1. spocky12

    Thread [APP][ANDROID TV] Projectivy Launcher

    Introduction ProjecTivy Launcher is a launcher dedicated to Android Tv, offering special features for Xiaomi family projectors/TVs. With the new major version that extends the use to all Android TV devices, and for better understanding, the original thread has been split : The original thread...
  2. J

    Thread Will restoring "Androidness" fix Zoom app issues?

    Sorry I'm new here, not an expert on the protocol, all I know is I have quite a bit to learn. OK I have an Amazon Fire 7 tablet. When I got it the Zoom app was available on the Amazon app store so I installed it, I'm pretty active on Zoom (at least 2 3-hour meetings a week) and the battery on my...
  3. L

    Thread Custom Launcher with Fire OS

    Are there any custom launchers and launcher managers that will work with Fire OS Wolf launcher is definitely broken with that update.
  4. Chr_mch

    Thread Problem with the Launcher

    I need your help. I have bought a car stereo, and after I did a reset, my launcher changed (now I have the blue one). Is there any solution? I also lost my navigation app which was working without data.
  5. S

    Thread AncientOS Android 12 Launcher Search Bar Issue

    Android 12 : The search bar in the launcher has a dark color, although I did not turn on dark theme. Is there a solution to this problem because it annoys me ? I use AncientOS ROM 6.0 . My device is (lavender) Redmi Note 7 .
  6. M

    Thread [App][5.0+] R Launcher : home screen replacement / launcher app for Android

    xxxxx An Android R 11 Style Launcher app with many useful features and tools. R launcher is a fast launcher for android devices, it's based on popular launcher mobile/tv app repository User Interfaces. The launcher resemble interface as beta 12 release of the android operating system, but is...
  7. Kovachenka

    Thread [APP] [5.0+] Star Launcher Prime 🔹 Customize, Fresh, Clean

    Paid Version: Free Version: Give your phone a new look with Star Launcher Prime! 🚀 Key features of Star Prime: 📨 Notification dots ✦ Star...

    Thread [Guide] Changing Recents Provider on Miui 12.5+ [QuickStep][Miui QuickSwitch]

    Hello everyone Intro: i was looking for some stuff the other day and I stumbled upon GApps Plus for Miui, one of the mods was switching to AOSP recents after looking into it, it seems that its possible to use QuickSwtich or other Launchers as recents providers in Miui 12.5+ as @jigs4wkiller...
  9. Talharafique

    Thread Serious problem in redmi 9... please help😭😭😭

    I am using redmi 9 global 4gb variant....after 12.5 update my phones launcher is refreshing again and again...and close all foreground applications ...i uninstalled launcher updates but all in vain... please help i can't play any game because every thing turn off after some times without any...
  10. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Xperia Launcher 2.0.5b

    Hello!!! The Xperia Launcher Is The Best Launcher from Sony Mobile Communications! :) This launcher has: Drawer Search for applications System Settings Launcher Settings Classification of applications and more... WORK FOR ALL DEVICES!!!
  11. 0

    Thread Custom Launcher on Tank

    Ive followed the guide on how to install TWRP on my Firestick (Tank) and successfully rolled back to a pre-rooted version. I have installed Magisk, and blocked updates Following this guide I have set my custom launcher to be the primary used, but they recommend running "pm disable...
  12. Stefanos53

    Thread [Q&A] WINDOWS 11 Launcher

    Hello!!! Does any of you have a windwows 11 launcher?
  13. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] [2.0.1+] Windows Launcher 7 [STOCK]

  14. R

    Thread Which ROM for full-screen gestures with custom launcher?

    Before the last MIUI-Update, I could still use full-screen-gestures while having Action Launcher as my main launcher. Losing this with the update gave me the push to, once again, go looking for a custom ROM. Which Custom ROM can you recommend that has full-screen-gestures that can be used with...
  15. I

    Thread Question How to use Nova launcher as default launcher? Please Read

    Hello here are my current issues: 1. Settings the launcher to Nova in the settings will only work with button navigations. - Using gesture navigation take you to nubia launcher if you use the home gesture on any app/screen 2. Even if you use the button navigations, whilst in Nova, when...
  16. SakuraOCherry

    Thread [NEWS] Niagara Launcher adding Folders in upcoming update

    Niagara improved the Weather Forecast widget and added cool app close animations in last update. Today, they tweeted an image hinting about the upcoming Folder support in Niagara Launcher. Tweet: I am super excited for Folders feature. :) Source...
  17. M

    Thread Create an homescreen shortcut to start an intent specifying the user id (cloned app)

    Hi, I have a Pocophone F1 (not rooted) and I'm using Nova Launcher. I cloned WhatsApp (using MIUI native functionality) and I want to be able to start the original app or the cloned one just in one click (so having two seperate shortcuts). As I found on the internet, this could be done using...
  18. O

    Thread [Help] NullPointerExeption on every app with widgets.

