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  1. K

    Thread JIOFI3 stuck in ipv6

    I have jiofi3 with firmware version FXN_JMR541_R3.16 and it is only connecting to internet with ipv6. when I try to switch it to ipv4 the UI just refreshes and stay at the same. I tried factory reset many times still the same then I tried to change it to ipv4 by backing up the configuration...
  2. RealEngineer

    Thread [JIO STB] Guide to Enable ADB and Sideload apps on the updated version of JIO STB

    Disclaimer :- We are not responsible for any type of damage,we are not responsible for literally anything, follow this guide at your own risk. This is only for educational purposes. We need help from a developer for porting twrp and making the mi box firmware stable for the Jio STB, Anyone...
  3. khan.dharvesh

    Thread Esim to Esim Conversion (ios to Android) -- Reliance Jio

    Dears I have a reliance Jio Esim configured in my iPhone XS Max and working. I wanted to transfer it to my Android device - Galaxy Z Fold 2. As mentioned in jio forums/website/customercare, 1. I first sent from my source device (ios) the GETESIM <EID> <IMEI> to 199, and then I received the...
  4. N

    Thread Making the most out of Jio Hybrid STB Set Top Box (Without forking)

    Jio STB Sucks. No doubt about it. This forum is for people to make the most out of the set top box. I got the Set-top box for Rs.1000 effectively mainly for Sony Liv because that's what my family mainly watches. At that price it was the cheapest to replace the Cable TV which was also only used...
  5. J

    Thread Is it possible to enable volte in xperia 5 in india?

    You may have to verify with your carrier if they support volte on the Xperia 1 & 5 at all? if so, then then it may be a question of getting the firmware for your country/region flashed to the phone(s).
  6. C

    Thread Tata Sky App detecting root

    I have renamed the Magisk package but it's still detecting root. My Jio app running successfully after renaming package but not Tata Sky. Pleas help me.
  7. hackiee

    Thread Weird Network related issue. Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|

    I have been facing a weird issue for a while, in my rn3 snapdragon, when i try to call to some of the numbers. from my jio network the call never connects, i.e. it ends instantly. I am able to call other nos. from my jio sim, so i guess volte is working fine, idk.:confused: I think its some...
  8. SachinBorkar

    Thread [RECOVERY] Philz/CWM Recovery/Custom Recovery for Jio F90M By: Sachin Borkar

    PhilZ/CWM touch recovery for Jio F90M. Features: Able to Flash Custom ROM on Jio Phone Based on CWM Partition backup Reboot into Bootloader,Normal mode Internal memory is mounted in the / storage / sdcard (Internal Storage), external flash drive is mounted in the / storage / extSdCard...
  9. H

    Thread Jio Volte guide for custom roms on Oneplus 3/3T - 100% working

    I found the solution after weeks of searching and experimenting. I struggled with my jio volte calling not working on Android 10 custom rom for a long long time. But finally solved. Follow the following steps, the whole idea behind the following procedure is to retain the stock OOS Firmware and...
  10. SunilSuni

    Thread [TUT] working JIO TV trick for non jio users

    As you all know jio tv is exclusively to jio users but i found a way to watch jio tv on non jio network Follow this simple steps to watch jio tv on any network 1. Enable data on jio network (or jiofi) 2. Open jio tv and wait for few seconds 3. Now disable data on jio and enable data on any...
  11. C

    Thread Can I use the JIO sim which came in JIO Phone ( Rs. 1500 ) and use it in another phn

    Hi, Can I take out the sim which came with JIO phone (Rs. 1500 -- basic JIO Phone 1) and insert it in another VOLTE based phone ? Can anyone please help ?
  12. K

    Thread Jio Tv has been blocked on Android Tv and Android box.

    First they forced to update the app. The latest version won't run on Android tv and box.
  13. L

    Thread Le max 2 all volte problems solved!

