1. G

    Thread Lenovo tab132fu os update impossible

    Hi! I purchased from hands Lenovo p11 pro gen 2 (tb132fu). Everything is working, bu I want to update OS and root the device. On the box full model: TB132FU TAB 6G+128GGR-CN SOC: Mediatek 1300T Build number: TB132FU_2000034_220618_ROW Hardware version: TB132FU_RF01_220618 I enabled developer...
  2. P

    Thread Stuck on bootloop, fastboot/recovery inaccessible, PC doesn't recognize

    Hi, i have a problem with my Lenovo A6000 I remember it working okay, but then he was left alone and no one was using it for a very long time. Now when i try to boot it, its just sits on bootloop, i can't access to bootloader nor recovery. Even the PC doesn't recognize it. I read somewhere...
  3. xchiobrys_

    Thread Custom ROM for Lenovo A1000L-F

    Hello, recently I have found this tablet laying around and I decided to give another life for it. I've been searching for custom ROM's all over the forum. But the problem is that all download links are expired or they aren't compatible with this model specifically. If some of you still have ROM...
  4. Ezzeldien

    Thread Phone restarts when trying to make a phone call.

    On Lenovo tb3-710i android 6 LineageOS custom rom, when I try to make a phone call, the phone restarts instantly (jumps to LineageOS logo and starts the reboot from there). Also, the phone app doesn't work and says: unfortunately, phone has stopped. How can I solve this problem?
  5. S

    Thread OTA for Lenovo TB-x606x tab M10 plus FHD

    My lenovo TB-x606x tab M10 plus FHD failed an OTA update and I cannot find an OTA update for it anywhere. Please, could anyone offer help as I don't want to reset it as there is important data on there
  6. Voha888

    Thread Question Lenovo P11 Gen 2 [ TB350XU ] - will leave you without money

    On March 11, I purchased this Chinese tablet in a local distribution network. Version 6/128 + LTE. The tablet turns off Wi-Fi at random times, at first I did not attach any importance to this. Therefore, I lost part of the money from the account, because I constantly watched Youtube in 1440p...
  7. slayer666999

    Thread Phone memory corrupted, 0mb displaying in TWRP, help me fix it

    Hello, I have an old Lenovo A6000 Phone which has corrupted memory i assume. It does not want to flash even after letting it sit for 8 hours straight the download is stuck and when booting TWRP 3.1.1-0 x64 image it displays 0mb internal storage but reads the sd card fine. It used to work fine...
  8. EoflaOE

    Thread [ROM] [TB3-710F] [BETA] [UNOFFICIAL] [7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 for Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential Wi-Fi

    Aptivi presents... LineageOS 14.1 for Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential TB3-710F Disclaimer ---------- #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you...
  9. G

    Thread Where I can find EDL mode programmer file for TB-X605M

    Hello everyone, I need help. As English is not my native language, please forgive me for grammar and spelling errors if there is any. I am a Chinese student and our school uses a modded version of the Lenovo TB-X605M for teaching, which has restricted recovery (unable to mount any storage...
  10. NikolaTechGuy

    Thread TWRP For Lenovo Yoga 8 (b6000-f wifi model)

    hi, i was wondering if there is twrp for lenovo yoga 8 wifi model, i have one and i have spend hours, days searching the internet, there wasnt anything, so i need help, i have tried one twrp link and it download a twrp img file, then i went into fastboot and tried flashing it, with fastboot...
  11. W

    Thread Question Model number question

    I'm researching Lenovo P11 for a new tablet. All of the model numbers I'm finding start with ZA (ie ZA940077US), but all of the models in the forum start with TB and none match up with anything being sold (even on Lenovo's site). Is there some cross reference for model numbers somewhere? Also...
  12. LiviuDev

    Thread Lenovo TAB K10 (X6C6) - OS Problem.

