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  2. Edmund KemperMF

    Thread A Query about Controlling the torchLED of Redmi Note 5 Pro using Kernel

    Hello Guys, i am a novice in the android dev field. My aim is to switch on and switch off my redmi note 5 pro torch at a frequency of about 500 to 1000 Hz. Through Android studio i was only able to achieve 40 Hz max (OS introduces so much delay such that the freq maxes out at 40 Hz). So i...
  3. M

    Thread Notifications with screen off

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to have notifications when my screen is off (i miss so much the led i had on my OP6). I've tried AOD but i don't want to have, all the time, the hour on my phone. I just want that, when the screen is off and, for example, i have a message, i have a little notification...
  4. P

    Thread Question Pixel 6 / 6 Pro and led lights

    I got a pixel 6 and a pixel 6 Pro and yesterday we put up our LED lit Christmas tree only to realize that the camera on both the six and the 6 Pro struggle heavily when pointed towards the tree. I've attached a Screen recording Even if I turn off any auto function it does. Open Camera helps but...
  5. jackdemoning

    Thread Is it possible to make the ambilight powered by a simple android or mac OS app or desktop app?

    I am Jack from Lytmi(formerly Light Mi), currently we are producing ambilight, while currently, there is none in the market, whether dreamscreen or philips hue or us, can make ambilight without using external hdmi device or camera to pass-through the signal. So I am curious is there a way that...
  6. LordNicxel

    Thread Question Green lights on redmi note 10 pro help!!!!

    My Redmi note 10 pro fell inside water, but I quickly removed it and gave an engineer who then cleaned it thoroughly, but the issue is my phone has been showing some green flashes ever since. It happens when I reduced my screen brightness. Please what can I do?
  7. Z

    Thread Could it be possible to change the LED to a RGB one?

    I received my Poco X3 NFC and, even it is not crucial, didn't thought about the LED was only white. I don't know if it is restricted by the hardware itself or the kernel. Assuming it is hardware thing (didn't see any kernel mentiong the LED), could it be possible to change the LED to a RGB one...
  8. Salty Wagyu

    Thread The 8T has a front LED, kind of.

    If you enable the front camera you can see a small circle spin round the lens before appearing as a solid light alongside it. I look forward to seeing what custom ROM developers can do with this, perhaps this LED can be triggered to light up (and stay on, until cleared) when notifications come...
  9. ABSELT05

    Thread Notifications ring around camera hole, within or without Ambient Disaplay

    Video showcase https://streamable.com/friseg Shot by Serial Kazama. Similar to this or a shine effect only around camera or tens of other styles can be used to indicate an event such as charging, music playing or a notification to help you to know even who texted you just by a glance far from...
  10. K

    Thread Tint in k20 pro display

    Hey guys, hope you are doing great. I have noticed one peculiar thing, when i sit in pitch dark places with brightness at the end, i face this white issue over my display screen shot attached, it's Google chrome app which showing me these results,(there are many more also)for this to be noticed...
  11. H

    Thread No led indicator while plugged in

    ‪My xperia phone battery died (I left it charging overnight but woke up to it dead). The red LED at the top-left is not showing up (it blinked for 5 mins then it has never come back on) . ‬ ‪I’ve had it on the charger for 5 hours and nothing... holding the power button doesn't do anything, same...
  12. mbze430

    Thread App that can control Horizon Light?

    I am new to OnePlus phones. But is there an app that can control the Horizon Light? Most of my previous phone has a LED indicator light that I use to glance over to know what type of notification is waiting for me. Since the the OnePlus 8 Pro doesn't have that light I like to see if there is...
  13. dastimlein

    Thread Dont know where to go - Bluetooth LED and NFC

    Hi Forum, ive been a while here and use xda many times. I'm very happy about the forum and the member who work here. You all do very well. Now, i searched for a Problem ive got, but didnt found a solution. I hope you can help me, move this thread to the right forum and/or can help me. Ive...
  14. N

    Thread Apps that replace LED notifications - Screen burn-in?

    Hi all, There are a couple of apps out there that create a notification light using the always-on-display and allows for a lot of customization - location, colors, sizes, duration, etc. A lot of information on battery drain is provided by these apps, but no info about the danger of screen...
  15. G

    Thread WhatsApp Flash: Android 10

    Hey Guys, Does your Flash works for the photos taken via WhatsApp? Mine doesn't! The WhatsApp is updated.. Any Solutions if any? Flash works normally via Stock Camera though...
  16. thomascook

    Thread Seeking Solutions for missing notification LED on Mate 30 /Mate 30 Pro Series

    Yo, i already gave the "new" AOD in EMUI10 a try and so far its working fine, Messenger and Mail Notifications are shown next to the clock when AOD is enabled. Theres also a option to set a timer for AOD to disable it at night. But im looking for a AOD-Notification only when receiving a...
  17. sidhaarthm

    Thread What is the most missed feature, compared to past Pixels?

