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  1. Jason_FR

    Thread Samsung A50 LCD Repair - Broken Frame?

    Hi everyone, I was trying to disassemble my A50 because I had ruined my LCD when I violently dropped it and I wanted to take it upon myself to fix this damn thing. I saw that the frame's (?) front part had a crack on it, I presume from the aforementioned fall. I was wondering if I were to...
  2. D

    Thread Dasaita 9 inch px5, in need of display. Can't find anywhere.

    I'm trying to find a 9 inch display digitizer and possibly controller board or driver board or whatever it's called for my head unit. Pictures and all the part number and serial numbers I can find are attached below. Without going into details of fist hit my stereo a couple of times and yeah...
  3. miravision

    Thread Question Which is better Redmi Note 10 or Redmi Note 11 and why?

    Which is better Redmi Note 10 or Redmi Note 11 and why? https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?&idPhone2=11159&idPhone3=11181&idPhone1=11180
  4. bojan.1995

    Thread Screen Replacement Question

    Hi, I am waiting for SG521 (LTE 4g) to be shipped. It has broken screen and I would like to buy new. Can Iinstall some other LCD + DIsplay model like: 3g version 541 4g version 551 wifi version 511, 512
  5. E

    Thread Mi A1 LCD issue or firmware?

    I just replaced my Mi A1's LCD and it only seems to work on the Google logo at boot, and on Fastboot mode. When I boot it in Recovery Mode and System, it doesn't show any display but it's responsive to touch as I can fell the touchscreen motors vibrating. I've also attached a video I've taken...
  6. unubtanium

    Thread PX30 Screen Issue white where black should be - HW or SW issue?

    Picked up a used PX30 with a funny issue that I think might be HW related, but just want a second opinion before I do anything. It is like it displays white where a shade of black should be, see attached picture, is this HW? Model: ICE/HU/IN9053BL Thanks for reading
  7. Hamisxa

    Thread Water Damage Boots To Black Screen

    So I've had this phone water damaged. I left it in rice in a very hot room for maybe 4 months. It boots into recovery and download mode fine and the screen works well. But when i boot it normally after flashing fresh Stock Firmware (It didn't boot before just stuck on splash). I plug phone into...
  8. S

    Thread Are LCD screens compatible among different world versions?

    Hello, I live in EU, and my S10+ is the SM-G9750, Hong Kong version. Does anybody know if the screen is compatible to the other EU versions (which most repairing shops will have?) According to https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Android/Galaxy-S10-Screen/IF416-001?o=1 the same part is compatible with...
  9. ZeroAlee

    Thread close thread.

    as per title.
  10. tsoump

    Thread Fixing cracked LCD display

    Hello, I would like to know if I'm capable of fixing my LCD tiny broken part as the picture describes. I have to say there is no crack on my digitizer, just only on the inert LCD screen. After that break the screen goes black. If there is a way of fixing it up (such as epoxy and carefull) I'm...
  11. L

    Thread Galaxy Note 2, broken LCD, kies Connection Locked, trying to fix, need brains...

    Hi all, I have a have white Samsung Galaxy Note 2, model GT-N7105T which has I damaged LCD, so I can't see anything on the screen (obviously :p). I connected it to Samsung Kies to see try and perform backup of any data, but, getting a message saying "Connection locked". A quick search indicates...
  12. W

    Thread My Pixel 2 Very Slow

    I have Pixel 2 with 128GB Hynix UFS and 4GB Samsung DDR4 RAM. My Pixel 2 work flawlessly before I got accident and break the screen. Now I change my screen but my Pixel 2 became super laggy and slow. Anybody have / experienced this problem?
  13. D

    Thread Small black smudges below the Navbar

    Hi guys, I've just bought HTC U12 Plus and I'm really impressed by this phone! One thing is bothering me, some small black smudges are visible (especially on a white background) below the Navbar - right where the screen starts from the bottom. It kind of looks like some backlight? Is it normal...
  14. azam426

