1. alex_ncfc

    Thread Xperia Overlay Lollipop 5.0.2 - install help

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me? I have my old Xperia S and will need to use it for a little while, but it's completely stock (6.2.B.1.96) and isn't even rooted. I wanted to put the (now free) Xperia Overlay Lollipop version onto it, because I've realised so so many apps are no longer...
  2. Y

    Thread Help upgrading from JellyBean

    Hi, I'm currently on 4.3 and some apps are now no longer supported and I'd like to get to the latest version. Can anyone help me with the process? I'm not sure whether I need to go to KitKat, Lollipop and then Marshmallow, or if I can do a direct copy. I'm slightly wary of doing this because...
  3. r2dak

    Thread How to can i unbrick my Old Samsung Galaxy Phone?

    hello, i have this old Samsung galaxy young GT-S6312 Running JB 4.1.2 . i was using it as my secondary phone. and yesterday it just stopped Working. when i pulled it out my pocket it was switched off and when i tried to on it, it would go to the very beginning of Samsung animation(i could only...
  4. pcwizzy37

    Thread CyanogenMod boot animation with sound

    Hey guys, I made a bootanimation binary with sound support. I built this for Android 4.2.2 (CM10.1). It uses the stagefright binary to play the audio, so make sure you have it. The prebuilt binary is for armv7 devices download/source: You can also...
  5. X

    Thread [Guide]Emulate KitKat style Immersive mode on JellyBean

    Hello guys, since most people with jellybean rom want to have Kitkat's immersive mode but that option is not available and enabling expanded desktop mode from gravity box [JB] makes apps go full screen but unable to swipe status bar like in kitkat, I decided to create this thread for users who...
  6. fizzingbees

    Thread note 2 gt-n7100 stock 4.1.2 firmware confusion

    admins and moderators .i have been unable to find the related thread so please move this thread if it already exists. i want to download stock 4.1.2 jellybean firmware for my gt-n7100 phone from sammobile. but the results for my country/region are confusing....see here...
  7. Crossvxm

    Thread Any opinions about updating or leaving as is?

    Recently received one of these Note 10.1 in a silly trade, and it is in great shape, etc. It is still on 4.1.2, official, with the official bootloader for it as well (no KNOX). I know how things go as far as KNOX bootloader and such and wanted opinions on updating or not. I read some features...
  8. Saber

    Thread [KERNEL][UNOFFICIAL][LINARO]DorimanX JB 4.1.X - 4.3.X

    Unofficial DorimanX builds by gsstudios (The resurrection of jellybean kernels) Development has been discontinued due to commitment to lollipop roms The Background: DorimanX development has stopped for a while now. I've been a long term dorimanx user, but I felt that a lot of...
  9. J

    Thread [ROM][MT6572][4.2.2] Avvio Advanced ROM

    #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  10. M

    Thread [Q] Question: Can I use 4.4.4's fonts in my 4.3 C5503?

    Hi, I'm asking this question because the Merriam Webster app doesn't display the IPA symbol for the word "awe" in 4.3, but displays it fine in 4.4.4. The symbol I'm referring to is /ó/. In 4.3, it shows as /'/ only. I've had this problem ever since and I've reported it to the devs of the app...
  11. N

    Thread Keeping Root with Insurance Replacement

    I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 3. with Android Version: 4.3, Jellybean... I have avoided updating to Kitkat since I had heard that it was "unrootable" at this point. Recently, I cracked the screen on my phone and would like to get an insurance replacement from Asurion. I am worried that I may...
  12. laserbiz

    Thread [Q] What version should a stock Note 8 GT-N5110 be on..

    I rooted my note 8 prolly 1 to 2 years ago, and did not do much else except add a few programs that required root. I am on Android version 4.1.2 .When I try to update it through the software update in the about device in settings, I of course get an error message that says my device has been...
  13. AlogarF

    Thread [THEME][HKTHEME][XHDPI]StrawMaterial - Revitalize your Android

    StrawMaterial - Revitalize your Android DESCRIPTION I'm pleased to introduce you StrawMaterial, a theme based and inspired on Material Design, launched by Google with Android 5.0 Lollipop. This theme will bring you an opaque red as accent color (from here Strawberry), a full black on...
  14. A

