1. E

    Thread Loud unexpected speaker noise

    I'm not sure whether this is ROM-related or not, so I'll post in a few places. I'm happily running KatKiss 7.1 (v26) on the Prime, which is all fun and games, but yesterday for some reason, the tablet started making a loud sine noise from the speaker, and since I was in class I quickly turned...
  2. S

    Thread Bricked unlocked TF201 ? Stuck on teamwin screen

    Hello I wanted to speed up the TF201 with the help of the Kernel Adjutor. Something went wrong and after a series of frustrated attempts the only thing I get after starting the TF 201 are - the ASUS /nvidia screen with the message "the device is unlocked" - 4 penguins with a text "3.xxxxx...
  3. T

    Thread [ROM] [TF201] KatKiss 5.1.1 - v30 [MultiWindow] [Stable] [RRO]

    KatKiss 5.1.1 #30 for Asus Transformer Prime I repacked Timduru's Katkiss Rom with Grimlock Lite v5.1 kernel and now it works flawless on our Primes Everything works perfect included WiFi, Bluetooth, dock special keys and Cameras ROM is pretty fast and smooth :cool: Bugs&Issues Encryption...
  4. grofweg

    Thread [Theme]Simple Custom Theme for TWRP

    Here are some simple themes (only) for the ASUS TF101 using TWRP recovery. Just to give it a little extra. All three themes are based on their primaire logo color. For Cyanogenmod this is blue, for Omnirom this is green and for Katkiss this is orange/brown. The logo's are embedded as well. Hope...
  5. S

    Thread [Q] TF101 won't boot

    Ok, so I gave my wife my old TF101 when I got the 701. I reflashed it with a fresh install of timduru's KatKiss ROM. It's been running reasonably well aside from random reboots. all of a sudden, yesterday it stopped booting up at all. It shows the normal Asus flash screen, but then when it shows...
  6. F

    Thread [Q] KatKiss 4.4.2 - Reboots unless actively using the tablet

    Hi all, I have a problem with my slider and KatKiss ROM. I was previously running Revolver ROM, so i flashed TWRP as mentioned in the SL101 developement post. http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2286166 Wiped cache/data/formatted etc. Then i flashed KatKiss-4.4.2_019.zip...
  7. A

    Thread [Q] Is there HDMI output possible with Rom Katkiss 4.3 ?

    Is there HDMI output possible with Rom Katkiss 4.3 ?
  8. F

    Thread [Q] Asus TF101 ; encryption not working on KatKiss

    Hello I have just applied the latest KatKiss install to my tf101 and it looks great. I need to encrypt my tf101 (to get work emails, the tablet needs to be encrypted before our IT would allow it to be hooked up to the work network.). I have very few apps running, so not much space used. I...