1. Ulumia

    Thread [Q] How do I install Windows Mobile 6.5 instead of Android in NAND?

    I'm about to get an HD2 with Android OS in the NAND But I will be able to use Android on other devices I would like to install WM 6.5 Is it enough to just run HTC's RUU?
  2. arrayat

    Thread [HELP] Bootloader Recovery for Huawei Watch 2 [4G-LEO-DLXX]

    i was careless enough to try and flash Huawei Watch 2 Bluetooth rom on My 4G watch, needless to say i have a bricked bootloader. i know there's a fix for the BT version, but anyone knows a fix for the 4G variant?
  3. sarvesvara.dasa

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1][Unofficial]CM13.0 MI Note Pro LEO + Features - 16.11.19

    Credits: Thanks: Cyanogenmod team project source code Thanks: MoKee, SudaMod provided no attribution, Lunar source code Notes from developer: (some) Please double clear data before the first flash into MIUI8! This would break default theme - you can download new theme! Based on the Polish...
  4. sarvesvara.dasa

    Thread [ROM][MI Note Pro][Leo]Android6.0.1 MIUI8 Patchrom CM&AOSP based + cracks - 20161118

    [ROM][MI Note Pro][Leo]Android6.0.1 MIUI8 Patchrom CM&AOSP based + cracks - 20161118 This is Android6.0.1 MIUI8 Patchrom CM13.0 based + cracks theme. MIUI Version: 20161105 Notes from developer: (some) The ROM package for the latest CM13.0 / AOSP Android6.0.1, generated based on open...
  5. sarvesvara.dasa

    Thread [ROM][MI Note Pro][Leo]MIUI 8 Polish 6.11.21 + cracks + XPOSED

    This is the Polish version of MIUI 8 ROM, with some goodies like status bar | button DIY + crack + theme + xposed frame layout switch. MIUI Version: 20161121 Notes from developer: (some) Please double clear data before the first flash into MIUI8! This would break default theme - you can...
  6. Aqq123

    Thread Guide to Advanced Leo/MIUI Customization: System & Boot Images, APK Patching + Extras

    Guide to Advanced Leo/MIUI Customization: System & Boot Images, APK Patching + Extras Just got myself this device and have been playing with it since. As a result, I have accumulated a set of patches and optimizations I'd now like to share. As it's going to be quite a few of them, I'll split...
  7. R

    Thread [ROM][Z3][UPDATE] Mr.SL v2.7 | 264_5.1.1 [LB/UB] | Audio | Beautify | the Best AROMA

    MrSL ROM main theme of Variety, as is the custom after re-theme framework, and not the same as the official theme, also support with Sony stock Theme So What MrSL ROM's Theme can do ? 1. The simple point is to control the change apk interface (picture with white background) 2. You can change...
  8. G

    Thread Problems unlocking bootloader

    Hello everyone, hope you can help me :crying: first of all, sorry for my english :silly: few months ago i bought xperia z3 and when it was possible i made root, made backup of drm keys and with flashtool unlock and relock bootloader few times.... I have no problem. last month i tried windows...
  9. _JoaoCampos

    Thread Doogee DG280 LEO

    Just pre-ordered this one as a gift for my cousin (gave her a cutout of it since her birthday was yesterday :p). Roughly the same specs as DG310 (which I'm very happy with), but it's 4.5" inch (which kinda makes more sense for the FWVGA screen resolution). It's apparently built with durability...
  10. AndroPlus

    Thread [KERNEL][D6603/D6653/D6643] AndroPlusKernel v72 [DISCONTINUED]

    I love DooMKernel by DooMLoRD , but he does not have Z3. So, I started to learn and create custom kernel like DooMKernel. Please do not ask me to add something, I don't know much about kernel and git right now... Z3 Dual D6633 need a different kernel. If you want me to make it, give me...
  11. A

    Thread [Q] New apps being downloaded on phone memory despite doing 'ADB'

    I have a HTC HD 2 running Android 4.1.2 (Jellybean). I used this guide to set the 'micro sd' slot as the place for storing apps. After doing this, I was able to move all my existing apps to the SD card which was not possible before. Now, whenever I go to Google Play to download a new app, the...
  12. milaq

