1. QuowLord

    Thread Alcatel Go Flip V keyboard support

    (For explanation as to why I want the following, see below section) I have an Alcatel Go Flip V under Verizon that I would like to get keyboard support on for bluetooth keyboards. It runs an AOSP fork and has no keyboard support. Bluetooth keyboards gave some connection error, vague enough to...
  2. L

    Thread Recommendations of keyboard with gestures and shortcuts with the CTRL key

    Hello everyone, I have a question, if you are so kind to help me. I would like a keyboard that supports gestures to copy, paste, move the cursor, etc. Or also that it has the "CTRL" key. I have found Multiling O Keyboard, but this have some bugs for gestures, another interesting keyboard is...
  3. lightinfo10

    Thread A BACK BUTTON appears while Typing. Can't chat in Clash of Clans!!

    Hello, sir. I am in Android 11 and have the latest Google Keyboard app. A back button appears at the bottom of my screen. It creates trouble while in landscape mode. I use Gesture Navigation option so no back, home, recent button. I like to view in full-screen. Please see the attached picture...
  4. perelax

    Thread AOSP Keyboard with Gesture Typing for Android Studio

    I recently started a new project where I include a keyboard. During my research, I noticed that there were quite a few developers looking for the AOSP Keyboard (LatinIME) build with gesture typing. I converted the source into an Android Studio project that includes the language packs and...
  5. V

    Thread How do I install the Samsung Keyboard on my custom ROM?

    I have installed the /e/ OS custom ROM and rooted it on my Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte/GM-930F). I'd like to install the default Samsung Keyboard, as I've gotten used to it over the years. I tried multiple versions from apkmirror and similar websites, some won't install, some install but don't...
  6. K

    Thread Question Official Keyboard cover with trackpad self disabling

    Dear XDA community, I'm writing to please ask some help on a problem I'm facing with my official samsung book keyboard cover. I attach it to the tablet, the tablet disables the soft keyboard to allow me to type with the hardware keyboard...... and it doesn't work. My tablet is: Tab S8 SM-X700...
  7. _BYS2_

    Thread Android head unit stuck after enabling "simulate secondary display"

    Got an Android head unit with no physical buttons (has 1 tiny reset hole only). I was playing around with developer settings and enabled Simulate Secondary Displays with 4K option. Unfortunately this lead to the simulated display overlay taking over the entire screen with no way to get rid of it...
  8. Lucas102531

    Thread Question Lenovo P11 11" Original Physical Keyboard Case [Case Teclado físico original lenovo P11 11"]

    Mod edit: How can I assign a new function to only one key on the physical keyboard? Example: I can't type "/" in my language ("Brazilian"). ****************** Como posso atribuir uma nova função para apenas uma tecla do teclado físico? Exemplo: Não consigo digitar "/" em meu...
  9. K

    Thread Question Spell Checker

    Hi everyone. I have an S21 Ultra, I'm new to Samsung. I've been using Swiftkey for years, it's my preferred keyboard. It's also preinstalled on this phone (system software). However, when I chose to use it, the system spell checker (red underlined words) doesn't work. I've installed many other...
  10. Spaceoid

    Thread AOSP Keyboard 12 - Disable Emoji Button?

    Hi guys! So, LOS 19 comes with the new AOSP Keyboard 12. I like my phone keyboards simple and basic, so I usually disable all extra functions like auto correction, word suggestions etc. The keyboard also features an emoji button. Now, I could not find an option to disable that button anywhere...
  11. M

    Thread Question Any way to connect official keyboard with rubbed cover ?

