1. S

    Thread Question Rooted tablet but not showing as being rooted P11 TB-J606F

    This has been a roller-coaster ride so far getting a root on this tablet! Everything goes well but it still says I'm not rooted?? Branching off from this thread that I followed all the steps below from. The adb and fastboot files I use come straight from Lenovo's dev community for flashing...
  2. N

    Thread [RECOVERY] CyanogenMod Recovery

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before using it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications...
  3. A

    Thread Netflix FHD fix

    This is a quick guide on how to fix the Netflix FHD problem. The problem is actually that even if the device is Widevine L1 certified but is not Neftlix certified then HD content wont play. There are a few dirty ways to bypass this. I will write three ways Some things before we start: I am not...
  4. adazem009

    Thread [YT-X705F/X/L] How to install TWRP recovery on Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

    /* * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this custom recovery * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  5. C

    Thread Lenovo 1050F doesn't run anything else other than DNX mode - help!

    Hi all, Well, operator error is definitely at fault here... I made a series of mistakes that got me to where I am now. All I intended on doing was repairing my dad's tablet which was running atrociously slowly. I tried to follow some steps, but improvised as I was getting errors and obviously...
  6. B

    Thread Hello, hola, bonjour...

    Average Android hacker/enthusiast. Well.. maybe not exactly an "experienced" hacker, but I want to try my hand at custom roms/app development. Signed up for a membership after seeing all the cool things people were trying to do to their devices! If I figure out or develop something significant...
  7. stav434

    Thread Question remote: Flashing is not allowed in Lock State

    Trying to unlock the bootloader of the Xiaoxin Pad Plus (TB-J607F) with the sn.img file from ZUI website, but i am getting this error. What can i do?
  8. S

    Thread Lenovo ideatab s6000 SD card ROM [Need]

    Hi everyone.I need the stock rom for Lenovo ideatab s6000.note that I want Update.app file to flash it using SD card
  9. deadman96385

    Thread CD-18781Y (Lenovo ThinkSmart View) Bootloader, Firmware, Zoom/Teams Conversion, Normal Android

    Unlock Semi-Normal Android Usage On the 201006.099 Teams & Others build you can turn on adb which lets you remove the teams/kiosk launcher and have a normal Android 8.1 interface. On the 200628.084 Teams & Others build it already has adb on by default so you can skip Steps 5-8 If you have a...
  10. Daddy#30

    Thread Lenovo Smart Tab YT-X705F Debloat Script.

    Here comes another post on this tablet that has little custom ROM support. I thought i post this here since it might be useful for people who want to stick to the stock ROM but ARE ROOTED with Magisk. I created a script to remove a lot of the bloat on this tablet. Performance gains are worth it...
  11. AnTerNoZ

    Thread Medion (Lenovo) P1060x Tablet - ROM [Stock debloated], TWRP, Magisk Kernel

    Hey! Normal I'm just reading here and don't contribute something, but since I've got that old fully bloated Tablet I'm trying to port something on my own. First because I broke the Tab, now because I have time for some experiment and the tablet was just a gift so never mind if it's broken or...
  12. tcrch

    Thread Question Unbricking Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2

    Hello XDA! I've bought this phone bricked for cheap and i'd love help unbricking it. What I Think Happened: CN Version of the Phone, attempted to flash the global version. Progress: - Automatically Boot looping (no screen) - Goes to a "selection" screen after a certain amount of time - Shows...
  13. P

    Thread Looking for Android 12L custom rom for Lenovo tb x304l.

    So, Android 12L is officially out now. And I would like to request for a custom rom based on Android 12l for Lenovo tb x304L. If any developer is reading this thread, fyi the Android development for this device is dead for over a year now. Looking forward to get some builds. Thank You.
  14. E

    Thread How to change splash image of Lenovo tab M10 TB-X505X

    Hello I have a Lenovo tabM10 tablet.I was rooting it and change its booting animation successfully. Now i want to change its splash picture. I extract splash.img from With following command: dd if=/dev/block/by-name/splash of=/mnt/sdcard/ But can't getting image out of splash.img. I use...
  15. deadman96385