    Thread [Q] upgrading JB to KK problem

    good day. i would like to ask some help regarding my upgrade to kitkat from jellybean. my m7 is running in 4.3 android version, 3.63.707.3 firmware. i've already downloaded the 4.20.707.3 update via OTA. the problem is everytime i'm trying to install it. its stops and show an error (the...
  15. A

    Thread [MOD/APP] [ICS/JB] [UPDATED] Sony Media Apps + Lollipop Icon based on 2012 media apps

  16. DJ Scooby Doo

    Thread [Q] Changing from AT&T Note II to T-Mobile Note II

    I have a quick question for you guys, what is if there is any difference between the T-Mo and the AT&T variants of the Note II? I currently own an unlocked AT&T version of it, but soon I will also own the T-Mobile version of it. I know T-Mobile's does not have KitKat and is stuck back at...
  17. DJ Scooby Doo

    Thread [Q] Changing from AT&T Note II to T-Mobile Note II

    I have a quick question for you guys, what is if there is any difference between the T-Mo and the AT&T variants of the Note II? I currently own an unlocked AT&T version of it, but soon I will also own the T-Mobile version of it. I know T-Mobile's does not have KitKat and is stuck back at...
  18. arjunsingh1000

    Thread [RE][NO ROOT] [4.2+]Whatsapp calling enabled .. ****Easy Method****

    The latest WhatsApp feature is generating a lot of duplicate threads on XDA, drowning other threads in the process. Many are also posted in the wrong section. We're closing down all invite threads to keep the clutter down to a minimum. Instead, please use The Consolidated WhatsApp Calling Thread...
  19. arjunsingh1000

    Thread [NO ROOT][4.2+][APP FEATURE]Whatsapp Calling Enabled **Easy Method**

    Sorry To all those who are trying to get your calling activated after 15-03-2015 10:00IST .. As Whatsapp closed their activation or registering servers.. I will update if any changes or the servers are up again.. :) Thanks for your Patience... EDIT : SERVERS UP AGAIN :CHEERS: Hey guys, As all...
  20. jamius19

    Thread [ROM] [JB 4.2.2] PanDemic for Gionee Elife E7 Mini/Symphony Xplorer Z 3/ Himax Pure 3

    #PanDemic AOSP JB 4.2.2 rom for Gionee Elife E7 Mini/Himax Pure 3/Symphony Z III/Allview P7 Xtreme ***The most stable and perfect rom for Pure 3*** **No Bugs at ALL** Feataures: # JB 4.2.2 # Full AOSP # Clearmotion and all sensors working # Best performance and ram manegment # Best AnTuTu...
  21. M

    Thread How to flash custom ROM? (from JB)

    Hello everyone, After searching for I while here I still can't find guide how to flash custom ROM when I'm currently on stock JellyBean. Everyone says just go to recovery and flash, but I have stock recovery and I can't flash with it and some guides only have details about Gingerbread which is...
  22. S

    Thread [Q] How can I unlock TF201 with Android Version 4.1.1?

    Here's a short story which explains my situation. I am a small computer/device repair company owner. A couple weeks ago a I took on a TF201 with a broken digitizer. This turned out to be the worst mistake I've made since opening my business. Apparently the LCD was adhered to the digitizer...
  23. FranciscoGool

    Thread [PORT][APP][4.3] Home 7.0.A.1.5 && 7.0.A.1.7 [03/04/2015]

    Hi all, i present my new job!!! I moddified the Xperia Home 7.0.A.1.5 and 7.0.A.1.7 version to work on Xperia M HDPI device with android 4.3. Features: -New animations. -New Google Search Bar. -Transparent UI. -Full screen. -Compatible with HDPI devices... Bug.s Probably contain various...
  24. L

    Thread Fully black 4.4.2 style status bar?

