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  1. EEngineer

    Thread How to Determine The Wear and Use of a Used LG G3

    I need to buy a used LG G3 D851 off eBay. I'm trying to determine if there is a way to find out the wear & usage on the G3. Looking at the physical condition of the phone isn't useful (cases & screen protectors protect against wear & tear). After buying (and returning) two broken G3s I've...
  2. MaverickNextDoor

    Thread [Q] lg g3 coloured strips on screen

    Hello XDA. The screen on my LG G3 Verizon (vs985) has been acting weird and I really would like a second opinion about if I have a screen issue on my hands or if it is a motherboard problem. I included pictures below. Screen responds to double-tap-to-wake, and buttons still work. I'm able to...
  3. E

    Thread fastboot doesn't work

    hi everybody i have lg g3, adb detect correctly my device but fastboot detect device as ? and any command doesn't work in fastboot :( what is the problem? (also driver install correctly) tnx...
  4. EEngineer

    Thread External microSD Card Slow in LG G3, Fast on PC

    I had a 128GB microSD card in my LG G3, a 128GB Samsung EVO Select microSD card. After only a year I was seeing slow read/write benchmark speeds (using A1 SD Bench) & was also seeing some lag so I replaced it with a 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro. But the speed for the Sandisk is the same. The app...
  5. EEngineer

    Thread LG G3 Recommend Battery

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a reliable replacement battery for my LG G3? It's tough finding a new (really new) battery for a 5-year old phone. Don't know if any new OEM BL-53YH batteries still exist. Thanks! :)
  6. careloads

    Thread TWRP battery died now wont charge

    I forgot the phone was in TWRP and I let the battery die.....now stuck on 0% with flashing red led. I have removed the battery and tried another one. Known good charger and cable. When I plug into pc it tried to recognize but failed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! UPDATE: Removed sim &...
  7. I

    Thread Soft Bricked LG G3, trying to get LineageOS on it. (Success!)

    I was needing a new phone and saw a Linus Tech Tips video where he took an LG G3 and put LineageOS on it. So I thought I'd try it out for myself following his guidelines at https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1058206-lg-g3-lineageos-tutorial/ I bought an LG G3 D851 (T-Mobile version) off EBay...
  8. G

    Thread Must Upgrade from KitKat 4.4.2 to MM

    I have a D855 with KitKat 4.4.2 (10h). It is rooted and (now) has the latest TWRP ( I have never updated from Kitkat because it runs perfectly rock solid. Until now. I have noticed that a number of apps I use on Play Store can no longer be updated. I think they have stopped supporting...
  9. EEngineer

    Thread LG G3 Easy Fix For Battery Drain

    I was having a problem with an unusually high battery drain with my LG G3. I also began to notice a few corrupted images. So I turned my G3 off and removed my microSD card. I inserted it into a USB microSD card adapter & plugged it into my PC. I ran a check on the card using DiskGenius (free)...
  10. R

    Thread Help! Cant downgrade or upgrade firmware. Stuck on Lineage OS build from 8/2017

    I updated my D800 LG G2 to lineageOS 7.1, but now I want to downgrade it because it has some bugs. I cant even update to the latest build. When I do a factory reset, the phone restarts and just goes to a black screen. I can boot, and use the phone normally (except the phone app. It just...
  11. omaroid

    Thread lG G3 recover files from bootloop?

    for the past week my G3 wasn't reading the sim card well and i had to restart it every time in order to get the sim to work again, untill the last time the sim card wasn't working at all so i went and had my sim replaced with a new one and it worked for like 5 mins then the phone crashed and...
  12. A

    Thread V30N LG G3 Downgrade

    I want to downgrade my lg g3 with android 6.0 V30N to root it, but how can i downgrade it? methodes i tried didnot work... LGUP Lg flash methode (last time it worked but not anymore..).
  13. imranrony

    Thread Pink layer problem rear camera ls990

    LG G3 Ls990. Rear camera showing this type of problem. (shown in the attachment) How to solve this? Can i solve this by replacing rear camera module?
  14. patato21