    Thread [ROM] [NIGHTLY] [NativeSD] [JB] [4.3] CyanogenMod 10.2 nightlies

    Welcome to the unofficial CyanogenMod 10.2 nightlies The releases will co-inside and the build start time is at 03:01 UTC every night and should be uploaded soon after. If at anytime the builds are not there, then there was a problem building the ROM, and we will have a look at it ASAP. These...
  13. voluptuary

    Thread [ROM] Clean ROM - Stock UI - RTM 8858 Base - Leo: HD2 - 7.8 Official

    This is my HD2 version of my popular Samsung Focus ROM that can be found HERE. Ok folks, I've been running versions of my newest build on my Focus, Lumia 800, and HD2 now for about a week and all three devices are rock solid so time for a public release. So here are the fruits of my labor. My...
  14. Xylograph

    Thread [30-SEP-2012][ROM][JB][4.1.1] CMTight Leo v1.0 [CM10][NativeSD][SMALL]

    CMTight HD2 ROM The smallest Jellybean ROM available @XDA for the HD2! Key Features : Android 4.1.1 (JRO03R) Small and fast CM10 ROM with extreme minimal Gapps (credits and thanks PonsAsinorem, Evervolv team, KonstaT) HWA JB kernel (thanks Securecrt) HWUI deny app and patch (thanks...
  15. themegastar1

    Thread HTC HD2 T-Mobile Help Needed!

    Dear Developers, I am a noob and want to install Android on my device, have done a lot of research on this topic but can't find any suitable ROM. I am having HD2 with the following Configuration:- ROM Version- (70315) WWE ROM Date- 10/28/09 Radio Version- Protocol...
  16. B

    Thread HD2 Peep Twitter Problem **FIXED**

    Lots of Threads on this one but I think I have a resolution to the peep problem that still bugs me a year after the last thread. I like Peep alot, but it does frustrate me, when it doesnt work correctly. A clean install of Sense stops peep from working you get 2 problems come up. 'The account...
  17. smokin901

    Thread [27th Sep]JellyBean AOSP Beta 4 for HD2 [KERN: SecureCRT HWA]

    Hello Guys, This is the port of JellyBean Pre-alpha from nexus-one by great Evervolv. This is not daily use ROM but slowly getting there. Following features work. BETA 4 Based on Latest Build Evervolv Camera is fixed More Stable. More Faster Added 2 method of A2SD (you can choose during...
  18. walts

    Thread [Q] HD2: any help for broken power button?

    The power button on my HD2 (LEO) has finally quit working for good. I have set MAGLDR to always run its menu, so I can get at recovery without the power button, but if the phone reboots without my knowing it, it sits at that menu (and gets quite hot) until I notice it and respond. Soes anyone...
  19. N

    Thread [FIX] Fix "bricked" HD2\Leo; 1e FATAL HIT

    So I hope this helps those that have a "bricked" HD2. Two weeks ago I had the dreaded "1e Fatal Hit" error. No matter what I did I could not get it back into working state. Here are the steps I took: 1) Flashed Task29 2) Reflashed HSPL 2.08 3) Flashed Radio 2.15 4) Flashed MAGLDR 5) Flashed...
  20. N

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2 help - android back to STOCK winMO 6.5

    Hello, guys. I want back to stock because of service reasons. I have cyanogenmod 3.7.0, android version 2.3.6 Now I downloaded the file (6.5 update) from HTC sites, and I'm curious about few things. The file contain 210 mb or so, and on my HTC I have 199 mb left on the internal memory - could...
  21. N

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2, BACK TO WinMO 6.5

    Hello, guys. I want back to stock because of service reasons. I have cyanogenmod 3.7.0, android version 2.3.6 Now I downloaded the file (6.5 update) from HTC sites, and I'm curious about few things. The file contain 210 mb or so, and on my HTC I have 199 mb left on the internal memory - could...
  22. N


    Hello, guys. Well, I love android and all, but I have had problems. Overheating problems for the most part, followed by freezes. I love my HTC HD2 too much for letting the problems occure or continue experimenting, since I'm new to the flashing-scene and stuff. I'm really looking into...
  23. E

    Thread Decreased Cell Reception

    I just got a used HD2 last week and have been playing with it over the weekend. I have noticed significantly decreased cell reception from Tmo US compared to my Samsung Vibrant SGH-T959 using the same sim in the same places. For example two bars and 3G on the vibrant, and no bars connecting and...
  24. N

    Thread [Q] Leo is unchargeable.

