1. roybartz

    Thread I need a TWRP plz help

    Hi I am a User from South Korea I bought my A30 last year and now I am gonna root and install custom roms So I searched XDA a lot but every TWRP doesn't work at my SM-A305N Yeah.....thats why I need your help This is my mail address (usually don't use) If you have a latest (doesn't matter)...
  2. S

    Thread Magisk module need help testing for China and Korea users.

    The firmware does not contain carrier files for China and Korea carriers. I made a magisk module that installs these carrier files systemlessly. I don't live in China or Korea so I have no way to test this. If you're living in China or Korea, please help me test the module to see if it works...
  3. S

    Thread Magisk module need help testing for China and Korea users.

    The firmware does not contain carrier files for China and Korea carriers. I made a magisk module that installs these carrier files systemlessly. I don't live in China or Korea so I have no way to test this. If you're living in China or Korea, please help me test the module to see if it works...
  4. nishantmnit

    Thread SM-G955FD Oreo Firmware on SM-G955N

    Hello amazing XDA devs, I need a bit of advise and help with flashing oreo firmware on my device. I have already done a lot of research already but have failed to find any satisfactory answer. So here is my story, I purchased my galaxy s8+ from korea. Model number is G955N. I wasn't able to...
  5. S

    Thread Regarding Note 8 korean version

    Hello all, I just bought Note 8 from Korea and it works very well, but unfortunately i cannot merge calls (make conference calls) as well as i cannot change connection between 2G, 3G and LTE, so can i install international version instead of korean one, and will this help Thank you :)
  6. dbaf14

    Thread [GAME][REMAKE]White Day - A Labyrinth named School (Horror-Adventure)

    White Day - A Labyrinth named School 화이트데이 : 학교라는 이름의 미궁 White Day Mobile, a remake of the 2001 released Horror game "White Day - A Labyrinth named School" for PC(developed my Sonnori), is now available for our Android Smartphones! yay (Further releases will be for PlayStation VR, IOS and PC )...
  7. GoMati

    Thread [Q] Korean S2 and custom ROMs

    Hi! Is it possible to use custom roms on korean versions of S2, which my sister happen to have - if yes, how can I do it (had customized sgs, now Nexus5 so I'm not new, just need to be sure I can do no harm to this little guy since it's from korea)? I was looking all over the place and found...
  8. DragonDon

    Thread [Q] Korean SHV-E140L rooting

    Ok, there seems to be very little information regarding rooting this particular model. I am infinitely irked by the stupid Samsung copy/paste bug with the only options to fix are wipe(which I did once and the bug returned), root or return/buy new device. Wipe I did once. Bug returned...
  9. bstyle bears

    Thread [All cm10&10.1based roms/ hdpi, xhdpi]Hangul statusbar theme

    Hi!! I am korean newbie. I will give you Hangul statusbar theme. I use universal flasher(recovery flashing theme/ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1474686). Anyone interested in korea, us this theme. All hdpi and xhdpi phones with cm based roms can use this. 무음 is silentmode, 진동...
  10. AdamLange

    Thread [29.04.2013] NEW ROM Korean Galaxy S 4 (SHV-E300S) Region: SKT PDA: E300SKSUAMDK)

    Another fine ROM For other variant of Galaxy S 4 - Korean Version (SHV-E300S), this rom is provided by Samsung-Updates.com, and thanks for the Sammobile who first found this release ;) Latest: Device: SHV-E300S (Galaxy S 4 - Korean) Region: SKT (Korea) Android: 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) ChangeList...
  11. G

    Thread Note II Korea E250L problem

    Hello, i have Galaxy Note II Korean edition SHVE250L, 32G. In this moment the phone start only in download mode, but can`t write any firmware without repartition file. I try with i9300 pit file but does`n working. I need a pit readed from E250L 32G, maybe this will help me, for revive this...
  12. dbaf14

    Thread [GAME][DEV][RPG]Arcturus for Android

    악튜러스/Arcturus the curse and loss of divinity Hello XDA community , Long time ago , to be exactly in the year 2000 a south korean company named "Gravity" (yes they made the famous MMORPG Ragnarok Online) made an awesome RPG with a dark and gloomy story called "Arcturus" which never found its...
  13. A

    Thread Mercury Slim Fit TPU and Wallet Case w/ TPU

    Although I don't have a Nexus 4 yet (waiting for them to go back in stock) I'm still looking at accessories from time to time. Well, Mercury finally has a case for the awesome Nexus 4!! I have one for my G2x, and it's been great to me, so I would definitely get one for an N4. They have a lot of...
  14. D

    Thread [Q] Why Does my Korean N7100 think I'm roaming and not connect to mobile internet?

    I bought my n7100 on taobao here in China, and it's a Korean version. I put my China Mobile sim card in, and it makes and receives calls, and text messages and can use wifi with no problem. The only thing is the mobile data doesn't work. I rooted and tried tweakker, and HiNet, to reset my APN...
  15. butz007

    Thread [Q] ICS rom for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 [SHW-M180S] from korea

    I bought Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 [SHW-M180S] from korea... I'm looking for an advice, guidance and even tutorials on how am I going transform this into ICS... but before that I just got one big question... Is there a huge difference with all the galaxy tabs according to specific region in terms...
  16. jmattp

    Thread [POLL] Getting to the bottom of the purple tint situation: Where was it manufactured?

    After seeing so many Galaxy Nexus's with a purple tint, I noticed they were all made in China. I got one that was made in Korea and didn't have a tint, so I've created this poll to attempt to figure out if it matters where the phones were manufactured.
  17. Neodymium

    Thread [Korean Model ONLY][GB1][ROM]KRKPL Port for YP-GB1 (+Superuser, Busybox)

    이정도면 말이 필요 없겠죠?ㅎ Do I have anything to say more? lol SD카드든, 외장메모리든, 뭐든 다 정상 작동합니다. SDcard, external sd, or anything from stock KRKPC work well. 상자님서버를 사용했습니다. 상자님 짱★ I used the server hosted by SANGJA. SANGJA good boy★ More explanation to foreigners. In GB70, which is call the 5.0...
  18. ciolan

    Thread [Q] ROOT - Samsung Galaxy Note Korean SHV-E160S

    Good evening, Do any of you guys know how can I root my Samsung Galaxy Note Korean SHV-E160S. I know it has different hardware then the international Note so I wouldn't like to brick it. All I could find on this matter is this ...
  19. V

    Thread [Q] Price of White Galaxy Note in S.Korea?

    Hi everyone, ill be going to Korea on the 23rd for my Christmas vacation and one of my goals is be able to buy the Galaxy Note at a cheaper price(i thought that since its made in Korea, it should be cheaper). Do anyone of you know the current price of the Galaxy Note there? where can I get it...
  20. L

    Thread [Q] Pit file for Galaxy player 4.0 (YP-GB1) 16Gb Korean version

    TT.TT today, I somehow bricked my galaxy player...Can anyone please try to upload the Pit file.. Here is how to do it: 1. Download Heimdall Suite 2. Open "heimdall-frontend" if you encounter errors in windows, you need to install the zadig libusb driver. 3. Remember to "show all" from the...
  21. 41LY45

    Thread [Solved] [M200S] Can't be detected by ADB.

    Hello guys. I got my hands on a SWH M200S, it appears ABD won't detect my device even though i've got the drivers installed. Help? :/ Edit: Managed to get it running by following the steps listed on this site. http://nexusshacks.com/nexus-s-hacks/how-to-root-nexus-s-or-nexus-s-4g-new/
  22. O

    Thread [Q] Can I use my M200 (Korean Model) in the States?

    Hi. I'm using a M200 (Nexus S Korean Model) in (of course) Korea :D And I'm gonna be in the States for a couple weeks. I was wondering if anyone could confirm if I can just shove a pre-paid SIM card or something from a US service provider? If so, which provider should it be? Or does it not...
  23. D

    Thread [Q] GTi9020t in Korea???

    I own a GT-I9020t (tmobile) and just moved to south korea. I think I've read that the phone should still work by swapping SIM cards with a Korean carrier (like KT). Just wondering if it is possible or not.
  24. S

    Thread Korean Atrix get Gingerbread update

    I just saw in news that since 16th Aug, Korean Atrix are getting GingerBread update. For the rest of Asia-pacific retail phones, can we get this update directly or any chance of porting it to our devices...
  25. K

    Thread [Q] SGS2 M250S (Korean version) Can't send SMS: will changing ROM solve this?