    Thread LG G3 LS990 problems with sim card

    I bought and fixed the lcd on a sprint lg g3 ls990, but there's some network issues. First off I flashed the LS990 ZV8 TOT file from http://storagecow.eu with LG Flash Tool and selected Board DL. The issue is that it is detecting a network connection and in settings shows an old phone number. No...
  15. A

    Thread a question about wifi and bluetooth

    i have a question about the wifi and bluetooth, the are grayed out.. so i tried some things. like the freezer thing woth the motherboard (didnot work). So i put the lg g3 on my radiator (heating), and when i woke up i tough lets give it a try and it worked! but only for 5 a 10 minuts then the...
  16. O

    Thread Help with TWRP Recovery mode not working with any command prompt settings

    Firstly it hasn't even started to really make it into Recovery mode via Flashify, (both command and Flashify giving the same response) reboot's and then gives a error message (assumingly the failed recovery mode of whatever for TWRP) and then shows the light on the far left of the phone flashing...
  17. S

    Thread Customizing LG G3 ROM

    Hi, I would like to customize LG G3 stock ROM, by removing some of LG applications and adding one app of my own. Is it possible to download a stock ROM and modify it? I prefer this way then rooting my device. Thanks.
  18. D

    Thread Fixing a dead LG G3 (D855) with a hair dryer

    Hello people of the internet and most likely LG G3 users. Yesterday my LG G3 D855 died right when I was about to watch some good hentai. I’ve been having screen flickering for ages in the YouTube app and as of late the screen also started to fade to black from the corners, random reboots were...
  19. S

    Thread No root,no twrp,no wifi what i have to do?

    :crying::crying::crying: So now i explain. I have a lg g3 fulmics 7.6 magisk I wanted to remove RCTD and i asked in the section how to do it. An utent named skry said me to install RCTD Remover for LG.After that ,it installed by twrp AKI (flash).Now i can't use wifi,onli data but if i...
  20. K3V1991

    Thread [AROMA] LG G3 Debloater

    NFO: • Ladies & Gentlemen i introducing my LG G3 AROMA Debloater • Be aware that neither I nor XDA can be held responsible if you soft-brick your Phone by using this Software • Make Backups before use Test Phone: • LG G3 (D855) • ROM: Stock Requirements: • TWRP Apps List: LG Apps: • LG...
  21. suenky91

    Thread G3 won't get signal

    Ho, I have an LG G3, when I put My SIM card (Huchinston 3G) the phone say that there is no signal, I checked the Imei but everything is good, I flashed a New firmware no brand but It won't work, I tried downgrade Too, I tried to edit things insidie the secret menu, I tried to Set sommergono...
  22. K3V1991

    Thread LG G3 debloat & extreme Battery Life

    Ladies & Gentlemen i introducing my first Post. I debloated my LG G3 very hard & share it with the Community. Test Phone: • LG G3 (D855) • Fulmics v7.0 + XCEED Kernel bld2 Additions: • Replaced the Google Play Services with microG • Magisk + Magisk Manager • Xposed Installer + Xposed...
  23. haqanguven

    Thread LG G3 Miui8 V.7.8.1 by haqanguven

    Miui8 For LG G3 All Variants We are in the construction phase yet. I will customize the look to your liking. Everything else will remain original It will be a rom based on performance. Like ram upgrade... Source: Based On: CyanogenMod 13 Source : Miui Patchrom Credits: Thanks to Rogue and...
  24. natheux

    Thread Does the 2GB Ram model has a different model number and firmware than the 3GB?

    Hi guys, I'm surfing on the web and I saw that some smartphone like the LG G3 have different variants. And because when I buy a smartphone, I pay attention to how-many-custom-rom-are-developed-for-it, I asked myself (and now I write this question here bc a lot of people bought the G3) : Does the...
  25. G

    Thread want to root lg g3 d85130e

    Hi I have a lg g3 t mobile 285130e and I ve been trying to root it and nothing works, watching here and there I have not found yet a way to root it. I want it rooted because LG has dropped the updates of system in this phone and it is such a good one that I don't want to change though, Looking...
  26. Crazy Seed

    Thread Bad Call Quality/Volume on LG G3 D850, any fix?