    Thread New LCD Screen Touch Malfunction

    My Dear friends, I got a Xperia XA Ultra from a friend, display was damaged. So I purchased a New Display with Touch from a Local Shop, but i noticed touch is not working properly, ghost touch on top and bottom of the display. Then i went to the shop and asked for a replacement LCD and they gave...
  15. B!GBOY

    Thread Display / LCD replacement poor quality

    Hi everyone, so long story short, I broke the display on my whyred and bought a new one from ebay (www.ebay.de/itm/113122993026) it has about 20% lower brightness than my original one and yellowish colors :( Please comment here if you have bought a replacement display and it has the same...
  16. E

    Thread LCD Ghosting and thermal throttling OREO [REQUEST]

    hi, 1)I've updated to Oreo (weekly updates, not stable from xiaomi.eu) and I usually fixed my ghosting problems with "color changer pro" setting rgb to 215 (255 max) but now I m not able to run it in background, when I turn on the device again I need to set color changer again. is there any...
  17. T

    Thread OPO Screen- washed out colors

    Hi, I just replaced my cracked LCD + Digitizer with new one. At first glance it is obvious that the display is not as good as the original. Colors seems really washed out. So I wonder is there a way to somehow calibrate colors reproduction to match original LCD or is it just low quality LCD ?
  18. MaaaanBeeeen

    Thread OnePlus 2 Screen Replacement: What do I have to pay attention to?

    Hello, i broke the frontglass of my OnePlus 2 and i want to repair it by myself. Now i dont know exactly which components i should buy.. My touchscreen and lcd panel is working very fine, its just the glass that is broken, so i would like to keep my original oneplus panel and just replace the...
  19. Flamefire

    Thread Vertical artefacts after display change

    Story: I have 2 horizontal stripes on my touchscreen, that do not react on touch. The Touchscreen service menu lets me "clean" the touchscreen to show exactly these 2 bars that cannot be touched/touch doesn't react. Hence I decided to change the display (LCD+digitizer, as separating them is to...
  20. N

    Thread [T999L] Broken screen donors. What will fit and work?

    I know SCH-R530x and R530 and I think SCH-I535 are all compatible. The sprint version (SPH-L710) is not, doesn't line up. I fixed a 530 this way by using bad ESN 530x donors with good LCDs. No glue, no mess. On the GSM side I tried to do the same. I have a T999L where the digitizer appears...
  21. M

    Thread Software to Diagnose a Phone over USB

    Is there any software or commands I could use to diagnose my phone over USB? The screen is black, even during boot (no logos), but the phone is still working in the background. The notification LED blinks normally, menu and back button lights up when pressed, and it even rings when someone...
  22. M

    Thread Galaxy Note 4 is Working, but the screen is black

    My phone was working fine when I went to bed last night. I laid it on my night stand and this morning I noticed I couldn't get the screen to light up. The blue LED was blinking like I had messages. The Menu and Back buttons light up when I press them, and I can even hear when someone is calling...
  23. I

    Thread lcd burn-in?

    Hi I don't use my tab too much but today I started playing solitaire, I played couple of games for about 1h total and now I noticed that my screen have a burnin. At first I thought that this is software issue but no, it's still there after reboot. I have my tab for like 3 years or more now and I...
  24. B

    Thread OLED panel difference between Tab S2 9.7 2015 and 2016 model

    Hi All, Can anyone say or know for certain if the OLED Panel with digitizer are the same or different for SM-T810/815 and SM-T813/819 (so the 2015 and the 2016 release) For reference I've ordered a panel for the SM-T815 with the part number GH97-17729B But for the SM-T819 it comes back as...
  25. F

    Thread HW related - question on digitizer

    Hi! If you want a bit of background, you can read my previous thread (the third post). Long story short: I have replaced my screen with a LCD + digitizer assembly, and I have no touch function. It is completely unresponsive, even in recovery, so I guess it is a hardware issue. Here are my...
  26. mythi

    Thread Looking for OEM LCD + Digitizer assembly

    As the title says would love to get a confirmed oem or close to one at least, any links would be helpful! My device is a d855. TIA
  27. S

    Thread Backlight on, display blank

    Does anyone have an idea as to how i might go about fixing this? My M4 Aqua charges, and powers up, but i'm only seeing the backlight, no picture shows on the LCD. I thought that the LCD might have gone bad, and went ahead and replaced it, but i'm still facing the same issue. I'm now stumped as...
  28. D

    Thread Did the Nexus 7 LCD separated from front glass get damaged?

