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lenovo z5 pro

  1. BadCluster

    Thread Restore Stock Image and Lock the Bootloader (for Warranty)

    --------------------------------> DISCLAIMER: <------------------------------------ Guide for pure educational purpose. If you are going to use it, you do it to your risk and danger, I will not be held responsible if your phone will not work anymore...
  2. BadCluster

    Thread Lenovo Z5 Pro - TWRP - Root - Reviews - Hands on - Support and Developement

    As greed with the administrator O_G (in this post) I re-open a thread about the Lenovo Z5 Pro, awaiting to open a Dedicated forum about this epic phone! - A thread where you'll find all the necesary info on this phone. - A thread where you'll can ask everything about the new Lenovo Z5 Pro...
  3. BadCluster

    Thread Lenovo Z5 Pro

    Hi guys, Since any Moderator in XDA will not open a dedicated forum for the Lenovo Z5 Pro, I thought to open a thread where to gather all the news about this new fantastic phone. Telegram group: [B]Mod Edit Links Removed