    Hey, since 2 days i got this problem with my leo. When i connect it to charger it tells me it's charging but it isn't. I've tried to connect it to different chargers, usb-cables and to my pc but nothing helped. I'm running MAGDLR on it with dorimax kernel an i've tried different roms (Dorimax...
  25. kainepaine

    Thread [Q] HD2 Won't Stay On

    Hey guys HD2 refuses to stay powered on longer than 2 minutes without it being connected to a power source. I have HardSPL 2.08 installed, Radio:, and recently went back to Win 6.5 hoping the problem would be solved. I checked all over before posting, I've tried aligning the pins...
  26. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread [Q] Help fix my 512Leo

    Alright, so here's the deal. I came into possession of a Euro HD2 recently. I have been using my personal TMo HD2 for a year or two. The problem with the Euro one I was given is that it refuses to boot past the splash screen. Here's a breakdown of everything I've tried so far to restore it. The...
  27. tigiy

    Thread [Q] HTC hd2 android to sd

    Hi guys I have a htc hd2. I've installed android on my intern storage, but i can't install big apps now. is there a way to move it to my sd card? I have no backup of the original windows. its not a problem to do hard reset thx
  28. G

    Thread The HTC HD2 Itself

    I honestly think this phone deserves to be like the Phone of the Year. The HD2 is 2 years old, and the value of it is STILL really high. The fact that it can run WP7, Android [ICS,Froyo,Gb,etc] Ubuntu, Etc. Is simply amazing. I mean what other phone that old can do that? This is a great...
  29. F

    Thread [Q] Mwakious ROM HELP!!

    Hi, I've been trying installing Mwakious Sense runningrom v. 2.1 in the HTC Leo of a friend, I have no problems til it comes to the point of installing the rom from the zip file on CWM It completes half of the installation, than the status bar sticks and the log only says "error in sd...
  30. A

    Thread [Q] Updating to new ROM but want to take my lock screen photo

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to update my ROM, but I have a small problem. My lock screen background was deleted as an actual photo but is still my lock screen background, I want to take it with me. Is there any way of taking the photo from my lock screen? Thanks in advance.
  31. LeoMar75

    Thread [ROM][XXLQ5][July 07]CheckROM RevoHD™ V7 its True!

    Need to chat live to our developers, http://checkrom.com/ Where support gets refined as social networking So as all of you know me and CheckROM Team teamed to form one massive task force to deliver to you the best! We have been working on the ROM for some time and now its time for you to...
  32. X

    Thread HTC HD2 - Changing to Android. Pls Help

    Hi, I have just purchased a new HTC HD2 on T-Mobile (U.K.) and I am loving it ! I am a total novice and wish to change from Windows 6.5 to the better latest Android OS. Can anyone please tell me how to do this? I have no idea what I am doing and do not want to do something which may...
  33. Cotulla

    Thread [DFT]LEO USB Host for WM65

    DFT LEO USBH WM65 Introduction this project was started long time ago, but then, during luck of free time for this project, it was suspended. Now, because it seems very hard to improve it more, we make decision to release developed stuffs. Also more interesting projects now appear ;) About...
  34. Stephen

    Thread 19AUG Thread closed dev continuning on HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Development section

    I have decided rather than keeping two threads open for the same build, I am going to concentrate on my thread in the HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Development thred which is here: The direct link thread is here:
  35. D

    Thread When i tried to USB Flash android and windows phone , i got this crazy error!

    I tried to flash Android via DFT ANDROID FLASHER on my HTC HD2. I did everything, hspl , radio and magldr 1.13. When i selected USB Flasher in MAGLDR and ran ''run.exe'', it gave me this error. http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/5016/unledqis.jpg Any one can help me fix this ?
  36. Stephen

    Thread [SOLVED] Hd2 leo WWE 3.14 base only 51mb internal memory free?

    Hi, I use oskitchen with leo 3.14 ROM as my base. If I use 1.66 ROM I have about 180mb free. If I use 3.14 as the base rom I only have about 50mb free. Basic rom built no addons. Does any body know why this is eating up so much internal memory? Solution Fixed issue. I built a rom using...
  37. H

    Thread hd2 americanAndroid

    I just upgrade my phone to American Androiid everything works great but the gps and the market cant download any app, and gps takes for ever to fin my location. if you know how to fix please help
  38. M

    Thread How to flash imilkas desire hd rom to HD2! please help anyone, thanks.

