1. ClaytonTDM

    Thread How do I root Lenovo Smart Tab M8?

    So, how would I go about rooting a Lenovo Smart Tab M8? I am scared to go through a Magisk installation, and my device isn't in the TWRP list. I have tried multiple one-click root methods, but no luck. And if there is a way, I want the least possible chance of bricking my tablet. Any help? 🙂
  2. L

    Thread tb-7104f root?

    Any hope in getting root for this model? from my research it seems to be rootable, but I can't find any rom or anything for it, even here in xda. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated
  3. Googole

    Thread Google Play Store crashes on my Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus everytime if I open it, how can I solve this issue?

    I've a Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus running on Lineage OS 17. The Google Play Store worked perfectly fine all the time but since today it works for a while and then crashes and the error message "Google Play Store keeps stopping". That error message keeps popping up often randomly unless I disable the...
  4. ikram jr

    Thread Lenovo k6 note.

    Can i install this rom on lenovo k6 note. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-9-0-0_r46-aospextended-rom-v6-7-unofficial.3997699/ Note. This rom for lenovo k6 power.
  5. J

    Thread In depth review of the Lenovo Tab P11 and Tab P11 Pro

    The good: 1. Solid build quality. 2. Vibrant, clear and sharp display. 3. MicroSD card support. 4. Amazing battery life. 5. Productivity Mode (PC Mode) is good for office tasks. The bad: 1. Performance isn’t the best. 2. No fingerprint reader on the Tab P11. Yes, Android tablet is still a...
  6. K

    Thread [HELP] Where is Lenovo Tab V7 Development Section

    Hi! im planning on buying Lenovo Tab V7, but i cant find the development forum so i can change to custom rom once i get it. could anyone please point me to the right direction. TIA!
  7. C

    Thread (FydeOS) Can I get to FydeOS va GRUB Bootloader

    I have Windows 10, Linux MINT (19.3 Right Now), and Android X86 Nougat on my (Case Brakeing Slowly, since its a laptop) Lenovo G51-35 (80M8) , I can install fydeOS but I cant boot to it, If i try T INSTALL refined, it says something like "add boot enterney and fails. So I am askin what to put in...
  8. F

    Thread CRDROID 3.8.7 08|07|2020 By Faheem

    CRDROID 3.8.7 08|07|2020 By Faheem This version of CRDROID has sim support for HV and GV,Hotspot is fixed,GPS is fixed,Substatrum is supported,All possible bugs are fixed in this build so i hope you enjoy this rom. SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOADS ROM
  9. P

    Thread Old Lenovo b8000-f, what can i do?

    Hi, my wife give the other day an old lenovo b8000-f she had at her work. I't new with little use with use, but of course i can't be perfect i shas android 4.4.2, very old. I don't want to use it as a brand new modern tablet, but with android 4.4.2 i can use it for almost anything. Is there a...
  10. cj182

    Thread [Q] How to root the Tab2A710F (Android 5.0)?

    Hello xda Community, how to root the the Tab2 2A-10F with Android 5.0? I already tried KingoRoot (both, apk and windows application) but without success. As I found out, KingoRoot and this device would have worked with Android 4.4, but it doesn't seem to work with Lollipop. Thank you for the...
  11. wolfaas12345

    Thread Lenovo Z5 PRO GT android 10 beta help

    Link UWU does anyone have chinese lenovo account to download the beta and upload it for us to download i attached chinese number address etc still no dice but maybe someone has the account with required permissions to download and could help us out
  12. M

    Thread [Lenovo Z5s] Google Cam without Root

    Tested on my own Z5s: - Download the Google Cam apk from the following link and install it: https://f.celsoazevedo.com/file/cfiles/gcm1/Gcam_6.2.030_Advanced_V2.2.190716.1800-Final.apk - On the first run, it should not crash, but you will unable to use the photo portion of the app. To...
  13. F