    For me, it'll have to be the notification LED :( I really miss that. Had different colours for different apps and even people, so I knew who or what it was without even picking up my phone to check. I also miss the fingerprint sensor on all the banking apps etc but that'll be resolved in due...
  18. Wolfillete

    Thread "LED Notifications" in notch

    Hi! Is there any 3rd party app that shows a "notification led" under notch like many phones have?
  19. P

    Thread Notification LED for Camera Activity?

    Hi all, Been looking around and have had trouble finding what I'm looking for. Does anyone know of a way to triggered the notification LED on the Pixel 2 XL when the camera is active? E.g. When I open Google Duo and the front facing camera turns on, the LED turns on as a solid or blinking red...
  20. 0sA

    Thread Broken notification LED ?

    Hi, I have some problem with my notification LED. Some day it started behave weird - flashing all the time or flashing only when the phone was charging. Then it turned off and even after battery replacement it never comes alive, no mater which ROM am I using. Is there a possible to fix this LED...
  21. tute123456

    Thread Led Notifications App

    hello, is there any chance that the front camera will light up? (How does the Always On Edge - Edge Lighting app for Samsuns S10 / +) or any part of the screen light up? Thank you!
  22. N

    Thread Samsung LED cover - Teardown - [Pictures]

    Does any one of you ever wondered what does the led cover looks like? I mean, from the inside? Well, lucky you are my curious friend. My cover died few days ago, after years of use - actually i think, less than two - So i decided to see why it died. The cover was still detected by the phone -...
  23. Khwaja7

    Thread No front LED for notifications ?

    Hello, I am currently using a OP5, and I really like having a front LED to tell me if a message had been received, or not. Like, I just have to look at my device for ~2sec and I know if a notification is waiting or not. I am interested by buying a 7/7Pro, but it doesn't have this LED. Isn't it...
  24. D

    Thread IR Face Unlock LED and Notification LED not working after screen replacement

    Hi, I recently bought this second-hand Poco F1 with a screen with a cracked corner. I unlocked it, put Havoc OS on it, all working well (IR LED, notification LED). Then I replaced the screen and had issues with the face unlock; I checked the view through the IR Camera APK and saw a nearly black...
  25. photonxda

    Thread [0.9.9][2/26]AutoAOD -Automatically enable AOD while notification comes [open source]

    I haven‘t been here for a few days and I found there were some similar apps already.:) But I have finished my work and tested it for a week, So I create this thread:) warning: it seems that if you have installed the app and let it notified you at least once, then when you uninstall it, s10...
  26. T

    Thread Edge Notification

    Hello Community, Is there an app that can works as edge lighting notifications for the OP6t.. The borderlight wallpaper just lights the edges, looking for something that does it the way it works for Samsung phones, i. E. Light up the edge of the phone with a specific color for a predetermined...
  27. S

    Thread LED Light pulsing mod

    Hello everyone (and merry xmas) is there a mod/app we can control the pulsing of the led light with? e.g fast pulsing for a missed call, or slow pulsing for new email? Thanks on advance!
  28. I

    Thread [Android 9] How can i turn off the led when battery saver is on ?

    [Android 9] How can i turn off the led when battery saver is on ? Theres any method that can i turn off that annoying led when i turn on the battery saver ?
  29. S

    Thread LED not working with facebook messenger

    I am on October update, was experiencing some stutters and bad battery life so I did a factory reset. But after the reset, my LED is not working when I receive a message on facebook. I can hear the vibration and sound, but no LED. I already did *#0*# test, tested the LED and it works, so it...
  30. Coreinsp

    Thread Mate 10 notification Led only pulses green for most apps

    So I have a problem with my mate 10 notification led it only mostly pulses green color for most apps only whatsapp pulses white I wonder why does that happens since for most other people it displays the app color for example Facebook blue Instagram yellow and etc but mine only green and also in...
  31. O

    Thread Lenovo Z5 - OS Issues

    Hi, I just got the Lenovo Z5. Brilliant little phone but having a few teething issues and not sure if its due to the ZUI OS or i'm missing something in the settings so was wondering if anyone could help with the below issues: 1. There is a notification LED when charging which can be turned on...
  32. J

    Thread Recover data brick S6 Active

    Hello people from this forum, I hope you doing alright and I hope I can find a solution for this. I have a S6 Active that I really love a lot. My problem start this weekend, my phone died at night, so I wake up and I plugged in to charge it and well.... I see the led of charging and everything...
  33. P

    Thread Receiving notifications while the phone is charging.

    Hey guys. Is there any way to make the orange charging led turn off and make the green one flash when receiving a notification while the phone is charging? I miss notifications this way and on my S7 Edge the charging led would automatically turn off in favour of the notification light. Any...
  34. S

    Thread Notification LED hex values?

