1. DroidIt!

    Thread [GUIDE] Using TortoiseSVN and WinRAR to build Leedroid Rom

    I have seen a lot of questions and issues with successfully building LeeDroid Rom using SVN. Here is a short guide for building and syncing using Tortoise SVN and zipping up a flashable zip with WinRAR on Win 10. This should work equally well on any other Win version. Mac users are on their own...
  2. drago10029

    Thread RESOLVED! [SOS!] Phone can't boot past bootloader

    My phone is having a bowl of bootloops right now lol. I have a unlocked htc 10, i unlocked the bootloader (S-on since leedroid thread didn't say it was necessary), flashed the latest TWRP formatted data part, rebooted recovery again, swiped allow modifications, flashed the marshmallow version...
  3. ~clumsy~

    Thread [MOD]Battery Switcher MOD v6.0|Sense 7 / 6|Aroma|%indicators|High Res|300 to choose

    Battery Switcher MOD v6.0 with Aroma Installer, 277 different combinations to choose from I have made a Aroma zip that has a 300 different battery MODs Works with the follow ROMS/MODS: 1. LeeDroid's, V7.3.X and 7.4.X with ChamleoN reloaded theme and Soundwave Theme 2. Laypota's, A Rom with...
  4. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM]&[KERNEL]LeeDrOiD One M8 V8.4.1 - [Discontinued] | Oct 30th 2017 | Awesome!

    Come into the light & see what LeeDrOiD can do for you!! All carriers supported My stuff, has been kicking around longer than your stuff... be it hacks, mods, tweaks or ideas, I don't complain that it's spread wider than a porn stars legs. we are all open source developers with the...
  5. LeeDroid

    Thread [Q] General Thoughts on the One M8.. Considering returning to Dev

    Hi All some of you know me some of you don't, looking for some general feedback and feelings around the One M8 as a device overall from its xda user group. The plan, providing I manage to get my hands on one, is to get back into Development and resurrect LeeDrOiD Roms. It's been a while! Cheers
  6. K

    Thread [Q] By passing the sim card?

    Dears, When starting the device with sim card inserted, is there a way to by pass it? I want to use sim card only when I want it and not any other time? The reason is that, in flight mode wifi can be activated but BT not. And I want to turn on BT for my dock. But I just one BT, no sim. Is this...
  7. StEVO_M

    Thread [Q] Leedroid for EVO 4G LTE

    Does anyone know if there is a version of leedroid for this phone yet. I was using Newts ROM on my EVO 3D and I loved how Sense would run in landscape and I would love to have that feature on here as well.
  8. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM] LeeDrOiD One Supreme V2.1.0 - 22nd May |EQS|APM|Tweaks|Aroma|Fast|Stable|HQ!

    Presenting LeeDrOiDs One Supreme The fastest developing & most feature rich ROM for the HTC One S (Ville) Android 4.0.3 - Ice Cream Sandwich & Sense 4.0... No gimmick's, no bullshit.. Just One Supreme Android experience from a very experienced developer ;) Pun intended! With thanks to...
  9. A

    Thread Need help with bricked(?) Inspire

    Hey guys. I'm in a tough spot so any help will be appreciated. So here it goes. I'm rooted and was running LeeDroid v. 5.1.1. Everything had been fine, my phone was acting completely normal for the past months. and even that day (this past friday) After I got off the phone a couple days ago, I...
  10. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM] LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V6.4.0 - 31st May |EQS|APM|Tweaks|Aroma|1.29.401.11|EPIC!

    Presenting LeeDrOiDs One Xtreme The fastest developing & most feature rich ROM for the HTC One X (Endeavour U) Android 4.0.3 - Ice Cream Sandwich & Sense 4.0... No gimmick's, no bullshit.. Just One Xtreme Android experience from a very experienced developer ;) Pun intended! With thanks...
  11. invasion2

    Thread [ROM][PORT]LeeDrOiD HD V5.1.2[Sense 3.0][2.3.5]

    First off, thank you to LeeDrOiD for giving me permission to port his fabulous ROM. Find it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1482728 If you feel nice, donate to him! There have been Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs popping up everywhere, and I felt like going a little old school...
  12. J

    Thread [NEW TWEAKS] 25.03 Leedroid Tweaks Sensation v3.0 with SuperAPM and EQS

    ...presents you viperX rom! If you didn't flash the rom yet...you will regret it. It's the most featured and most innovative semse rom out here on the HTC One X forums. Some user comments: Based on Android 4.0.4 - 2.05.401.2 Deodexed & Zipaligned SDK r20...
  13. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM]LeeDrOiD HD 4G V5.1.1 -7th Feb | Tweaks | APM | Fast | Stable | Pure Awsomeness!

