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  1. Syntaxer

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] Mad Bobo

    [GAME][5.0+] Mad Bobo Download: Screenshots: Download:
  2. S

    Thread [GAME][2.2+]Speed of Jungle

    I'm glad to present you my Android game "Speed of Jungle"! It is mobile version of board game "Jungle Speed". Everybody who tried it knows that it is exciting and emotional game! Who doesn't know about this game loses much fun in friends company! Mobile version allows you to play with up to 4...
  3. D

    Thread [GAME][FREE][2.2+] Jungly Birds

    Amazing game inspired by Flappy Birds. Help the crazy parrot to avoid crashing with the bamboo that keep him away from freedom!! Enjoy the madness of a crazy difficult game and try to beat your friends getting the furthest you can! The control its very easy, just tap on the screen and the...
  4. V

    Thread [GAME][FREE][ENDLESS-RUNNER] Jungle Escapade

    Friends, We at Gameadu are really excited to tell you about our new game 'JUNGLE ESCAPADE' on Android. Please download from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameadu.jungleEscape Please try and let us know your feedback, comments and suggestions! Thanks In Advance!!