    Hey i just followed this thread to put android on my HD2, and it works great!: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=893948 Ok, so then i found a really great rom (i think) and would download it, its this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=954369 but the problem is...
  39. K

    Thread [Memory card] 32GB MicroSDHC card for HTC Leo

    I recently purchased a Transcend 32GB microSDHC Class4 card from flipkart.com. Here's the link for India users - http://www.flipkart.com/mobiles/memory-cards/itmczcrqrz9st4xe?pid=acccz4ffpnd5h8mg&_l=U2mrZcJ1dkEqPxVn5kGmrw--&_r=b7K_J3URjSVHb6m9iHGSmw--&ref=18c5ea3e-e6a4-4c2f-9048-37078ca82287 I...
  40. G

    Thread Unstable HD2

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my HD2, and Yes, I've read other "unstable HD2" topics. However my problem is quite different. My HD2 is unstable on any OS or ROM. I've used some Polish roms, then Cruzers. I found Cruzer 5 most stable, however I still had to reflash radio from time to...
  41. miui-us

    Thread [ROM] HTC HD2 Leo MIUI.us Presents MIUI Fresh On Fridays Pure English [AOSP]

    Presents the Official MIUI Latest This is a community support ROM only! The developers do not provide much support for this ROM on these forums Support is mostly provided on forums.MIUI.us New release come every Friday. If you haven't heard about this ROM yet then check out the videos in the...
  42. S

    Thread [Q] Has anyone managed to get the Tmobile 3G running on the Leo HD2?

    When I first started with the different android ROMS I know I couldn't but figured it has been some time and I see some great ROMS on here. Hoped someone figured out a way to get it working. So I need a ROM(NAND) that would allow me to use the Tmobile 3G services on my HD2 Leo. Thanks.
  43. Y

    Thread [Q] Is there any project about Honeycomb on HD2?

    Is there any project about Honeycomb on HD2? Do you know somebody tries to port it?
  44. thatlonedude

    Thread [Q] best 32gb for dual boot?

    hey guys im new to the hd2 threads and i want to dual boot windows phone 7 and android and i just want to know what kind of 32gb sd cards are the best because i want to partition it to where windows will have 16 and android the other 16 thanks in advance :)
  45. C

    Thread [NIGHTLY][MAG/cLK] CyanogenMod 7 [2.3.7][Kernel: cmhtcleo/tytung]

    Welcome to the unofficial nightlies for Cyanogen Mod, taken over by permission of charnsingh_online The build is compiled from the latest Cyanogen repos on github/gerrit. The releases will co-inside and the build start time is at 00:01 GMT, and by 01:00 the builds should be uploaded. If at...
  46. Kefir.net

    Thread [Dec 29]CrossbowHD2 v1.0 Final (WWE) Windows Mobile 6.1

    I really love Windows Mobile 6.1, so I've decided to build it for HD2. The developement has started from this thread CrossbowHD2 ROM v1.0 Final Download Mirror This ROM is for people who miss classic Windows Mobile :)...
  47. T

    Thread [Q] Overwriting one SD Android with another?

    I'm currently using MDJ FroYo HD v. 4.6 MDJ S78.0 on my HD2/Leo, but it has developed some "issues". Because of this I want to update/change to another SD Android and is looking upon AmeriCanAndroid AOSP HD2 GB233 CM7. So now my question is: Can I just overwrite the current Android directory on...
  48. C

    Thread [Q] HD2 Android Disk Drive Mount Xbox 360 Problem

    im having trouble with connecting my HD2 to my xbox 360 in android it work with windows mobile 6.5 and wanted to no if anyone has made a fix for this problem i have had it in all the android roms i have tried i am in a desire hd rom if it helps
  49. se1988

    Thread Mail sync settings for battery life improvement

    Before you go all "shut up, this topic has been written about over and over" you should read what i just found. Yes, I have tried every solution in the forum. Even though these solutions proved to increase battery a bit, it was not nearly enough. Changing sync settings for (hot)mail from...
  50. J

    Thread [Q] HTC HD2 leo Power and Phone Issues: Post NAND Android Install

    May i get some help with the following issues? 1. when powered down and connected to a charger, phone will not start back up without a battery pull. Orange light remains as if the device thinks it's still connected? 2. Despite a week of successful use after Android install, the phone is...