1. S

    Thread Weird OS.NB extracted?

    Hello, I've tried extracting imgfs.bin from LG WM 6.5 firmware, and it results in some weird way. The points I'm curious at are: 1. Unpacking .KDZ results in *.wdb, not .DZ. 2. Unpacking *.wdb results in weird binary file, not in .tot 3. Resulted binary file seems to be in Qualcomm .MBN...
  2. S

    Thread KDZ to TWRP flashable ZIP?

    I more or less understand what a KDZ is, and how to flash it with LGUP. I also sorta understand that a TWRP flashable .zip file is basically just an archive of a bunch of .img files that TWRP (magically) knows where to flash to on the device. So I can get a KDZ for the stock ROM from LG, or I...
  3. cosmicdrive

    Thread can't access download mode to flash stock ROM - how to work around it?

    i've been tinkering with custom ROMs today and in the process i ended up breaking the wifi, so i couldn't proceed with the setup on any custom ROMs i tried to download. i've been attempting to open download mode but it won't open, probably because i wiped everything in TWRP and did not make a...
  4. K

    Thread LG G8 sprint "Download mode"

    Good afternoon friends. I still have a problem on my phone "your device has failed a routine safety ..." after I locked the bootloader. I gave it unofficial for repair, they could not do anything there. But now, for some reason, my phone does not load in edl9008 mode, but there is dowmload mode...
  5. A

    Thread Can I flash Difference model number firmware

    So I accidentally bought the wrong model its korean version v300L which is too much bloatware and some settings in korean that cannot changes to English. Im on android 8 right now planning to update to pie but can I flash to another pie model number such as H930,H931 ?
  6. X

    Thread Delete This!

    Delete This Please! Go here instead: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-v40/how-to/guide-lgup-root-t3967858
  7. M

    Thread G7 thing lg g710pm brick. Stuck on lg g7 thinq logo

    HELLO FRIENDS, I NEED HELP IN UNBRICKING MY LG G710pm, WENT OFF DURING OTA UPDATE. now stuck on boot, i have done hard reset but still the same. i have searched a weeks now on how to unbrick it, but have found nothing. Please help. thanks
  8. K3V1991

    Thread [KDZ][H870][US997] LG Firmware Updates as KDZ

    Latest Firmwares for H870 & US997 as KDZ H870: Firmware: 30B Date: 2019-12-12 Android: 9.0.0Download: AFH US997: Firmware: 21E Date: 2019-02-28 Android: 8.0.0Download: AFH
  9. Redline

    Thread [US998] [Stock] [Oreo] [March-19 Security] LG V30 US Cellular US99820h_00_0318.kdz

    Only posting this because mainly I was checking if the March 2019 security update was available for SGCMarkus in his LineageOS thread :P Relevant information: Model: LGUS998 Software Version: US99820H_00 OS Version: Oreo File Name: US99820h_00_0318.kdz Download link: Direct Direct 2...
  10. R

    Thread how would one go about porting the lg g7thinQ pie update to our v30? Lets discuss

    as the title says how would one port over the pie update to a rooted v30 with a vendor partition and or would this be able to help with pie roms if we can extract the vendor image from the pie kdz? Link...
  11. C

    Thread T-Mobile US / G710TM10N KDZ

    Here is the latest T-Mobile US KDZ: G710TM10N. Changelog only indicates November security update. Download URL: here Google Drive mirrors: - KDZ - DLL
  12. G

    Thread LG UP Cannot Load Model

    Hi! I have an LG G6 H873 model. I wanted to flash the new oreo kdz that I have downloaded and stored. But looks like whenever I try to open LGUP software, I get error stating "LGUP can't load the model[C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\com" http://prntscr.com/kg8txh Anyone know...
  13. evilpotatoman

    Thread LG G7 KDZ file

    Hey everyone! I captured the initial KDZ for the G7, and it's linked below. I can't seem to extract anything from it using the usual tools, however -- it just errors out. G710TM10d_00_TMO_US_OP_0525.kdz Also, fastboot flashing unlock_critical seems to work, kinda. No warning dialog...
  14. billyrock713

    Thread Install a different version KDZ on LG RS988

    Hi there fellas, I have a silly question: I have a LG G5, RS988 version currently working on the RS98810h version (Nougat). I've been facing problems with WiFi HotSpot (I have a togle available but I can't configure it) and that made me wonder whether if it is possible or not installing a KDZ...
  15. farhanshaikh671

    Thread How do i merge multiple system.bin files into one single system.img file?