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone out there has some hex values for the notification LED that they'd be willing to share. I'm having the hardest time finding the right values in Light Flow. Specifically, I'm looking for orange, yellow, green, and purple (if there's a purple in addition to...
  35. P

    Thread Disable Notification Light (OREO)

    Hi! Since updating to Oreo can't find a way to disable notification light (which I really hate) This thread is the closest I could find: https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-a1/themes/root-disable-charging-led-t3713525 1. run shell as root, "chmod 644 /sys/class/leds/red/brightness" 2. run...
  36. takoa

    Thread MOTO G5 CEDRIC XT1676 Only the led lights up, HELP PLEASE

    solved https://forum.xda-developers.com/g5/how-to/rooted-moto-g5-run-morning-post-image-t3776012 Something went wrong and now it does not start, only the led lights when it is connected to the pc. Only Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 appears in the device manager. I have tried several...
  37. W

    Thread An alternative for Xposed XLED?

    Hey there. Since the Xposed XLED module is deprecated and doesn't seem to work on Oreo, is there a solution, a mod or anything to make the notification led blinks quicker? I mean on X Compact it blinks every 1 or 2 seconds, it's really easy to miss. Thanks.
  38. R

    Thread What is this OLD vs NEW LED thing?

    What is this New LED vs Old LED issue? I am running Latest RR by Alexey Old LED build and sometimes my LED light flashes all colors(disco like) for some notifications. Tried with the New LED driver but in that only charging LED works. Is this normal behaviour? Can somebody explain me what is...
  39. rambomhtri

    Thread I can't set WhatsApp notifications with no sound, no vibration but with LED activated

    Hi, after upgrading to Nougat (my phone uses an almost Vanilla Android), I can't set the WhatsApp notifications the way I've had them forever. In the past, no matter what mode was selected (sound, vibration or muted), when I received a message, the LED would turn on green, no sound, no...
  40. maxwarp79

    Thread Notification LED & Alway On Display on Mate 10 Pro

    Hello, I had a Galaxy S7 edge and now I bought a Mate 10 Pro; for now I miss two features that were present on my "old" phone: notification LED for every app. Always on display (AOD) with thirdy part apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc...) notification icon. The notification LED seems to work well...
  41. W

    Thread dose f1f has led

    dose f1f has led cause mine ain't working if it is there :crying::crying::crying:
  42. M

    Thread Oreo Gmail notification LED bug

    Just noticed my OP3 has an issue where gmail notifications don't fire up the notification LED :crying: Others are suffering the same. Tried unistalling and reinstalling, clear gmail cache and data but the problem persists. From what I gather, its just Gmail that has this issue as outlook and...
  43. Milan-XDA

    Thread LED fix on AEX ROM [AOSP Extended] [ROOT]

    Here's an updated and simplified thread on installation and configuration for LED. Video Tutorial https://youtu.be/3rREUOK52sQ • Disable ROM LED Notifications. Go to Settings > Notifications. Tap on the cog on the top right corner and go to -Battery Charging Light > Disable...
  44. M

    Thread Charging LED?

    I miss having the LED come on when my phone was charging. The Pixel doesn't have that feature. "Battery Charge LED" works but you can only make the LED flash which is distracting, there is no option to have it on all the time. "Light Flow" demands a huge number of permissions and wastes loads...
  45. E

    Thread Samsung Wallet LED Case - Keep LEDs Always On

    Has anybody figured out a way to keep the LED display active on the LED Wallet Case? The case is awesome, but I'd like to keep the time always on, or the music visualizer/controls. Haven't found any settings for this. It turns off after 5-10 seconds. I especially want this while wireless charging.
  46. jordi.id96

    Thread Yeelight Toolbox

    YEELIGHT TOOLBOX Requirements Developer mode / LAN control enabled for each device. Computer and Yeelight devices connected to the same local network. .NET Framework 4.5 or later. SlimDX End User Runtime (.NET 4.0) https://slimdx.org/download.php Supports Yeelight LED (Color), Yeelight LED...
  47. B

    Thread LED notifications and other annoyances

    About a week ago, I decided to monkey with my phone downloading new lock screens to see if I could find one that allowed me to receive and reply to text messages without unlocking. I didn't find any that I liked and went back the the stock one. Anyways... I now have the following annoyances: 1...
  48. R

    Thread Resurrection remix Charging LED

    Hello peeps! I'm currently running resurrection remix on my SM-G900F Nougat and whem i charge my device the charging LED is kinda orange, and i cam't find any way to change it in the settings. But when i was running marshamallow i could find it in the display settings menu... I hope someone can...
  49. XyonNYC

    Thread Help...LED Notification not working on "AllianceROM" (Lollipop v12 Final 10.07.2015)

    Help...LED Notification not working on "AllianceROM" (Lollipop v12 Final 10.07.2015) Hi everyone, Forgive me if this has been answered and I've missed it, as I've not been able to find any information on this. I have indeed looked and searched though (and have posted this in another section a...
  50. R

    Thread Blackscreen, blue LED and no booting [Solved]

    Hello guys, I just got my oem unlock permission and flashed the latest recovery. After backing up i tried to install a rom like AICP. After instaling I hit "reboot". The first boot screen comes up and after this a the sreen turned black with a long vibation and the LED tuned blue. No booting...