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  1. hollowww

    Thread Is it realistic to install Android on a 2021 Kindle E-reader ?

    Hi ! I'm considering buying an Amazon Kindle E-reader because reading on my phone really hurt my eyes on the long run but I'm worried about being jailed in the Amazon environment. I'm aiming for the cheapest recent model, the Kindle 10. I was wondering if it's possible to replace the...
  2. N

    Thread [CLOSED] (Guide) Install Android OS on kindle 8 gen

    Hi there! I am here to share my experience of using the Android system on kindle 8 gen(not the paperwhite or oasis) AND, most importantly, make a guide for it. Big thanks to xxxxx for technical work Big thanks to Microsoft and Google and their translator services (I do know Chinese but just a...
  3. N

    Thread (HELP NEEDED) Install debian apps on amazon kindle

    Hi, I have just jailbroken my kindle thanks to the wonderful guys at mobilereads. Anyway, I installed kterm as an extension for KUAL and want to install a full modern browser like firefox or chrome(ium) or such. Kterm has support for the depkg command to install .deb files but I am not sure how...