    Thread help / advice needed for Lenovo TAB2 A10-x30F GPS NVRM. or any for Qualcomm 8909 Soc

    i Got this Tab , it had very poor GPS. i flashed the firmware OS8.0.1 for F model and the GPS NVR ver.1.1 which was incluse the firmware zip. with GPS test it see only only 1 Sat and if i play with gps.conf to trick it it show many but no fix lock. the reason i want to play on this Tab IGO...
  14. Halwer

    Thread Lenovo S5 Pro - L58041 (Global) [2020.03.21]

    Welcome to this little thread in which I'll provide every useful information about this device based on my and other users's experiences. If you know something, that I didn't mention, please reply to this thread in order to help out each other even more effectively. Thanks and pleasant reading...
  15. Y

    Thread tb-debloater, personalised debloating script for lenovo tab devices (tested tb-8504f)

    this is tb-debloater. a simple script to free your device of bloatware. DISCLAIMER I am not held responsible for any damages that might occur when using this script. Just because it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone else. Use at your own risk! What is tb-debloater...
  16. C

    Thread Lenovo Z6 (youth) lite custom rom please!!

    calling out the attention of all moderators please create custom for lenovo z6 lite, the global rom of this phone is suck too many bugs, i hope someone will support this phone.
  17. C

    Thread Please support Lenovo z6 lite for custom rom.

    Please create custom rom for lenovo z6 lite i this device has a potential because of its specs and price is really cool!! i believe to all developers can make a good custom rom for this device, many user i guess are looking for custom rom like me. and this is the right place where we can find...
  18. C

    Thread hi! to all developers!

    please support create custom rom for lenovo z6 lite, i know you guys you can do what you want, this phone is really rockin! it is buck for the price the specs are good for that price point, many people will buy this phone and i'm sure i'm not the only one looking for a custom rom right now...
  19. P

    Thread My data was wiped when trying to boot into recovery

    Hello, My data was wiped when trying to boot into recovery and I will tell you exactly what I did: turned off my Lenovo Tab 10 device holding "volume up" button and then "power" button at once released power button after seeing Lenovo logo and hold "volume up" button until I saw Android logo...
  20. XQ55

    Thread [ROM] Lenovo Z6 Pro L78051 QPST | Edl way |

    Dear, Since I only support Arabic, I will present the necessary files with the pictures This Files Only For: Lenovo Z6 Pro L78051 Settings > About phone > Technical details > Model > Lenovo L78051 You Can use | Tool All In One | to Force your Device go to Edl Files: Lenovo Z6...
  21. U

    Thread Any room with EAP SIM support for Lenovo P2?

    Does anybody know about any custom ROM that supports EAP SIM authentication on Lenovo P2? I am in need of it and it's not supported on my current ROM, LineageOS 16. Please let me know. Thank you.
  22. K

    Thread K6 note support WiFi 5.0GHz or only 2.4 GHz ?

    K6 note support WiFi 5.0GHz (802.11 n or ac) or only 2.4 GHz ?
  23. Ayra Hikari

    Thread [APP][PORT][8.1+] Lenovo Z5 Pro/Z5s AI Camera + Gallery Port

    Hello all port app lovers, I would like to share my work. This is Camera from Lenovo Z5 Pro and Z5s with AI support and Watermark support! Also works with non-rooted users :D But unfortunately non-root app is doesn't support watermark :( From several trials then several failed attempts, and...
  24. Colosseo

    Thread Dual apps (Whatsapp) on custom ROM

    Hello to all P2a42 users, Just asking if someone had experience with using dual Whatsapp on dual SIM with a custom ROM installed. I’m currently on stock with native “protected space” feature that allows any app to be duplicated, it allows me to assign each SIM to a Whatsapp (or other app) per...
  25. D

    Thread Accidentaly installed Lenovo K910 ROM in K920 smartphone with QFIL - Can't boot now!

