1. S

    Thread Weird OS.NB extracted?

    Hello, I've tried extracting imgfs.bin from LG WM 6.5 firmware, and it results in some weird way. The points I'm curious at are: 1. Unpacking .KDZ results in *.wdb, not .DZ. 2. Unpacking *.wdb results in weird binary file, not in .tot 3. Resulted binary file seems to be in Qualcomm .MBN...
  2. TaylikesPHones

    Thread Is there a way to get to download mode on my LG Premiere Pro Plus (L455dl)

    I have been trying to get to download mode for a while now and now I'm beginning to think that this LG phone may not have download mode if it does can someone help me root it please thanks
  3. P

    Thread LG Zone 3 (VS425PP5) Drivers

    Hello, I have a LG Zone 3 phone (Verizon) and I'm unable to connect it to the PC for ADB. It's running Android 5.1.1. My PC host is Windows 10. So far I've managed to enable Developers Options and USB Debugging already. In storage settings the USB connection is set to MTP currently. Sadly...
  4. S

    Thread LG Velvet 4G shows weird apk in settings

    Hi all. I can not understand a 1 app in battery settings. So apk named ,,-5" uses 8% of battery. Probably its an system apk but anyone can tell me what is it for? Screen in attachment Also I just scanned phone for viruses, but nothing was detected
  5. R

    Thread [ROM] [Microg] UNOFFICIAL crDroid v7.18 [Android-11] [H910|LS997|US996|VS995|H918|H990]

    ***Disclamer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device. You have been warned.*** crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. Along with including some...
  6. M

    Thread [RELEASE] Stylo 6 MTK Goodies

    Hello everyone, Today I am releasing a tool I have developed around mtkclient to bootloader unlock and carrier unlock the LG Stylo 6. The carrier unlock has not been released yet, i am putting the finishing touches on it. For now i have rebranded the app as MTK Goodies, and it supports an easy...
  7. R

    Thread Rooting / Unlocking bootloader on LG Velvet 4G (LM-G910EMW)

    Dear XDA community, about 2/3 days ago i got my new phone (see title), and I'm pretty happy with it, except it not being rooted, and for my personal use, I really need it to be. After reading some instructions on the internet, I quickly noticed that they wouldn't work, as LG had shut down...
  8. cosmicdrive

    Thread can't access download mode to flash stock ROM - how to work around it?

    i've been tinkering with custom ROMs today and in the process i ended up breaking the wifi, so i couldn't proceed with the setup on any custom ROMs i tried to download. i've been attempting to open download mode but it won't open, probably because i wiped everything in TWRP and did not make a...
  9. giant_ant_tiny_elephant

    Thread Merge super_*.img_* files

    Hello everybody! Anybody knows how to merge these multiple {Mod edit} into one super.img file? I wanna obtain the LG Velvet's color emoji ttf file, and they're extracted from G90010s_0_user-signed-ARB0_COM1_EU_OP_1229.dz firmware file. Thanks in advance. (BTW I don't have the LG phone :D)
  10. Dazai_ozamu

    Thread I need the firmware for lg lm-x440im

    I need the firmware for lg lm-x440im firmware. Please help me :(
  11. D

    Thread LG V50s Korean model

    is there anyway i could flash a global rom into this or something cuz i hate this Korean dual clock and Korean speed dial it would be helpful if some one could help me in this model number - lm-v510n software version - v510n30g
  12. M

    Thread Unlock bootloader official or unofficial

    Hello, i investigate about the LG V50, i see that phone have two options to unlock bootloader, with the thread un XDA using Firehorse or using the method official of the LG. the question in resume is, ¿If i unlock the bootloader with the official method i can install custom roms like If i use...
  13. L

    Thread [ROM] LineageOS 18.1 for F320 Korean variant!!

    LineageOS 18.1 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 11 (R), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device...
  14. S

    Thread LG V50 Connection problem

    Good afternoon, everyone. Recently i bought v50 V500N from aliexpress and eversince the purchase i struggled to find any solution for the faulty Internet connection. You see, once i connect to wi-fi from V50 (or when i put in a sim card and use mobile data) it almost instantly stops receiving...
  15. E

    Thread Has anyone seen this new feature on LG g8x after android 11 upgrade?

