1. W

    Thread [NEW] Installing apps on a Gabb Phone Z2?

    hey guys, stuff didn't work out, we're working on it still, sorry for the hope we really thought we were super close. keep staying updated, my new gabb comes soon. there's also an update i'm prettty sure? don't update. Hello all! I am the guy who made the last post about having apps on the Gabb...
  2. A

    Thread Shared screen time across multiple devices?

    Hi! I have two great kids using multiple Android devices. When they only had one Android device (tablet) it was easy to use Google Family Link to set a set amount of screen time each day. This worked great to keep screen usage within reasonable times on school days and kept us parents from...
  3. G

    Thread G4H Kids smartwatch ?

    hi I got my hands on this smartwatch It seems to be a "G4H" kids smartwatch, which seems to be available from multiple vendors. It seems to be running Android... It has a pogopin based charging adapter, where the middle 3 pins are not usually...
  4. blakegriplingph

    Thread [ROM][UNLOCKED][UNOFFICIAL][BETA] LineageOS 14.1 for the LeapFrog Epic

    Disclaimer /* * This ROM can and will kill your cat, deprive you of your social life * and cause problems with your device if you aren't careful. * This firmware contains chemicals known to the State of California * to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. * You have been...
  5. tag4

    Thread Support this cause, post on social media

    I haven't posted in awhile but this is my one stop for all things Android. Please share to get the word out. I haven't had any social media accounts in years. All help and prayers are appreciated. <Moderator Edit> Link Removed! From the Forum Rules: 13. Advertising and Income Generation...
  6. K3V1991

    Thread [APK] Kids YouTube TV - NO ADS! (Android TV)

    This free App is delightfully simple and packed full of Age-Appropriate Videos, Channels and Playlists. YouTube Kids Features popular Children’s programming, plus Kid-Friendly Content from Filmmakers, Teachers, and Creators all around the World NFO: Version: 6.16.89 Architecture: universal...
  7. S

    Thread [App] My Picture Book for Kids

    Hello, I create that thread to present you My Picture Book for Kids an application letting to teach new words of vocabulary to toddlers and kids. My Picture Book for Kids is available in two versions on the Google Play Store : Free ...
  8. blakegriplingph

    Thread [NABI][MTK][ROOT][MAGISK][RECOVERY] Nabi SE discussion thread

    DISCLAIMER: Neither I nor XDA or the members of this site can be held responsible for any data loss or hardware damage caused by the use the tools, firmware and applications mentioned or linked to in this thread. The nabi SE is an Android-based tablet computer produced by Mattel under the...
  9. A

    Thread [GAME ANDROID] [3.0+] Math for kids, fun and learning

    Game for all ages and genders. Learn math quickly and have fun. Practice and learn, at various levels of difficulty, the basic functions of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Select whether the answer is correct or false. Test your intelligence and speed by playing against the...
  10. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Learn Clock's Time to your Kids

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Learn Clock's Time, an application letting you to teach to your kids how to read the clock's time easily with fun. Learn Clock's Time is available on the Google Play Store in both versions : - Free supported by Ads ...
  11. T

    Thread [CLOSED]Knowledge game for childs 3+

    The game for children of 3-4 years old "Child Tests" contains logic tasks. With this game you will be able to teach your children at home, in the car, on the train or in another place convenient for you. The app contains tasks which improve children speech, attention, thinking; help with...
  12. K

    Thread [GAME][3.0+]Coloring for Kid - Christmas

    Painting Christmas game. More than 100 Christmas coloring pages. Please see demonstration video : t4ZpqnEr088 Try It
  13. MoboPlay

    Thread [GAME] Christmas Apps Collection!

    Simple, but very nice and warm with good drawing. Here is a list of quality educational Christmas games for kids (continuously updated). Save them for your little ones! Christmas Countdown Elf Story More:
  14. S

    Thread Amazon Fire Kids on Rooted Android Device

    Hi all, I've had help here before and am hoping for some again, I've got an old nexus 10 which I've rooted and turned it into a super restricted kids tablet for my daughter using xposed framework and nav bar mods etc it works a treat and she can use netflix kids by herself to find new...
  15. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Christmas Advent Calendar

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Christmas Advent Calendar letting to have a countdown calendar to Christmas on your smartphones and tablets. Christmas Advent Calendar is freely available on Google Play Store :
  16. blakegriplingph

    Thread American Girl/Fisher-Price/Hot Wheels tablet by Nabi

    Anyone heard of these devices? Mattel just acquired Fuhu/Nabi recently, and now that they're at the helm they thought doing a repeat of the Barbie/Hot Wheels PCs would be golden for them: The specs are rather vague, though they're typical for a low-end tab, i.e. quad-core processor, 1GB of...
  17. P

    Thread [2.3.1+][GAME]Sorter Runner 3D

    Sorter Runner 3D Check your reaction and logics in Sorter Runner 3D! Can you become the best among players from all over the world? Come through the colorful platform as soon as possible,by the figure on the desired color. Exhibit agility paired with savvy and maybe you will have time to...
  18. B

    Thread [FREE][GAME]Pop The Balloon

    Pop The Balloon Current Version: 1.0.2 Genre: Casual System requirements: Android 2.3 or later Download: Google Play Short description: Simple, exciting and free game for toddlers. Helps to develop a motility. Description: Classic simple game in which you need to burst balloons by...
  19. W

    Thread [APP][NEWS]Kids Painting & Stickers - Help kids to paint freely and creatively.