    Presenting LeeDrOiD HD - The Return of! (For now anyway ;) ) S-Off & a Custom recovery required Android 2.3.5 - GingerBread & Sense 3.0... No gimmick's, no bullshit.. Just a Sensational Android experience from a very experienced developer ;) With thanks to: ChainsDD l snq- l Scar45 |...
  14. daniels7

    Thread [MOD][HC] 30.12. LeeDroid Tweaks HC v0.1.1 Alpha Release

    Hey Leedroid fans, This time alone I'll try to bring over some of the LeeDroid Tweaks from Evo3D to Flyer and also do some totally new Tweaks to just bring a totally new Experience to you Screenshots: Available Tweaks Lockscreen: custom carrier lockscreen text Others: Phone...
  15. J

    Thread [TEASER] Leedroid Tweaks CDMA v4.0.3 -Redownload OTA Tweaks PLS! =)

    A teaser: The Team: Joelz Lead dev Rezound and Evo 3D lllboredlll Co lead dev Rezound richmondo Dev Sensation and Co lead dev One X m0narx Dev Sensation tattari Our photoshop guru Me (-: - Lead dev One x ..got some nice tweaks for you (-:
  16. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM]LeeDrOiD HC V4.3.0 [KERNEL] V3.1.0|18th March | HC+Phone+HW Keys | Sense/NoSense

    Presenting LeeDrOiD HC for the HTC Flyer Android 3.2.1 - HoneyComb & Sense... No Gimmick's, No Bullshit.. Just an EPIC Experience from the most experienced ROM/Kernel developer for the HTC Flyer ;) Official Support Links: » Chat live now or join #LeeDrOiD-Roms on Freenode...
  17. B

    Thread [Q] Leedroid and google maps / navigation

    Hi there, I updated google maps (6.0.1) and now it and Navigation has disappeared from my phone and will not install from the market. Everything was fine before the update so I restored a backup from a week ago and the icons for Map and Navigation reappeared but neither would work without an...
  18. B

    Thread rosie settings tested on leedroid and insertcoin

    I have tried the tweaks options from sense o maniac on leedroid's rom and on insertcoin rom en i could make rosie 5 rows transparant and with recent used apps and some more. i flashed it after installing my rom. maybe there are options for there owners to implement them in there mod or for a...
  19. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM&KERNEL]LeeDROiD SuperSensational V4.3.0|29th Dec|FAST|STABLE|Sense 3.5 #2.3.5

    [ROM&KERNEL]LeeDROiD SuperSensational V4.3.0|29th Dec|FAST|STABLE|Sense 3.5 #2.3.5 Presenting LeeDrOiDs SuperSensational Edition S-Off & a Custom recovery required Huge thanks to Alpharevx+unrevoked for acheving S-Off :D Android 2.3.5 - GingerBread & Sense 3.5... No gimmick's, no bullshit...
  20. T

    Thread [Q] Manage apps location with A2SD

    Hi guys! I'm here to ask for help ^^ I have my HTC Desire root and S-OFF with the CM7-R2 Hboot. But I'm struggling with the A2SD script installed by default on the LeeDrOiD HD V3.3.3-Port-R5. Everything works great except that the A2SD can't be managed manually. I explain : I have about...
  21. R

    Thread Tried All Possible ROMs NONE work HELP!!!!

    Hi, So i have a HTC Desire flashed to CM7r2 Hboot (just moved from stock) and i have tried flashing all possible custom roms from xda (BlissMod007, AceS, Starburst, RevolutioN Aurora, LeeDroid etc etc....) NONE of them work on my desire.. I checked my hboot...checked my root everthing is...
  22. A

    Thread [Q] LeeDroid 3 - App2SD not being installed

    I formatted my SD card using MiniTool Parition Wizar to 6G Fat32 followed by 1G ext3. No SWAP. Then i downloaded the latest version of LeeDroid App2SD ROM and copied it in my SD card. From ClockworkMod Recovery, i initiated the installation process. everything at this point works fine...
  23. K

    Thread [Q] Leedroid HD v3.3.3 GB R5 running slow...why?

