1. AgGreSsivEcz

    Thread LG L90 D-405 Screen Broken (completely without screen touching)

    broken displaj can not see anything and touch Hello, I'd like to restore contacts, photos and data from my old LG. I would like to do it via PC and USB cable. (USB OTG with mouse no bcs can not see anything!) When I try "Vysor" and "dr.fone" there is a problem in USB Mout. I have ADB drivers...
  2. Pokémon Dingoo

    Thread md5 problems with twrp in my l90

    It all goes all right, but when I need to flash, a message appears, saying md5 not found or does not match. I am using the 3.0.2-0 version of twrp and this ROM: https://slimshady.msfjarvis.me/cm-11-20160802-UNOFFICIAL-w7.zip (thank you SlimShady's), but tried also with other ROMs and the same...
  3. L

    Thread [GUIDE] Fully Restore Stock and Unroot L90

    Hello, everyone. Even after flashing stock ROM with kdz your L90 may still display ROOTED in download mode or in the RCT test (open Telephone app and type 3845#*XXX# where XXX is your phone model, 410 for instance if you have a D410hn). The fix is relatively simple: 1. While still rooted, use...
  4. M

    Thread Flashing with android kitchen

    So, does anyone know the commands to use with android kitchen to flash recovery and boot images to a phone? I bricked my phone, (really badly) and I was informed I can use android kitchen to re-flash these files, but the person that told me doesn't remember the commands to do this. Anyone got...
  5. Crazy Seed

    Thread L90 Volume Boost - Solution, and a Question!

    Hey mates :). Here's the thing, i want to remove that Loud Volume Headset Warning that makes volume pretty Low. For now all i found to really increase volume is this: Sound Boost.apk Freeware : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.cacheux.soundboost "Just activate the apk before...
  6. d3kod3

    Thread [Help] Rooting LG L90 D410

    Hi, I've been trying to Root, Unlock Bootloader and Flash a Custom Recovery in my LG L90 D410 Running Lollipop 5.0.2 Software v20a but there are too many methods and I'm confused. Some of them is just about rooting but also want to unlock bootloader and install recovery. Please Help ASAP. :)
  7. B

    Thread [D405N]Lost IMEI, need help to restore

    After trying to install twrp, my phone bricked. I managed to unbrick it and flash stock 5.0.2 .kdz ! Through the procedure of unbricking, I performed a low level format which erased everything including my /efs partition and everything included in it. Therefore my IMEI is currently 0 and my...
  8. B

    Thread [Q] Anyone have a copy of stock 4.4.2 wallpapers?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has the wallpaper below. It's one of the built in 4.4.2 (D41510e) wallpapers on the L90. I don't have access to a PC so am not rooted, and I don't think I can save the stock wallpapers without root. Tried to find this on Google or the Play store, but didn't have any...
  9. Billybobjoe13245

    Thread [GUIDE] [ROOT] LG Optimus L90 D405, D415 T-Mobile 4.x.x - 5.x.x One Click

    ONE CLICK METHOD TO ROOT LG OPTIMUS L90 In this tutorial we will use the Windows computer. This method should work on any LG official firmware (Kitkat 4.x.x / Lollipop 5.x.x). I am not responsible for any gain or loss incurred as a result of following this guide. Root your device at your own...
  10. W

    Thread [Q] Bricked L90

    dear, sorry the English, but I need a help from you. I made the installation of IMG extracted the KDZ and did flash the recovery, however, now my machine not the sign of life, the computer does not detect the device, the device does not turn on, not of any sign of life. already tried in various...
  11. E

    Thread [ROM][STOCK][4.4.2] LG Stock ROM 10D [D405] [FLASHABLE ZIP]

    THIS WILL RETURN YOUR PHONE TO STOCK SETTINGS. YOU WILL LOSE ROOT, CUSTOM RECOVERY AND ANY DATA ON YOUR PHONE. This is a Stock Rom for the D405 ONLY. It's the latest 10D version. Wipe System, Data and Cache and flash it with your custom recovery (works with TWRP). This takes some time (10-15...
  12. M

    Thread [Stock Rom] [Lollipop 5.0.2] D405n Stock Rom, flashable via recovery

    * At first, i would say, that i am not responsible for any action you do, since downloading attached files. Everything you do with files or advices in this thread, you do on your own responsibility. This is ONLY for LG L90 D405N phone, not any other version of LG L90. Flashing attached ROM to...
  13. voxluna

    Thread [Q] List of available LG Optimus L90 custom ROMs?

    I'm trying to compile a list of ROMs available for the LG Optimus L90, aka D4xx. There's the stalwart CyanogenMod build thanks to Quarx and shinobisoft. I believe I've seen mention of one other project, but the name eludes me ATM. ???
  14. jran0880

    Thread [How-To] Disassemble your L90 (D415 based)

    For reference only! This will absolutely VOID any warranty you may have on your device. If you believe you have a VALID reason to take apart a fully functioning phone, you DON'T! You are responsible for your actions and the reuslt of your actions, don't lay fault with anyone else. The phone...
  15. voxluna

    Thread TWRP error "E:Unable to mount '/data'"

    I have a new LG Optimus L90 (D415) with stock 4.4 ROM, and TWRP (and previously, Philz 6.58.7) for recovery. Obviously, the phone is rooted and now has an unlocked bootloader.... My problem is that neither recovery will back up (or even mount) "/data". Note that I put that in quotes...
  16. SubliemeSiem

    Thread [GUIDE][UNLOCK BOOTLOADER]Guide to unlocking the bootloader on the L90 [ALL VARIANTS]

    #include /* * Your warranty is now likely void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * spontaneous combustion, or any other host of cosmic penalties * which may befall you, your family, or your phone. * */ Over the last few months development on the LG L90 has...
  17. K

    Thread [Q] LG L90 D415 : adb: error: device not found

    I cannot get ADB to work with the instructions provided here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22894521/lg-l90-doesnt-install-debug-usb-drivers what am I missing?
  18. m.swastik

    Thread [TEST][CWM][LG-D410] CWM Recovery Fakeflash for LG L90

    Hi Guys, I have managed to compile CWM recovery for LG L90 D410. Since LG recovery does detect FAT partition and I have lot of data on my sdcard. I am not able to test it. I need testers who can create EXT partition on their sdcard, put this zip on ext partition of sdcard, then flash it and...
  19. Ilxaot

    Thread [REF] LG Optimus L90 Ultimate Thread

    Introduction Hey everyone! I've created this thread to be used as a reference point to all discussions regarding the LG L90. Collected information regarding our device will be available for everyone, and I'll continually update this post with details and such that we're informed of. Now, I'm...
  20. olegat0r

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT] Root your LG L40/L70/L90/G2 mini!

    Deprecated! Use TowelRoot app instead! It is oneclick and without reboot. Starting fom 10e firmware TowelRoot doesn't work. For root you can use this guide or PurpleDrake script for G3 - it works fine on LG L90. Here is the link: http://goo.gl/0E3jMn However, this guide still works! ;)...