    Kids Painting & Stickers - Help kids to paint freely and creatively. - Support both colorful pencils and brushes - Pick any color from Color Wheel - Hundreds of stickers - Various backgrounds (support taking pictures as backgrounds) - Easy painting & steps cancel - Save paintings as picture...
  20. A

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] Maths Puzzle - simple, fun and addictive

    Hi guys, I had created this game to improve my calculation skills and now want to share with all of you guys. HOW TO PLAY: You have to arrange numbers in proper order to satisfy the equation. 382 Easy Puzzles 300 Medium Puzzles 259 Hard Puzzles Get the puzzle at Google Playstore
  21. tny2012

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Discover 3D Shapes in SimpleTown - educational game for kids 6-10 years

    Announcing our new educational game created with Unity. If you want to help your kids to learn more about shapes in a cool way, then you will need to let them try playing our 3D shapes game, they will be addicted to this brain game for kids! The objective of the game is to let your kids play...
  22. S

    Thread [App][4.0+] Real Xylophone for Kids

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Real Xylophone for Kids, a free Xylophone application available on Google Play Store : . Real Xylophone for Kids is a free virtual Xylophone application letting you to play...
  23. W

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 Kids T2105 T-2105 can't access recovery mode

    I have three (3) Samsung Galaxy Tab Kids T2105 tablets. All are running the latest firmware, T2105UEAOE1. None of them will boot into recovery. The tabs work, they will boot normally, and then will boot into Download mode. But they will not boot into recovery. * If I hold down...
  24. blakegriplingph

    Thread LeapFrog Epic development thread (ROMs, recovery, etc.)

    The first custom ROM for the Epic is now live! See this thread for details. So a friend of mine got his hands on one of these, and since he asked me about flashing Gapps into the device, I was wondering if any one of you guys have been doing something just as "epic" for this children's tablet...
  25. A

    Thread [App][2.3+] Kids Zone - Lock your kids into profiles of apps you choose

    Hi all, Just updated my app Kids Zone, this app was inspired by my sister who needed an app to stop her kids from messing up her phone. Kids Zone allows parents to create profiles of approved apps for their kids, kids don't have the ability to launch any outside apps, and even if they manage to...
  26. P

    Thread [APP|LAUNCHER] Kid Starter - launcher for kids!

    I'm developing child-friendly launcher. It should keep your children occupied for a few minutes so you can do your stuff :) Kids have access to multiple screens where they can draw, browse photos, watch preselected YouTube content and even launch preselected apps. All that in child-friendly...
  27. J

    Thread [FREE] Easy Writing Free 2.3

    Easy writing help the kids to learn and write alphabets. FREE VERSION: Features: * It has 'Trace Board'. * The ‘Trace Board’ help the kids to practice to write alphabet. * This has 10 colour shades and has both the upper and lower cases. * The ‘Sound’ option gives the pronunciation of the...
  28. iAnoop

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Pirate Jigsaw - Puzzle Game

    Here is a story based game app on jigsaw puzzles, the story roam around captain hawk and his merry band of pirates who are on an adventurous journey to find hidden treasure. Google Play Link: Age group: 12+ Cagetory...
  29. T

    Thread [GAME][FREE][4.0+] Car racing: Construct&GO

    Last week, our little team published the game. We would be very grateful to you for comments, small reviews and suggestions our first game. Small description of the game: The user of game become as a designer in an alien world. After collecting an extraordinary car, he has a chance to...
  30. M

    Thread [APP][4.0+] YouTuze (Youtube Parental Control)

    Hi I started working an an app for my kids because I couldn't find anything quite like I wanted: An app to add YouTube channels and playlists that I approve. Shortly after I began google announced YouTube Kidz, I thought I might as well give up! but after a while I discovered YouTube Kids...
  31. S

    Thread [FREE][GAME][2.3+]SoundMonsters - Simon Game

    SoundMonsters, has fantastic news... In this game the focus are the beauty of the game, with cartoons and cute pictures for children and adults enjoy... from a simple mode up to a very difficult mode. I hope you like it, description, features and some images below! Description: Some monsters...
  32. L

    Thread [GAME] [2.3+] Christmas Tree: Defy Gravity!

