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  1. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [MOD][DPI] Control Center Xiaomi EU 12 20.5.7

    Changing DPI on Miui 12 messes up the Control Center Layout This fixes that up. Also, i pushed toggles a bit lower while i was at it, this makes them more in reach and as there won't be any notification on this page, this is more logical. Only 3 dpi values are supported for now: 440, 480, 500...
  2. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread Partition layout and structure

    In case anyone need it ADF -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p61 APD -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p60 abl -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p27 ablbak -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p28 apdp -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p31 asdf -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p62 asusfw -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p51 bluetooth -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p40 bluetoothbak ->...
  3. V

    Thread Creation Of New App, But Stuck In Layout Problem. Whats The Cause ?

    Thanks to dev of xda, they helped me many time, i need there help again So i am working on a project, still New. when i set buttons , text fields, or anything :mad:they all get to the left top, when i play the app in emulator. even change the position in layout through the design or xml...
  4. sjansen2

    Thread Back Picture Layout for Photoshop

    Good day XDA Members, I love this site and havn't done anything for the members. But I want to give you my share for the comunity. I made a Layout for the back of the Galaxy S6 where you can put your own picture in the file to make a back cover. I hope you guys love my work :D Keep in mind...
  5. arnabJ

    Thread Xposed Layout Modification - Accessing Layout2.View from Layout1

    Hello, I am trying to add the sender's and receiver's contact image in WhatsApp conversation activity. The layout of this activity is divided into several layout xmls. The sender's image is present in a layout named "conversation_actionbar.xml" It's content : <?xml version="1.0"...
  6. Ugglaimossen

    Thread [Q] Google Keyboard language missing

    Hi! After upgrading my tablet (root and unlocked bootloader and new stock chinese rom) I installed Google Keyboard but I only have the most common languages. How can I add a language layout and dictionary (swedish) to Google Keyboard? (Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0 if that matters). Is that...
  7. H

    Thread [Q] What is your Favourite XDA-Style?

    I am interested in your Favouorite XDA-Style. If you want, you can write or vote. Thank you and have a nice day :)
  8. io_gh0st

    Thread [Q] Implementing PIN-lock screen into Android app

    I've been searching restlessy for the past 2 days for a simple way to implement a PIN-styled lockscreen into my app. I already have the layout for it, but I don't know how to make it secure and I don't know how to make the damn keyboard to not appear when I touch the EditText contained in it. Do...
  9. P

    Thread Android Image Layout alignment Issue

    I am having great trouble getting images in my new application to align with one another. This is what my app should look like: but this is what it looks like on smaller screens: I have made multiple layouts before for bigger and smaller screens but the problem I am having is the device I am...
  10. T

    Thread By the way, the new XDA layout sucks elephant bal*&

    lol Sorry but it does. It is NOT mobile friendly. Yes, im using the old XDA 2010 forum skin/theme. It's way better than that new stuff they got going. I absolutely HATE sticky bars on top. Those things annoy me because you CAN'T zoom on the page without the bar taking over your screen. And I...
  11. mashnino

    Thread [Q] How to achieve this Custom layout

    I have tried the frame layout and sliderView all seemed abortive.. my aim is to slide a layout from below when a button is clicked and the layout shouldn't cover the whole screen just the height should wrap_content some thing like the image below i am a newbie in android development so don't...
  12. Rusty!

    Thread Falcon Partition Layout

    lrwxrwxrwx root root 2023-11-29 19:08 DDR -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 lrwxrwxrwx root root 2023-11-29 19:08 aboot -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p4 lrwxrwxrwx root root 2023-11-29 19:08 abootBackup -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p11 lrwxrwxrwx root root...
  13. jamesjohnson

    Thread [Q] Keyboard use in Notification Drawer

    I've edited the layout of the notification drawer (status_bar_expanded.xml) to show a EditText box at the top of the screen above the notifications but when clicked the keyboard doesn't appear, although I can paste text in. Anybody know what's going on? I've attached the file.
  14. Dsylex

    Thread [Q] Different layouts for portrait / landscape

    Anyone knows if it's possible and if, then how, to achieve different layouts for portrait and landscape mode. So basically whenever you rotate your screen (for the sake of example) in Nova launcher Prime, the layout could either separately be set up or it would switch from say 10x8 to like 8x10...
  15. A

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Sensation internal memory partition info

    Hello Fellow Sensation Owners! A couple of days ago someone asked about the Sensation's internal storage layout, which got me curious, as we get 1GB of storage to data partition, about 700MB for system, and where does all the rest go? boot is just a couple of megabytes, and firmware (combined)...
  16. I

    Thread [Q] Could someone show me how to edit statusbar layout?