    Thread PB-6505M (Lenovo Tab V7) Bootloader Unlock/Flashing

    Info about procedure We will be flashing a bootloader taken from development firmware which contains all the normal fastboot commands and is signed with the production key. This allows us to properly unlock the bootloader the standard way. This has only been tested on PB-6505M and PB-6505NC ...
  16. Chr_mch

    Thread Problem with the Launcher

    I need your help. I have bought a car stereo, and after I did a reset, my launcher changed (now I have the blue one). Is there any solution? I also lost my navigation app which was working without data.
  17. A

    Thread Lineage OS installation on Lenovo TB-X605L

    Hello Guys, i would like to install Lineage OS with TWRP, Magisk and GApps on my Lenovo TB-X605L. I tried to find some instructions in google, but i only found this: https://tweakdroid.com/lineage/lenovo-tab-m10-fhd-tb-x605l-x605l/ Unfortunately, links are not working. Any help? :)
  18. Asc1005

    Thread Lenovo tab not boot looping after RSA flash

    I was doing some rom change (gsi) stuff with my TAB-E10(TB-X104F) but when it got bricked I used lenovo RSA to flash stock rom in my device but after flashing it started boot looping and never stops. The flash was done successfully without any errors and I got the message in the end that first...
  19. mariosmax87

    Thread Lenovo TB-X306F flash with TB-X306FA ROM with Alexa built-in

    Hello guys, I have the non Alexa version and found a docking station from a friend for free. The tablet is charging but that's the only function of the docking station (you can use it obviously as bluetooth speaker as well). I was wondering if any of you attempted to flash the TB-X306FA Rom...
  20. T

    Thread Lenovo ThinkPad TB00028AA in 2022 ????

    It’s a great tablet, but seems way too outdated. Google play store won’t even open. I really would like to update/upgrade it. I was thinking of installing Linux on it. I watched some videos on installing Linux on android tablets but the people say you need certain Apps to do it. And like I...
  21. kinnerc

    Thread Sleep Modes in Lenovo Chrome Tablet CT X636F

    Sorry this is in General. The Lenovo forums didn't have any area for the Duet Chromebooks/Tablets. I use tablets for audio. What I do is start a podcast, put the tablet in "sleep mode," throw it in my bookbag and go. I also put on podcasts on my night table, put the tablet in "sleep mode"...
  22. burntbagle198

    Thread Trouble getting a custom recovery working on Lenovo M8 tablet

    So I've got this Lenovo M8 (TB-8705F) and the end goal is to get lineage OS running on it but no matter what I do I can't seem to get it to boot into TWRP. It's my understanding that this device does not have a separate recovery partition so I have to use fastboot to force it to boot from the...
  23. E'Mendo

    Thread Help: Lenovo Softbank 503LV - Missing MMS APN Settings In Menus

    Hey all, I recently imported a Lenovo Softbank 503LV that is I thought to be unlocked. It lets me use T-Mobile and I can text and use data but, there is NO MMS settings present in the SIM settings menus. It ONLY has Internet APN. I cannot send or receive MMS messages. Can anyone help me...
  24. L

    Thread Build error : Lenovo P11 kernel

    Hello, I had bought a tablet from Lenovo previousely, being Lenovo P11 which has Sm6115 qualcomm. They did release the kernel source but for an old version of the oem firmware. As a result, it is missing drivers for newer variant of machines (They have different panels and touchscreens on newer...
  25. Ungeskriptet

    Thread Development [TB-J716F] (Unofficial) TWRP for Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021

    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about...
  26. T

    Thread Tab 4 10 TB-X304F booting to 900E Diagnostics

    I have tb-x304f that I unlocked and flashed TWRP and then tried three different custom roms that all failed to boot. I am trying to restore stock firmware but it is not working. I have installed firmware with qdl in Linux and with QFIL and Lenovo Rescue and Smart Assistant in windows. All three...
  27. segfaulto

    Thread Flash recovery partition through the init.rc script (Android) [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone, a year ago a I had installed a custom recovery on my Lenovo S5000-F and it caused a bootloop and I lost the recovery, fastboot is working fine but it only allow me flash boot, system, userdata and cache partitions. I already tried do: 1-Unpack boot.img 2-Edit default.prop to...
  28. S

