot mount there phone to the mac to transfer files due to MTP Google have their own mac app that allows mounting. Found it today, works a treat. Haven't seen...
  47. igotlostintampa

    Thread Anyone notice the odd graphical glitches in the keyboard?

    After going through and obtaining s-off updating my radio, and installing OMJ's Jelly bean release. Im having a very strange Graphical glitch in the keyboard, worked fine for a few minutes until i tried to enable the swype feature in HTC's keyboard like ive always had it. Now, i cant see any...
  48. MaxFTW

    Thread [TOOL]==Ultimate ROM Tool== | 28 December | AROMA | Unleash your One X+! << Version 3

    [TOOL]==Ultimate ROM Tool== | 28 December | AROMA | Unleash your One X+! << Version 3 [CENTER][FONT="Century Gothic"]
  49. MaxFTW

    Thread [TOOL]==Ultimate ROM Tool== | 28 December | AROMA | Unleash your One X! << Version 3

    [TOOL]==Ultimate ROM Tool== | 28 December | AROMA | Unleash your One X! << Version 3 [CENTER][FONT="Century Gothic"]
  50. frapeti

    Thread [CM10] In progress (China)

    EXTERNAL LINK ScreenShots: