1. L

    Thread Troubleshooting MX Player Stutter

    Hello, This is my first post regarding MX Player but I think it could be useful for others if they find themselves in a similar situation. I recently purchased a new Android box for streaming and have been using MX Player without issue for a couple years. When installing the latest version of...
  2. M

    Thread Terrible lag when charging

    Hi, anyone experienced this? My phone is unusable when charging. Issue persist on Android 13.
  3. park_urac

    Thread General Camera Lag / SD888/ 6GBRAM

    With video stabilization toggled on, pressing record and expecting a smooth result is impossible as the phone drops frames for a few seconds and that's honestly not acceptable. I always record in 4k60 in the HEVC format and sometimes i need that extra digital stabilization on top of the already...
  4. A

    Thread Gear s3 lags advice needed please

    Dear members, I bought a gear S3 frontier about half a year ago. I bought it from a second hand shop. I have been using it since and it was all good. Unfortunately few weeks ago strange things started. Usually I switched off during the night to save some battery. One of the morning when I...
  5. Ajfell

    Thread OnePlus 8 Pro lagging

    Hello, I have a problem, I have the Pixel Experience ROM installed, and after connecting to the car radio via bluetooth, the phone starts to hang. There are videos and audio on Youtube and Youtube Music. Games are also chopped. When I turn bluetooth off it stops. Has anyone met with that? I...
  6. U

    Thread Question File manager lagging

    Anyone else experienced this? Ever since I rooted the phone, the default mi file manager has been running at a low frame rate to the point where the lag is easily discrenible. Before rooting it ran smooth at 120fps. This only happens with file manager, other apps run fine. But now even after I...
  7. Pancake Boy

    Thread Video recording stuttering

    Lately I have observed that capturing videos on my phone is lagging a lot and has huge FPS drops. I have tried clearing the cache, restoring app to default settings and reinstalling the latest delivery package. I would be grateful if you could help and please don't hesitate to reply if more...
  8. shridhar8888

    Thread Question Google Meet lagged voice

    Moto edge 20 just lags a lot in Google Meet. Earlier I thought it might be a network issue or something but no. Can someone else confirm this. Whatsapp calling is lag free though.
  9. E

    Thread Downgrading from Android 11

    Hello there. Some time ago I decided to go from Paranoid Android 10 (Quartz) to Pixel Experience+ (Android 11) I've noticed that my phone is lagging while scrolling web pages and also PDF files and when trying to switch apps. The apps switching lag happens when I press recents, it takes like...
  10. M

    Thread Phone page transition lagging after stock firmware flashing

    My device was stuck in bootloop so I flashed the Stock Firmware. After setting up the phone I noticed that when using an app, When I press a button to navigate to another page, It waits about 1 second before navigating. It makes me feel like my phone is 1GB RAM even though my phone is 3GB RAM...
  11. 1

    Thread Android 11 notification opening delay

    I just returned from a Custom ROM and now I notice a very serious delay when opening a app from the notifications, which sucks. The problem goes away when using a third party notification center, but that isn't a viable solution. Anyone that knows how to fix it please let me know! I am rooted...
  12. fil3s

    Thread Critically bad lag on my S10

    Hi. I have a galaxy S10 Exynos with Lineage os 18.1 unofficial that has lag so bad I feel like me and the device are bitter enemies "wrestling" each other. The phone is unusable when it lags Other info about handset: A11 firmware Magisk 23.0 Twrp official Swift installer w/ swift...
  13. augustusk

    Thread Question Redmi Note 10 Pro lagging after MIUI update

    Hi! I have a big and annoying problem. I have a Redmi Note 10 Pro phone that I upgraded from MIUI to 2 days ago and have been struggling with lags ever since. I've tried everything, including a factory reset, to reinstall the phone from the recovery menu, but the problem didn't...
  14. Ahtisham0000

    Thread Question Device lagging after update

    Im facing lags after updated to even small games lags it was working fine before updating i was on 12.0.5 now i cant even play pubg mobile it lags like hell any fix i can do?
  15. tomfan203

    Thread Xperia 1 II very laggy n performance dropped after updated to Android 11

    My Xperia 1 II had been working very smoothly all the time on Android 10, but since the Android 11 update, not anymore...every animations felt not as smooth, apps freezes n crashes more often, phone not as responsive, apps launch time noticibly increased, games runs a lot slower, files transfer...
  16. Web_E

    Thread [Help] System freeze and frame shattering in oneplus 8

    I am facing random freeze issue with many apps without any processor intensive task since update to OOS11 After freeze "system UI not responding" message pops up. while playing CODM, the freeze comes with an abnormal sound as u can see in below links, totally unexpected with this high end...
  17. M

    Thread Pubg Lag

    Friends, this is my second phone. I was using rog 2 before this. I bought rog 3 for 1 month. While playing pubg, there is something like constantly hanging out, like trembling. as if I can't play smooth. And it was like this on my other phone. This is a very strange thing. x mode on and lvl 2. I...
  18. D

    Thread USB Tethering has consistent lag.

