1. K

    Thread [MOD][Z5]LXT™ High Performance Battery saving tweaks

  2. gokhanmoral

    Thread [KERNEL][01APR][JB][SAMMY&CM] SiyahKernel S3 v1.9.1

    Please leave non-development related posts to the discussion thread in general section: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=27389678 STOP! This kernel supports ONLY Samsung JellyBean or CM10.1 ROMs. It won't work on ICS, CM9. Sources :- Sources at...
  3. h.motawee

    Thread Make your Desire Z blazing fast - Legendary

    Hey all .. I have been a registered user on xda for over a year now and after a really loooong rom trails, finally i have reached the best performance for our Desire Z .. Found the best rom with best setting so far Whats amazing is that the rom is Sense 3.5 :eek: and it runs smoothly than any...
  4. gokhanmoral

    Thread [KERNEL][19FEB] SiyahKernel v6.0b5

    please leave non-dev related posts here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1658647 Features: based on JB sources DISABLED CAP_ERASE (No superbrick bug) All-in-1kernel because it supports CM9, CM10, Samsung, MIUI and Boot-to-Gecko (B2G) ROMs with a single kernel image. (no...
  5. S

    Thread [Q] Epic 4g w/ Legendary Issues?! Help

    Hello... I installed the latest Legendary RC with the included Samauri kernel. I started with a clean wipe. I also installed GO Launcher EX (5x4 on Homescreens). I LOVE this rom. Very snappy. However, I'm having 2 big issues. 1. The battery indicator has been erratic especially after...
  6. D

    Thread Google Navigation Locking Up

    I am running Legendary Rom RC2 and Samurai kernel. The problem i am having is with google maps/navigation. It has been randomly locking up lately. Seems to do it randomly. Sometimes it will navigate fine for 20 or 30 minutes and then i look at it and its locked up (screen still shows map...
  7. Coentje44

    Thread [ROM][8 MAY 2012][ICS IMM76I 4.0.4] NexusBeam - 5.0.0 | Aroma 2.0 | Fast, Amazing

    NexusBeam 5.0.0 Hi guys, today i am announcing a brand new ICS based ROM for the Nexus S. The ROM is using the latest stock Android 4.0.4 IMM76I firmware and works very smooth! The UI feels very fast because Google implented HWcomposer in the latest build and this gives you overall speed...
  8. KennyG123

    Thread [MOD][EI22]KGBlues circle battery mods and lots others

    I am no themer but I certainly can swap out png files. I put in the old Bonsai blue battery circle with percentage. Put the signal bars back to white and put back the stock 3G icon with orange and green arrows. I also changed the USB connections icons. Thanks to Jaronow, Bigtex06 and Computerkid...