    Hello XDA! Christmas is coming :) We made simple game for kids and their parents, where you need to dress-up Christmas tree. :angel: Description: Dress-up your Christmas tree using toys! And don't forget about gravity! It can destroy your tree! Finish levels! Open New Christmas ornaments...
  33. M

    Thread [App] Memory Kids . Fun your baby it's free

    Find the matching cards to the wonderful world of animals. Learn by playing.
  34. U

    Thread [GAME][FREE] Christmas Find The Pair

    Get in the Christmas mood with this fun memory game! Christmas Find The Pair For more free games please visit: UBJ3D - fun games for the whole family
  35. M

    Thread [Q] Parental control and screen time

    Dear community, I have searched xda forums for a while now and didn't come to a conclusive answer. So I wanted to post my question to see if anyone can help from his/her own experience. I want to pass my old phone to my 12 year old daughter. I've read about parental control, but most of the...
  36. S

    Thread [App][Free] My First Drawing for Kids

    Hello, I make this thread to present you My First Drawing for Kids a simple and efficient drawing application for your Kids freely available here on Google Play Store : My First Drawing for Kids is the ideal first...
  37. S

    Thread [App][Free] Coloring For Kids

    Hello, I make that thread to present you Coloring For Kids a free coloring application available on Google Play Store : Coloring For Kids has more than 100 models for you that you can color and share with your friends...
  38. M

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Chocolate Factory

    Description: Ever wonder how to make a chocolate? I'm giving you a chocolate factory, now it is your chance to know and play all the process from selecting ingredients to delivering chocolates to your customers. All bundled in a super exciting and enjoyable puzzle which require your quick...
  39. iapps

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Animals for Children

    Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce my free app Animals for Children. Description “Animal Sounds for Children” is a fun educational application that helps children learn about animals. This free entertaining application will teach your kids the sounds that animals make and show...
  40. iapps

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Cars for Toddlers

    Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce my free app Cars for Toddlers. Description "Cars for Toddlers" is a free educational application that helps children learn to recognize vehicles and their sounds. It contains 28 animated vehicles with pronunciation of their names and high...
  41. chakdev

    Thread [Free][4.0+] Laser Cat Chase

    Laser Cat Chase Simple and fun casual game. Play as a laser pointer and avoid getting caught by cats. The longer you survive the higher the score you get. A great way to kill time. Straightforward gameplay. Kids love this game too. Download now: Laser Cat Chase -- Free Android Game...
  42. D

    Thread [Fun Game For Kids] Tap the Frog HD for Android

    Tap the Frog HD for Android is a fun and a time passing game for kids. Kids get engaged in it for hours and hours and don't bother you! Tried it on my little brother xD MOD EDIT: Link removed, piracy is forbidden on this developers' site!!! Pay for the apps and support the developers!
  43. I

    Thread [FREE] Kids Easy Drawing

    Description Kids Easy Drawing is designed for kids,so they can learn to draw without Adult Supervision. There are Many Pictures as your kids will enjoy tracing and coloring it. This Brings out the artist hidden in your kids. Each Drawing divided in Many Steps and it easy to draw. Features: * 2...
  44. I

    Thread [FREE] Tell Baby ABC

    Tell Baby ABC Help kids to Lear and Write Alphabets in a interactive way. * Kids can Learn Alphabets with Examples and pronunciation * Kids can Learn Writing with Different Color pencils. * Kids can Learn Alphabet Pronunciation Play Store Link...
  45. sahiloffice

    Thread Kids Memory Game

    Test your child's memory with Kids Memory (Matching) Game (3 - 6 years) which has been specially designed to entertain your children especially your little boys and girls. Kids Memory (Matching) Game (3 - 6 years) is a educational learning game to develop memory skills and is designed for...
  46. B

    Thread [APP] [2.3+] Coloring book v.1.0

    Hi :). I know there is a lot of applications like my in Google Play, but when I installed 3 of them I realized that every app works in the same way - just pick a color, point an area with your finger, and the app will fill this area for you. So I decided to create my own app where user has to...
  47. J

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Tiko, kids memory game 1.14 + issues

    Hey guys, I want to contribute to this tremendous forum and introduce my new game not only for kids - "Tiko kids memory game" What is the game about? ​The game is very simple. Kids have to match the pictures that are the same. The aim is to find all the pictures...
  48. H

    Thread Best Apps/games for kids, recomendations

    Hey guys! I wanted to ask you about you your opinion over games for kids. My boy is 3.5yo and I just bought him a tablet. For now he plays with Tiko, kids memory game and Kids ABC Phonics Lite ... as my friends recommended to me. We love these app therefore we want more :p Do you have any...
  49. GimliStudio

    Thread [GAME][2.2+][FREE] Pony Coloring Book

    Download Link: Description Description With our Pony Coloring Book your child will spend a great many hours at 47 the high quality pictures with pony. Large buttons and intuitive tools make great joy of painting...
  50. D

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Bad Red - Logical Brain Game with physics

    Bad Red is funny game with physics that needs logic thinking . Your mission is to get rid of angry and bad Red Squares and to save good and happy Green Squares. Different colours represent various emotions: red is bad and angry, blue is dull, orange is strange, green is happy. So with this game...