    Hello there, This tablet has an app named RED MDM. And I cannot delete it in any way. Does anyone have a root os for this tablet? Lenovo TAB K10
  13. J

    Thread HELP! After flashing TWRP, the device turns off every time I access Recovery mode

    Hello, and sorry for my bad English I have a Lenovo Tab E10 (TB-X104F), and I've been trying to flash TWRP via QFIL QFIL shows me a message that the .img was flashed successfully, but in the tablet everytime I access to Fastboot to enter Recovery mode (As far as I know, this is the only way...
  14. millerfortime

    Thread Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3 CB 11IGL05 Hardware ID / hardware_class, anyone can share?

    I have just reset my Lenovo from Linux back to Chrome OS. However, I've lost the Hardware ID of the IdeaPad Flex 3 CB 11IGL05, that the bootloader failed to recognise the machine. Need set it in restock bios Can anyone with the IdeaPad Flex 3 CB 11IGL05 share your HAREWARE ID(hardware_class)...
  15. M

    Thread Install ChromeOS In Android tablet

    Hi, I have a Lenovo tablet that I would like to install ChromeOS on. And if ChromeOS could not be installed, some customization for android? Thanks.
  16. DerTeufel1980

    Thread [LineageOs-20.0][TB-X606F/TB-X606FA][UNOFFICIAL] [Alexa Show Mode] for Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus [14.02.2023]

    LineageOS 20.0 Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus Alexa Show Mode available Since this is actually a GSI, it should boot on (m)any device(s), but it is inherenting tablet configs, and may look weird on phones. /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, *...
  17. M

    Thread Question Can't connect to eduroam with my Android 11 Tablet Lenovo Tab P11

    With my Lenovo Tab P11 tablet, I cannot connect to WPA-2 Enterprise eduroam, which is used by universities all over the world. When I researched the reason for this, I found that Google's Android 11 measures caused this. When I want to connect, I cannot leave the CA Certificate Validation blank...
  18. B

    Thread Question PC Mode ZUI 14 (TB-J716F)

    Hi, Is there any way to install or port from another version the PC Mode on Zui 14? Does anyone knows if Lenovo will bring it back in futures updates? Tks!
  19. Minionguyjpro

    Thread Lenovo Ideapad 320-17IKB (80XM) Benchmark result (THEY GOT BETTER)

    UserBenchmarks: Game 2%, Desk 30%, Work 2% CPU: Intel Pentium 4415U - 28.6% GPU: Intel HD Graphics 610 - 2.1% SSD: HFS128G3BTND-N210A 128GB - 24.9% USB: SDHC Card 16GB - 213.2% USB: SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 32GB - 14% USB: Generic Flash Disk 64GB - 97.8% RAM: Hynix HMA851S6AFR6N-UH 1x4GB -...
  20. S

    Thread Question Lenovo Tab P11 Plus: Suggestions for a custom ROM?

    Hi there, is there a good custom rom for the P11-Tablet-model Plus by Lenovo (TB-J616F)? LineageOS doesn't support only a few devices for Lenovo (and not this one) and unfortunately Elixr not a single device of Lenovo (yes, for the TB-J607F I've seen here this, but it seems not compatible). In...
  21. greedyty

    Thread Does anyone know hot to replace splash image(boot logo) of Lenovo M8?

    Hi guys, I just rooted my Lenovo M8 TB-8506FS(3rd generation), I'd like to replace the splash image(Lenovo's Logo) with my own picture, but I searched several methods and tried them, none worked... I have extracted logo.img and tried to unpack it with several unpack tools, none worked...
  22. D

    Thread Windows on lenovo tab m10 plus 2 generation

    Hi, it's possible to install windows os on this tablet lenovo x606x?
  23. R

    Thread [Source]Open Source Code - Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro (YT3–X90F, YT3–X90L, YT3–X90X, YT3–X90Y, YT3–X90Z)

    Found this it in the Internet. Dont now anything about this. Maybe andoid 5? I,m own a x90f 4gb model and searching for 5,6,7 years dont know for a solution that anyone can make a custom rom for Yoga tab 3 pro because it is a great device, mega battery + projector. Sorry for Bad school...
  24. KJOz68