    I have the Korean version of SGS2. I can make phone calls, receive phone calls, connect via mobile internet and receive SMS but I can't send SMS. Will changing my ROM allow me to send SMS? The service provider I'm using has the following bands Service Provider GSM Frequency Band 3G Standard 3G...
  26. R

    Thread [Q] SMS/MMS Help Please

    I got the nexus s from Rogers Canada so it is the 9020A i believe. When I send a text message in Korean to my friends who are on Telus network, they get a bunch of ????????? instead of the actual message. And also when I send them like a picture message then can't see the picture either. When...
  27. H

    Thread [Q] What is the most popular android SMS app in Korea? Thanks

    Hi all, Do you know which android SMS app is the most popular in Korea? Is there any special adaptation that GO SMS need to do for Korea users? Thanks a lot for your detail info.
  28. G

    Thread [ROM] PassionMod CM/Stock (Korean)

    Hi, this rom is Korean custom rom for Google Nexus One(Passion). There's two versions; CM, Stock. I. CM Lastest Version : 2.5 RC1 Thread on Korean community : http://cafe.naver.com/htc/360918 II. Stock Lastest Version : Gingerbread+ Thread on Korean community ...
  29. hapa8o8

    Thread [Q] T-Mobile G2 (HTC Desire Z) in Korea

    I perma-rooted, unlocked, and gFreed my phone... I was wondering why I cannot connect to the network here in Korea... I am using a sim card I received from SK Telecom when I got my Samsung A... but really, who would use a Samsung A if you have a G2 on hand? Thank you
  30. S

    Thread I'm an Korean optimus one user~

    Hello there I'm an korean optimus one (LG-KU3700) user. so I tried install custom rom very much but I didn't I installed Custom recovery program but My phone changed a Rock (no work) I and Many Korean optimus one user need custom recovery for korean optimus one Please make a custom recovery...
  31. H

    Thread [Q] accessing advanced wifi config data

    Hi, I am in Korea and they have hotspot wireless here included with the phone plan. It uses EAP. I can see the userid from advanced wifi-config app from the market. What is the best way to get access to the sqlite data on a rooted handset. I'd like to use the same credentials with my PC. The...
  32. D

    Thread Pantech/SKY VEGA or ima6500s android development

    Hi, i have my new phone from korea running quite nicely here in the philippines, PANTECH/SKY VEGA or ima650s... just wanna ask if there are some people in here using the same phone and are there any android development for the said model? thanks and i hope someone could orient me or lead me...
  33. bour

    Thread Desire HD (In South Korea)

    HD is a thread for users in South Korea Let's share Informations with Desire HD Users. 여기는 한국에 있는, Desire HD (DHD 옹폰) 사용자를 위한 스레드 입니다. 그러고 보니, 프로필 설정에 한국 통신사는 없군요. 좋은 정보 나눕시다. :)
  34. D

    Thread [Q] How to flash Korean firmware onto European phone?

    Hi. How come us European users can flash our European gt-i9000 to the Chinese version, but we cannot flash to the Korean version? Does anybody here know how to flash the Korean DH09 version (or the newer Korean DI29 Froyo version) onto the European phone? I understand that the Korean Galaxy S...
  35. A

    Thread [SHW-m110s] Korean Anycall Galaxy S, Thread/FAQ/ReadMe/Discussion/Questions

    Hi All, I'm going to put this upfront, because it's more important than the FAQ. Though there names get repeated a bit in this post, a major credit goes to Koe & Appagom for providing a lot of know-how, testing, information sharing and answers to questions users have posted here. This thread...
  36. A

    Thread Korean Galaxy S Missing Features and Laggy

    I just got my Galaxy S about a week ago and I was very disappointed to see it didn't have Swype installed. I also noticed it was missing the SocialHub app which, doesn't really break my heart but was more of a "Huh..." moment. I do know the Korean version is slightly different since it includes...
  37. R

    Thread Korean SMS

    I am a noob so please don't jump all over me if it do this wrong or post in the wrong place. That being said and out of the way: I am living in korea and bought my X1 a few days ago. I don't read korean to well so i flashed an english rom to it. Everything seems to work fine except the...
  38. jjttnn

    Thread Travel to Korea

    Hi, My daughter will be in South Korea for a year. I would like to set her up with an HTC phone either the Touch Pro or Touch Diamond. I understand that either will support WCDMA or GSM. Will there be any issues? Any suggestions on another phone or perhaps a good plan in S. Korea? We...
  39. R

    Thread Using Korean Raphael in US

    Like many people I really want an HTC Touch Pro aka Raphael. I have a Korean foreign exchange student living with me that can get a HTC Touch Pro from Korea. I know that the phone has multiple versions. Can I use the Korean phone with AT&T? Will it work out of the box or will I have to do...