    Any app that has some kind of Widget to register, crashes with NullPointerExeption, and has a reference to: This includes ANY launcher, even the system default, so I can only run apps from ADB. I made a logcat of every...
  19. ElectricAdam

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Corcle, a launcher with a pointer support.

    Hey guys! This is Corcle, a launcher with a pointer support. Main Idea was accessing apps as quickly as possible I have realized I get familiar with icons of the apps and I can identify them after used them a while. That's why I crammed as many apps as possible into one screen and sorted...
  20. lagos911

    Thread apk and launchers

    I am starting this topic to find out some basics information's about apk files and how modify launchers apks before install them. I use ClassyKitchen to export apk from some roms which have different deisign. When I try install that apks to my rom (PX6 RK3399 with Android 10) I get an error that...
  21. nihitthakkar

    Thread Theme vs Launcher

    Is there any difference between theme and launcher ?
  22. Asnamus

    Thread Question [Solved] Nova Launcher is not working on Mi11

    Any other good launcher which can work with Mi 11 ?
  23. B

    Thread How to edge swipe to run a shortcut on home screen?

    For example, I have a shortcut on my home screen. What should I do to run this shortcut using edge swipe? Thx
  24. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread OnePlus Apps for Exynos Samsung Phones

    Hello, you already know what the thread is about so the file is attached below. :)⤵⬇⬇ I have tested this on my S20+ exynos and it works. Best if your screen resolution is FHD+ or WQHD+. Let me know if it works on Snapdragon or other phones in the S20 series. **UPDATE** I have added the apk for...
  25. I

    Thread New Fire TV Launcher Live

    Update version - Fire OS Fire TV Home Version - 6300178.1 Profile migration - Any profiles created on Prime video will be migrated in to the Fire TV Profiles - You can change profile from the homescreen and also by long pressing home. Library section - Playlists and previously...
  26. Ighor

    Thread Amazon Fire TV Launcher [MOD] [WIP]

    Telemetry disabled. Ads and Promotional channels removed. Alexa is working. Selected channels enabled, on the video it is Netflix and Plex. Selective titles removed, only Home, Apps and Settings kept on the video. It is possible to patch every Fire TV and no root needed. There is no ETA of...
  27. V

    Thread Pixel Launcher?

    Not seen any success for this port...
  28. Bertonumber1

    Thread Firestick Lite (Sheldon) Launcher Replacement and Debloat (No Root)

    Hello. I have a Fire TV Stick Lite running Gone through the post and applied the "Debloat the Lite of Unnecessary Sh*te", installed all the apks. I went with Wolf 0.1.7 as the launcher. When running FTVLaunchX I had to run the below two lines first and then perform the permissions...
  29. M

    Thread Using G8X like Surface Duo

    Hey guys, I am trying to use the G8X a bit more like a surface Duo. However if I install Microsoft Launcher for example it doesnt scale correctly - is there a mod APK or s th so I can use the device a bit more like Surface Duo ? :)
  30. SweenWolf

    Thread [APP][FIRETV][NOROOT] Launcher Manager (Change Launcher without Root)

    LAUNCHER MANAGER (FOS 6+) STEPS TO ENABLE CUSTOM LAUNCHER: 1. Download Launcher Manager by clicking or by using short link and install on your FireTV. (Latest: 1.1.6) 2. Install a Custom Launcher and then open Launcher Manager. 3. To Enable Custom Launcher, Click on "Launcher Options" and...
  31. F

    Thread Best Launcher for 4a?

    I love the pixel Launcher but i want to try something different ,always use Nova but ITS unestable . Any recomendation? I use evie Launcher,only 2 bugs already spotted.
  32. TechieTwinToes

    Thread [APP][LAUNCHER][PROMO] maximal - minimalist launcher, maximum style

    maximal, a launcher for the minimalist in you. Promocodes available on request! :) maximal is a no-nonsense, complete barebones approach to android homescreen replacement, with an integrated simple todo list. it filters out all the distractions, leaving behind a home with everything you...
  33. YASANdev

    Thread [APP][7.0+] YASAN Launcher - Minimalist launcher powered by AI ?