    Hi everyone, I own a Mi Pad 5 pro with the official keyboard. But... I like to use it with a more hard cover, that also has the holes for the keyboard, but of course, they don't touch in any way... Then, I was wondering, that maybe "already exist" (as the cover has the holes for the keyboard)...
  12. L

    Thread Realme 4k stick - OTG USB keyboard not working

    Hi guys. Just bought a Realme 4k stick with google tv. I used to have an android 7 tv box with mouse and keyboard. For some reason on google tv the mouse and keyboard does not work properly. When I go to settings it expects keyboards moves so if I click on mouse it always click on the first...
  13. B

    Thread Question Bug from realme C2? Display virtual keyboard settings not working correctly

    My device is connected with physical keyboard and mouse via OTG USB hub. Whenever I write something the virtual keyboard kept showing up despite being toggled off in physical keyboard configuration. But in my older device (android 5.1), it is working, no virtual keyboard showing up. Watch the...
  14. iqooZ3

    Thread App installation issue

    Hello, I have earlier installed Google Indic Keyboard app in My Phone Iqoo z3, But after some update it automatically disappeared. I tried to install it from Play Store but installation always failed. Then I Tried Downloading and Install with apk file. That also did not work. Then I tried to...
  15. klear6

    Thread I can't use the letter "Q"

    I have an Android box, well, I have about 5 but this one is the fastest and the rest are in storage, and all seems to be working pretty well except...I can't find any way to type the letter "Q." Not upper case, nor lower case. Not using the on-screen keyboard, nor my external mini keyboard. I...
  16. O

    Thread Keyboard cursor buttons in toolbar (lineageos 18.1)

    I remember finding an option in settings that created a pair of buttons in the bottom toolbar (the toolbar that show home and back buttons), for moving the keyboard cursor forward and back. These buttons would only be shown when the soft keyboard was shown. I cannot find this option anymore...
  17. drasterlx

    Thread Keyboard, Google play, Wifi and Messages SW3

    Hello Any app Keyboard to use in the watch?? not only to answer messages... i installed the gboard... touchone... and others... but i cant use those... If i dont have keyboard... how to answer messages or notes? It is possible to install google play store? Thanks
  18. S

    Thread Samsung keyboard Hindi issue

    This is regarding samsung keyboard. Hindi typing experience is very bad on samsung keyboard. Please check the video attached herewith for reference. Your hindi keyboard is not behaving as it should. I have reporteď this issue many times but samsung always send precreated reply for every issue...
  19. T

    Thread TouchPal keyboard Android 11

    Hello guys.I have mi 10t lite.Until today I was using TouchPal 2015 keyboard,which has t9 layout instead of the qwerty which gboard has.Tonight I've updated my phone to the newest miui version.(bad decision).So my good old keyboard stopped working.Is there a workaround?I want either a new...
  20. N

    Thread One of my emojis is completely missing from my phone.

    My phone is a Galaxy Note 10+. When I first got it I thought the wired generic smile was apart of the emoji set. I thought it was weird, but didn't think too much of it. Then I saw my brother's keyboard one day and saw he had this emoji ☺ and I did not. Sometimes it works on certain apps, other...
  21. S

    Thread Question How to use "pre" boot keyboard

    Hello guys! I've got my x3 Pro and I'm happy with it; I'm coming from a Honor View 10(Kirin 970). Anyways what I hated about it and also about this Xiaomi, is that I can't seem to be able to use the "pre"boot keyboard. In system settings all I can find is Gboard..and not this keyboard: Any...
  22. P

    Thread bkb50 keyboard with a firm hinge and a touchpad for the galaxy tab s5e

    I ve just received my s5e ;) ... working fine with my old BKB50 keyboard :) (from my old Xperiab Tab Z4) (note : had to open and close the BKB50's hinge to be able to pair it to the s5e) Now I need to configure it as a german keyboard (got it for 50-60E last year on aliexpress as I gave my...
  23. M

    Thread Keyboard ignore Camera punch hole

    So I've set up all my Apps to ignore the Camera when in landscape mode and fill the screen all the way using GoodLock. The only thing I can't seem to set up that way is my keyboard, hence the white bar on the left. Has anyone found a way to have the keyboard stretch all the way across the screen?
  24. Immanuel Raj


    G-Board Themer Chek out more about me HERE Hey so am back with an interesting thing with to share it with you guys..... yeah trust me you will like this So....whats it??? Its the new G-Board theme enabler for people like me who dont like to root their devices The following features...
  25. JotaFilip