    I was just reinstalling the stock android ROM of my Lenovo K920 but accidentaly I downloaded a K910 ROM and installed it by QFIL. Now my smartphone won't boot at all, all shortcuts like VOLUME+/VOLUME- won't do anything to the smartphone and therefore I can't now enter QFIL mode (if i click on...
  26. bojan.1995

    Thread Lenovo S860 Hard Brick

    Hi, I tried to update my phone by following this tut https://androidmtk.com/flash-stock-rom-using-smart-phone-flash-tool I got some "Preloader set true" message so i changed it to false in scater file. Now i got "Dram failed 4032" message. PC doesnt see my phone at all and it wont even show...
  27. Abhignu

    Thread Any rom with face unlock ?

    Is there any rom available for lenovo p2 with face unlock enabled in smart lock as it is there in stock rom
  28. superdragonpt

    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 | Lenovo TB-X103F | 7.1.2

    Disclaimer: LineageOS (Lineage Android Distribution) members or anyone else on this website is not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in...
  29. tigeer

    Thread [Lenovo Tab 10 TB-X103F] Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, & Custom ROM GUIDE

    Lenovo TAB 10 10.1" Tablet 210/1.3GHz 2GB RAM version 16GB SSD ANDROID 6.0 (out-of-box) I wanted to start this thread so it would be easy and fast for you all. I had to gather information from different threads elsewhere to save you guys time and headaches. Let's start...
  30. cubano2031

    Thread Moto z3 play lastest security patch! May 2018

    I just bought the Unlocked version of it,we are in October and this phone still on May 2018 security patch This supposed to be an Android Enterprise device with updates DELIVERED 90 days from availability. Right now my phone is stuck on May 1 2018. Google releases security updates monthly. I...
  31. YashGarg10

    Thread [ROM][9.0.0] LineageOS v16.0 [UNOFFICIAL][A6020]

    /* * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before flashing it! * YOU...
  32. T

    Thread Lenovo K8 note stuck in boot loop, pls help

    My phone was working fine till some time ago. When I pulled it out of pocket, it was switched off. I switched it on, and it went to boot loop. It goes till Lenovo logo, then it powers-off and starts again. Sometimes it goes to the home screen, where I can use it for 0-1 mins, then boots again. I...
  33. Ysela Creyo

    Thread Help, soft-brick Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30TC

    My Lenovo Tab got stuck into bootloop, (I deleted a system app by mistake), i thought Wipe Data/Factory Reset should do the trick (recover my phone) which is stock rom by the way, but after reboot (from factory reset) it never finish up booting, it took more than 1 hour and the load bar (of the...
  34. O

    Thread Lenovo Z5 - OS Issues

    Hi, I just got the Lenovo Z5. Brilliant little phone but having a few teething issues and not sure if its due to the ZUI OS or i'm missing something in the settings so was wondering if anyone could help with the below issues: 1. There is a notification LED when charging which can be turned on...
  35. T

    Thread [help]Unlocking bootloader, what is device critical unlocked?

    Hey i was trying to unlock bootloader of my Lenovo K6 Power running Android 7.0 so this is what i did - enabled oem unlock, rebooted to fastboot and typed this command - fastboot -i 0x17ef oem unlock-go then i get this so is my bootloader unlocked? and can i flash custom roms? or do i...
  36. T

    Thread custom ROMs for Lenovo Tab4 10 TB-X304F

    Lenovo Tab4 10 TB-X304F looks like very interesting piece of hardware compared to its current price. On the other side, even as it uses Snapdragon 425, I haven't found custom ROMs for it. Does anyone know if there are some or at least if there is a chance that there will be some custom ROMs for...
  37. U

    Thread How to overclock E4 plus

    do e4+ meditek have some kerner, to overclock it litlle?
  38. J

    Thread Moto Z2 Play model distribution poll.

    I just want to get an idea of the variations of Moto Z2 Play models used by members of this forums. Could help mitigate confusion between models. I have the XT1710-01 and sometimes it feel like I'm the only -01 model here.
  39. B

    Thread lenovo k50 t5 from china...upgrade to a new rom with italian language.

    hello to all, my friend have says to me that he want to upgrade his lenovo k50 t5 from china (buyed from aliexpress) that have a rom: vibeui_v2.5_1512_5.495.1_st_k50-t5 with a new rom stable weith real italian language translate. now the phone isn't rooted. could anyone hlep me? sorry for my bad...
  40. S

    Thread How to downgrade a rooted Lenovo Tab2 A10-30 6.0.1 to 5.1 with TWRP backup error

    I have a rooted Lenovo Tab2 A10-30 (TB2-X30L_S000118_160831_ROW) with TWRP running android 6.0.1 and I would like to return to 5.0.1. The backup doesn't work in TWRP because of "errno=13" "failed to make backup folder" so if I mess up the downgrade, it's most likely going to be bricked. I tried...
  41. Eddicts

    Thread MT6582 TWRP Error Message

    Hello, My device is Lenovo A536 (mt6582) rooted. Im trying to flash a custom rom via twrp but got this error: "detected filesystem ext4 for /dev/block/mmcblk0p5" Just wanna know what error is this and how do get rid or fix this?
  42. nonline

    Thread Default Lenovo launcher on every reboot. How to set permanently another launcher?

    Ok, so my problem is somehow stupid. I've installed evie launcher, made it my default but every time I reboot my phone I'm welcomed by Lenovo Launcher. How to fix this irritating issue? Nope, I do not want to install custom roms, all I need is a rooted stock with custom kernel ;) I tried to make...
  43. Q

    Thread [GUIDE] Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus LTE Hard Unbrick Guide

    /* * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications...
  44. D

    Thread Yoga Tab 3 - Help! my table restarted in boot manager

    Hi, For some reason, when i was watching a video, my Yoga Tab 3 tabled restarted in Boot Manager mode. Here, I have windows like controls, like use <ESC>/<Windows+VolUp>=EXIT. I can't find a way to get out, and rooted phones :( Can anyone help me with this? Fast help would be highly...
  45. linuxct

    Thread [MOD] Lenovo Healthy 1.4.1 - The Lenovo/Desay Hardware App Mod

    Lenovo Healthy Mod Hello everyone! For us Lenovo smart hardware users, or at least personally in my case, I've found a bit unuseful that Lenovo (or Desay, whateveryoumaycallthem) included apps like QQ, WeChat and such inside Lenovo Healthy as possible reminders. For that reason, I decided to...
  46. W

    Thread ZUK Z2 Pro persist.img files flashable by twrp / adb

    Hi mates, here we go with the persists.img for Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro. So if you deleted them by accident you can try to reflash these: new added file host for all files: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=243937 persist.img ZUI 1.9.104...
  47. P

    Thread Lenovo A7600-F Android AIM OS 7.1.2 false sd-cards shown up

    Hey, today I tried to get my Lenovo A7600-F from Android 4.4.2 to Android 7.1.2. I used AIM OS to do this. Now I've got the problem that the system settings show up three not working sdcards. But I have no one plugged in. Cos of this, it tries to write something onto those cards. This clearly...
  48. cubano2031

    Thread Android Nougat for The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 plus petition! Change Org

    https://www.change.org/p/lenovo-android-nougat-for-the-lenovo-yoga-tab-3-plus WE DON'T WANT TO BUY NEW DEVICES TO FEED LENOVO's REVENUE GENERATION AS THE DEVICES WE ALREADY OWN CAN EASILY RUN ANDROID NOUGAT! Helpme to reach too many signatures as possible to show to Lenovo !
  49. J

    Thread Enable AptX Bluetooth Support

    Hi! First: Flash one of the tree files on this Thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-3/themes/mod-aptx-codec-t3521228 for install library files codec in you phone. Second and final: Flash file from this post...