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    Thread SM-G781N won't connect to 4G/5G, only works in 3G

    hi i got the phone from korea, the problem is when connecting to 4G the phone would lose internet and calls then lose the network, i get a message saying "failed to register to network (15)" but if i forced the phone to connect to 3G then it works fine. here's what i tried to fix the problem ...
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    Thread Question How Change CSC Korean Z Fold3 SM-F926N?

    I just bought the Z Fold3 from korea its unlocked but it has the annoying korean bloatware i would really like to change the CSC from SKC to KOO please help :(
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    Thread [Q] Unlock My Epic To Use In A Different Country?

    Hey guys, So, I'm going to take a trip abroad for a little while. Thing is, I love my phone, and I don't really wanna live without it, and I'll need a cell phone while I'm in S. Korea. I was wondering if there's maybe a way to mod the firmware or something to get it to use Korean cell...
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    Thread [Q] flash korean firmware on EU GALAXY S2?

    if I get korean firmware from KT(korea telecom), will I be able to flash korean firmware on my EU GALAXY S2? I like the way how samsung made their keyboard layout. or is it possible to put samsung keyboard apk on EU galaxy?