    Thread Teclast M40_EEA weird OTG

    Well, I was trying to use OTG on this tablet, keyboard and mouse works great connecting via USB with a Type-C adapter. But when connecting a Logitech controller it receives power (I can turn mode on/off and the light goes on/off) but the tablet doesn't recognize, for example when I go to the...
  26. T

    Thread Gboard will not delete certain learned words and names

    I type in Arabic (phonetically though) and have certain phrases and names that I tried to delete by: 1- Deleting all learned words in advanced settings 2- Deleting app cache and data 3- Uninstalling the app The only way to get rid of them is by manually removing them and deleting them...
  27. F

    Thread Home screen cut off

    When I open my keyboard in POCO Launcher, the portion of the screen where the keyboard was gets cut off, making it unusable. It seems to happen as well when using my keyboard in any app and then switching to the home screen (without exiting the keyboard first). It stays this way until I reboot...
  28. S

    Thread SONY TV Back button not working on Keyboard after update to Android 9.0

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to post this and share the trouble I have had and workaround I found after an Android upgrade from 8 to 9 on my SONY TV. Right after the upgrade my 2 wireless Keyboards (1 x USB and 1 x Bluetooth) stopped responding to the Backspace or ESC buttons as "Back"...
  29. C

    Thread Stuck on lockscreen without ability to type in password

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Android 10 TWRP Rooted with Magisk I just put my phone in ultra power saving mode, but unfortunately i cant unlock the lockscreen because i disabled samsung keyboard and now there is no keyboard where i can type in my password, and since i am in power saving mode it also...
  30. andreas__

    Thread [MODULE] Google Glide Typing library

    Description This Magisk module installs the proprietary Google Glide library file to /system/lib64. It is used to enable Glide Typing on ROMs with AOSP keyboard without the need to install the GApps package. Of course it can be used alongside a microG installation. The...
  31. N

    Thread Does this phones' UI have ads? Do stock apps ask for unwanted permission?

    Hello! I just wanted to know if this phones' software have ads anywhere in the UI? If yes, is there an option to opt-out? Secondly, I've heard Xiaomi phones are notorious for having stock apps that ask for unwanted permission to function (eg: calculator wanting to access contacts etc.), is...
  32. B

    Thread Keyboard does not always open when i click to type

    Sometimes I'm on the internet and I want to type into a form on a website, I click the textbox and the keyboard does not open. This also happens in apps too. The fix reboot. How do I stop this from happening? It seems to happen when the phone has not rebooted for a long time...
  33. N

    Thread Fire 10 (2019) + Bluetooth KB = no joy

    Kindle Fire 10 (2019 version) running I believe; it's never been updated out of the box and system updates are turned off so it can't tell me from the Settings app. But anyway. I bought a dopey little $20 Bluetooth keyboard for another project. It works just fine on a Raspberry Pi I...
  34. westy123

    Thread Very Cheap (new) pixel c keyboard

    hiya, I bought from this seller via Amazon (paid £22, still very cheap), but then i saw same seller on Ebay selling at £9.99! So i bought another, and it seems the same (sealed packaged etc.), so i'll be keeping that as a backup. so, if anyone needs a new (or a backup!) keyboard...
  35. P

    Thread S Pen won't press certain keys

    when i try to use the keyboard with my S Pen, certain keys won't press.. i have to press them a few times before it registers... but, the key button highlighter 8s triggered, so it knows it's been pressed just nothing appears. Any ideas
  36. D

    Thread Are there even ANY good keyboard besides GBoard and SwiftKey?

    So I HATE GBoard with a passion. It does the job if you only write in English but if you also write in other languages it is a complete nightmare that makes zero sense and I feel like no localization team tested Gboard at all because the stuff it writes makes no sense and breaks simple language...
  37. A

    Thread Dex with Japanese hardware keyboard?

    Galaxy S9, Japanese model SCV38 (kddi au) with Android 10 stock rom. No root. I did disable a bunch of bloatware though, not sure if that has anything to do with this. Default on-screen keyboard is SwiftKey. I have English and Japanese installed on it, both working just fine. Samsung's own...
  38. J

    Thread Third party keyboards on the S20 series.