    Hi, while watching screenshots and all that stuff i've found this layout: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=42136498&postcount=4380 but it's for Nexus 4 and for Slimbean (which i think i'm going to change). I want to learn how to edit statusbar icons order, i mean, the normal one...
  17. F

    Thread Custom Layout for Virtual and Dock Keyboards

    Hello, I have a TF300 (no 3G), updated to 4.2.1 stock, will root it today. I want to create a custom keyboard layout - Armenian (my native language), by editing one of the standard layouts that I don't need. If I get right the solutions described here and here, it is possible to add a...
  18. pk92

    Thread [Q] App to change keyboard layout?

    We all know the standard QWERTY layout has been used since 1873, and there are alternate layouts like AZERTY.. But now there's the KALQ layout. It's going to be free and released on the Play Store at the end of May 2013, but I was wondering if anyone knows of an application that allows you to...
  19. DarknessWarrior

    Thread [Q] Good Android layout creator

    Hey, i created an Android card game and i got the coding part nailed down, but the layout part i'm still trying to improve, the current layout seems unprofessional (and the layout creator that comes with the SDK kinda sucks), is there some way to make a great looking layout for my app? Any...
  20. marinalin85

    Thread [THEME] Jelly Bean Theme [27.05.2013][V4.0][TouchWiz 5.0 Theme][ LG UI 3.0 Theme]

    Welcome to Holo-fied Galaxy Y V2, called Jelly Bean Theme! Introduction: I am proudly present my new theme!!! Long story short: - Even since my first android phone, which was Alcatel\Cosmote Move I liked so much TouchWiz style :), but not long after ICS was release and I immediately fall in...
  21. noe4516

    Thread [SHARE] [MOD] [CMW flashable] ICS StatusBar Layout for CM7

    Hello, I found this great mod on Facebook (someone share it, I don't remember who it is). And I want to share it with you guys :) Screenshots: http://db.tt/aegGbCXX http://db.tt/AdyeB6H3 Downloads: StatusBar Layout - patch.zip StatusBar Layout - undo.zip...
  22. MNEman13

    Thread Nova Launcher Prime Layout Details

    Running Nova Launcher Prime on ICS .246 on the Droid Bionic This is how the program will layout your dock & apps with the specified settings. The hashed cubes are 72x72 px image files. There is a 7 px buffer between dock and grid of which the first 3 px are for the slider. Note that if no...
  23. phadly

    Thread [Q] Help me with this ICS Settings Style

    Anyone can help me please? How can I add a little bit more space at green marked on picture attached below? Which file or part that I need to edit? I'm using Galaxy Ace. thanks
  24. bigknowz

    Thread [Q] Screen Layout

    What file do I need to backup so I can restore my screens and folder setups after a wipe?
  25. E:V:A

    Thread [REF][INFO] SCH-I535 Partition Table

    Google found this for me somewhere... So I thought I'll share it with you. Not sure if this has been posted before, but I didn't find it in any search here. I believe it's for the US SGS3 (SCH-I535), but I am not 100%, only ~85% sure. @mods: Not sure this is the right place to post this...
  26. F

    Thread [CFG] Keyboard layout - extra characters

    Hi all, I've just reverted to 2.1.1.Clean.0.0 v6 because other ROMs seem to be too slow (laggy, ..., whatever) and while I'm configuring It I tweak the keyboard layout (not the keyprint) in order to have the physical keyboard covering all useful characters used in *NIX shells (eg., connect via...
  27. sousaptak