  16. X

    Thread After Hard Reset LG-D520 stucks

    After doing "Hard Reset" LG-D520 boots up and then shows a message when pressing 'Next' "LG Setup Wizard has stopped". Please see the attached photos. This repeats every time. What to do? image 1 << After pressing 'Next' show this. image 2 << After press 'OK' it shows the TMobile logo. image 3...
  17. Persea

    Thread I am unable to extract boot.img from the .DZ file

    I'm trying to install Magisk in my LG K41s (LM-K410HM) and I only got as far as downloading the firmware, extracting the .DZ file from the .KDZ file, and nothing more. I was using the LG Firmware Extract Tool and it detects the files but when I extract them it leaves a 0 KB file. And the logs...
  18. sgam3r09

    Thread IMPORTANT: LG K40 front camera stopped working

    Hey guys, to a friend of mine, owner of the LG K40, the selfie camera does not work, as soon as you open the camera app, pressing "Take a selfie" (because it does not make you switch the camera opening it normally) the message "Camera keeps stopping" comes out. Clearing the cache doesn't solve...
  19. falkon114

    Thread Does anyone have LG cliptray packaged up?

    I'm moving from my V30 unfortunately and one thing I'm really missing is LG's cliptray feature. I've spent a long time browsing the filesystem on the V30 to try to find where it's located but haven't had much luck.. So far I've found the cache for things stored in it, the 'permissions' xml for...
  20. BabowZ

    Thread LG Tribute Empire X220PM Rooting? No credible tutorial available!!

    Last time I rooted a phone was long ago. My phone has so much bloatware on it, it's taken up 8GB of nonsense apps I can't uninstall!! Need some help here. I can't seem to figure out how to get access to do this. Some mentions of various one clickers and a video on youtube that didn't show the...
  21. KaydenMcCurdyTech

    Thread Question Is it worth the upgrade?

    I currently have and use a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I love the phone but it feel it's time to upgrade and I'll add this S20 to my pile of phones to play with. So far I like the S21 Ultra better because of the build quality over the S20 Ultra. I like the metal around the camera lens over the...
  22. Godhelpmetofindananswer

    Thread Help for old android device

    I found my old android phone yesterday It running android 2.3 gingerbread I would be really grateful if someone Could answer my questions 1. The google apps no longer work Is there a way to get them back 2. Youtube doesn't work from the browser it requires 4.0 or newer Is there a way to get...
  23. P

    Thread LG M320n (X Power 2)

    Hi. Phone completely dead after software downgrade. It does not even display charging after connecting it to a computer or charger. However, if I connect the phone to the computer, it can be heard that the device is detected and after a while removed and so it loops endlessly. I have tried...
  24. R

    Thread [HELP] Fingerprint not working Root/Unlocked LG Velvet 4G

    Root/Unlocked LG Velvet 4G fingerprint sensor not working cannot setup fingerprint HELP!
  25. Traveler3468

    Thread More volume steps

    Hi guys, I'd like to know if it would be possible to increase the amount of volume steps on Xperia 5 Mk II? I'm interested in something that LG used to offer, which is 1% increases in volume. Also, I'm new here so please use plain English, cheers:)
  26. K

    Thread LG G8 sprint "Download mode"

    Good afternoon friends. I still have a problem on my phone "your device has failed a routine safety ..." after I locked the bootloader. I gave it unofficial for repair, they could not do anything there. But now, for some reason, my phone does not load in edl9008 mode, but there is dowmload mode...
  27. A

    Thread LG D620r how did you get a Fastboot Mode?

    Hello. I read in this forum something like LG G2 Mini hangs in Fastboot Mode. But where did you get the Fastboot Mode, I only have the LG Download Mode. I only have Fastboot in recovery. The file is called Los15.1-recovery.img but how can I delete the LG download mode and install the Fastboot...
  28. marshartdegen

    Thread LG Theme, wallpaper, icons please

    Hi, any idea to take some paid theme, icons of LG phones like for V60, Velvet, to install in other android phones please? The best way to remember LG. Thank you very much!
  29. EEngineer

    Thread How to Root LG G Pad 7.0 UK410 KitKat?

    Like the title says, I already have KitKat 4.4.2 installed and I'd like to root. Searching gives me inconsistent results. It's a UK410 (U.S. Cellular). I don't have Lollipop so lucky me :). Can anyone help me root this tablet? Thank you!
  30. R

    Thread [APP|ROOT] Fastboot Switch | Simple App to Enable/Disable Fastboot

    Fastboot Switch: A simple app to enable/disbale fastboot for rooted users 1) Why even bother? LG G8X, at least the Indian Variant, needs engineering abl to get fastboot. But flashing it kills network. So it's important to flash back abl using QFIL once you have used fastboot and this need to...
  31. K

    Thread Lg G8 TWRP and backup for sprint

    TWRP installation: There should be magisk and an unlocked bootloader. Installation instructions in the archive Backup for Sprint: Unpack archive, restore, make wipe data https://mega.nz/file/lPJyGRKT#AL7bS5g1noVREgvJnCQMI4tJFIYBO7Q6gLO13OCR7J4
  32. TheElectronDude

    Thread My wifi won't turn on after reflashing os

    Model number : LM-V05UA Timeline of Events : 1. I unlock my bootloader using this guide : https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-unlock-your-lg-v40-via-9008-mode-every-variant-except-t-mobile.4042207/ 2. I flash twrp onto my phone using this guide ...
  33. M

    Thread Full encryption not possible

    Been toying with the LG device for a few days and now want to setup full system encryption. The problem is "Full encryption" option within Encrypt SD card menu is always greyed out. I have the device fully charged, power plugged and set 6 characters password. I've even reset the device back to...
  34. caubol77

    Thread LG Stylo 6 network unlock help.

    I have an insurance replacement LG Stylo 6 that I need network unlocked. I got the Mint Mobile, buy 3 months and get 3 free deal to obviously save some cash. I've used some online unlock services before, mainly unlock base, which works fantastically well. Problem is i can't afford it at the...
  35. M

    Thread Making Apple's 3.5mm EarPods (partially) work with the LG V20 workaround

    The only set of 3.5mm wired earbuds I have ever tried on my H910 LG V20 that haven't worked, are the Apple EarPods that I purchased a few days ago. Wired earbuds are so cheap nowadays you don't need to worry about getting a decent pair for close to nothing; however, I like to be able to connect...
  36. Sokianos

    Thread error install twrp on lg v500a

    Good evening and happy birthday, I am trying to install twrp on an LG V500a tablet and unfortunately I am stuck, I have read a lot in this forum but they have not helped me much, I have tried 2 ways, 1st way is this but it sticks to the fastboot command the tablet does not respond and neither...
  37. DavidPro25

    Thread Gcam

    Any gcam for LG 41s? I've been searching but nothing
  38. J

    Thread Which US V60 versions support LTE B3 and B20 bands?

    Trying to figure out, which unlocked US carrier versions of LG V60 support LTE B3 and B20 bands so I could use it in Georgia (Republic, not a state)
  39. Shadowkin159

    Thread LG G5 broken not broken screen issues?

    I recently bought a LG G5 used. Perfect condition upon arrival, except for the Google lock. I'm taking care of the lock. My issue is the screen. I had it on trying to figure out the lock when my battery died. At this point my screen was fully functional. I plugged it in while powered off and...
  40. noidodroid

    Thread New Way to Bypass LG - Google Factory Reset Protetion on VARIOUS Devices!!

    New Way to Bypass LG - Google Factory Reset Protection on VARIOUS Devices! Ignore the poor grammar, typos etc.. Bits and pieces from notes. --needed-- bluetooth (needed) data cable (needed) computer (needed) Factory reset phone, forward through setup wizard and turn on wifi then... --->...
  41. R

    Thread [GUIDE] How to Unlock Bootloader of LG G8X!!!

    This Guide will explain how to unlock your LG G8X Unlock Prerequisites: Make sure you have "Enable OEM Unlock" enabled in developer options, along with USB Debugging. Download everything given in the downloads section. Backup EFS using QPST. How to backup EFS (xqcn) through QPST? In phone...
  42. A

    Thread [FRP BYPASS] [BETA-TEST] [LG] Team_Astr4y4L Is looking for Beta testers

    Hi everyone! Just wanted everyone to know that Team_Astr4y4L Is looking for Beta Testers for several ongoing development projects, including a project aimed at providing a remote FRP bypass service for LG devices ! UPDATE: the team is having trouble with the dmvarity on the newer builds of...