    Hey, Since our Xperia SP can't taste official kitkat, I decided to deodex my stock firmware and flash the Xperia Z2 4.4.2 systemui ported for 4.3 in another thread... I am really satisfied with that, just a small question though... The status bar is semi-transparent. I would like it to be...
  25. Nihal @A-JAX

    Thread [JB4.1+][GUIDE][LOLLIPOP-PLATLOGO]Guide to replace JB Platlogo with Lollipop Platlogo

    This is the guide to replace JB stock platlogo with lollipop platlogo . It works on Jellybean. I doubt it will not work on Kitkat and lower ICS versions . For that you can try this guide which uses eggster app ( Credits for that guide goes to Chetan Lodha ) . In this guide I'll show you how to...
  26. jabbarh123

    Thread Lg d802 jb modem

    Hi Guys, firstly apologies if this is posted in the incorrect thread, feel free to move to the correct one if so. Amyway, I am looking for a flashable JellyBean baseband (modem) please for my LG G2 D802 (international). The reason for this is because I am using a Lollipop ROM and the auto...
  27. J

    Thread [Q] DiskUsage - How to show free space on internal SD/App storage as it did in JB

    Hi. I'm currently trying out KitKat and noticed that DiskUsage in KitKat differs from Jellybean. In JB I could choose to view either app storage or internal SD card and whichever I chose I could see "Free space". Now in KitKat I can no longer do that. That is only an option when I look at the...
  28. L

    Thread [Q] Xperia SP multitouch problem?

    Hey, I just noticed that when I'm pressing the screen with one finger, then trying to hold another finger while still holding onto the screen, there is a small delay in recognising the 2nd finger... This only happens after 30 minutes of usage, as the multitouch works just fine for a while...
  29. koolkunz

    Thread [GUIDE] [EASY] Dual Booting LOLLIPOP with KK/JB ROM's [GT-I9100][Noob Friendly]

    Welcome to the NOOB Friendly GUIDE to DUAL BOOT Lollipop with KitKat/JellyBean Roms on Samsung Galaxy S2!! We have been fortunate enough to have 2 Working Lollipop Rom's (CM 12 and Omni 5.0) so I present to you the Guide on how to Dual Boot them with Kitkat/JB ROMs Prerequisites : 1) Need...
  30. ocoot

    Thread [GUIDE][2.3.x-4.4.x]Touch Android to Connect UMS

    Hello guys, i'm here for presenting a new one (old but gold from GB devices), it was adapted from my own ROM for GT-S5360 i'm already trying in my phone (KK 4.4.2) and it works good :D i'm believe it will works on any roms with UMS (USB...
  31. R

    Thread [Q] [ROM HELP] No Data When Flashing Custom ROMs

    Hey guys. I recently got an old Samsung Epic 4G Touch due to my HTC Evo 4G LTE breaking from water damage. I've been able to root the Galaxy and flash a version of jellybean (beanstalk). However, when I try to flash any other ROMs than this, the data doesn't work. I've tried flashing the correct...
  32. H

    Thread [Q] How to Fix KitKat-Disadvantages?

    You all know, there are more'n'more devices that have already Android KitKat/Higher as Standard OS without Upgrade. And on the newer Jelly Bean·Phones, more and more people are trapping into the KitKat-Trap. Phones that have KitKat as Standard OS are: All Samsung Galaxy Models newer that S5 (=S5...
  33. G

    Thread [ROM][GT-S6310N]GlassROM Young N Installer

    Description GlassROM Young N is a ROM (the first one, if I am not in error) for the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310N (not S6310!, but the N variant). I was horrified by this low-end device, because there were no custom ROMs for it, and S6310 ROMs didn't work, I just ended up re-flashing the...
  34. AmanNawaz

    Thread [MOD] [THEME] [FOR ANY XPERIA™] [1080p]

    Hello Xperia Users Yup m back.. Now i am going to share an cool theme for our Xperia phone :) I am going to share an Modded green theme.apk by me.. I have modded it .. Features :-- 1. The background (semc_bg.png) is Full hd 2. Lookz awesome ;) 3. Works perfect So here we go for Downloads :-...
  35. C

    Thread [Xoom2/XYBoard] Downgrade JB to ICS?