    Hey, first post here...so be gentle with me Rooted my Desire a couple of months ago..tried several roms and finally landed with the Leedroid rom...HTC Sense, fast, stable, Android 2.3...all the stuff i needed. Now after a couple of months and after installing a couple of apps....the phone...
  24. MaliciousBanjo

    Thread [Q] Changing the theme of Rosie 3D carousel

    I've been using the LeeDroid Custom ROM on my HTC Inspire for a few months now, and I really like it. I think it's identical to Revolution; with just a few slight cosmetic differences. I know I've flashed Revolution zips and it worked on LeeDroid, which is nice. My question is concerning the...
  25. N

    Thread [Q] Installed LeeDrOiD HD V3.3.3-Port-R5 but still have O2 Splash screen

    Hi, im new here. I've got a s-off HTC Desire with the awesome LeeDrOiD HD V3.3.3-Port-R5 ROM installed, But for some reason I still have the static O2 splash screen when I turn my phone on. Im not a total noob, i cant for the life of me work why its still there or how I can remove the damn...
  26. J

    Thread [Q] Leedroid A2SD

    Am I really too stupid? I simply can not make A2SD work with Leedroid. I'm using a Desire, running (latest) Leedroid ROM. I'm following the steps in the official Leedroid site, but it doesn't work. It shouldn't be very hard I guess. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance
  27. C

    Thread Desire HD keeps turning off! LeeDroid V3.3.1

    I've been running LeeDroid V3.3.3 for about a month or two (been a LeeDroid user since the V2 days, a good 10-12 months) with no issues. However, recently my Desire HD just keeps turning itself off. Sometimes, I'd get by with no problems in a day, other times it'll just turn itself off like 10...
  28. N

    Thread [Q] Launcher_Small but annoying problem

    I have Launcher Pro on my phone and it's great apart from one thing. The problem happens everytime I make a call from one of the direct dial shortcuts. As soon as I end the call it opens the network settings screen instead of going back to the home screen. I though it was just a problem with...
  29. Sir_Danny_Boy

    Thread [Q] I Got RIL Problems - For Real !

    Hello, I began the Rooting / flashing custom Rom journey just 4 nights ago. I would not have thought it just a week ago…. nine months of all that damn bloatware…. five months of envying all those Sense 3.0 users…. but, a rooted, suited, un-bloated ROCKET DHD I now have :) I have one last thing...
  30. A

    Thread [Q] Delete old messages

    Hello all, i have just upgraded to LeeDroid 3.0 and have a question regarding my Sensation. It looks like it does not delete old short messages any more. I've set the limit to 100 messages per conversation but I've already got some conversations with at least 250 messages. Unfortunately I can't...
  31. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM]LeeDrOiD 3D V5.4[KERNEL] V5.4 2nd April |Aroma|Tweaks|Fast|Stable|Beats

    Presenting LeeDrOiD 3D S-Off & a Custom recovery required Huge thanks to Alpharevx+unrevoked for acheving S-Off :D Android 2.3.4 - GingerBread & Sense 3.0... No gimmick's, no bullshit.. Just a Sensational Android experience from a very experienced developer ;) With thanks to: ChainsDD l...
  32. T

    Thread [Q] Sensation-Leedroid 2.3 compatible kernels?

    (deleted) Was a total noob question anyways.
  33. A

    Thread Insufficient Memory to install Apps

    I never had this issue before but now all of suddent i am getting this error. I recently Wiped-Installed LeeDriod GB + Sense 2.1 + App2SD ROM (before that i was using LeeDroid HD + Sense 3.0) rom. Ever since i installed this ROM, I am unable to install more than 4-5 apps. I updated Google Maps...
  34. Ashutosh1313

    Thread [Q] Help me :O

    Hello i am a HTC Desire user. i was suffering the low memory problems on desire. so i rooted my phone and installed leedroid's http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1170633 rom. well it says that it will get 1gb free space but after installing i checked in Settings>>APP...
  35. R

    Thread [Q] Another "Brick" in the Wall!!

    I was running LeeDroid and decided to go with a full wipe. After the wipe then comes the part where I flash the rom. CWM would not respond after that! I was stuck. I tried pulling the battery and starting over. Now no matter what I do I can't get past the green HTC screen. I've tried...
  36. S

    Thread [Q] Leedroid 3.x compatible Themes

    Hi, I have Leedroid (LeeDrOiD_V3.0.8.2_GB_A2SD) installed on my HTC Desire. Now I would like to install a custom theme onto it. I've tried Blue_Carbon_Sense_UI_Full-v1.3b and esk0dr0id_clear_glass_sense_v1.3 (ClockWorkMod -> recovery -> install zip from SD card -> selected theme and...
  37. CB620

    Thread [APP] **Modded Skype W/Advanced Tweaks** Works With Any 2.3.4 Rom

    Tried several 2.3.4 roms with Skype(market version) and video wouldn't work at all only audio. Searched through different forums and doing several google searches I came across this modded version and it works flawlessly and also has Advanced Settings so you can mod your front and back camera to...
  38. I

    Thread [Q] leedroid V2.0 - Restore SMS backup issue

    Hi, I had leedroid v1.3 and took full backup with titanium and recovery. Now, I'm on leedroid v2 rom. I did a clean install. After install i tried restoring settings and data with titanium. Many settings didn't got restored automatically. One of them happen to be my text sms messages. How...
  39. C

