1. daniel_hk

    Thread Oreo - Mission impossible? [8.1.0_r46][6Oct2018] OmniROM-8.1

    Oreo - Mission impossible? I started studying "O" in early August. All I got were the O-preview3 factory images for qcom and tegra devices which I don't have. Built it out and made it boot wouldn't be too hard but everything seemed different. It took me some time to figure out the flow of the...
  2. daniel_hk

    Thread [Kernel][K3-Note]DC-MTK-m1-v3 - A fully working kernel for VIBEUI_V3.5_1631

    Build a fully working kernel for K3-Note In the past few years, many excellent price/performance phones would use MTK chips. Last year, I got a K3Note from a friend. At that time, mt6752 and 2G/16G was approaching the top ranking performance. Lenovo had development updates and it could more or...
  3. realista87

    Thread wifi.supplicant_scan_interval not found in build.prop

    wifi.supplicant_scan_interval not found in build.prop ....what could i do? is it ok to manually add it at the end of the file? i could add wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=xxx ( where ix can be 300... 600...) but i don't know if this "forced" string can bring me some problems. i firstly have to...
  4. thanas

    Thread mediatek device tweaks

  5. R

    Thread My Android L mobile shows a Caution / warning sign with a red dot

    I have an Lenovo K3 Note mobile phone but it shows a Caution/ warning sign with a red dot/spot on the right bottom side. The mobile is working just fine and there are also no errors or notification. Image : hxxp://oi63.tinypic.com/246rmtk.jpg replace XX with TT
  6. remostalin

    Thread Lenovo K3 Note India All system Apps :)

    Lenovo k3 note system apps in this blog :good: they r updating soon :)
  7. Y

    Thread Android stock rom 6.0 lenovo k3 note

    How to install android 6.0 marshmallow stock ROM in lenovo k3 note(k50a40) Indian version?
  8. Y

    Thread Android one in lenovo k3 note(k50a40)

    I want to know that how can I install android one in lenovo k3 note(k50a40) Indian version?
  9. thanas

    Thread Official factory/stock lenovo freezing and shutdown

    I would like to have more information if users have experienced the issue of often freezing and shutting down of the device on the k50-t5. This is happening to a specific device that has never been rooted neither by recovery, not even by softrooting with applications such as kingroot. A...
  10. D

    Thread ¨Please enter the privacy protection password¨ On Lenovo k3 note AOSP roms

    Hello everyone ! , I'm having problems with this device AOSP roms because, once installed , it asks me ¨Please enter the privacy protection password¨ to start . Thank you very much and greetings.
  11. thanas

    Thread k3 note passmark cpu score and xposed framework

    I have been happy to find out the device with a custom rom has a very high cpu score on passmark. the website of passmark for android states it at 128xxx however with a custom rom and some modifications it surpasses 180xxx. Now my reason as to posting this is not as much to open a discussion...
  12. R

    Thread Need help with a lenovo K3 note

    hello, i bough a lenovo k3 note a while ago and it arrived today. it crashes every 10min~ for no reason + its full of adds. i know im asking for a lot but can anyone guide me with rooting the device and installing a non ****ty rom on it( i tried following guides on the forum but some links dont...
  13. T

    Thread stuck to fastboot when try to flash recovery [Lenovo K3 Note]

    Hello there, after an hour of search and no useful results, i've decided to ask my question (sorry, if it's already been answered, but i didn't find anything) I used the following procedure to flash the CWM recovery, but something goes wrong: (...
  14. realista87

    Thread install xposed, what version?

    hello, should i install this or this one version? A) xposed-v75-sdk22-arm64.zip - B) xposed-v75-sdk21-arm64.zip and of course i MUST use this XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha*.apk ?? no others apk older versions like 2.7 ?
  15. K

    Thread Will the K3 note get Marshmallow 6.0??

    Hello everyone, I just want to know if the K3 note will get the Marshmallow update??
  16. X

    Thread how to set daily data bandwidth limit ?

    under settings > data usage. i only see monthly data limit, no daily data limit. anyone knows how i can achieve this ?. i don't mind using 3rd party apps :)
  17. asainiboy

    Thread [ROM][5.1]COOL UI 6.0 for Lenovo K3 Note

    COOL UI for Lenovo K3 Note #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM *...
  18. asainiboy

    Thread [ROM][STABLE][5.1]Nex*us ROM for LENOVO k3 Note

    NEXUS ROM for Lenovo K3 Note #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM...
  19. emptywordsss

    Thread Lenovo k3 note stagefright fix!!!

    Can anoyone help me with stagefright patch on lenovo k3 note indian stock K50a40_S121_150813_ROW_AOSP i allready tryied with the patch from Carbon lite rom but it bootloops
  20. BlacKBanks

    Thread [Q] Floating WhatsApp is not working in my Lenovo K3 Note. How to solve it?