    Thread MOTO G5 PLUS, stuck in fastboot flash mode

    Failed to pass validation, backup to fastboot Boot up failed. The flashboot flash mode screen says: Product/Variant : potter 000000000000000 32GB P3B .... oem_locked All variables: https://file.io/rF0SqpBhP398 On running the cammands: C:\ProgramData\RSA\Download\newfolder>fastboot flash...
  29. A

    Thread Lenovo tab P11 bluetooth address issue marked as 00:00:00:00:00:00

    buy the tablet from china and everything was ok except for the bluetooth, it seems that is unable to connect with any bluetooth device that have more current connection than 2.0, i tried with a TSW of 5.0, also 3 different headphones with 4.0 and a keyboard with 3.0, the only thing that was able...
  30. S

    Thread Lenovo TB-X306F and TWRP

    Hi I have been unable to find a TWRP build for my Android device (a Lenovo TB-X306F) anywhere online. I'd like to get into custom romming, which is pretty much impossible without TWRP. Does anyone know if there's a stable, reliable build of TWRP that has been tested to work with this device that...
  31. L

    Thread General Let's request GPLv2 sources to Lenovo.

    Hello. First time posting it here on this forum. I myself am a person who had worked some time on Android development. Recently bought the P11, it's a nice hardware. However, the kernel source lenovo provided is outdated, and is for a much older version of the firmware. (Not compatible properly...
  32. B

    Thread Question Root Lenovo TB-J716F ©

    Hello i received one(tb-j716f) unlocked with a globaoe fw without ota's and i flashed the cn one and took the boot.ipg and patched it with pagisk for root and when flashing it via fastboot the device reboots to fastboot everytipe 1nd had to reflash the fw via edl , i did flashed vbmeta img with...
  33. D

    Thread Lenovo Yoga Tab YT-X705L SD only playback on Netflix and Amazon

    Hi guys, A few days ago I bought a Lenovo Yoga Tab YT-X705L, and I noticed that Youtube videos look much nicer than Netflix, that's usually not the case, so researched this a bit, and it seems the Android apps for Netflix and Amazon only allow SD playback, which is complete crap. The problem...
  34. A

    Thread Any way to reset/reflash Intel manage engine firmware and BIOS on Lenovo x1 Yoga?

    Hello. After recent firmware and BIOS updates on my lenovo x1 yoga 2nd Gen, mainboard of this laptop do not turn off completely after OS shuts down. Resulting that it never come back from restart/sleep and never turn off completely upon OS shutdown. Can anyone of you suggest a possible way to...
  35. Pupa231

    Thread Question Lenovo Tab P11 TB-J606F Stuck at fastboot, can't do anything.

    I just bought my lenovo tab p11 and i decided to do a manual update through lenovo smart rescue assistant because my device has an old firmware and can't OTA update. The thing is, i forgot to do OEM unlock on my device although i did do USB debugging. I have successfully install the updated...
  36. W

    Thread TWRP FOR LENOVO TAB 3 7 ESSENTIAL TB3-710F S000026?

    Sup guys!, i was about to try and flash Tzul's TWRP in my Essential tb3-710f 5.0.1 using sp flash tool, however, upon reading the txt inside tzul's download i realised this only worked in S000026 compilation number. I've been searching all day in and outside xda, and i have not been able to...
  37. T

    Thread [HELP] [AOSP 10 BUILD] Update requires 'goldfish_arm64'.

    Hello everyone, since this awesome Tablet isn't getting Updates anymore I tried to build my own Android Version (10) with help of the AOSP Documentary. Everything works smooth and fine, but when I try to flash this freshly created build, I get an error: "Device product is 'baytrail'. Update...
  38. ZARIR@TechlyGames

    Thread How to fix "Critical partition flashing is not allowed" In Fastboot

    Hello Friends! I'm Getting This Error While I'm Trying To Flash Stock Rom In Lenovo TB-8704X. <!-----The Error Msg Start-----!> Sending 'tz' (1519 KB) OKAY [ 0.071s] Writing 'tz' FAILED (remote: 'Critical partition flashing is...
  39. ZARIR@TechlyGames

