1. I

    Thread Gboard on oppo find x2 pro

    questions: 1. Does this phone support installing google play store? 2. If I save contact (for example) with google keyboard (Gboard) in hebrew (language that is not supported in the phone settings). the phone will display the contact in hebrew or will show only gibberish...? Thanks
  2. codescape

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Learn Go - Discover Languages

    Good day/night everyone, This is my second project which took me way more time than I expected. It's a language learning app with flashcards/tips/quizzes, where you can easily revise and add new words to revise. All feedback/suggestions are welcome. I am planning to continue adding more cool...
  3. G

    Thread [SDK] [Library] More languages in your app without app redeployment

    It’s just 20 minutes of your time to let users learn and practice languages while translating and using your app. Android multilingual runtime extension: the Nativer SDK … is a new app localization technology for Java Android apps that implements dynamic string resource management. It separates...
  4. C

    Thread [Q] New languages in Android 2.3.7 (ZTE V768 T-Mobile Concord)

    Hi, Is there a chance to install new languages in Android 2.3.7 (ZTE V768 T-Mobile Concord) ? Brought this phone back from an US trip and got the unlock code from T-Mobile USA (Walmart FamilyMobile) Now I want to get some more languages and maybe keyboard locales installed because it currently...
  5. MonsterMMORPG

    Thread [Q] How can i close auto text correction on CM 11 ?

    How can i close auto text correction on CM 11 ? On either a custom rom or I am using phone as...
  6. A

    Thread [Q] How to install more device laguages?

    Hi, i have a galaxy s4 with build number i9500XXUEMK8 is there a way to install more device languages without reinstall other build version?
  7. wanam

    Thread [APP][2.0+][Language Enabler][2.8] Enable hidden languages

    /!\ This application works on a ROOTED DEVICES only /!\ Default language feature supports all Android devices (Root required for Android 4.2+) /!\ Multi languages feature works for ROOTED SAMSUNG TOUCHWIZ Firmwares only/!\ As you know, Ice cream sandwich and Jelly bean Roms for Samsung devices...
  8. cyb0rgb0rg

    Thread [Q] How to add a keyboard dictionary language

    Tried searching and all I found was an unanswered post from 2011. How do I add keyboard dictionary languages to AOSP based roms? ( and norwegian in this case.)
  9. G

    Thread Add-on dictionaries in Jelly Bean

    Could any users of 4.1.1 (Yakju or Takju) please upload a screenshot or list of the available languages in Settings / Language & Input / Android keyboard / Add-on dictionaries? On Takju 4.1.1 stock, I have: English (US) Emoji for English words English - Main dictionary English English (UK)...
  10. S

    Thread [Solved] ICS Can we get native fonts to work without root

    Can we get native font support without rooting the I cs. I'm unable to read news papers in my native language due to tis limitation. Sent from Acer A500
  11. D

    Thread [Q] OS Low level modifications

    Hello everybuddy Happy to be among you XDA members I am new to android, I know how to work with Odin and what a custom ROM, rooted OS,... mean and need some answers to figure out some concepts: 1. I guess Google has made android a modular and structured platform, is it possible to extract some...
  12. Segnale007

    Thread [Q] How to add more languages keyboard layout on CM9

    Hello folks, I am wondering whether is possible or not to add more languages layout on the ICS stock keyboard. Personally I'm more than fine with the only available English one since I pretty much use to type in English, but it's really frustrating for the very few times when it comes to type in...
  13. S

    Thread [CWM][MOD] Missing Indian languages fonts for KitKat / JellyBean / ICS

    New File uploaded for KitKat Instructions -Download the zip of your desired font -Boot into recovery -Make a nandroid backup (Optional) -Flash the zip -Reboot As Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owner, you may have noticed the curious case of missing fonts for Indian languages in the OS. The truth is...
  14. WordSteps

    Thread [App] WordSteps Mobile. Personal vocabulary manager

    Description: Enrich your vocabulary. Fast. Everywhere. Anytime. 25 languages are available. WordSteps Mobile Client for Android is a free mobile application which allows you to download new dictionaries from and develop your Vocabulary effectively. Using app, you can learn...
  15. jorsparrow

    Thread [Q] About Cyanogenmod 7

    Hi guys! I'm new on this and my english is so bad, I hope you forgive me What languages includes CyanogenMod 7? Thanks!
  16. A

    Thread [Q] How to install more languages in samsung galaxy pro?

    hi guys, i need spanish language on my sgpro, only have arabic, english and francais. thx
  17. D

    Thread [SOLVED] Samsung Keyboard with all languages

    Hi forum :p One of the only things I miss from the stock ROMs is the Samsung keyboard, which has extended number of languages. Although I know that keyboard lacks customisation options, it's bug-free and is the ONLY one that has the correct key layout for my language. As it seems, you can't mix...
  18. A

    Thread [Q] Using LG MFG app to add additional languages to mango rtm

    Just updated from 7712 to 7720 rtm. However, I hadn't noticed the trick of adding additional languages through a registry editor. Too late for that I guess. Does anyone know if I can use the LG MFG app for this, and if so what values to add? If not, is there a way to downgrade back to NoDo...
  19. Shosho01

    Thread Ever thought of English dictionary?! ;)

    Hi, I've been looking for some good English dictionary app for months now. I went through all the threads here, but no luck. I need it so much to enrich my English as well as when reading various e-books, which's why I use my phone mostly for. You're such an amazing community, and I'm sure you...
  20. zyborg

    Thread Help build a custom ROM with MORE INPUT LANGUAGES!

    I've done some research myself after having extracted the contents of the system.img from a nandroid backup of Euro firmware/ROM containing most (at least Northern) European input languages. The file contains the following interesting files for each language in the folder T9DB (in the example...
  21. R

    Thread [Q] Locale fallback other than english

    Hi, I've been searching for a way to change the fallback locale in Android, and found nothing at all so far. So, The phone is set to a particular locale, say Catalan. Now, whenever an application is launched that isn't translated to said language, the phone will fall back to english, and...
  22. Aerodynamix

    Thread [Q] Programming Languages and Android Question

    So I'm currently taking some classes @ my school in C++. I'd really like to start some basic programming/coding for android. I know apps are written in java, but is there a way to write them in C++? Also, I know about 1/4 of android is written in C++, is there a place where I can find just the...
  23. H

    Thread [Q] After JPK Swype no longer works

    Hey guys, Tried to search but didn't find anything, hope this isn't a dupe. So after I had JPK for a while I noticed that Swype didn't work anymore. I figured it was because it had no languages. I tried the Swype technique described in the Themes section but I just ended up with...
  24. S

    Thread Swype in portuguese

    Does anyone know if there is a cab for swype that can add Portuguese to the tmobile version? Currently the Tmobile Swype comes in spanish, french, english and german. however, the swype site said that their device is available in portugues. Being that I travel a lot this would be very helpful...
  25. M

    Thread calligrapher don't work with other keyboards

    Hi guys I am having a problem making calligrapher and any other 3d party keyboard work at the same time, on my HP IPAQ hx2495 I would really appreciate any help. Once i installed calligrapher the "write pad" worked well, but when I chose "write anywhere" the regular WM5 keyboard opens, which was...