    Hello developers. I have installed Floating WhatsApp on my Lenovo K3 Note. Previously I have used it in Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and its pretty cool but in my Lenovo K3 Note, its not starting. I have also attached screenshots of error. I also have gave this app to all permissions and also gave root...
  21. abhisheknair648

    Thread Lenovo K3 Note- Stuck At Recovery After Trying To Flash Stock

    Please help My device: Lenovo k3 note Indian k50a40. Few days ago in my phone lenovo k3 note i found some manufacturer defect so I decided to visit lenovo gallery. My phone was rooted and installed custom recovery( TWRP).So i tried to flash stock rom with sp flash tool but nothing happened...
  22. BlacKBanks

    Thread Root Lenovo K3 Note India (k50a40)

    Hello everyone. Today I'm going to show you how to root Lenovo K3 Note India. Pre-Requisites : Lenovo USB Tools – Download it from here: https://userscloud.com/n7zmi1utn6wz Flash Tools – Download it from here. https://userscloud.com/958tvsa17724 CWM Recovery Image and Scatter Text File...
  23. S

    Thread Lenovo Super Cam

    Hi guys, Can lenovo supercam (snapit) be installed on K3 note? If so, please provide a download link for the app. Thanks
  24. T

    Thread Help Please Lenovo K3 Note K50a40

    Hi All, I'm having trouble installing xposed on my lenovo k3 note, it is the indian version (k50a40) I have the build number K50a40.LWG.V37,2015/05/21 09:44 The thing is that i have no idea which xposed file i need to install onto the phone in order for xposed to work Any help will be appreciated.
  25. T

    Thread Lenovo K3 Note V2.8_1535 Recovery

    Hi everyone, I just loaded the V2.8_1535 stock rom (5.1) for Lenovo K3 note. The rom works find, but I couldn't flash my previous CWM recovery used for Lollipop 5.0 onto this new rom. I was using ADB flash method. At the end of recovery flash it simply says failed. My goal is to put gapps on...
  26. A

    Thread Lenovo K3 Note Keyboard Uninstalled !!

    Hi All, I rooted my LK3N as per XDA instructions and it works fine now. I checked the RAM usage and found that it is a bit higher for Google Keyboard and I deleted it. Now I am unable to type. I thought Lenovo had their own inbuilt lite keyboard, but to my surprise, None ! I know I can install...
  27. S

    Thread Lenovo K3 note problems booting

    Hello I recently purchased a lenovo k3 note, but it came without any internet browser or gapps. I decided to root the phone and to change the rom. I did both, using the official thread for rooting and i choose the official Lenovo K50-T5 update 1536 (found it on needrom) Unfortunately, when the...
  28. 0

    Thread Lenovo K3 Note - K50a40 - (ROW) Live wallpaper app recovery?

    I have rooted my Lenovo K3 Note - K50a40 - Rest of the World (ROW) version. In an attempt to delete all the bloatware I also deleted the Live wallpaper app, and now I am unable to change my wallpaper. Will resetting from recovery bring back everything? Or is there some other way? I tried...
  29. xylu

    Thread [POLL] [Help] Lenovo K3 Note or Meizu M2 Note

    Fellow XDA Members! I need you opinion, please input your feedback, Thanks! Sent from my HM 1S using Tapatalk
  30. B

    Thread Lenovo K3 Note Contacts trouble

    I have a strange problem. When I receive a call from people stored in phone Contacts sometimes I can see the name who is calling, many times there is only phone number and no name!? All those calls are from people stored in Contacts. All contacts was stored to the phonebook at one time by sync...
  31. G

    Thread Lenovo K3 Note 5.0- How Do I check For Updates?

    update lenovo k3 problem hello ! i just bought the lenovo k3 note. i have the android 5.0 ... i wanted to check for updates but i cant find anywhere the update button. i went to setings--about phone and nothing is there, i tried to force search for updates by dialing *#*#blablabla*#*# and...
  32. P

    Thread Buying a Lenovo K3 Note, remove bloatwares?

    Hello guys, i've been looking around for a phone to buy that is under $200 and found that Lenovo K3 Note is a good choice due its high performance. However i've been searching and been reading about it, and it seems that it has alot of malware and bloatware when you get it out of the box. I...
  33. M

    Thread MicroSD support

    According to the official information for the Lenovo K3 Note it only supports MicroSD cards upto 32 GB. I tried my Kingston 64 GB card and it doesn't work but I am hearing that people have gotten 64 GB cards to function in their phones. Can anyone confirm one way or another whether 64GB cards...
  34. K

    Thread Lenovo k3 Note- After OTA Update, Phone Will Not Charge When Powered On

    lenova k3 note I purchase a lenova k3 note last moth. Recently a new update of size 85mb come and i updated my mobile. after that mobile not charging while turned on. But after powering off it will charge. Please mail me a solution for this immediately.
  35. H

    Thread lenovo k3 note battery drains in all roms

    please check these futures in your roms and feedback to all 1: what time work only with wifi? 2: what time work only with 4g? 3: what time work with 4g and wifi 50% - 50%? 4: what time work with 4g and gps on? please checking your times with google+, telegram, line, chrome, viber, ... apps what...
  36. remostalin

    Thread How to root K3 note?

    i bought new phone just today !! i tried to root from this thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/ufficial-thread-lenovo-k3-note-t3102997 all commands works fine but the problem is lenovo recovery showing these options !! nothing success to install supersu.. anyone have same...
  37. T

    Thread Need to know which custom ROMs work in the INDIAN RETAIL VERSION

    Hi, I have LENOVO K3 NOTE INDIAN VERSION. So I need to know whether the ROMs listed here http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/organized-thread-lenovo-k3-note-k50-t3158522 work with the indian version or not?
  38. remostalin

    Thread Bought new mobile lenovo k3 note :D but need best apps

    I'm new in android !!! i know the best apps are power clean,lucky patcher,root explorer,greenify .. that's all 4 i know ... is there any helpful apps pls provide the apps names ! :rolleyes: Thank you :)
  39. dang1

    Thread Vibe UI 2.5 Icons Pack

    Hi all, I'm searching for the great trasparent icons of vibe ui 2.5. can someone tell me where to find?? I try all the way but whitout results looking for to use on my own with nova launcher theme thanks a lot
  40. M

    Thread Facebook Messenger crashing

    Hey guys, I settled on the "LENOVO_K3_LOLLIPOP_5.1_1529-DEV_ROW_v1.7_CUOCO92" ROM from the INDEX thread for now as it seems the most stable and complete. I have used OTA to update it to their v1.9 now which is their latest OTA. Even tho with the 1.9 Facebook Messenger is hard crashing. I...
  41. D

    Thread How do I root T5 with ROW rom without changing recovery?

    I have T5 model, flashed with ROW rom. Any idea which software can root the device without changing to recovery/rom? (iroot/kingoroot/kingroot don't work)
  42. lamplighter13

    Thread Widgets on alternate launchers possible ??

    Hello all- I recently watched a review of this phone and the reviewer showed that it was not possible to add widgets to the home screen of this phone while using an alternate launcher such as Nova, Apex, etc... Is this true ? I am just looking for verification before I consider getting one of...
  43. zakwanPHG

    Thread Lenovo K3 Note

    Have any custom rom for this model guys?
  44. S

    Thread Lenovo K3 Note where did you buy yours?

    Having some issues with Geekbuyer, ordered 9 days ago after they said they had it in stock, turns out it was a ploy, still waiting on stock so ive asked for a refund. Im looking for 3-5 days shipping via dhl or tnt if any knows a trustworthy site with a good price looking around £110 GBP also...
  45. hackerpower

    Thread [Index Thread] Lenovo K3 Note

    Hello dear Lemon users! I aquired this wonderful phablet a few weeks ago and started to tweak and experiment with it to get the most out of it. I come from a ST25i (Xperia U) and am used to tweak and mod android phones. But the only thread I've found was not organized or structured to aid and...
  46. L

    Thread [Q] Lenovo K3 Note

    Dear friends, Can you help me? Why my Lenovo K3 Note (MTK 6752) is Quad Core not Octa Core? What must I do to activate for quad core become octa core? Thanks and regards lsiung
  47. H

    Thread Lenovo k3 note k50-t5 frezze

    Dear all i bought a new lenovo k3 note k50-t5 after a wrong manipulation i have the phone frezze on the boot i tried to wipe and factory reset but the same issue Please your helps Best regards
  48. A

    Thread Lenovo k3 note android 5.0 2gb 16gb smartphone 186813 20150702

    Hi, here is the Lenovo Lemo K3 Note smartphone firmware. Please click the link to download: w3.mediafire.com/view/hjtwsgwg4snm4go/Lenovo_K3_Note_Android_5.0_2GB_16GB_Smartphone_186813_20150702.rar Passcode: geekbuying.com when you decompress the RAR file, there are two files in the folder...
  49. Shrihari007

    Thread [lenovo note k3] list of all custom roms available for lenovo note k3

    Here are all the custom roms available for Lenovo K3. you need to install first the recovery , For Visit : CWM RECOVERY/ROOT List of Custom roms : Sony : Download : https://userscloud.com/h5xsybqjb9pe
  50. R

    Thread [Q] Stuck on Welcome Screen... lenovo k3 note

    (its my dad phone) hi so yestarday i installed the "aosp-k3note-5.1.0" rom and it all went fine but worked slow and without bluetooth. so today when i got home my dad told me he just installed a new rom from romnation(he dosent remember which rom but he said it was an offical rom) BUT he...