    Thread [Q] [ROM] LeeDrOiD HD V3.3.3-Port-R5 re OpenVPN

    Hey. Sorry for posting in the wrong forum but I haven't posted enough to be allowed in the development thread... Anyway, the LeeDrOiD HD port is great. The openvpn is installed and connects fine however nothing is being tunnelled through it. I've searched for a solution which appears to be...
  40. W

    Thread [Q] Need serious help with HTC Desire root-gone-wrong

    Just rooted my HTC Desire (Telstra Australia) for the first time (TMod LeeDriod 2.5 A2SD Final) and all indications were normal until the first reboot. My phone cycled through the "Why So Serious" splash screen about a dozen times or more before getting to the LeeDriod boot screen. I then got...
  41. F

    Thread [Q] Install LeeDroid 3.3.2 and Sense fails

    Hi, I can't post in the thread yet, cause I haven't done 10 posts yet, so I hope someone here can help me out. When I try to install LeeDroid 3.3.2 and Sense 3.0 pack V3, I get in a loop.. LeeDroid 3.3.2 installs fine (I tried a full wipe, dalvik cache wipe, no wipe) no problems at all...
  42. D

    Thread [Q] HTC Inspire 4G GPS issues

    I am having trouble with the GPS receiver on my phone. I don't think it's an app-specific issue, as I've tried several different apps, including one called GPS Status, and none of them can give me an accurate GPS location anymore. Brief history: I've used the GPS function before with no...
  43. F

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire with LeeDroid 3.3.1-Port-R3 AC-Power question

    Hi, I installed Leedroid 3.3.1-Port-R3 with Sense 3.0 on my HTC Desire last night but I noticed my AC-Power adapter wasn't recognized as AC-Charging, but as USB-Charging. So, I did a nandroid restore of my Stock Froyo image. With this image my AC-adapter is recognized as AC-Charging, so it...
  44. alphadog32

    Thread [Q] Is it Possible to Merge Two ROMs Together?

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to merge two completely different ROMs. I was thinking of merging LeeDROID v1.1 with the CameraMOD ROMs for better pictures. Thank You.
  45. N

    Thread [Q] Desire - Insufficient Space Available

    Hi all, I've got a HTC Desire, rooted and S-OFF. I've installed the 1.8 Alpharev and used the Bravo Oxygen 2 partition table. ROM installed is LeeDroid Data++ When I first tried to upgrade from 3.0.7 A2SD to the Data++ I had issues with the /sdext being /sd-ext or something. I...
  46. R

    Thread [Q] Phone showing low internal storage but app2sd+ partition has plenty free

    I'm using app2sd+ on my Desire with the Leedroid ROM. The ext3 partition on my SD card has over 500MB free space yet my Desire still reports low internal storage - 6MB and at one point last week it was completely full, ie. apps stopped syncing data as they couldn't write to the storage. I have...
  47. K

    Thread [Q] LeeDroid V3.0.8.2 OpenVPN problem

    HTC Desire, S-On, Leedroid V3.0.8.2 Hi, I am having a hard time getting OpenVPN to work. Leedroid comes with OpenVPN installed in /system/xbin. I am using OpenVPN Settings from the market to configure and start the connection. Connection and authentification with the server works. Yet, when...
  48. J

    Thread [Q] Add Addon to a rom

    Hi Guys, Since I have no acces to post any comments to the development area i can't ask there. I currently have the Leedroid V3.2.1 ROM installed on my Desire HD Leedroid also mentions the addons which includes HTC Sense 3.0 (V4 HTC Sense 3.0 All in 1 Rosie 3D, Widgets, Lockscreen, Weather...
  49. spookamiester

    Thread [Lock Ring] (30/6/11) Feed Your Android! Sense2.1/Pyramid/Kingdom based Roms

    Feed Your Android Lock Ring This is a Mod I put together that replaces your standard Lock Ring with various other characters such as the Android, Jaws, R2D2. Not only that but now when you pull your lock screen apps towards the ring of choice it will scoff them up and fly into the air...
  50. A5J4DX

    Thread [Lock Ring] Sense 3.0/2.1 "Pick Your Ring" For Desire HD & Inspire 4G [v1.2.2 FINAL]

    [Lock Ring] Sense 3.0/2.1 "Pick Your Ring" For Desire HD & Inspire 4G [v1.2.2 FINAL] Sense 3.0/2.1 "Pick Your Ring" Lock Rings For the HTC Desire HD & HTC Inspire 4G v1.2.2 FINAL I no longer have time to make more rings so this is my final release. >>>LeeDrOiD Exclusive & Unbranded<<<...