    I am using le max 2 in India I am having multiple problems with this phone First of all I rooted it and installed lineage os on it. I do not know about the modem version at that time. Jio Volte was working fine, but sometime jio to jio outgoing call not worked. Also fingerprint was useless...
  14. daniell007

    Thread Native video call support-Reliance JIO

    Is there a way to get native video call support in MZP? I tried the following, but it still doesn't work: Enabled Enhanced 4G (VoLTE) in Network Settings. Changed the Bearer to "LTE" in APN settings. Used Jio Voice 4G app. I'm able to make native voice calls but there is no option to...
  15. S

    Thread Does unlocked Samsung S10 from USA work in India and JIO network with VOLTE support

    Hi All I am planning to buy Samsung S10 from USA (unlocked) and I would be visiting India and I would like to know if it will work in India and will it work in Jio network on VOLTE ? I would like to know this before deciding to purchase the phone. Thanks
  16. D

    Thread Will EMUI 9 enable VOLTE on mate 10 pro in India?

    Hello guys I am from India and I use a huawei mate 10 pro bought from Saudi Arabia. I was unable to use the VOLTE setting and hence couldn't use JIO sim in my phone. Now I see an update to EMUI 9 in my phone settings. Will this update bring the VOTE option? Help is requested from people who...
  17. therealashish

    Thread Poor mobile network reception on PIE - Flashing 'Modem only' from Oreo build?

    Hi. I am currently on latest Havoc [6-Feb-2019] Pie build. Since I have upgraded from an AOSP Oreo build to a Pie build, I am facing issues of poor mobile network reception. I have tried switching to other Pie ROMS (namely Viper and MSM), but it did not solve the problem. The network...
  18. U

    Thread How to disable 4g+ ?

    Even though 4g+ is giving good coverage my ping goes very high while playing online games. Where my OnePlus 3 give very good ping. Please help me. Thanks in advance.
  19. jime1

    Thread [Q] Should I get JioFi or other alternative ?

    Hello Guys, I have a query and I'm not sure whether this is the correct forum section to post it or I should say I'm not even sure whether xda is the right forums to post this query. So guys please direct me to the correct forums if necessary. I apologies for any inconvenience caused in advance...
  20. M

    Thread Jio4GVoice keeps disconnecting in Oreo.

    Since One doesn't have Volte support, I use jio4gvoice for calling purposes. Recently I upgraded to Oreo. First I used Resurrection Remix and then AOSP Extended. When using the app, after the screen turns off, the app goes offline. Without it being online, calls won't be received. To get the app...
  21. arvindgr

    Thread H930DS - LTE+ support on Indian carriers?

    Guys, since chipset (SD835) on v30 supports 3CA, while OP5/5T supports LTE+ on Indian carriers Jio and airtel, Does LG v30 - Indian H930DS model support LTE+ on Jio by any chance?
  22. H

    Thread MI A1 Network fluctuation with custom ROM

    Hey Folks, as we all know how stock ROM sucks, I remained on custom ROM to max extend. But sadly I have to revert to stock due to network fluctuation issues. I use Jio as my primary and Airtel in SLOT 2. Fluctuation is widely seen in slot 1 which is reported by many others as well in respective...
  23. S

    Thread Not Able to Get the Volte working for Jio

    Just installed RR-N-v5.8.5-20171231-axon7-Official.zip and gapps. After the booting first time i saw it was showing VoLTE at the signal bar. i was very happy to see Volte since i tried https://forum.xda-developers.com/axo...m-slm-t3752554 and then i tried [OFFICIAL]LineageOS 14.1 for ZTE Axon 7...
  24. N

    Thread LTE eMBMS technology on Reliance Jio in Note 8.

