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jio stb

  1. englishpatient76


    Welcome to Jio Stb Development This ATV Rom is based on MIBOX -S firmware ported to Both models of Jio Stb C200 & D200. There are two builds for these models user and userdebug ,user build wont support any jio os related apps BUT PLAY STORE IS CERTIFIED and userdebug build supports jio os...
  2. D

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  3. RealEngineer

    Thread [JIO STB] Guide to Enable ADB and Sideload apps on the updated version of JIO STB

    Disclaimer :- We are not responsible for any type of damage,we are not responsible for literally anything, follow this guide at your own risk. This is only for educational purposes. We need help from a developer for porting twrp and making the mi box firmware stable for the Jio STB, Anyone...
  4. android sgy

    Thread How to Install third party apps in Jio fibre android Stb (JHSD200) ?

    Reliance blocks sideloading of third-party Android apps on Jio Fiber box. Surprisingly, the app-installer came built in with the Android 9 version of the box. Process However, Jio’s latest updates now removes the app-installer from the device. Without the app installer, customers can download...