    In December 2019, Samsung has disabled third party keyboards if using Knox / Work profile. ( Admin has to enable a third party keyboard for it to be used (which my IT group refuses to do so I am stuck on the default Samsung keyboard on my S10+ which is terrible). Samsung...
  39. TiTiB

    Thread [GUIDE] MultiLingO Keyboard

    I no longer use Multiling O, but use Floris Board on my phone. It, imo, is a superior keyboard. As with my other post about the Jbak2 keyboard for tablets (here, I...
  40. psydex

    Thread Having a hard time typing when gesture navigation is ON

    It's quite hard to hit the the most far out letters on the keyboard while gesture nav is ON. I imagine it's because these letters overlaps with the back gesture.
  41. TiTiB

    Thread [GUIDE] Jbak2 Keyboard

    I created this thread to spread the love for the Jbak2 keyboard. Although I love it on my 10.4" tablet I prefer the MultiLing O keyboard for my phone. Link to my shared pCloud here I've been using Android devices for about 10 years?, I think, and since the beginning have been...
  42. Aqq123

    Thread [APK] Xperia Chinese Keyboard 25.1.A.0.45 modified to work on any device (tested on LOS 18.1)

    Xperia Chinese Keyboard modified to work on any device Supports pinyin, zhuyin, stroke order, handwriting and Cangjie, as well as English input Version: 25.1.A.0.45 Patch #6 Updated 2022-11-18 Download From (file too large to attach here): Patch 6 for LOS 19.1 / Android 12...
  43. PelegK

    Thread Can't download subtitles with Xiaomi Mi Box

    Hi, I'm using MX Player with my Xiaomi Mi Box and I'm having some trouble with downloading subtitles. While the video is playing, I go to "Online subtitles" and press on search. Then I mark the "Enter your search text" checkbox and there I can't open the keyboard in order to modify the search...
  44. M

    Thread An strange (N) L29 with no apps neither BT

    Hi to all! I have a VIE L29 with Nougat. My screen was broken since August-2018 and honestly I couldnt change it, until today. So after changing the screen, I turned on the phone, I initialized it (I dont know why it was factory reset) and for my surprise, there was no keyboard (only the...
  45. M

    Thread [App] Hacker's Keyboard extension for hardware keyboards support

    Hello. I want to make communicator from my android phone (like Nokia 9210, new Livermorium Cosmo or F(x)tec Pro1). I am working on usable slide-out mechanism, but I got problem with hardware keyboard layout remapping. It is difficult without root and probably impossible to be combined with any...
  46. R

    Thread Any way to completely reset bluetooth on Oreo 8.1 w/o doing a factory reset?

    I have a Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with stock Oreo. Not rooted (yet :) ) and probably going to put a custom ROM in soon. I just bought an Innuevo Bluetooth keyboard (older - BT 3.0) and was able to pair it almost immediately. It worked fine, but when I went to use it again (after turning the keyboard...
  47. C

    Thread Gboard: sync missing

    Hi. I'm having a problem with gboard. I just bought a new phone (Moto G6 play) and I can't turn on the gboard sync, the option is missing. But I can see the sync option on my old device. I read a thread with a solution to this problem, but I can't do it here. The solution that works for many...
  48. RobPitt

    Thread [Q] T95Q Android 8.1.0 enter key not working correctly

    The enter key sends the currently selected character on the virtual keyboard instead of enter. I notice /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl already contains "key 28 ENTER" which is the normal fix I see for this issue. What could be wrong? It's still acting like DPAD_CENTER.
  49. pacosal

    Thread [App] Single Line Keyboard - A very compact keyboard

    Tired of using keyboards that use half the screen? Where are the other keys? In order to get the B, C, D, ... keys you have to tap the key A first. Every normal key has other keys hidden in alphabetical order. To get a single character you need to tap 2 buttons. Some buttons have 2...
  50. Lemagex

    Thread Gap below keyboard? Help?

    There is a gap below my keyboard as of this morning with no changes to the app just since I accidentally entered one handed mode. It persists even when the keyboard is floating as a Gray gap. Has anyone else ever had this issue or know how to fix it ? Tia.