    Hi, i recently bricked my lg g2 d802. It boots only into fastboot mode, no download mode, no nothing. Now since it is only booting into fastboot mode, i can flash only img files (right?) So i decided to extract the kdz firmware file and manually flash each partition through fastboot. But the...
  16. V

    Thread US998 KDZ File Request

    I'm wondering since the US998 is now available and some people have received it, is there any way to extract a KDZ file for the current software version? The one I have is on Version 08e which is prerelease but would like to be brought current so I can use all the features such as Android Pay...
  17. steadfasterX

    Thread [TOOL][LOCKED/UNLOCKED] SALT - The LG(up) revolution (begins)

    Before reading any further This thread is best viewed in a browser! Mobile apps may parse the XDA formatting not correctly and may screw things up. About steadfasterX's All-in-one LG Tool (SALT) SALT is able to communicate with your device while in download mode and provides these...
  18. techboy11

    Thread LG Stylo 3 Plus KDZ Firmware File

    Had to restore my phone earlier today and was able to grab the KDZ file for the latest nougat update for the LG-M470 model. Roaming around noticed some people had said the original file/firmware wasn't out yet but I guess they are now. Download for anyone who wants it...
  19. emdroidle

    Thread [TOOL] KDZ Writer

    Tool for writing portions of KDZ files to LG devices. As long as KDZ files for the particular device are available and LGE doesn't change the format in an incompatible fashion, this will handle upgrades. Presently this tool targets the format as is used with UFS devices. The LG G5 and LG V20...
  20. M

    Thread Stock Marshmallow KDZ Firmware [Available]

    In This Thread I Will Show You How To Flash Marshmallow On Your D850 Without Feeling Any Need Of Rooting Your Device To Solve Any Error . Just Follow The Exact Instructions That I Give , And There Will Be No Error After Flash Please note that this firmware will change your device model to...
  21. I

    Thread [Guide][Linux][H631] How to extract KDZ Firmware

    A youtube video on this guide Kk7lMNjGIUk Hello guys, I rarely write guide and tutorials .so neglect my typos and gramatical mistakes Today im gonna show you how to unpackLG H631 Kdz firmware so that you can stock deodexed,debloated rom., Lets get started LINUX Note: Python i required (v2.7)...
  22. C

    Thread [KDZ] Stock firmware images for LG Optimus L9 II (D605)

    Hello, there are KDZ files for LG Optimus L9 II, if someone needed them. Use LG Flash Tool 2014 to flash. The 20h should be the latest version as of 20/04/2017, but I cant verify it. D60520h_00.kdz - 20h - Android 4.4.2 KitKat (KK) https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120725819 Size: 1...

    Thread Flashing LG H815(International Version) rom onto LG H812 (Bell Canada) hardware

    Hi all, I am going on a long trip to the UK and Middle East, and want to take my LG G4 with me and use foreign service providers. I am planning on flashing the H815T (Similar to H815 International Version but supports more bands) KDZ file onto my existing LG H812 (Bell Canada) hardware, so I...
  24. Loulou-13

    Thread All LG G4 kdz ,it's here !!!

    Hi ! Maybe someone already know ...but i often see peoples who look for some firmwares here on this section of xda . Like "sammobile" for Samsung phones ,you have this web site : https://lg-firmwares.com/lg-h815-firmwares/ (you have all lg g4 variants !!! ) ENJOY ! ;)
  25. hiroprotagonist

    Thread SO.. Where is the kdz or tot for the H820?

    Well, after months of exhaustive searching and trawling the deep dark corners of the internet, i can finally say: THERE IS NO FRICKING FIRMWARE FOR THIS PHONE! Ok, venting done. The AT&T variant really does seem to not have any firmware available anywhere. I would like to throw this little...
  26. P

    Thread Can H955 Marshmallow kdz be flashed on H955A??