    Thread GUIDE : How to change G1 keyboard QWERTZ to QWERTY

    hey guys I've seen many peoples face problems regarding changing their physical keyboard layout from QWERTZ to QWERTY , after a lot of googling & reading a lots of threads i finally found a solution , which consist of few simple steps . . . things you'll need: 1. pc with ADB installed & working...
  28. alienedd

    Thread Android keyboard layouts

    Edit Aug, 16: I have found out that the XT9 subsystem is used for specifically our docking stations. If you go to Settings -> Languages & Input -> ASUS Keyboard -> About, you'll see the big stupid XT9 icons. Therefore, our keyboards have to be using the XT9 database files and the only way to...
  29. I

    Thread [XDA Forum] New Custom Made Lay-out

    A glimpse of a new Forum Era! View Full Sized Images Main Index Page General + News Sub-forum Renewed Android Development Section
  30. H

    Thread [ICS/JB]Post how your tab's crazy layout here!

    Hello, I am posting this as I simply would like to know how people customize their tab (in short works) :P Here is what I want you to do is to post the following; What Rom you are on? (like CM9 or AOKP) What DPI you are using? (like Default-160 or 240) What Launcher you are using? (like...
  31. Alunduyn

    Thread [Q] Modified ICS Keyboard doen't work

    There isn't any guide about customizing ICS keyboard layout ( I have googled a lot and I haven't found any ), so I managed to do it myself. I decompiled LatinIME.apk from my ROM ( odexed ) with apktool ( I followed these instructions because with standard apktool I got problems and failures )...
  32. DroidAR

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Note keyboard layout question

    Hi, Maybe my question is rare: when I buy my GT-N7000 the Note have this keyboard layouyt, I don´t know the name: Later, with the update to 2.3.6 the keyboard layout change adding a top row of numbers and others. I really like the old one because with this distribution the letters are bigger...
  33. sousaptak

    Thread [q] need help to change keyboard layout to qwerty

    guys i've bought a G1 off the ebay, but after applying froyo by Lazslo 5.2 rom. my physical keyboard's Z & Y swapped ... i want to make it QWERTY again. can anyone post the required KVM.bin & .KL files ? thanks in advance.. btw if anyone can tell me how to change onscreen keyboard from QWERTY to...
  34. _TB_TB_

    Thread [TUTORIAL] External keyboard remapping [3.0+]

    Disclaimer This short tutorial is based on my own research regarding missing keyboard layout mapping in stock Honeycomb/ICS Android for my Motorola XOOM. It is not intended to be a complete description of the Android input system, please refer to the official documentation for more information...
  35. M

    Thread [Q] [ANSWERED] how does the bluetooth keyboards work?

    I have czech language keyboard layout with 4 rows (1 row is with special characters instead of numbers) so will a bluetooth keyboard work according to chosen SW keyboard layout or is it already set as any bluetooth keyboard is? Thanks Answer: so....have just bought usb host and wireless...
  36. Segnale007

    Thread [Q] How to add more languages keyboard layout on CM9

    Hello folks, I am wondering whether is possible or not to add more languages layout on the ICS stock keyboard. Personally I'm more than fine with the only available English one since I pretty much use to type in English, but it's really frustrating for the very few times when it comes to type in...
  37. A

    Thread [Q] Problem in Wipe Data/Factory Reset

    Hello everyone! When I wipe data it shows: -- Wiping Data... Formatting /data... Formatting /cache... Formatting /sd-ext... E:format_volume: make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 Formatting /sdcard/.android_secure... Data wipe complete. Well, "E:format" thing never happened to me, and...
  38. EugeneR

    Thread [MOD]Remap TP US Dock keyboard layout map

    First of all, why I needed it and created this mod: I type a lot in Russian. But! Russian keyboard which presents in ASUS keyboard language list has a standard Russian keyboard layout only ("ЙЦУКЕН"). Using this keyboard layout with US dock is quite a headache if you are not blind typing guru...
  39. mohanlink

    Thread [PATCH] ICS 4.0 Notification LAYOUT special for CM7.2 (Deodexed) KANG RC0 vo-1