    Now we can watch Live TV in JioBroadcast app without internet utilizing eMBMS technology on our Note8. Quality is crystal clear. https://youtu.be/gNjnUi2eRvI
  25. Saswata Chakraborty

    Thread Jio Network Issue Finally Solved

    Almost all JIO users have one issue in common and that is network fluctuation issue. Although JIO has made it possible for everyone to use high-speed 4G data at a very lower cost, however, signal drops too frequently due to which it is sometimes very hard to use the full potential of JIO. So...
  26. dr.faramroze

    Thread How to:- Enable LTE+ on SD617 based Moto G4 Plus

    As we know here https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon/processors/617 , Moto G4 SOC supports 2CA of different LTE band combinations. We were able to enable band 41, band 20 and band 28 using QXDM until the December update. The DEC update seems to lock the modem to the OEM based LTE bands...
  27. A

    Thread Battery drain during voice calls "VoLTE"

    Had talked to a friend of mine for 3hrs yesterday in two successive calls which hit my battery very severely. The connection I am using is of JIO which is VOLTE "4G/LTE" without 3G/2G fallback so I get why there might be a penalty for call's via the VoLTE but still I want to first check you you...
  28. B

    Thread Suggestion for new flash on Galaxy GT-I9082

    HI, I am new to flashing ROM. I have searched and found so many custom ROM i am bit confused which one to choose and its procedure. Here is my requirement, I wanna use Relaince JIO SIM, Other than that all normal phone functionality should be working, Dual SIM, Can one please suggest me to...
  29. B

    Thread Suggestion for new flash on Galaxy GT-I9082

    HI, I am new to flashing ROM. I have searched and found so many custom ROM i am bit confused which one to choose and its procedure. Here is my requirement, I wanna use Relaince JIO SIM, Other than that all normal phone functionality should be working, Dual SIM, Can one please suggest me to...
  30. B

    Thread Suggestion for new flash on Galaxy GT-I9082

    HI, I am new to flashing ROM. I have searched and found so many custom ROM i am bit confused which one to choose and its procedure. Here is my requirement, I wanna use Relaince JIO SIM, Other than that all normal phone functionality should be working, Dual SIM, Can one please suggest me to...
  31. N

    Thread Enable carrier aggregation on Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus!

    Steps to enable Carrier aggregation on Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus Friends, by default carrier aggregation is disabled on our Indian stock ROM. Reliance JIO and Airtel in India supports carrier aggregation. JIO supports on Band 3+5, Band 5+40 or Band 3+40 on ZUK Z2 plus or Airtel supports Band 3+40 in...
  32. P

    Thread Does any nougat rom for le max 2 supports JIO Volte

    I have tried RR 5.8.4 as it said that it has Volte but seems that it doesn't supports bandwith of JIO volte. Is there any nougat rom(mainly a question to Indian users) which supports JIO volte
  33. veer.killerboy

    Thread [GUIDE] (jio) Workaround for VOLTE ISSUE, SIGNAL DROP ISSUE IN MIUIPRO 7.9.xx

    Great and appreciated rom "MIUIPRO 7.9.xx" by SagarMakhar . But many people getting volte issue & call drop. Here is workaround and please guys vote the poll so I know this is working or not as it is working fine for me. Requirements- Root Network signal guru (NSG) -...
  34. N

    Thread [HOW TO] VoLTE on Jio India - USA Snapdragon S7 S7edge

    New instructions dated Sept 15th 2018 No root needed. Should work on all Snapdragon USA/Canada etc models (ATT , verizon, sprint, tmobile tc) S7 or S7edge (though the file is from S7edge India model). Leave a message in this thread if you encounter any issues. Am not responsible for any...
  35. N

    Thread [How to] VoLTE on Jio India Carrier with USA snapdragon S8 or s8+

    NEW Instructions: Dated July 10th 2018 Should work on all Snapdragon USA/Canada models (ATT , verizon, sprint, tmobile tc) Tested on S8+ and S8, should work on Note 8 if you have right files. S9 switched to a different CSC format, so it's not possible to use this method for S9 models. Keep your...
  36. S

    Thread Change Lte band

    How to change Lte band? I want to select band 40 for faster net. How do I enter into engineering mode? Is there any code for it?
  37. A

    Thread [guide] bixby voice + jio volte

    This is my first thread so please understand there may be some mistake....... Thanks to guide of @thejoker - https://forum.xda-developers.com/note5/general/guide-t3640681 **TESTED ON - N920CD (please test and report....it should work on all models but :o) Steps to follow to enable...
  38. theankitkulkarni

    Thread Device is HD Capable Notification Remover

    I personally love Jio but It's very annoying for the Custom ROM users to see the Ongoing notification "Device is HD capable". So I decided to remove it. Q:-How to remove the notification? A:- It's easy.. Flash the zip and you are done.. Q:- Will VoLTE work after flashing the zip? A:- Of...
  39. Divkix

    Thread Jio 4G in India, can we use?