    Thread Lenovo X606F - Android 12 GSI - CTS Profile Match Fail

    Hello All, I have rooted and installed TWRP recovery. Successfully flashed Android 12 GSI. Passes "Basic Integrity" but fails "CTS profile match". Any ideas? Date: July 6, 2022 Build: SQ3A.220705.003.A1 Security patch level: July 2022 Google Play Services: 21.24.23 Magisk 25.2 (25200)...
  25. Lucas102531

    Thread Question Lenovo P11 11" Original Physical Keyboard Case [Case Teclado físico original lenovo P11 11"]

    Mod edit: How can I assign a new function to only one key on the physical keyboard? Example: I can't type "/" in my language ("Brazilian"). ****************** Como posso atribuir uma nova função para apenas uma tecla do teclado físico? Exemplo: Não consigo digitar "/" em meu...
  26. adazem009

    Thread [ROM][TB-8504X][BETA] Ubuntu Touch (UBports) for Lenovo TAB4 8

    /* * Your warranty is now (expired?) void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  27. tmpodxlr

    Thread Lenovo TB-X306F stuck booting to blank recovery

    Hello, I was following some threads regarding flashing Magisk to root this tablet and managed to get it working after some trial and error and recovering with Lenovo's Rescue tool. I did not manage to flash TWRP successfully because there doesn't seem to be any port of it (I tried flashing the...
  28. S

    Thread Question Brick my Lenovo y90 anyone can help?

    Hi, I was intending to restore my lenovo y90 to it's original state after root by flashing back the stock boot.img to boot partition by using flashboot and lock back the bootloader by command fastboot flashing lock after that using QFIL to flash the stock cn rom. Everything was going well till...
  29. B

    Thread Need new recovery img

    Hello i use lenovo a7-40 (A350FL-MT6582 ) i had cwmrecovery idk what version i think and it worked like 1h but everything is so messy on my desktop and i lost that file i put my stock firmware and when i try cwm recovery img i found on my destkop idk if thats the one that worked i flash...
  30. B

    Thread Need new flash and some roms for my tablet

    Hello i have Lenovo a7-40 (A350FL-MT6582) i need new flash and some roms for this tablet this is urgent my main phone died so tablet is only working device i own
  31. B

    Thread I need custom rom for my lenovo tablet please help me

    Hello i need custom rom for my Lenovo A7-40 (A350FL-MT6582) i flashed ti sucesfully but after rom instalation i gave only go lenovo logo screen then just black screen i tried miui 9 and one more i just dont remember, so can someone give me rom downloadable links for my tablet so i can use it...
  32. Intesar1771

    Thread Motorola One Action Stuck in boot logo

    Hello everone So I was tinkering with adb command window,I passed Fastboot EraseAll cmd which erased every thing on my phone and I tried to restart my phone but it didn't restart and goes blank :( then I took my phone to shop repairer and he made it possible to boot into bootloader and he even...
  33. S

    Thread Question Rooted tablet but not showing as being rooted P11 TB-J606F

    This has been a roller-coaster ride so far getting a root on this tablet! Everything goes well but it still says I'm not rooted?? Branching off from this thread that I followed all the steps below from. The adb and fastboot files I use come straight from Lenovo's dev community for flashing...
  34. N

    Thread [RECOVERY] CyanogenMod Recovery

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before using it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications...
  35. A

    Thread Netflix FHD fix

    This is a quick guide on how to fix the Netflix FHD problem. The problem is actually that even if the device is Widevine L1 certified but is not Neftlix certified then HD content wont play. There are a few dirty ways to bypass this. I will write three ways Some things before we start: I am not...
  36. adazem009

    Thread [YT-X705F/X/L] How to install TWRP recovery on Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab

    /* * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this custom recovery * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  37. C

    Thread Lenovo 1050F doesn't run anything else other than DNX mode - help!

    Hi all, Well, operator error is definitely at fault here... I made a series of mistakes that got me to where I am now. All I intended on doing was repairing my dad's tablet which was running atrociously slowly. I tried to follow some steps, but improvised as I was getting errors and obviously...
  38. B

    Thread Hello, hola, bonjour...