    Initial Title: Disabling Voice Privacy Option on LG G3 D850, how? Hello mates :). Call Quality and Volume are not being good so far, and i saw people saying to turn off "Voice enhancement, Noise Suppression, and Voice Privacy", well the thing is... Where's Voice Privacy option in this model...
  27. 1sin1

    Thread Redmi Note 4 or Huawei P10 lite or ??

    Hey , I am really not sure what to choose I am using G3 but I have a problem with it (classical boot loop). I baked my mother board but not sure how long can work like this. Anyway .... the questions are ; -As I see the camera from Note 4 is not the best but How bad it is comparing to P10...
  28. T

    Thread Help required to go back to full stock (remove TWRP etc.)

    Hello, I have Fulmics and TWRP installed, but I want to go back to full stock and official recovery. I have a back up of my original ROM, but no back up of the stock recovery (I don't think anyway... what partition is the stock recovery on?). How do I replace TWRP with the stock recovery? I...
  29. K

    Thread [ROM][LineageOS][14.1][Official] for ls990

    LineageOS is a free, community built distribution of Android which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone. #include <std_disclaimer.h> All information and files — both in source and compiled form — are provided on an as is basis. No guarantees or warranties are given or implied...
  30. Zahid Gill

    Thread LG G3 mic does not work when in Speaker mode during call

    Lg G3 works flawlessly until I'm in a call and put phone to speaker and suddenly mic stops working. Any ideas? Will custom ROM effect on it? Its stock ROM KK LG G3 - D855
  31. W

    Thread Can't activate USB debugging VS985

    Hello, I need help to activate USB debugging mode. I don't know why I don't have the option. I mean, I have turned on the developer options, also I have turned on the USB debugging mode. The problem is that whenever I plug my phone I only receive the MTP mode, not debugging mode. I was in...
  32. K

    Thread DPI and Resolution change without Root on Stock

    Hey I'm running stock without root on my G3. Today I stumbled across this post https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/change-your-androids-screen-resolution-without-root-access-0160439/ and i was wondering if anyone had tried it on a G3. Do you think it would break the UI and if I did this I...
  33. A

    Thread [HELP] Horrible experience with my D855

    Hi! On 24th of April, 2017 I just bought a bricked LG G3 D855 from a guy who said it was caused by updating firmware while on low battery, died during processing and that's it. Bought it for $60. I've got some experience over bricked devices and stuff, Galaxy S2, S3, S5 and other chinaphones...
  34. bluinitro

    Thread LG G3 Touch Feedback and System Sound not working

    Hello XDA, I have reviewed everything that is out there on the internet and have not been able to resolve my issue. I have LG G3 Rogers version, unlocked, never rooted. It used to work fine before. I started noticing my Youtube videos from the app stopped playing giving an error message (Error...
  35. B

    Thread Sudden problems with LG Flash tool

    Earlier in the day it worked fine flashing my g3 back to stock from lollipop. However, now after trying it again it's saying com 41 is in use and after reinstalling the program it still is saying it. mt phone is soft bricked and only boots into download mode so thats why i need to flash it back...
  36. MatthewOffical

    Thread Lagging except on stock rom

    Hi guys! I have an intresting problem. When I switch my stock rom to another rom on d855, (CrDroid, Fulmics OS, AICP, Tekcafe, etc.) I get so much lag on the home screen. What's the problem? I tried switching kernel, radio and modem, but nothing work. But LOS and RR worked pretty...
  37. oadam11

    Thread [ROM]AOSIP 5.9 LG G3[official builds]