    ICS addict? ICS wannabe? patch ICS notification layout for CM7.2 vo-1 like this: =>Requirement before install: -CM7.2 (Deodexed) KANG RC0 by vo-1 [u can get here] -Use this update framework [frameworkmod_for_vo_1_23_01_deodex.zip] (you can donwload in attachment below) [source] -CM7...
  40. oliverweidel

    Thread [Q] How to change keyboard layout

    Hi everybody! I wonder if its possible to change the graphical layout of the web os soft-keyboard? In the past i've used the theme manager app to change this (in combination with a theme) but after some problems with the manager I had to reset my tp. Now I use the glass theme via preware.. But...
  41. M

    Thread [Q] Hardware keyboard layout and RUUs

    I've bought a not-rooted Desire Z from Germany which has a QWERTZ keyboard layout. I'd like to change this layout to QWERTY by software, but all posts I've read about that imply modifying some files in /system, which require rooting the phone (AFAIK). I wonder if flashing a custom rom from a...
  42. zhuhang

    Thread [CM7] Ice Cream Sandwich + Jelly Bean Look | All-in-1 ICS v11 | JeliBin v2 | 27.10.12

    Go here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1363239
  43. AChep

    Thread [LAYOUTS] Ice Cream Sandwich Layouts | acpatch5 | 012 NEW! | 19.03.12

    Ice Cream Sandwich Layouts acpatch It is for all devices runing on CM7 • • • • • • • • • Changed: framework-res.apk SystemUI.apk Music.apk DownloadProvider.apk DeskClock.apk Bluetooth.apk • • • • • • • • • Download: ICS-Layouts 012 ICS-Layouts 011 ICS-Layouts 010 acpatch2 / acpatch3...
  44. R

    Thread Remapping keys for physical keyboard

    Hello! Im running Vegacomb 3.2 on my Advent Vega or Point of View Mobii Tegra 2 tablet. Since it's a very handy device to bring with you to the university to take notes on, it would be great to get my physical keyboard working correct! Right now it works to write on it since the latest update...
  45. B

    Thread [Solved] Can I have my homescreen look like this mockup?

    I would like to make my homescreen look like the one attached. This is a little mockup I have made. Even if I can get the shortcut list going on the side would be nice. I'm not so sure about the tiles after I finished drawing it. Any ideas on widgets/launchers is appreciated before I have to...
  46. C

    Thread [How-To][Mod] Changing the Keyboard Characters

    Quick and short of it: The SK4G has the same exact physical Keyboard layout of the G1. But it sucks in comparison to the G1's layout because someone at Samsung dropped the ball. Shift + a number does not give you the normal expected symbol. There is a lack of a comma on the right hand side...
  47. A

    Thread [Q] Problem Changing Keyboard Layout TF101-A

    Hello, first off, I'm a new user, so... hello! I've mostly been lurking around the forum learning what I could and all, but now I ran into a problem I can't seem to get through. I am brazilian and the keyboard of the Transformer doesn't accept á ç with a US-intl layout etc etc... so I lurked...
  48. O

    Thread [Q] FroyoBread v023e (Pro) Keyboard Problem

    Hi guys, I'm new here, so I can't post in developer's forums. I have a problem with the "default input" keyboard . It works perfect except for one reason: when I press de "Sym" key, it appears the special characters and I can use them, but, when I scroll 'till the end of the list of special...
  49. R

    Thread [Update]QWERTZ for Xoom external Keyboard

    Here is my version of a QWERTZ Keyboard Layout for german (flashable by recovery). Use it for your BT or USB Keyboard. I have a 3G Xoom with hc 3.2 modded for european running but it should work on every xoom afaik. If you have root and you know what you do and you want a german keyboard...
  50. M

    Thread [PATCH]German qwertz layout for bluetooth/USB Keyboard v2

    Hi there, i worked on the Generic.kcm and added or changed some Letters e.g. Z and Y, Ä, Ü, Ö.... and of course the ^ on the right position. ^^ Tested with Perixx Bluetooth keyboard. You need root for that! Instructions: Option 1: Flash QWERTZlayout.zip in CWM Recovery Option 2: 1. Take...