    I got a Blu Vivo 5 can I use jio 4g sim on it, if not is there any tweak to make it via Root.
  40. Prashanthme

    Thread Bought OP3T but china version, JIO VOLTE question

    Dear Friends, Recently bought the OP3T, but after delivery came to know that its a china model. Since i m in gulf now and 4G works. Somebody please confirm if the JIO VOLTE works on the 3010 model. I have some more days to change the phone. If JIO is not supported, will move to some other phone.
  41. M

    Thread Jio Volte on Oneplus 3T A3010

    Hey guys, I have a Oneplus 3T china version ( a3010). I am not able to use Jio Volte in India. Everything else works fine, but no VoLTE. I have flashed Lineage OS, Resurrection Remix, but no use. The VOLTE does not work. Is there a way to make it work or is it impossible?:(
  42. J

    Thread Connect Jio4g Voice on huawei 4g dongle e5573s

    Hi, I am using Jio sim in an unlocked huawei 4g dongle e5573s. I am getting internet access without any issues, but i need to connect Jio4G Voice app through Wi-Fi. Currently only Jio-Fi routers support Jio4Gvoice via Wi-Fi, Is there any other way to connect using huawei 4g dongle e5573s.
  43. jam97

    Thread JIO Sim GSM+ 4G (India) DOESN'T WORK ON SPRINT NOTE 4

    I just moved to India, UNLOCKED my phone with gt tools. Put the sim but no signal, although Jio 4g app shows. Also when choose to connect to a network manually or automatic a pop up notification says''the sim doesn't allow a connection to this network '' Any help please, I don't want to...
  44. U

    Thread Does Yotaphone 2 have support to VoLTE out of the box?

    Does Yotaphone 2 have support to VoLTE out of the box?
  45. I

    Thread Increase speed of internet on JIO network [SOLVED]

    First of all remember that there are three bands available for LTE on RN4. Namely :- Band 3 Band 5 and Band 40 Generally higher the band, the lower is signal strength but higher is the internet speed. So if you are having good network signals you can lock your phone on Band 40 and get great...
  46. jazzzzzzz

    Thread [Solved] Reliance Jio VoLTE in M8

    As the title says, anybody got VoLTE enabled in M8 ? I have tried almost all RUU including Developer Edition RUU,Indian RUU etc .None of the ROM doest support VoLTE. Any suggestions to enable? :eek:
  47. D

    Thread Dual-Sim Internet Issue

    I am from India and have two sim cards on my device. Sim 1 - Jio which only works on the 4g spectrum and calls are over VoLTE. Sim 2 - Vodafone which can work on 2g/3g/4g. Calls are not over VoLTE. I have data packs on both the numbers. In the settings when I switch my data subscription to...
  48. sumitverma1

    Thread jio volte on lg v10

    Hi I have lg v10 H901 marshmallow rooted. In call setting there is an option of enable volte but in reliance jio sim its not working.please help me to enable it.The lgg4 works well with some trick make a trick for v10
  49. karan2012

    Thread [ROM] [7.0] YourRom-N1 [19/2/2017][online]

    Its time for N Based on N920CXXU3CQB6 (thanks to hiepgia for the base) -latest kernel Feb-15 -February security patch -DeKnoxed -Deodexed -DeBloated -Root Options provided separately as a zip below so you can chose which you want SuperSu or Magisk -Indian CSC available to flash for JIO...