    So I updated my MZ607 to JB using the guide here: To be honest JB runs horribly on it; it's slow, laggy, unresponsive to touch input and I wish I hadn't bothered. In short I wish I could go back to ICS, which sort of worked. Some people...
  36. K

    Thread [Q] Best way to root

    In the ever changing market of roots and exploits I believe it would be nice to have a device specific rooting "poll". the other reason I'm starting this thread is because I can't seem to root my phone :p tried towelroot but it says my device is not supported. Im running stock 4.2.2 and I want...
  37. O

    Thread [Q][XU][JB] Crazy battery drain

    Two weeks ago I flashed 'Stock JellyBean 4.1.2 V7 ULTRALIGHT' from DevSwift1 on my girlfriend's Xperia U. The phone was finally running smoothly. However the battery drain is bugging her. Her phone is draining a lot of battery during the day while she is not using her phone a lot, her battery...
  38. AmanNawaz

    Thread [apk] samsung galaxy note 3 launcher [gb] [ics] [jb] [kitkat] [2.3+][4.4.2][4.3][4.2]

    HELLO EVERYONE This thread is specially for SAMSUNG LOVERS Today i am going To share SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 LAUNCHER.APK It is compatible on All androids like [GB] [JB] [KK] [AL] It is Just an Apk Which is only for install or you can system push.. I have worked hard to do that :D...
  39. T

    Thread [Q] JellyBean ringtones pack

    Hi all, I recently updated my Ascend P6 to KitKat B512 and found out that some ringtones present in JB are not in KK anymore. What I'm asking for ideally is .zip file with all ringtones/alarms/notifications that are in JelyBean version. Thanks in advance.
  40. fundre

    Thread [Q] Installing Jelly Bean on Dropad A8/Herotab C8/Haipad M7 etc

    I'm gonna copy the question I posted over slatedroid: Specification: Link to ROMs I mentioned:
  41. I

    Thread [Q] Can I use any custom recovery for any firmware?

    I can't upgrade my note to kitkat (See: So other ways I see is rooting my Note in JB, Flashing a custom recovery, then Flashing a (rooted) Kitkat Rom from recovery. Can I do that safely? Are custom...
  42. F

    Thread [Q] remove custom rom KITKAT 4.4.2 and to have the original jellybean from samsung

    hi folks, i recently ugraded my phone from jellybean to kitkat( 4.4.2) now the problem is i dont want to be in kitkat but i want jellybean official on my phone can i have it again is downgrading is possible if their is a way how can i achieve it plz do help me and share the links atleast...
  43. chiragjn

    Thread [ROM] Color Os v2.0.0i [Xolo Q800/Fly IQ446/Gionee GN708W/Symphony W125/Allview P5]

    Color Os Rom v. Base Rom : UltimateV2 by Brajesh Thakarmony( brajesh143 ) : Port Rom : Color os v2.0 for A110Q by Manish Singh( [email protected] )...
  44. brianhot1

    Thread [q] downgrade to 4.3 possible?

  45. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [WIP] Official jellybean - PICTURES

    I just saw this post at ...with this pictures....and OMG IT LOOKS REAL! LOOK at the ,,grey,, samsung statusbar, and software update icon at notifications ! Also camera icon looks real instead all other icons found...
  46. A

    Thread Your experiences with JB firmware and battery life?

    I'm still running JB MK2, BTU region firmware with root and the battery life is horrible, worse than MJ7. I've been too busy to sort it out, but now i have time i want to fix it. What was the best JB firmware past MK2 for battery life? I'm not interested in upgrading to KK, I'm not sure if you...
  47. darkmystel

    Thread [Q] Jellybean or Kitkat?

    So I've this Z1 Compact and I charged it to 100% when i got home (the first charge) since its Li-ion and cause I've read everywhere that you don't need to keep it plugged in for 6hrs straight I din't let it. The next day morning itself I found Kitkat update and updated. But it seems the...
  48. I

    Thread [Q] Speed tweaks for Samsung Galaxy S Advance jelly bean update

    I updated my Samsung Galaxy S Advance to jelly bean by Kies. And the phone became slower and laggy. So, I rooted the phone to do some tweaks that can speed it up. My question is what tweaks can I do to speed up other that flashing a custom rom?
  49. aerowave.kevin

    Thread [TUT] Transform TouchWiz to look like AOSP/CyanogenMod

    Hello Core users! Happy to meet you :D "Cant wait for CyanogenMod? me too. Well... because our phone slow at custom ROM developing, you can pretend you have it with this simple tutorial that transform your TouchWiz into AOSP/CM!!" Without wasting time let's begin. Before messing with your rom...
  50. luiseduardomn

    Thread Blinkfeed for 4.2.2 Roms (port petition)

    This mod for HTC One X works great on HTC One S! BUG: "" fc frequently, but switch off automatic sync of the weather app solves the problem Original thread: