1. mfsr98

    Thread Thank you everyone!

    Hey guys, I only had my kaiser this year, because it was from a friend. When I looked at it, it was kinda boring :D, but then I started reading the kaiser forums and quickly found a way on how to install Android on it (in this case NAND). Believe it or not, is now my MAIN device! I only have a...
  2. R

    Thread Bricked Kaiser

    Hello, I kindly please help me with my Kaiser The problem is: I was changing radio rom from stock to emo, cause camera didnt work on new rom. Operation stopped at 99% then phone turned off, of course i had 100% battery. Now it's dead, can't even turn it on. No led indicator, just nothing happens...
  3. drnessie

    Thread [Q] Android 4.0 even possible?

    I would overclock the overclock to have face unlock. Seriously.
  4. M

    Thread [Q] Kaiser GPS w/o Cellular Radio

    I haven't booted my Kaiser up in about 2 years, but I am getting ready to leave the country for a vacation and am hoping to satisfy my want to have a GPS device without having to either purchase any International Plans or purchase a dedicated GPS device. The GPS is still quite functional and...
  5. GSLEON3

    Thread PLEASE, help give a 4 year old child & her family a gift of hope for the holidays...

    PLEASE, help give a 4 year old child & her family a gift of hope for the holidays... Hey Guys, help me help a 4-year old with cancer, please visit http://meme.ms/umyzn5 Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to support me in this endeavor. I have experienced first hand the generosity of...
  6. Veldmuus

    Thread [Solved] tar: can't open 'sdcard/andboot/androidinstall.tar

    Hello, I have an problem about installing / applying the update for the kernel. Im trying now for almost 1 week. Maybe when u read this u think again an newbie that tries android on his kaiser. I searched the forum an couple of times and didn't find an solution thats why i make an new thread...
  7. NinoFR

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] - ROM WWE/FR 29022 v3.0/v1.0

    Dear all, This is my first Kaiser ROM in English (WWE) and French based on Josh Kitchen. This ROM is, mainly, composed of Build WM 6.5.5 (29022) 107 Mb RAM / Pagepool 12Mb Native WM6.5 Kernel Manila 2D v2 HTC Virtual Keyboard Facebook Total Commander, PHM RegEdit, ... uTask (Thanks...
  8. badboyz777

    Thread Android Installing on Nand Tytn II (kaiser) need a newbie guide because im new

    Hi, im currently trying to install android on nand i have a HTC tytn ii (kaiser) could you please help me i have Hard SPL, Could you guide me to install froyo 2.2 what panel to use I also get Bad Block error. every flipping time , must be 10th try and still no success :( Am Very Frustrated...
  9. V

    Thread [Q] Unable to boot HTC Tytn II

    Hey guys, sorry for the bother, I realise there are a few threads already about this problem, but I tried most of them to no avail unfotunately... Basically, a few weeks ago my HTC Tytn II just decided to die on me, i.e. once it is switched on, I just see the opening screen and it just stays...
  10. G

    Thread Gruessle -> Kaiser Froyo Rom

    06/16/2011 The screenshots are not important. This is not a theme! You can install a theme from here, for example if you like. The theme it comes with is the: Go Louncher Classical Theme (The new version of it) The software installed is also not important, because you can remove it. Google...
  11. PoXFreak

    Thread [Q] Dev. Android with SDK and AVD question HTC Kaiser

    Hi All! I have been playing with the Android SDK and AVD for a while now, and some questions have arisen. look at the attached picture and see if you see anything wrong with the current setup. I developed this based on the Kaiser's actual limitations and wanted to keep it as small as...
  12. PoXFreak

    Thread [Q] Blank screen after boot?

    Good Morning all... I've been running different builds of Android on my Kaiser since around October of 2010 and have yet to run into this one. After initial boot and the screen blanks after 1 minute (what I have it set to do), if I try and press power (or "end"), the phone wakes to a blank...
  13. lauticol

    Thread [Q] HTC TD2 or TyNT 2?

    Hello! I have a non-branded japanese phone with WinMo 6.1 and I want to change it for a new one.. I have this options: A new HTC Kaiser TyNT II for US$210. Or a ALMOST NEW (used) HTC Touch Diamond 2 for US$178. Tell me which phone would you prefer and why? Thanks! :)
  14. x2xdj

    Thread 113.8 MB RAM UPDATED V2.0 [2011-05-10] ReBurn ROM SYS 29020 (FULL & LITE)

    New TYTN II ROM Project using SYS 29020 Updated Link, Screens, Info First release 2011-04-14 with Titanium and M2D Sorry for that i haven't done anything new because i dont have device at the moment, but soon i gonna release something new. Now i have again this toy, need new rom? Android...
  15. P

    Thread [Q] Performance on Tilt?

    Anyone successfully installed Android on their Tilt? What version are your running? How's the performance?
  16. tropicanapure

    Thread [Q] Generic RNDIS woes

    Hello everyone, I am sure this is one of the most often asked questions around here. But I am going to ask anyway because I've not been able to use the solutions provided before and my research elsewhere has not yielded the results I expect. So here goes. I have a T-Mobile MDA Vario III...
  17. daedric

    Thread [Q] Which version should i use? (Not asking which rom is better)

    Hello guys! I need your help and advise. I need to use my kaiser to work. That's uhh.. receiving calls, making calls, sms, WiFi @ night to sync new contacts to my Google account... you know, small tasks. I'm using as of yet CM7 with 2.3.32 (#63 IIRC) Data on SD Partition. Now.. although stable...
  18. D

    Thread [Q] Totally bricked Kaiser!

    Hi XDA-devs! I've been going through this forum for quite a while now, but sadly I haven't been able to find the answer to my problem:( I got a Kaiser 130 which isn't performing very well, actually it isn't performing at all. Here is the problem: Fully charged battery (not the problem:)) I go...
  19. A

    Thread Androin on TyTNII with broken touchscreen

    Hi, I've got a HTC TyTN II with broken touchscreen (LCD works, but it doesn't recognize when i'm touching it :)). I've tryied to install Android on that phone (i'm booting it with haret from SD card), and i've succeded, but now I'm stuck on a "Touch the android to begin" screen. How can i...
  20. C

    Thread New KAISER ROM Valentine 1.0.2 - based on not so super froyo RLS18

    This Kaiser ROM is based on not so super froyo RLS18 --------------------------------------------------------------- 1.02 is the latest version and is a full version, so you do not need to download 1.0 If you want to set a locale other than Spanish or English you will still need to apply this...
  21. X

    Thread [Q] Google goggles ipv6

    Hi all, I have Fat Free Froyo installed with the latest 14th Jan 2011 kernel voguimg-240x320-2.6.32-froyo-14-01-11_14.nbh edited to froyo & panel type 2 from t029000.massey.ac.nz but Google Goggles needs ipv6 support. Is this a kernel problem or a problem with the build itself? I am experienced...
  22. H

    Thread [Q] usb problem

    Hi. I have installed Android on my Kaiser. Unfortunately I cant connect my phone with my Windows 7. When I plug my phone into USB windows find android phone and successfully install HTC Dream Composite ADB Interface and High capacity storage, but he also trys to install Vogue drivers (i think...
  23. D

    Thread [Q] Why my phone is slow after "Data on SD Card"

    Ok lets start this discussion Some reports: - Fresh install, Wiped Data. Startup Manager throws a dozen of NOT RESPONDING errors before having my finger tip read - Ok after a pain taking process of going to home, I see everything quick (entering/exiting from Drawer, switching homes, widgets...
  24. J

    Thread [Q] NSS Froyo Rls 18 on Tytn II

    All, NSS Froyo Rls 18 has been running on my Tytn II for a few days now and is rock solid (and more than quick enough) - Thoughtlesskyle, you are a legend! I'm running this using haret, and I couldn't tell you what kernel I'm using or anything like that. Its pretty much a stock install based...
  25. H

    Thread [Q] Who provides a professional service to upgrade my Kaiser

    Hey all, I own an unlocked ATT Tilt 1 (Kaiser 8925). It is currently running windows mobile which is extremely slow. I have read all over the internet that you can put the Android 2.2 OS on this phone and have seen youtube videos on this topic also. Ideally I need to be able to buy apps from...
  26. C

    Thread [Android] New Froyo ROM

    - Based on Dzo's latest Fresh Froyo system-froyo-eu-unodex-03-12-10_04 - Replaced stock launcher2 with ADWLauncher 1.3.3 - Removed unneeded apps in a similar way to Fat Free Froyo RLS5 (thanks to thoughtlesskyle for his great work) - Added % to the battery indicator (for now at 0%, 10%, 20%...
  27. PoXFreak

    Thread [Q] Noob needing help for Android on Kaiser

    Hi All: After seaching the forums all day and trying to decipher whats going on, I have to resort to noobish actions by posting a new thread. What I have is a Kaiser, NAND flashed to Thoughtlesskyle's not so super froyo RLS18, radio ROM has been flashed from 1.70 to 1.65 and back twice, all...
  28. drnessie

    Thread [THEME][QVGA][M2D] Pixel Jive [Updates! Now with more Mario!]

    Check out this theme! Just Unzip, Copy & Paste it into your /Windows directory, if you have M2D! Please tell me if it works on anything other than Kaiser, this is my first theme! Updates coming soon... expect more pixels! ;) ZIP also includes another .png for start menu background, enjoy! :)...
  29. M

    Thread [Q] My kaiser has died, What Can I DO?

    hi, I have a big problem, I don't know what can i do, and I deseperate, I was flashing my device using a SD Card, then the process stopped the progress bar was stopped, I waited for a while, but nothing happened, then I turned off my device but now It doesn't work, It doesn't turn on, and when...
  30. C

    Thread [Q] My Kaiser is shuting down

    While I installed Android on my Kaiser (Froyo 2.2.1 by Incubus) my Kaiser is shutting down when is not used for aprox. 2 hour. There is no that error on WM 6.5. I can't power on my Kaiser until I plug in power cable even battery is > 70%. Regards
  31. S

    Thread [Q]BIG problems with reboots SOLVED SO FAR

    I'm sorry that this thread is here again, still unsolved. But I would really want to use my phone again. I've got nothing ATM. What I've tried already: - Every radio version wich can be downloaded for the Kaiser - 2.6.32 and 2.6.25 Kernel - Latest 2.6.32 kernel with reboot fixes from Clamsyn...
  32. S

    Thread [Q] Strange reboots on kaiser

    I'm having this problem for a while with my Kaiser running Not So Super Froyo, When (i guess) doing something more heavy for my phone it "reboots" for no reason. It doesn't fully reboot but just shows the bootanimation again. Mostly I have this problem using Wi-Fi I'm using (as said before) a...
  33. A

    Thread [Q] Looking for a Kaiser ROM

    I used a lot of ROM of Kaiser,this one is the best,I think. But now I lost the ROM,so who can help me inform me where can download this ROM,because in recently days I did not find it. The ROM's some information please see screenshot. Thanks.
  34. S

    Thread [Q] MIUI on our Kaisers

    Are there any ideas so far of porting the MIUI to the Kaiser? It simply looks freakin awesome.
  35. A

    Thread [Q] The Ultimate Unlock? RIUMs?

    I have been doing research on rium card for my htc tilt to see if i could possibly put it on my families verizon plan. Unfortunately, American companies have too much of a need for power to implement such a beautiful device in their phones. Not only could i not got to my service providers...
  36. I

    Thread [Q] Help me solve keyboard mystery please!

    So here is my story.. i have a perfectly working kaiser, and one with a broken lcd.. but both of them are in terrible cosmetic condition.. so i decide to order from ebay a full housing (with keyboard included) to make it look good and give it to my brother as a present.. I perfectly disassemble...
  37. rollride

    Thread [Q] |Radio thread for kaiser ?!?

    can somebody tell which is the best radio for android and post some links ... and one more thing i want to thank all the devs and people in this amazing forum for their great and hard work about making android more useful and stable day after day.
  38. S

    Thread [Q] Kaiser 3D Drivers For Android - SOLVED - CAN BE CLOSED

    I was wondering, the 3D performance is a lot better on the kaiser when using the video drivers (of course). But is there any way to get the 3D driver to work in android? Since i don't think it's possible to just install the driver on WM and then run Android because it fully shuts down WM i was...
  39. xnakeg

    Thread [Q] kaiser speaker replace

    hi everyone i new on xda i hav a htc kaiser running android incubus super froyo and is excellent but i have one question i want to replace the mono speaker in the kaiser but i dont know how much energy the speaker needs to work and if possible to replace with another one from nokia or...
  40. C

    Thread [Q] What is the best and most stable ROM or WM 6.5 or above for KAISER?

    What is one of the Best, most stable, and everything works on it ROM for the kaiser as of now/present now? (please make it windows mobile 6.5 and above) Also, at least make it good, like looks and interface and what not, and add what is the best radio for it to. The one I have right now the...
  41. H

    Thread [Q] Slow Android, any way get it faster?

    Hi. I've tried many different builds. I forgot the name of build I'm using... :$ Warm Dount was the first one I installed on my Tytn II and everything works. yet quite slow. the version I'm using 1.5 faster than the most popular one "Warm Dount". I think CPU of android phone in the market are...
  42. I

    Thread Boot problems - can't get to Tricolor, but boots to Android

    Hello all, I've searched and found some things, but nothing that matches my problem. HTC Kaiser, branded Swisscom. HardSPL, I don't remember the version. Trying to get to tricolor screen, no key combo works. Camera+reset w/stylus, camera+power, even the two soft keys to reinstall the rom in...
  43. D

    Thread My Kaiser Touch Screen doesnt work

    :( Please excuse me if my english isnt good. :) I bought this phone Kaiser or TyTN II about a year ago, it was workin really good, no problems at all. until a week ago, when sudenly the touch screen doesnt work, days before it stoped workin i changed the microSD card for a new one, i just copy...
  44. C

    Thread Is there a dual Boot of Android and Windows on The HTC Kraiser Mobile?

    I was wondering is it out there to have a dual boot(pick at the start) Which OS you want to run on the HTC 8925.(android or Windows Mobile). Also what is the latest ROM version out for Android on the kaiser? Would it be possible to run a dual boot of android 2.2(or the latest version and windows...
  45. O

    Thread [Q] Kaiser android yaffs error. Followed by FC's

    ATT Tilt. Running DZO's 09-09-10 nbh and 02-09-10 froyo system. Phone runs flawlessly. Everything that I've tried works, extremely fast and responsive. It's all perfect except for one thing. Randomly upon rebooting I'm greeted with hundreds of the following errors. Followed by After...
  46. WarByte

    Thread [NAND] Warbyte Donut for Kaiser - RLS04 Oct 21 - compcache and market! / General help

    Sad news right before we end this year. Today (12-28-2010) I accidentally stepped on my Kaiser and though it endured like a champ it was too much to ask from the screen and it cracked. No more Kaiser for me so this project is coming to an abrupt end. If I find a Kaiser and it is flashable then...
  47. F

    Thread [Q] d3d drivers cause browser crash ??

    Hi, I've installed d3d drivers for kaiser on wm6.5 froma cab named AF974 D3D_Drivers.cab. I need them to play with Crazy Taxi 3D. When i try to use a browser (Opera Mobile 10 or IE) my Kaiser will reboot. If i remove the driver i can surf the web but i can't play the game. Someone have an...
  48. R

    Thread Android on Kaiser using haret... radio problems

    Alright, Im going to be straight forward since BS gets you no where on this forum.... I cant get my radio to connect to the network among other problems Before you blast me.....I have been looking for the answer to this solution for a week now.....Google searches and forum reading till 5 AM...
  49. D

    Thread [Q] Which Rom for the Kaiser in 2010?

    Hello, I have been using a HTC Kaiser now for half a year and love it. I would really like to upgrade my rom to a cooked windows 6.5. I have read quite a bit on doing this and realized that most of the things I was reading were from 2008-2009. I would like to know if there are any chefs still...
  50. n2rjt

    Thread Kaiser Battery Status [kernel mod]

    NOTE: I don't post kernels here anymore: look for my changes in the standard kernel now. This thread is still useful for battery discussion, if you like. I have gotten tired of seeing my battery go from 90% to 15%. Why can't it go smoothly from 100% down to 5% or less, and back up again? Why...