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lg g3 stylus

  1. apriansyahbintang

    Thread How to Upgrade LG G3 Stylus to Stock Lollipop Official

    Upgrade LG G3 Stylus to Stock Lollipop Official by: Apriansyah Bintang Alhamdulillah, those were the words in my mouth when it landed on LG G3 Stylus "in the middle of the fence." Finally "google potion" has come to us. Ok do not dwell upon this subject anymore! let's rock. But, there has...
  2. M

    Thread [Q] Cyanogen for G3 Stylus?

    Hi guys. I'm planning to get the G3 Stylus (the downgraded one from the original G3, correct?) , and I need someone to point out to me the OFFICIAL Cyanogen for G3 Stylus. Is there such a thing or do I just use the one for the original G3 (IF there is one)? I can't find the official build...
  3. apriansyahbintang

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Need Tutorial CWM/TWRP on LG G3 Stylus

    Hi, I was really frustrated because until now i've no any idea to find a way to make a CWM or TWRP on LG G3 Stylus . Can xda developers or anyone here to make a tutorial for it? I'm very sad that in xda there are only two articles for this device :( : ( 1 ) tutorial root LG G3 Stylus ...
  4. apriansyahbintang

    Thread How to Root LG G3 Stylus

    How to Root LG G3 Stylus by: Apriansyah Bintang Ok My Brothers, this is my first post on XDA Developer and I am not an expert in android technology, but I want to share with you how to root the LG G3 Stylus. :cowboy: Caution: ------------------------------- 1. I'm not responsible for...