    Hey guys. I have the opportunity to buy a really cheap slightly used G Flex 2 H955A (for about 90€) it is actually for my dad as Ive already got H955 for myself for more than 1 year now. Now my question is... Can H955 20c kdz be flashed on H955A???
  27. TheGhost1951

    Thread LG G5 RS988 and H830 software differences

    Ok, I'm a rookie when it comes to understanding phone differences and if a mistake is made, you will brick your phone. I compared the hardware differences between the LG G5 RS988 unbranded and the T-Mobile H830. From what I can tell, they are essentially the same phone. Differences would be in...
  28. obol2

    Thread How to create a tar file from a kdz file?

    I have the kdz file and want to create a tar file so i can edited it with android kitchen. Does anybody know how i can do that?:confused:
  29. M

    Thread Did LG-FIRMWARE stop to support for offical KDZ?

    I want to install stock kdz for my g2 but the server send "403 Forbidden" so I tried using some free proxy to be sure that my country has problem for the site. However, I tried all of the following sites with NO LUCK http://devtester.ro/projects/lg-firmwares/ http://lg-phone-firmware.com/...
  30. S

    Thread Help Please, does anyone have this KDZ?

    "VS98715A_01_0927_ARB00.kdz" i need it if anyone has it, I can find it online but cant download it, for some reason my G5 wont update past 14a, so maybe if i flash this i can get nougat. Thanks in advance.
  31. G

    Thread LGE AndroidNet Port Instead Of LGE Mobile USB Port?

    I was on a custom rom on my LG G3 D852, and I decided to go back to full stock by flashing the .tot file. I used the tool to flash .tot file, then without rooting and flashing twrp, I upgraded to marshmallow by flashing .kdz file. (I forgot that my twrp recovery was gone) When I was on...
  32. iceyhotguy

    Thread Error on kdz flash on 7.0 GPad: "Factory Reset Status 2"

    So my ATT GPad 7.0 v410 was on CM12 for a while, decided to flash clean stock before handing it to my gf. I flashed the kdz from this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/g-pad-10/general/kdz-lg-g-pad-7-0-v410-t3224867 and flashed it using LG FlashTool 2014 from...
  33. ze7zez

    Thread [STOCK][KDZ][FIRMWARE] All models of the device LG K7 (code name: M1)

    ROM for LG K7, you can download: AS330 K330 K330TN K332 MS330 L51AL L52VL X210 X210MB X210G X210DS - Only by Infinity Box CM2MTK >= v1.58 ! ROM can be downloaded as follows. Browser Check reCAPTCHA Press Get File button And finally click on the link after the phrase "Your adf . ly link...
  34. M

    Thread Is there a rooted, stock Marshmallow v6.01 ROM (H90120j) for the h901?

    I have the stock, rooted kdz H90120e installed on my unlocked LG V10 (H901). Have been looking for a rooted version of T-Mobile's most recent OTA: H90120j...but, have only been able to find the original version that will restore root to my device. Has anyone developed a rooted version? Thanks...
  35. ze7zez

    Thread [STOCK][KDZ][FIRMWARE] All models of the device LG K10 (code name: M2)

    ROM for LG K10, you can download: K410 K410A K410F K410G K420DS K420N K420NM K428 (?) K428SG K430AR K430DS K430DSE K430DSF K430DSY K430F K430H K430N K430T K430TR K430TV K430Y MS428 F670K F670L...
  36. Dr.Alani

    Thread Autorec Bricked my phone, need help

    Hi everyone, It's been some time since I last came here. I am facing a problem in my LG G3 and was wondering if anyone here can help me. My phone is D855 was on V21A, Global ROM, rooted. I was thinking about updating to 6.0, so I used Autorec to flash TWRP to backup everything before the update...
  37. P

    Thread New on LG

    Hello there, i do have an d806 and i come from a Samsung phone. I've sucesfully rooted and installed TWRP already but i'm not sure of how should i proceed to install a new rom. There are some concepts that i don't understand like the kdz files and the baseband and bootloader. The ones from d802...
  38. toastido

    Thread [KDZ] T-Mobile V10 MM (6.0)

    All, Here is the much awaited KDZ file for MM from T-Mobile for the LG V10. :) Enjoy! While I'm waiting.. here's some file specs: File Size: 1931727273 (1.8GB) File MD5: MD5 (H90120e_00_0316.kdz) = 69ae5be8eb8f449d72c700c45cd6e596 OS Versions: - Android version 6.0 - Android security patch...
  39. L

