1. plotinus

    Thread Jvt Adding lockscreens

    guys i'm trying to add lockscreens to the rom i'm using, I decompiled classes.dex from framework jar of a theme which have the lockscreens i want, after decompiling classes.dex with baksmali i get 4 folders: -android -com -java and -siso which files are the ones that contains the information...
  2. Silver-Hawk

    Thread [Q] Semaphore (JVT_1.9) on JVP based Stock ROM??

    Hi I've been using the Stock 2.3.4 (JVP) ROM, with CF-ROOT 3.7 (JVP based) Kernel (for root privileges) for a long time now... Now, I wanted to try the Semaphore Kernel (for voodoo sound, better battery life, etc).. but, the latest Semaphore Kernel is a JVT based Kernel. So my question...
  3. J

    Thread [Q] Kernels and Modems

    I am in the process of developing a ROM, and I would like to know what kernel options I have if I am using a 2.3.5 Gingerbread (JVT) based ROM
  4. djb77

    Thread [ROM][I9000][CWM][ODIN] DJBROM v1.14 (JVT 2.3.5) 2011-12-30

    DJBROM for Samsung Galaxy S I9000 (Based on Gingerbread XXJVT 2.3.5) Compiled on 30th December 2011 Current Version: 1.14 NOTE: DJBROM v2.0 (XWJW1 2.3.6) available HERE You will notice on first install that a lof of the apps have been removed from what you would normally expect to see in...
  5. N

    Thread [MOD] Arabic / urdu / Farsi patch for JVT (DEODEXED ONLY)

    Hello everybody I want to share with you a method to patch your deodexed JVT rom (i don't know if somebody had post it first ... sorry in advance :p) Please follow carefully these steps : 1 - Download files below in attachments (1ArabicPersionPatch.zip and 2OverscrollGlowRecovery) 2 - Copy...
  6. M

    Thread [ROM][2.3.5] GSInfuse 1.1.9 [XXJVT][11/02/11][optimized][stock][multi-dpi]

    Introduction GSInfuse 1.1.9 is based on the latest stock 2.3.5 XXJVT ROM for Galaxy S released by Samsung a few days ago, coupled with UCKJ4 libraries (thanks to LinuxBozo's idea in his hellraiser mod) to bring support to Samsung Infuse 4G, with functionality enhancements/tweaks/mods and...
  7. W

    Thread [Q] where is stratosk? Is he all right?

    stratosk is the developer of semaphore, which is one of the best android kernels for galaxy s! He didn't update semaphore since Jobs Steven passed away, even if the new stock ROM is out……(it's weird,they are the same person??!!:eek:) what happen to him? PS : sorry for my bad english.
  8. D

    Thread [ROM][18-01] Simplicity 2.2.1 [2.3.6~JVU] | Odexed, SuperCharged, Fast and Simple!

    The name says it all! It's designed to be simple, fast and flexible. It's perfect for everyday use with its long battery life, fast responsibility and simple design. Features: Simplicity 2.2.1 features: - Semaphore 2.5.0 Kernel - Based on Android 2.3.6 JVU - Odexed - Zip-aligned - Optimized -...
  9. M_J_Nazari

    Thread [ROM]Amestris DarkCyan V12 Rev.01 JW8 Final[Odex][Wipe][July 31st]

    See Screenshots... Based on JW8 Samsungs Firmware Odexed Full Wipe JW1 Modem CF Root kernel 4.4 Rooted + Busybox + Zipaligned +Darky's Zipaligner Script DarkCyan Theme Persian Support Amestris Tweaks ICS Fugu Mod Amestris Persian Keyboard V2.0 Signature Controller hack Removed Increasing...
  10. stratosk

    Thread [KERNEL] Semaphore 2.7.4 (CF-Root + Voodoo Snd v10 + OC/UV + BLN)

    This is a kernel rebuilt from the latest updated gingerbread sources and based on the CF-Root kernel (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=788108). Features - Voodoo Sound v10 - Voodoo Color - OC/UV (1200MHz, 1300MHz) - BLN - CWM v5.0.2.7 - Speedmod color fix - Patched with...