lean kernel

  1. EvilDobe

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][4.3][MASTER][cfX-Toolchain 4.8.y+] codefireXperiment Nightlies + Weeklies

    Introducing codefireXperiment for your device! This OP is going to stay slim and bloat free, just like codefireXperiment. No marketing buzzwords either. We take such confidence in the speed and performance of this distribution, we challenge you to find a faster and more stable one! Warning...
  2. pROAddicts

    Thread [Q] How to flash a ZIP rom using flashtool?

    Hi: I need to flash using flashtool this "LEAN KERNEL" http://*******/PBKLQ... But the file is in ZIP form... I know how to flash FTF and IMG, but ZIP... I shall appreciate any help...