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  1. Abish4i

    Thread How To Guide Knox Disable on Samsung A7 Lite [Emergency Call/Factory Test Mode]

    Samsung A7 Lite[LTE] Knox Disable hassle-free Latest SamFw Bypass Tool v4.2 comes with an old method which allows you to disable knox security without resetting the device. This method works partially when knox is disabled without resetting it. Following are the instructions:- Run app with...
  2. starkprime74

    Thread How To Guide Guide to disable Knox and privacy intrusion on Samsung A7 Tab [NO ROOT]

    The method is derived from This post and does not require root access hence doesn't void Warranty or trips Knox:- This is a Noob-friendly and Safe Method. The wireless debugging section might be new to people though. This method is demonstrated in this youtube video as well and all the...
  3. Samsung S lover

    Thread Question Root without voiding Knox and warranty?

    Hello XDA developers and and users, I just signed up and this is my first post. Anyway I was wondering if I can root my S21 Ultra without voiding warranty and losing knox.... just in case I wanted to uninstall root and still have my warranty and knox services. Sorry for too many tags.
  4. S

    Thread [Q] KNOX running in background on Note II even though I have not installed it

    I got the 4.3 update a couple days ago. Now I see that the new Samsung KNOX is running in the background automatically and taking up 82mb of RAM! My battery is draining faster after the 4.3 upgrade. When I go to the KNOX icon it asks me to install it, which I haven't. So I can't figure out...
  5. seanzscreams

    Thread BootLoader Downgrade from 4.3 and keep Wifi and Kill Knox

    To downgrade 4.3 I317UCUBMJ4 bootloader...( ATT only for now) Flash all in pda slot using odin 3.07 Thanks to Dr.Ketan I downloaded from sammobile MA4 4.1.2 I ripped out sbin and tz then created a tar Step 1 (bootloader in here) flash this first and reboot which breaks wifi but...