    Android Open Source illusion Project About us: AOSIP is a quality custom rom based purely on CAF N source. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive for perfection and it shows. Team Illusion: Josh Fox (@xlxfoxxlx) Paul Clark(@Dabug123) Akhil...
  38. farhanshaikh671

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 for Verizon LG G3

    What's up people? Official LineageOS 14.1 nightly build has finally been released for the Verizon LG G3! Downloads needed: 1) Download the ROM from download.lineageos.org/vs985 2) SU addon (optional) download.lineageos.org/extras. Download the ARM variant. 3) Gapps (optional): opengapps.org...
  39. Morngkilr

    Thread Lg G3 constant shutdown

    Hey there im turning to the community for a bit of help... First of all here is my phone info... Bone stock non-rooted Lg G3 D-852 canadian version with Bell Running android 6.0 kernel 3.4.0 Build number mra58k soft version d85230h here is my issue, lately when i do random things on the phone...
  40. B

    Thread G3 emmc dead

    Hi everyone my g3 bricked itself and the emmc (i think, but is the only reason) dead, can i do nothing ?
  41. T

    Thread Building a LG Based MM Rom

    Hi, I want to build my own LG based MM ROM with UX4 and to keep it as simple as it can be with deleting all the unnecessary apps even like Gallery or Music or LG Backup etc.. But the problem is, I have found no up to date guides which provides specific building steps of a non-AOSP based ROM. Can...
  42. S

    Thread [Q] Change default dialer?

    Can stock dialer be changed?
  43. C

    Thread Bricked and Undetected!!!

    So I recently bought the Korean LG G3 (F400) and the first thing I did was rooting it, which was a breeze. Of course to root it I needed to install the LG Mobile Drivers, which I did and were working completely fine. Then I decided to take a little risk and attempt to flash CWM recovery (I did...
  44. ccalixtro

    Thread Help to Root Cm 14.1

    So I tried to flash SuperSU 2.78.zip and got an error. Do I have to use any special zip to get root? Sorry if it's a stupid question but I just trade a Nexus 5 for this D855.
  45. G

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][D855] CyanogenMod 12.1 / 13.0 / 14.1 Latest + Recoveries MEGA

    A backup made by me before CyanogenMod will shut down their download site. Also here are 2 screenshots attached of the 14.1 last changelogs. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#F!MIUVmLAJ!FtwekeiXw27YmVFXtAffWw
  46. bender_007

    Thread [App][Android 5/6]AutoRec for LG G3 - Installs TWRP the easy way

    Autorec is a tool which installs TWRP onto your LG G3 device, this is an upgrade of known versions for LG G2/G3, for lollipop, now it´s working on Android 6.0 also. By forwarding this set of tools to a company base the good parts didn´t get lost, the app gathered more stability and safety and...
  47. munnibhai

    Thread AT&T LG D850 stuck on download mode (posting after almost all possible ways)

    Hello I recently bought an LG G3 D850 32GB AT&T with version n, that is D85010n and while trying to get CM13 on it, i have got it stuck in download mode. I have tried all possible solutions, searched on google, to get it recovered but I think its all about the firmware version conflict that the...
  48. T

    Thread Battery drain LG G3

    Hello, I own my LG G3 (running android lollipop) for about 1 year now. Last week, suddenly my battery started to drain very quickly. I went to settings --> battery and I found out that the process 'android operating system' (android 'besturingssysteem') was using more than 50% of my battery...
  49. P

    Thread [ROM] [MIUI8] [D85x, f400] [6.0.1] [2016-12-20]

    About MIUI MIUI (which stands for Mi User Interface and pronounced "Me You I", a play on the common abbreviation of the words user interface as UI), developed by Xiaomi, is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablet computers based on the Google Android operating system. MIUI...
  50. C

    Thread Verizon says unlocked but sim state says otherwise

    Hello all!!! I got a sim from another providor, poped it in and message on lg G3 says "not Verizon sim" ok what ever I checked SIM card info via apps and it sees the providor and the sim but the phone will not connect to it and just says invalid. I checked the sim state and it says NETWORK...