    Hello Everyone I recently got the Note 10 Lite as a replacement for my S8. I don't have an internet subscription at the moment so I'm using the USB tethering of my phone so that I can have internet access on my PC. the problem is, when playing games like CSGO, i get some lag spikes every 5~6...
  19. A

    Thread Delay after unlocking with pattern/PIN if Face Unlock is enabled

    Having this problem too. Looking forward to a solution for this one...
  20. K

    Thread How disabling fullscreen gestures made my (brand new) redmi 9 better

    Okay guys. I bought a redmi 9 and set right from the setup process the full screen gestures. I got stuck with a tremendous input lag, horrible ui freezes and nearly an unusable brand new phone. Right after disabling full screen gestures my phone literally came to life, no freezes, input lag...
  21. zgfg

    Thread Long Notes halting the system?

    I usually use Notes (stock MIUI) to prepare a longer mail, post or similarly I've observed that if I paste to Notes e.g. 50+ lines of log (wanting to remove unnecessary lines and to leave the rest incorporated to the text) Notes become terribly slow (backspace or adding a letter takes a second...
  22. 73R3WY

    Thread MIUI 12 lag issue

    Hello, does anyone experience lag issues with the MIUI 12 update? Specifically MIUI 12.0.2 Global Stable (QJKEUXM). There are really noticeable frame drops on the system UI itself, the pulling down of Control Center/Notifications panel is laggy. Opening the Poco launcher apps drawer is like 5-10...
  23. S

    Thread Need help for freezing issue

    I use Redmi K30 and on the latest version of MIUI 12.0.4. After using the facebook messenger app when I try to remove it from the recent tab. the screen freezes and everything stops working. It also happens when I try to close the chat head of messenger application. I have to manually restart...
  24. V

    Thread Please help me it related to Twitter app

    Two days ago I updated my twitter app and now it lags like hell. Tweets take time to open, scroll is super jittery and stuttery. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing data, cache, even dalvik cache from twrp but no help. I even tried 2 to 3 versions of twitter app but no help. Also tried...
  25. A

    Thread Scrolling issue/lag

    Is anybody else experiencing scrolling issues on their OnePlus 8 Pro? I have noticed what feels like the touch input not being recognised so when scrolling up or down a page it just stops responding. At first I thought this was palm rejection related but it is not. It is likely software but I...
  26. J

    Thread Preloader issue

    Hi, I'm having problems after flashing preloader. The problem is a lag with fingerprint to unlock. Anyone get that issue? is there a solution?
  27. A

    Thread Snapdragon s10 pubg Lag

    I have been facing lot of lag on s10 while playing pubG (snapdragon model canada). I can find a lot of forum posts but they point to exynos model. It heats up in 10 minutes and start lagging specially when things get crowded(or object rendering). Can anyone confirm their experience? snapdragon only
  28. D

    Thread System lag after 24hrs of use

    I don't know if it's just happening to me, but after upgrading to Android 10 the system really got faster, but after an average of 24 hours of use and especially after loading it 100% again, the whole system and apps seem like start to lock up, you can see a huge difference in the speed at which...
  29. H

    Thread Anyone still using Oreo or reverted to Oreo from Pie in 2020?

    Has Oreo been smoother than Pie for your device? My phone (Galaxy A8 STAR) was fine on Oreo but Pie update broke it. Toggling Disable HW Overlays in developer settings was the only to remove lag. Subsequent updates fixed the lag but some stutter, missed touches and general slowness remains. I'm...
  30. D

    Thread Strange display lag on Galaxy A20e

    So I've noticed that my A20e has display input lag? The touches are are registered fine but the display seems like it doesn't keep up. I went in a retail store to see if other a20e's are doing it and yes they do...the other models (a10 a30 etc.) DON'T have this issue.... How is the response on...
  31. D

    Thread Rapid vibration lag issue

    After searching for nearly a year about this issue, I couldn't find any fix or more info on this bug. The problem is when the phone needs to vibrate in fast frequency, it starts to lag a lot. It's mostly noticable while playing games. (Specifically Tank Stars and Tetris®) The confusing thing is...
  32. M

    Thread Lag when playing fortnite

    I want to know if anyone plays fortnite on the note 10 + and if it lags at all. I've been playing for a few weeks now and the game will lag everytime there is a notification for the storm. The note 10 + is a pretty powerful phone and I don't think it should be lagging like that. I searched and...
  33. Catmobile

    Thread Stutter, Lag, Jitter, an Open Letter to Samsung

    Open Letter To Samsung This letter is written in the perspective of a customer that buys Samsung hardware. I do not want to root my Samsung device, I do not want a custom ROM for situation described below. When I first buy the Samsung device, all browsers work fast and smooth, however after...
  34. 1Maxter1

    Thread Small lag after MIUI 11 update

    I had my phone since last Sunday, it came with MIUI 10.3.12 and it was super snappy, after the update it still feels snappy, but the fingerprint unlock animation tends to lag and multitasking animation from home screen lags as well, everywhere else feels snappy like always, just those 2 things...
  35. B

    Thread Help why do videos keep freezing/buffering

    Right this has been the only thing that has bugged me with the mate 20 pro the phone constantly buffers/freezes when trying to watch vids either via twitter or youtube. I've a fibre connection 38mbps is it huawei's app settings which are causing it? It's def a WiFi problem as the vids play...
  36. L

    Thread Chrome running lags and crashes on Miui 11 global

    Soon after upgrading to Miui 11 global (Update arrived by OTA), I noticed that chrome started to display many lags in scrolling pages, asism as in every interface of this browser. I restored the device to factory defaults and yet the problem persists. Does anyone have any solutions? Is anyone...
  37. Timmmmaaahh!