    Get YASAN Launcher on Google Play Store YASAN Launcher is an intelligent & smart home screen replacement that uses artificial intelligence and a minimal user interface to let you perform your daily tasks faster and easier. The apps on your home screen are picked by the AI and change...
  34. RandomAJL

    Thread [APP] [PORT] [MODDED] [10+] ONEPLUS launcher 4.6.5 [NEW UPDATE]

    A modified version of ONEPLUS launcher version 4.6.5, ported for use on any rooted ( and / or ) TWRP compatable Android 10/11 device. Unlike other OnePlus launcher ports, this includes: A fully functional dark mode that respects the system wide setting on any device Rounded corners for the...
  35. S

    Thread Trouble with Gestures

    Is anyone else having trouble using gestures with third party launchers? For me, they work just fine and then after some time it reverts to buttons and I get the message "System navigation updated. To make changes, go to settings". Searching around, it seems like people on other phones don't...
  36. vcdwelt

    Thread Alexa Widget

    Anybody found a workaround how it is possible to add the Amazon Alexa Widget on Homescreen with default Launcher? It is not possible to choose the Alexa Widget in the "Add Widget" Screen, it simply does not show up. Changing the launcher (Lawnchair, Nova,...) makes it possible to choose the...
  37. R

    Thread MIUI launcher port?

    I want to use the launcher on the custom ROM. Will somebody help me do that or tell me how to do it?
  38. M

    Thread Looking for any non-launcher 2D android app manager that acts like a launcher

    Looking for any non-launcher 2D android app that can run on the quest and acts like a launcher The public post that explains with a video: I know that there are many android launchers that integrate with the home-screen and that...
  39. W

    Thread Phoenix automotive Android 4.4 launcher and apps

    Hi all, if anyone has a Phoenix automotive 12 inch head unit, running 4.4, or so, I'm looking to extract some vehicle specific graphics out of the launcher home screen, and to that end, the stock apps for that unit, and resource files, would be very much appreciated, or at least, a link to a...
  40. P

    Thread Custom Homescreen not selectable

    I recently got the Reno 3 Pro. Great phone so far. When I installed my favorite launcher, I found out, that there is no possibility to set/keep it as standard. In app management>default app the content for Homescreen is missing .... Got the latest ColorOS update.
  41. B

    Thread Gtec Framework | ARM | MIPS | X86 | X64 | WINCE | WM

  42. siva aggzz

    Thread Computer FeelUI Launcher - Windows Style Launcher

    <A HUMBLE REQUEST TO MODERATORS TO MOVE THIS THREAD TO DEVELOPMENT THREADS or ANY APPROPRIATE PLACE AND NOT DELETE THIS THREAD. THANK YOU > Experience the feel and comfort of Windows in your new Windows style launcher for Android. Computer FeelUI Launcher - A Windows style launcher for Android...
  43. M

    Thread Xperia launcher lags

    Don't know why, but with some apps like news, the touch screen was lagging and freezing. I've now installed the Microsoft launcher from Google Play, and the problem seems to have gone away. Anyone else have similar experience?
  44. lm089

    Thread No more recent apps with custom launcher after upgrade to OOS 10.0.1 stable

    For years I've been running first Nova, then SmartLauncher on all my devices. I made it a habit to at least freeze, sometimes delete the default launchers. So I also did on my OP6, and it wasn't any problem until I update from OOS 9.0.9 to 10.0.1 over the last weekend. After the (OTA) update I...
  45. B

    Thread Kodi as home launcher

    A question for all the Android experts here I'm wondering if it would be possible to modify Kodi to identify as a home launcher. It seems like it could be. Something similar to the OpenELEC fork with a custom settings screen. Just curious to know.
  46. cellhead

    Thread Can't add shortcuts from Chrome to home screen [T290]

    In Chrome, there's an "Add to Home Screen" item on the menu. This worked fine on my other Android devices, but for some reason it's not working at all on my new 2019 Galaxy Tab A 8 inch tablet. I tried this with the default launcher, and with ADW launcher, no joy. It's also not working in...
  47. R

    Thread App locker

    I've been using oneplus phones for the last few years, and I love their integration with app locker. Does our note 10+ has such feature? I know there're lots of app lockers on Google play, but most of them aren't integrated seamlessly, they are just showing a layer on top of the app that...
  48. ricequeen4u

    Thread Nova launcher keeps losing apps/widgets

    I like the Nova launcher, particularly that is displays the apps drawer icon, displays the apps alphabetically and allows backups but every day or so I wake up to find the widgets and same few app icons have disappeared from the home screen making me need to reload or restart them. Nova weren't...
  49. shonkin

    Thread New Launcher's Step Counter: Any Way to Adjust Stride Length, kilometers vs miles?

    Love the step counter... but don't love how inaccurate it is. I walked to work this morning and while the step count is about what it is with my fit bit (and maybe even more accurate), the distance it measured was nearly a mile off (short). I was hoping they had some sort of adjustment tool for...
  50. GJSmith3rd

    Thread Best Android Launcher for Axon M or Dual Screen Phones

    Can anyone advise on the best launcher choice for dual-screen phones?