    Thread [GUIDE] Fully Restore Stock and Unroot L90

    Hello, everyone. Even after flashing stock ROM with kdz your L90 may still display ROOTED in download mode or in the RCT test (open Telephone app and type 3845#*XXX# where XXX is your phone model, 410 for instance if you have a D410hn). The fix is relatively simple: 1. While still rooted, use...
  40. D

    Thread Ubuntu / Linux: Flash kdz with linux tools - or - Official tools in virtual box (win)

    hey guys... it sucks so hard. My setup: Ubuntu 14.04 x64 Windows 10 in Virtualbox LG G3 (stock 5.0) My goal: Flash latest kdz (marshmallow) with a tool available for linux. -or- Update my phone to Marshmallow using LG Mobile Support Tool / LGUP / LG PC Suite in a Windows10-VM on Ubuntu host...
  41. phatmanxxl

    Thread [KDZ and Modems] LG G3 D850PR (Claro) 10A/20A

    Spent a few days searching the web for these things so I decided to put it all in one place for future users who may need them. D850PR KK and Lollipop modems: LG D850PR Modems https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Byt06VVG7hEqVGF2aVBiOGlaRTQ KK and Lollipop KDZ files: 10A (KitKat)...
  42. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread [VS985][TWRP]Install TWRP/flash older KDZs on stock 35B-47A, works for 'ks error'

  43. A

    Thread LG H950 V11x 5.1.1 kdz (Not H950PR)

    LG H950 V11x 5.1.1 Rooted and bricked from removing bloatware. Can still enter download mode, and have backups both internal and external. Also have the stock .img, but not a kdz. Looking for any option to unbrick device. Was hoping for kdz so I can use flash tool to get phone back. Any...
  44. S

    Thread [Petition] Sprint's LG Gflex 2 LS996ZV9 KDZ, please! Someone share it :(

    Hello guys! Where can I download the LS996ZV9 for the Gflex 2 (Sprint)? I can't find a KDZ nor TOT :( I hope someone could upload a KDZ to flash and have the lattest update. My Gflex 2 is currently on LS996ZV5. I'm outside the US so I can't get the update from Sprint. Please help :) -...
  45. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread annoyingduck's "[Guide] [VS985] Flash Back To Stock - KDZ Method" now has all KDZs

    annoyingduck's "[Guide] [VS985] Flash Back To Stock - KDZ Method" now has all KDZs annoyingduck has been kind enough to add my link to all the KDZs and TOTs to the bottom of his first post of "[Guide] [VS985] Flash Back To Stock - KDZ Method" at...
  46. T

    Thread [STOCK] Three UK - H81510h_00_1124.kdz

    This is the latest firmware for the G4 currently available from Three UK. Software details: MD5: Download: http://bensdedi.net/H81510h_00_1124.kdz
  47. anterus

    Thread [H812] Canadian H812 N Update - KDZ Captured (TELUS, Wind, etc)

    Hi, if someone needs KDZ updates for Wind / TELUS Canadian H812 (do not use for Rogers, or your LTE will not work): 1. Version N KDZ Update: https://mega.nz/#!nYRRUCRa!bzLVweOnM_zGKkcGkgd3kJ7JmI3mqJgNQ7y0PqqOZhA Rooted System Image...
  48. K

    Thread [H815] V20a-SEA-XX KDZ

    Stock KDZ retrieved from LG Bridge cache. If you're not sure if this is the right version for your device, then it probably isn't. Bricks are bad. Flash using LG Up from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/g4/help/lgup-install-kdz-mm-lp-t3249803 Android version: 6.0 Kernel: 3.10.84 Baseband...
  49. O

    Thread Long awaited V20A kdz for H815

    Hey, Here You are: long awaited kdz for Marshmallow :) http://csmgdl.lgmobile.com/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=FW1F33M2328CAJLC9D894FS/H81520A_00.kdz
  50. K

    Thread Help with Official Flashing on LG G2

    Hello Guys, I was wondering if you can help me out clarifing a few things about flashing roms in .kdz format. So i was on Cloudy 2.2 and had a lot of issues and then i decided to revert to stock. I followed the hyelton thread and did the TOT method. Now i have the phone on 4.2.2 working fine...