    One of my friends, after drinking too much, thrashed my tablet to the floor, way back in 2013. The digitizer and speakers died of the shock. Still it worked with mouse and headphones. I did the final damage in 2014, when I intended to buy a digitizer; so I separated the LCD from the front glass...
  29. Y

    Thread [HELP] New Display LCD purchase recommendations

    Hello: I wanted to know if any of you knows of a good seller on ebay or any other place thats not amazon where i can buy a new lcd screen replacement for my ze551ml, i was trying to purchase one and i notice some ads doesnt have the logo and i wanted one with the logo on it, or maybe its just...
  30. Kamatari+

    Thread Zenfone 3 - Not responding to touch input or front buttons (Z012DA) ZE552KL

    Hello all! I have a Zenfone 3 that stopped responding to any touch inputs. Rebooting didn't help. Volume and power buttons do work, but no touch input is working. The lock screen shows, but can not be swiped away. The phone is in otherwise pristine condition. It stayed in a phone case with a...
  31. R

    Thread Does this image look solid blue on your screen?

    On my Moto X Style the blues in this image looks plaid/tartan with light and darker blues. I've taken a photo with my tablet of what I mean. Apologies for the poor quality
  32. U

    Thread Display Modules for G5/G5+

    I wonder if there is a possibility to buy one if the display module is broken? There are many modules for previous versions of Motorola G, but I do not see any for G5/G5+
  33. StereoSteo

    Thread Aftermarket LCD Frequent Bootlooping (STOCK FW)

    So I purchased an aftermarket LCD for an S5 I have here. It's for my mother so she wouldn't even notice the difference between AMOLED and LCD once it works. I'm having a problem though that with the new screen the phone keeps hanging on the screen with the Samsung logo and restarting. It can do...
  34. Kiwironic

    Thread [Parts] [LCD] Kate replacement parts (last updated 17Nov17)

    I have seen a few people struggling to find parts for the Xiaomi RedMi note 3 Special edition (AKA global edition, SE, Kate and 152mm :rolleyes: ) Here are some the I have found: UPDATE [17 November 2017] : One link with all the LCD options with and without frame on AliExpress 1-...
  35. ATZ-007

    Thread No display but everything else works, including touch.

    My Nexus 5 screen stopped working/no display, however rest of the phone works including touch screen. Please see video below. I could use the phone by connecting it to the TV with Micro USB to HDMI MHL TV Cable Adapter. So I replaced the display Touch Screen with Digitizer + frame, however...
  36. UncleRipper

    Thread Screen replaced, problem when blocking screen

    Bought a screen on ebay, took it to a friend that replaced it soo bad that he even cracked it. Other than that the screen is ok. But there is a problem when I block the screen pressing the power button, after pressing it again to resume what I was doing it won't turn on. I mean, it turns on but...
  37. F

    Thread Screen replacement options

    There are a bunch of listings on ebay and aliexpress, starting around $110 But then there are a couple of listings on alibaba.com which are much lower (e.g. Guangzhou Yotion Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd listings for $10-30 or Truemax Electronics Co.,Ltd for $69) On one hand these seem too good...
  38. Mr.Ak

    Thread Help with lcd replacement kit!