    Average Android hacker/enthusiast. Well.. maybe not exactly an "experienced" hacker, but I want to try my hand at custom roms/app development. Signed up for a membership after seeing all the cool things people were trying to do to their devices! If I figure out or develop something significant...
  39. stav434

    Thread Question remote: Flashing is not allowed in Lock State

    Trying to unlock the bootloader of the Xiaoxin Pad Plus (TB-J607F) with the sn.img file from ZUI website, but i am getting this error. What can i do?
  40. S

    Thread Lenovo ideatab s6000 SD card ROM [Need]

    Hi everyone.I need the stock rom for Lenovo ideatab s6000.note that I want Update.app file to flash it using SD card
  41. deadman96385

    Thread CD-18781Y (Lenovo ThinkSmart View) Bootloader, Firmware, Zoom/Teams Conversion, Normal Android

    Unlock Semi-Normal Android Usage On the 201006.099 Teams & Others build you can turn on adb which lets you remove the teams/kiosk launcher and have a normal Android 8.1 interface. On the 200628.084 Teams & Others build it already has adb on by default so you can skip Steps 5-8 If you have a...
  42. Daddy#30

    Thread Lenovo Smart Tab YT-X705F Debloat Script.

    Here comes another post on this tablet that has little custom ROM support. I thought i post this here since it might be useful for people who want to stick to the stock ROM but ARE ROOTED with Magisk. I created a script to remove a lot of the bloat on this tablet. Performance gains are worth it...
  43. AnTerNoZ

    Thread Medion (Lenovo) P1060x Tablet - ROM [Stock debloated], TWRP, Magisk Kernel

    Hey! Normal I'm just reading here and don't contribute something, but since I've got that old fully bloated Tablet I'm trying to port something on my own. First because I broke the Tab, now because I have time for some experiment and the tablet was just a gift so never mind if it's broken or...
  44. tcrch

    Thread Question Unbricking Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2

    Hello XDA! I've bought this phone bricked for cheap and i'd love help unbricking it. What I Think Happened: CN Version of the Phone, attempted to flash the global version. Progress: - Automatically Boot looping (no screen) - Goes to a "selection" screen after a certain amount of time - Shows...
  45. P

    Thread Looking for Android 12L custom rom for Lenovo tb x304l.

    So, Android 12L is officially out now. And I would like to request for a custom rom based on Android 12l for Lenovo tb x304L. If any developer is reading this thread, fyi the Android development for this device is dead for over a year now. Looking forward to get some builds. Thank You.
  46. E

    Thread How to change splash image of Lenovo tab M10 TB-X505X

    Hello I have a Lenovo tabM10 tablet.I was rooting it and change its booting animation successfully. Now i want to change its splash picture. I extract splash.img from With following command: dd if=/dev/block/by-name/splash of=/mnt/sdcard/ But can't getting image out of splash.img. I use...
  47. deadman96385

    Thread PB-6505M (Lenovo Tab V7) Bootloader Unlock/Flashing

    Info about procedure We will be flashing a bootloader taken from development firmware which contains all the normal fastboot commands and is signed with the production key. This allows us to properly unlock the bootloader the standard way. This has only been tested on PB-6505M and PB-6505NC ...
  48. Chr_mch

    Thread Problem with the Launcher

    I need your help. I have bought a car stereo, and after I did a reset, my launcher changed (now I have the blue one). Is there any solution? I also lost my navigation app which was working without data.
  49. A

    Thread Lineage OS installation on Lenovo TB-X605L

    Hello Guys, i would like to install Lineage OS with TWRP, Magisk and GApps on my Lenovo TB-X605L. I tried to find some instructions in google, but i only found this: https://tweakdroid.com/lineage/lenovo-tab-m10-fhd-tb-x605l-x605l/ Unfortunately, links are not working. Any help? :)
  50. Asc1005

    Thread Lenovo tab not boot looping after RSA flash

    I was doing some rom change (gsi) stuff with my TAB-E10(TB-X104F) but when it got bricked I used lenovo RSA to flash stock rom in my device but after flashing it started boot looping and never stops. The flash was done successfully without any errors and I got the message in the end that first...