    Thread How to fix Device booting only into fastboot mode

    Hello There, I'm Newbie Here. I Have A Tablet Named: Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus and Model: TB-8704X. I Have Accidentally Deleted Everything From My Tablet By Watching a Fake YouTube Video. I Deleted Those Via Fastboot. The Commands I Used Those Are, "fastboot erase userdata" "fastboot erase cache" and...
  40. maheshred

    Thread moto x hard bricked ( anybudy please tell me )

    This is Moto X Xt1058 ( 2013 ) At&t .. I tried to Root. But its Failed. Showing This Error , Anybudy Please Tell me can we Resolve this Error ! I Tried to Flash Rom with Rsd Lite . But its failing gpt.bin....Please tell me anybudy
  41. Mohit0033

    Thread [UNOFFICIAL] [Resurrection Remix OS] [PORT] [Desktop Style] [TB-X505X] [LENOVO TAB M10 HD]

    Resurrection Remix Port available for Lenovo Tab M10 HD (X505X) *I am not be responsible for any bricked devices, data loss or thermonuclear wars. *You are using this at your own risk. Introduction Welcome to Resurrection Remix OS port For Lenovo tab M10 HD --X505X Things needed to process 1...
  42. M

    Thread General USB connectivity not working.

    Yesterday I had my Mi 11 Lite delivered. After setting up the SIM card and so on, I tried to connect it to my Windows PC to copy the photographs that didn't migrate during the device transfer procedure. Plugged it into the PC, it failed to appear in file manager. It started to charge, but...
  43. ZephyrBlaze

    Thread Minimalistic Boot Logo for Lenovo P2

    I created a minimalistic looking Lenovo P2 boot logo and flashed it into mine. I thought why not share it with the community, you guys might like it Attached the image and logo.bin below Guide on how to flash a new bootlogo
  44. kwertydev

    Thread Lenovo A2020A40 custom rom installation problem

    Hi, I installed this rom called "MIUI 8" on my Lenovo A2020A40, but when I tried to boot into it screen just went white for a second then phone turned off, it also happened when I tried installing other custom roms. The MIUI8 Booting logo was also on my phone for every other rom I tried to...
  45. J

    Thread Lenovo YOGA Duet 7 (2021) review: the ultimate 2-in-1 laptop

    When it comes to 2-in-1 convertibles, the Surface Pro lineup simply had no competition. Even the 2021 iPad Pro, with its incredible Apple M1 processor and an official keyboard, still doesn’t offer the same level of productivity as its Microsoft counterpart does. Many other big brands, including...
  46. T

    Thread lenovo z5s stuck on copy apps and data

    hello i have a lenovo z5s.I wanted to make a factory reset as it got a bit laggy but unfortunately the bootloader didnt let me.So i got into ffbm mode and the phone stuck.When i manage to get out of the ffbm mode the phone opened and it stuck on (copy apps and data) where it give me the...
  47. IggyHiggins

    Thread Lenovo Legion Duel -Legion Os

    Hi! First of all, pardon my noobness, but I had to start this thread here, since I can't really find anything on the topic elsewhere and the Lenovo Duel forum is of no help. I recently acquired a lenovo legion duel phone, mostly seduced by it's specs and looks, but once unboxed, I really hated...
  48. M

    Thread Is it possible to enable DTMF detection sent from the distance number?

    Hi great members, I'm going to use android phone with Arduino and DTMF decoder module for simple home automation project. I know about enabling DTMF dial pad tones in audio profiles settings, But I can't receive any key tones sent by the distance number. I'm not sure if it's a...
  49. W

    Thread [ROM][JB 4.2.1][MIUI] MIUI 3.9.27 for A3000-H

    Hi! This is a MIUI 3.9.27 fo Lenovo A3000-H. It is Android 4.2.1. There is 21 languages ;). #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some...
  50. Pranav Temkar

    Thread [ROM][Official]ArrowOS 11.0[R|Android 11 r_46]

    ArrowOS ABOUT ArrowOS is an AOSP/CAF based project started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat. Website: https://arrowos.net Telegram: Channel | TG Portal/Links Github: https://github.com/ArrowOS Code Review: review.arrowos.net E-mail: arrowos.contact PayPal...