    Ok guys I just ordered the cheapest lcd replacement kit(lcd+digitizer without frame) in just 1500₹(~22dollars) from eBay. Link- https://m.ebay.in/itm/For-OnePlus-One-1-A0001-Lcd-Touch-Screen-Display-Digitizer-Without-Frame-1-1-/272463439560?hash=NDY= P.s.- I applied coupon so don't ask ques like...
  39. saqibkhan

    Thread Mi Mix cracked LCD and other Spare Parts

    hi Guys, My Friend cracked the Digitizer/LCD of Mi Mix. Even the housing has suffered damage. The phone works and everything is ok. but the screen is cracked a bit on the edge and the housing frame suffered minor damage too. The problem is I'm not able to locate spare parts anywhere for Mi Mix...
  40. A

    Thread Lcd is displaying only black!! can receive calls and text

    Hello fellas, I replaced my note 5 lcd before 4 days it was working perfect w/out any flaws but it suddenly went black while using it was full charged while it happend. but i can receive calls texts hear sounds. I tried a youtube fix by holding Vol down+Power!! Yes it does reboot the phone...
  41. N

    Thread random lcd connection methods for raspberry pi

    so i just bought a raspberry pi 3 and was trying to find any other information on how to connect unofficial peripherals. trying to build portable laptop/tablet Frankenstein for retropie mainly. i have scrapped some parts from a JXD s7800b: 7" lcd touchscreen Hydis hv070wx2-1e0 not really...
  42. Pixelado

    Thread Replacement display => lower resolution?

    Hi there. My cousin dropped his phone and completely shattered the front glass. Phone still worked fine though. Went shopping for a replacement LCD+Touch glass part and finally found a shop which charged him about 60 bucks (this included service). The display is not terrible, but it's...
  43. D

    Thread Screen replacement for G900F Black

    Hi guys! I am looking for a screen replacement for my black G900F. I need the whole amoled screen but can't find any which are Genuine. They are either very expensive of cheap Chinese copies. Any suggestions? I am from Malta in the EU. I know there are two revisions, Rev 1.0 and Rev 2.0...
  44. S

    Thread Screen replacement

    My screen cracked all of a sudden so I am looking for a new one. :silly: Has anyone had experience with screen replacements for Redmi note 2 from aliexpress? are there any originals or decent fakes? maybe some reputable online shop or service?
  45. Woblebox

    Thread Are all the LCDs the same?

    I recently dropped and broke my phone due to bleeding. The LCD is now completely black and needs to be replaced. The phone is g920w8. My question is: Are there different LCDs for different variants? So can I get a g920 lcd replacement from amazon and will it work on this device?
  46. S

    Thread Ls980 lcd with d802 motherboard ?

    Hi to all I have 2 lg phone, ls980 and d802, the ls980 with dead motherboard and d802 with bricked lcd . I change the dead motherboard of the ls980 with the d802. I start the phone and it work ,but the touch screen not work good. I do factory reset but same not work,i flash the phone with d802...
  47. djemm1996

    Thread SIM reader not working anymore after LCD replacement

    Hello, Folks! It's the time that I replaced a LCD screen with frame and after replacing it seems like that SIM reader as well as that Micro SD card reader. The thing is, after placing my sim in old tray (tray didn't come with frame) and slowly placing the tray in my phone it starts to make some...
  48. A

    Thread touchscreen and LCD replacement

    Hi I have a zenfone 2 ZE550ML(Z008) a few days ago it fell and since then it has severe ghost touch problem(a line keeps touching again and again even in TWRP). it doesn't have warranty and I want to change it myself. the online store has touchscreen and LCD for ZE551ML. now my question is "does...
  49. GigaSPX

    Thread Repairing the S7 Edge LCD is crazy expensive

    My brother has the black S7 Edge with a Unicorn Beetle protective case on it as well as a plastic screen protector. This morning, he dropped it on that kind of surface that has a bump on the door step to his room. I don't know what's that actually called, but his screen fell to hit that first...
  50. F

    Thread Where can I get a cheap and orginal Xperia Z2 D6503 LCD+Display Replacement?

    Where can I get a cheap and orginal Xperia Z2 D6503 LCD+Display Replacement? last night someone dropped my phone and now its broken (i expected I`d hard break it xd before that xd)