    Thread [GUIDE] Rollback/downgrade from OOS Android 10/Q to stable 9/Pie

    Hey there 1+ friends from around the globe! The fairly recent upgrade to OOS Android Q/10 has gone smooth for some but horrible for others. OnePlus acknowledges this and has released a rollback zip to install via the known 'upgrade' method. I've put this up for users that have depleted other...
  38. HarvHouHacker

    Thread T510 - Consistent Lag and Update Issues

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to troubleshoot a friend's Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, 2019 model. I've been having some serious lag on some applications, and hibernating apps doesn't seem to fix the issue. Running the logcat command through adb outputs a reoccurring error: E CASS : Can't open modem...
  39. A

    Thread HTC One S - slow when using Internet

    Hi! Is there still people using this device? It's very robust, still working but slowly. Offline it's very smooth, working like a charm, but when I turn WiFi or Data ON, it will freeze for a few seconds or few minutes, the time to get notifications etc. And then I can use it but it will be...
  40. A

    Thread Pubg Performance?

    Hi guys, I have f800l, and Pubg lags like hell on stock rom(nougut/oreo). But on resurruction remix 5.8(us996 rom) it works fine if kept on charging while playing the game. But RR has signal issues some times because of varriant difference with rom. So my question is, if there is any kernal or...
  41. M

    Thread is video mode supposed to have slight delay?

    When I switch to video mode and start recording or just looking at screen before I start to record, I dont know how to explain it but i notice a slight delay or lag, like picture is coming late 50-100ms...for example if I move my hand in front of the camera i see its movement delayed. It...
  42. Catmobile

    Thread Stutter FIX [NO ROOT] [OFFICIAL ROM]

    This procedure does take a lot of time, but you only have to do it once. * Make sure before following this that you have ADB installed for example in LINUX * Backup everything of your phone * Reset to factory from the phone itself or preferable from RECOVERY * Do usually phone setup, but DO NOT...
  43. L

    Thread Google Pixel XL Lags sometimes

    What's up guys. I'm facing occasional lags on my Pixel. Every now and then the launcher and UI overall become unresponsive. It happens with the stock rom and LineageOS. I think it could be caused by an app or something but I haven't had any luck finding the culprit. I tried disabling Digital...
  44. B

    Thread Redmi note 4x (sd) wake lock delay.

    I have wake delay issue.When try wake with power button then wake 7 8 seconds later.whrn push button screen is sensetive sepaker has sound and menu and back key light are on but screen come few seconds later i just saw black screen in first seconds.Some times call me someone and i cant answer...
  45. T

    Thread [APP] [API 21+] Clean My Android [v6.0]

    Clean My Android is focused on real world quality-of-use maintenance. Keep your Android phone running fast after a long period of time. Since our release in 2012, we have accumulated over 4,636 reviews averaging 4-5 stars. WEBSITE 🗑️ FREE UP MORE SPACE Get...
  46. DarthJe5us

    Thread Note 9 notification bar stutter when I have a video wallpaper

    Does anyone else experience this? I really like using a video for the lock screen but the stutter is so unbearable i can't use it. It has been like this on several versions of Android 9. Here is the difference between a normal wallpaper and a video. It's worse in 1440p resolution...
  47. @ARC-S@

    Thread Touch screen input delay

    I do phone repairs and I've come across touch input delay on the OnePlus 6 when compared to other devices. I asked a couple staff, friends and customers and they do feel it. This delay is between the actual movements of my finger and when the phone starts to react to it (scrolling, moving icons...
  48. M

    Thread Stutter in web browsing videos

    If i watch YouTube videos on Chrome browser I see lag and frame drops, however on YouTube don't see any issue. Someone else facing similar problems?
  49. K

    Thread Camera Lag

    could you anyone advise why camera starts lagging after using it for 15-20mins.. Also i got overheating warning and post which device went off. EMUI 9. Anyone facing this issue ? is there a way to fix it. I tried resetting camera app and the phone as well...
  50. DarthJe5us

    Thread Note 9 stuttering and terrible annoying stuff on android 9

    Hello everyone, i wanted to ask something about the note 9. (exynos) Ever since i updated to 9.0 (csa2) it seems as if my animations stutter alot, especialy the app switcher animation. It is really annoying. I did a master reset when i flashed. I see CSA7 has come out, is there anything...